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05 Feb 2013 11:27

i'm tired.

04 Feb 2013 10:28

02 Feb 2013 11:03

thought i'd share this... sort of a serious subject i won't get into, but something that people might want to investigate here. some times you have to pause and live in the real world for a bit. i just ordered one in pink.


02 Feb 2013 09:04

mm... lounging around with my bestie in pink undies, snuggling, kissing, nothing crazy made for a good day. seeing Muse made for an amazing night. sometimes music transports you so that you forget you're in enemy territory.

31 Jan 2013 10:24

i am super pretty kitty girl today! my Mistress said so, and so i am. today, i am going out for a walk to sit in the part with a book and read and enjoy the sun, if it ever shows up

30 Jan 2013 17:43

brainstorming the next Magical Jack/Sprite collaboration - it has the seeds to be EPIC.

30 Jan 2013 10:28

best kitty day ever thank you.

30 Jan 2013 09:00

thank you, CA this is me right now!

29 Jan 2013 13:27

i hide my crazy behind my cute giggle

29 Jan 2013 00:07

Vanilla Beanz... giggles

27 Jan 2013 10:13

put on your big boy/girl underpants and deal with it.

26 Jan 2013 14:25

btw, my last blog was a QUOTE from another blog followed by a reply from me,! LOL - sorry if it caused confusion!

26 Jan 2013 13:17

fair is fair, when you take it public: "I have just had a story rejected because someone dies in it. No torture no violence. He isn't killed he dies of natural causes. What kind of site is it that allows any kind of sexual deviance but doesn't allow people to die? If that is the way this site works, I don't want to post stories here."

sprite says: and i don't want people dying in the middle of my porn! i don't care HOW they die, if they're on top of some hottie fucking her brains out and they die in the middle of it, it's a total turn off. is it art? maybe. it it erotic? not in my opinion.

25 Jan 2013 09:28

23 Jan 2013 18:51

side note: despite the grumpy wife (really, you need to write now?) Aurora is MAKING me write her story right after i told DD that i didn't have it in me right now - seems she has other plans for my time, tho. ok, just made me happy enough to share - i was a little burnt out after Rapunzel's adventures, to be honest

22 Jan 2013 12:23

mmm... i was thirsty this morning...

21 Jan 2013 10:09

Today, in the US, we recognize the birthday of one of the greatest men ever to live and my own personal hero. Martin Luthor King Junior. his message of peace and equality, his willingness to put his own life at risk for something he so strongly believed in, is still, to me, transcendent. i take it to heart every day. i am not black, but it's not a black thing. it's a people thing. today, remember him, recall his words, think about what they mean, and let's all vow to try to honor them.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that."

i love you all.

20 Jan 2013 19:10

i'm tired down to the bones of my soul and yet, having a lap to lay my head in elevates me above the clouds.

16 Jan 2013 12:25

newsflash: in case anyone is wondering, i can be incredibly insecure at times...

13 Jan 2013 19:15

i need to make tatoes now.

12 Jan 2013 10:19

Hope you're feeling better today! mew! =^.^=

11 Jan 2013 08:48

For those following the Tale of Rapunzel, the final chapter is up!


10 Jan 2013 17:22

sometimes i like things a little messy...

10 Jan 2013 09:13

woo hoo! another 1! somebody here is a total jealous bitch with a grudge! you know what i say to you? get a life, bitch. the first few bothered me, now i just know i'm doing something right. i say, bring it on. i celebrate my 1s, so a big fuck you to the hater.

in separate news, i have started writing the Tale of Sleeping Beauty. it might take a bit before it's up, but that is my next project... it starts out: It began with a kiss.

oh, and Mistress? ... ...

09 Jan 2013 10:27

The final chapter of my Rapunzel story has been written and should be available sometime today - thank you to EVERYone who has taken the time to comment, either publicly or privately. it made me want to write a little better, try a little harder and, also, it changed the ending significantly!

09 Jan 2013 08:46

today is going to be a good day, i can feel it in my bones plan on wrapping up my story and posting it. beyond that...

08 Jan 2013 22:57

lately i've been prickly when i've not been out right depressed - comes and goes, but both have been there... today i feel like i've been shedding it a little. the wife and i had a short, but intense (in a good way) conversation and i think i am... shedding something... growing pains - i like to think in terms of metamorphasis at times, as in butterflies, and it's shedding of a shell, perhaps but it's more like moving backwards a little, it's hard to explain, i know what i want to say, but the words frustrate me. 2 nights of good sleep in a row help, i know that. hoping for a third. i feel hopeful.

08 Jan 2013 16:52

am going to brag, now... wrote the ending of my story and it kind of makes me proud ok, one to the hot sex bits!

08 Jan 2013 14:27

i need to cum really bad... but i am actually enjoying depriving myself until i can't stand it any longer... oh, and kitty girl is kind of taking control, which is... mmm....

07 Jan 2013 20:24

making someone smile is the only gift we have to give sometimes, but it's the most precious one to give. thank you to everyone who has ever made me smile - in return, i will do my best to make someone else smile. that is my promise, my vow.