sluttykitty85's Blog Entries

08 Jan 2014 08:34

Finally back to writing again...........damn it feels good.

06 Jan 2014 12:27

I want to be bound, my senses taken from me and the feel of a flogger on my tits, ass and pussy.....ahh yes, that is my fondest wish right now.

15 Mar 2013 09:16

I think I need more lush in my life again! Definitely need to get back here more often.

10 Dec 2012 16:52

It has been oh so long since I've had time to lush about here. So so sooo many things have changed in my life recently and I'm adjusting to it all. It's going well I think, taking it day by day and what not.

31 Oct 2012 07:43

your body
like your mind
has need of going over
and I intend to be
a journeyman of your soft skin
for years

22 Oct 2012 18:21

I know, even in my small moments
even in the places where I am in control the most
I know that I feel at home on my knees
I know I feel comfort curled up at your feet
I know the sound of your voice makes me melt
I go liquid at your touch
I know what's mind to give is already yours.

18 Oct 2012 16:56

Sooooo excited, going to see Three Days Grace in Myrtle Beach on the 27th!!!!!

03 Oct 2012 19:12

I've missed lushing to do something about that soonish

26 Jul 2012 23:55

Can't sleep...............

03 Jun 2012 18:59

Super excited, going to New Orleans in October!!!

22 May 2012 15:38

Got my first tattoo today!!

22 May 2012 04:52

Listening to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, one of my favorites!!

06 May 2012 14:58

What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlocks its door? What sweet seduction lies before us?

09 Apr 2012 07:29

Another Monday..........damn those things keep coming around! I do hope everyone had a lovely Easter.

19 Mar 2012 03:51

Monday...check, coffee....check....Lush.....check, yep good to go