Secretive Cousins - Part 1

"Meika, I want you." I whispered into his ear. I grabbed his hand, and started leading into the shed. * * * It was my grandparent's 50th anniversary party and my dad's brother and his family came up from Texas to be at the party. I hadn't seen my cousin Meika in about 8 years, we were 15 then, we're 23 now. We were just kids who didn't talk because we barely knew each other. My...Read On


Taking Advantage of Each Other.

I moved my hand to the side of his neck and put my other hand on the other side of his neck. "I think we both know what comes next." I said to my uncle. "I think you don't know what you're getting yourself into." Derek said. Derek smiled an evil smile and then kissed me. * * * * * * * * "Lexsie, do you want to babysit the kids today? The daycare is closed today." My aunt Jaynie asked...Read On


When Best Friends (And Dad) Collide. . . Pt 4.

Me and my dad have sex without Tahlyx this time.

I watched my dad walk out of the room. I was kind of shocked about what had just happened. "Well Lexs, I should probably head home and get showered up. Thanks for all the fun." She winked at me and gave me a passionate kiss. After she kissed me, I watched her gather her things and walked her out the door to her car. I went back into the house, I walked by the bathroom on my way up to my...Read On


When Best Friends (and Dad) Collide. . . Pt 3.

"Ohh Lexsie!" My dad yelled. "That's it! Make daddy happy!" I was sucking the head of his cock and moving my right hand up and down his shaft and massaging his balls with my left hand. When I heard my dad say that I could feel my wet-ness dripping down my thigh. "Uhh, Lexs! Faster!" He ordered. I could tell he was going to cum soon. He began to move his hips in the rhythm of my bobbing...Read On


When Best Friends Collide. . . Pt 2.

I felt a slight touch rubbing lightly up and down my inner thigh. I could feel myself getting wet. The fingers went down and then back up. After the fingers came back up, they didn't go back down. They proceded onto my vag. The anonymous person began to tease my vag lips. I gasped. "Its about time you woke up!" Tahlyx said. We were both naked from the night before. "I didn't know if I was...Read On



When Best Friends Collide. . .

"What would you do if I kissed your neck?" I asked Tahlyx. "I would probably ask you to keep going." She replied. * * * I heard my phone vibrate. It said new 'new text msg' from 'Tahlyx!(:' Every time my phone says new text from Tahlyx, my heart skips a beat. I never thought about liking girls, and Tahlyx has been a lesbian for as long as I can remember. She hits on me all the time, I...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Oh boss-man, isn't this naughty?!

He pulled me close, kissed me gently, and lifted me onto his desk. * * *  I am a physical therapist's assistant. My boss's name is Cody, we now work together. Cody and I grew up together in a small, North Dakotan town. Cody is only six months older than me. We were in the same class in High School, I have always had a crush on him. Cody is about 6' 1" and 180 lbs, he has sandy blonde hair...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Seducing My English Teacher - Part 3.

The night after my sexual encounters with Mr. Paxton Schaffer, I had arranged for him to pick me up from work again. My ankle was still sore, so he'd have to help me walk up the sidewalk again. Even though I had crutches, I was hoping he'd at least assist me. I got off work at 6:00 in the evening. I walked outside to see Paxton's pickup parked near the door. I looked up into the pick up, but...Read On


Fucking My Best Guy Friend! :)

"You made me hard," Austin said, "now you have to put it down." * * * My best guy friend and I usually joke around in sexual ways. I never thought it would become anything more. Austin was sitting on a chair in our history class in his normal spot. I went over and sat on the desk right in front of him. My legs were wide on each side of him, his legs were partly underneath the desk that I...Read On


Seducing My English Teacher - Part 2.

"Oh Paxton," I moaned. "Harder!" Mr. Paxton Schaffer didn't say a word to me, he just shoved his manhood farther into me. I couldn't believe that I was actually being fucked by my teacher. * * * Mr. Schaffer and I were still lying on his bed after our first sexual experience together. We were just laying on his bed cuddling. I felt like we had been married for years because of how...Read On


Seducing my English Teacher

"Paxton, I going to kiss you." I told my English teacher. "I'm not going to stop you." He grinned. I put my hands on the sides of his face and pulled him toward me. I kissed him hard, I pushed my tongue through his lips and massaged his tongue with mine. * * * It was a cold December evening in North Dakota, I had just gotten off work at our local grocery store. I only lived about a...Read On


Neighborly love

Drake and I have been neighbors since we were born. I'm 9 months older than Drake. He and I have only talked in the hallways at school every once in a while and the one class we have together.  One night, I received a text from him asking if I wanted to go to a movie with him. I have always had a crush on him, so of course I said yes.  Drake picked me up in his brand new car. He knocked on...Read On