The Diary of a Slave, Entry 2

My Master has a surprise in store for me...

Dear Diary, Wow, I cannot believe that it is Saint Patrick's Day! ERIN GO BRAUGH!! For those that don't know, it Gaelic for Ireland Forever. To start of my day, I fixed Master his breakfast. Green pancakes, green scrambled eggs, green milk, and sausage. Sorry, haven't found a way to make sausage green! LOL As always, I set his plate before him and sit on my knees beside him, head on his...Read On



A day in my life as a slave...

She sighed and stretched. Memories of the night before running through her head. She loved the way he read her body and signals like a sailor reads nautical maps. She didn't think that there was a single inch of her body that had not familiarized himself with.. Her body ached in every place imaginable and some that she didn't know. Smiling from ear to ear, she got out of bed and went to...Read On


The Diary of a Slave

I decided to see just how bad of a slut my master made me... This is my diary...

( This is purely a fictional piece on my part. In no way have I ever done any of the things described. Thank you, Soith.) Dear Diary, Valentine's Day! Master says that He has something special planned for me today., He won't tell me what, but I know that I will fully enjoy it. He came home around 4 this afternoon. I instantly dropped to my knees, pulled his cock from his pants, and...Read On



My Sade, The End

The conclusion...

Four days later, we were saying goodbye to the house that I had for so many years. Lots of good memories in that house. But it was time to start a new life with Sade. The day after we bought the farm house, Sade had her horse moved there. Her friends were all worried about not seeing her again, but she assured them that she would be in school there until she graduated. To which they were all...Read On


My Sade, Part 3

The continued story of the love of my niece

I leaned over and kissed her forehead and then buried my nose in the crook of her neck. Inhaling her scent and wanting her so much. She moaned and turned onto her back. I leaned down and flicked my tongue over her nipple. Even through her tank, it hardened and she moaned again. I flicked my tongue over her other nipple and watched it harden as well. Then I kissed her throat and started...Read On


My Sade, Part 2

The continued story of the love of my niece

Jumping in the shower, I decided that today was going to be all about Sade. Since it was Friday, neither of us had anything to do the next day. My boss was kind and allowed me to have weekends off since Sade moved in. I would pamper her all day and start showing her how much I truly loved her that night. Then tomorrow, I would spend all day loving her. I donned a pair of khakis and a form...Read On


My Sade, Part 1

I never knew that I would fall in love with my own niece ...

When my sister passed away, I was given custody of her daughter, Sade. Being a bachelor, I had no clue how to raise a child, especially a girl. Sade was 13 when I picked her up at her home. Don't get me wrong, I loved my niece, but I was way out of depth here. I couldn't just walk away from her, I was the only family that she had left. So, that fateful day, I picked up a scared child and...Read On

Love Poems(4)


When I ....

when I see a sunrise, many things go through my head a miracle, a moment, a snapshot it reminds me of my love blooming each day it also reminds me of the beauty God granted you and me when I see a sun set I realize like that moment in time I want to remember your face, your touch, your voice when I climb into bed I reach for you cause being held and loved by you ...Read On


In love

I love you as the sun as it sinks into the ocean coloring the sky I love you like the moon as it bathes the world in its soft glow My love is like the volcano as it rains hot and all consuming My love is like the rain as it gently washing away the pain And leaving you feeling blissful when you touch me it all fades I become a child again lost in all its wonder ...Read On


Just a Dream

The sun kisses the earth like you kiss me awake the surf covers the beach like you wrap me in a blanket the rose grows towards the sun as my love blooms more each day the night was dark for so long then you came and set the stars to shine down and light my path so I wouldn't stumble any more you placed the moon in the sky to bathe me in its soft light you...Read On


No matter what I need you

I love you. I miss you. I want you. I need you. When the sun rises in the morning, Kissing me gently with its rays, I want you. When I sit in the sun, basking in its warm, I need you. When the sun dips into the ocean, that is how I know… I love you and don’t want to lose you. ————————————————————– When I blink, I lose you. When I close my eyes at night, I lose you. But when I hear...Read On

Oral Sex(3)


My Friend, Staci

This stays between us.....

(purely a work of fiction...enjoy) Mini dress showing off my kicking curves?? Check Heel that make my long legs longer? Check Hair pulled up? Check Make up on? Check Okay, I grabbed my keys and headed to pick up Staci. She looked kicking hot as well. Now, I am 5'7", blond, green eyes, curvy. She's 5'3", blond, blue eyes, skinny. But in a good way. Not that I don't eat or I stick my...Read On


It was Yoda: This Morning

What a nice way to start off Christmas Eve.....

December 24,2011 “Hey, you awake?” “What time is it?” I sit up and run a hand through my hair. “7:30 AM. I just woke up and need to talk.” God, I love Yoda, but there are times (like this) that I want to kill him! I never could, I love him to much... “What happened last night?” he asked as he sat down on my bed. Okay, more like flopped on my bed. Now, I am definitely wide awake....Read On


It Was Yoda

Nothing more to say, he's my best friend..

151 proof and a best friend just don't mix. First of all, we have been flirting like crazy for over a year. He knows that I want him. On Valentine's Day 2011, he stayed overnight while my friends went to a hotel (his parents). Oh, he's 21 and I am 33. That night, we laid in bed together, watching television, and talked about everything. He showed me that night just how much erotic fun...Read On