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Six Kisses

How I feel About HER

Six Kisses. Oh, whatever have we gone and done? It started as a bit of harmless fun, And now I find I'm hanging on your every single word Cursing the fact that you are really someone else's bird. I never fucking meant to fall in love, And let your light illuminate me like the stars above, And when I'm shining now I shine for You, My love for you is honest, pure and true. "Where do...Read On


She's Leaving Home... (Bye Bye...)

More Twists Than Turns!

Our Consuela... (And she was.) But her freedom granted her an abandon she couldn't handle. Think about it. You mortals are not that different from us, really. Imagine being unanswerable. Imagine never having to apologize or explain. Imagine just being able to do what you want. That is what it's like for us, but with that comes a kind of responsibility. One shouldn't draw attention....Read On

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Twists, (and Turns) Among The Wampyr

Life is complicated... Even for the Undead...

San Francisco, if you know it well, is a 24 hour city. Like our kind, the city never sleeps. Karen and I sit in a darkened booth in the far corner of a members club, very select, you understand. Soft music plays, a susurrus of distant conversation reaching us as the assembled mortal throng describe their day. You'd know some of them. "$100 a gramme, but it's not cut and I say that as...Read On


Happy Birthday, Dear Wampyr, (Part II) Venezia.

Death In Venice? Not Quite...

Ever been to Venice?  It stinks. I don't mean in the American way, I mean literally. It fucking hums like an old lady knitting on a rocking-chair.  To YOU I mean. Not to us! To us it smells beautiful. To us it smells like what it is, a city with a past. The Floating City, The City Of Masks, La Dominante... Or simply Venezia, as the Contessa calls it... Nice place. You should go there. But...Read On



When SHE forgets to bring me home cigatettes.

Salt sugar, stark dark as taillights drift and float upon fog. A scent in the ether, either you or I hear foghorn ferrules and now the time has come. Tell me I am not alone? Not the only one?  Brass engines hum with numbing heat  As noxious as a fucked upon sheet  As aware of pressed leaves in a forgotten book.  But look...  Twinkled candles matched your eyes as  At our party, clowns...Read On

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Happy Birthday, Dear Wampyr... (Part I)

The Dark Lord Stefan celebrates Her birthday...

"369, The Goose Drank Wine, The Monkey Chewed Tobacco On The Streetcar line..." It was her birthday. The Dark Lord rose, the old rhyme humming in his head as he scented her upon the night air. The scent of her yes, but also the smells as she prepared herself to allow him to take her into the night in celebration. The Almond Butter she used to dress her curls, the ancient Florentine perfume...Read On

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Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode 1)

Phillip' s drunken mistake leads to a night of passion with his wife's mother...

My wife and I had been promising to visit Anne, my mother-in-law, ever since the sad death of Don, my wife’s father, six months before. Claire and I knew that Anne had been deeply grieved by the passing of her beloved husband after a mercifully short illness, and yet circumstances prevented us from making the journey to Claire’s childhood home up till now. Anne, at 51, was still an...Read On


Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode II)

Phillip attempts to keep both his wife and her mother satisfied...

Episode 2 I awoke alone in the big bed and as the morning light streamed through the windows I thought for a split-second that I had been dreaming. It must have been a dream! Nobody, but nobody, fucks his wife then ass-fucks his mother-in-law and then sticks his filthy cock into his wife’s beautiful face! What sort of an animal was I? And what if Anne had said something? Christ, where...Read On


Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode III)

Phillip 'entertains' his wife's best friend and discovers a scret side to his little woman

I dressed as quickly as I could, descending the stairs in an old U2 T-Shirt and sweat pants, pausing only to splash some water over my unshaven face. My only purpose was to appear as normal as possible and to try and banish the mistakes that I’d allowed to happen over the previous hours. But now was my chance to prove what a loving husband I really was… As I reached the hallway my wife Claire...Read On

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Like Mother, Like Daughter (Episode IV)

Phillip pleasures his mother in law once again!

My mother-in-law rose from the settee and crossed the room to fix me a drink. She was still wearing her late-husband’s white dress shirt which had gathered above her hypnotically swaying ass revealing a tiny pair of black lace cami-knickers. She had unpinned her long, dark hair which was now curled around her narrow shoulders. She hadn’t removed her make-up and her eyes were heavily...Read On

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How I Loved You Then

A sad little take on a Break-Up

  The shining sun still shines the same We, smiling, play the older games And paper over wounds and pain Knowing neither of us are to blame. And in the air a hint of rain, We're heading for a storm again. Know you were my closest friend and How I loved you then... I see it in distracted eyes, Avoiding rows with sad soft sighs, Whispered excuses and White Lies, Creating a space where love...Read On


The Return Of The Wampyr Contessa Santangelo In The Summer Of 2014

Even Vampires Get The Blues...

The Vampire Lord Flashman arose from the brass handled, walnut box and, tossing his long hair over his shoulders, raised his face to taste the night's air. He could smell moths, musk and moonlight but also something else. Something sweet, yet tangy, like... Like a Peach. The Lord Of The Dark growled. The San Fransisco night air was a plethora of aromas, some pleasant, some rank. Her's was...Read On


The Pixie And The Forest Ogre

Opposites Attract?

The Pixie fluttered among the flowers and gathered pollen for her friends the buzzing bees. In return, the friendly insects would deliver the little Sprite as much Royal Jelly as she could eat. Pixies loved Royal Jelly. As the tiny creature moved like a humming-bird amongst the petals, busy upon her task, a giant Spotted Wolf Spider watched. Creeping up a long-stemmed flower, the...Read On

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Sexy Sunday

Loving My Girlfriend

I awake and turn around in bed to hold her. Ummm. It's Sunday morning, so we have the day to ourselves. She moans contentedly, still really half asleep, and wriggles her little bottom into me to let me snuggle her. You've guessed it. My semi-hard morning wood cock stiffens immediately and suddenly I am a man with a purpose. Gently, (she's not crazy about being fucked first thing in the...Read On

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Turn, Turn, Turn

"Turn, Turn, Turn..." She lifts her breasts and moans as I fuck in her, raising her knees and panting. "Do it now, please do it now!" I rasp my lips at the silken skin at her throat and softly bite. And drink. She screams in passion but not in pain. She bucks her hips and pushes her pussy deeper upon me. I raise my wrist and open a vein with my teeth. I push it towards her lips. She'd...Read On

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Loving Lauren

I entertain my married lover.

I'm in New York City for just two days, here to see and review an Irish band called The Passion. They are big in Ireland and Europe, but they are about to break America so the record company have flown me to NYC to write a review of their first gig. They are four nice guys, I've met them before, talented and fun. And very good looking, too. The record company have booked me a suite in a...Read On


Stephen's Dreaming

Do not be careful what you wish for. It's just a wish and life is short...

I know that there's a place for us, Somewhere in another world, Where I'm your dear most handsome boy And you're my pretty precious girl. And I can love you all day long, Writing you poetry and song, Cuddling you and kissing you And telling you that you belong to me. How I would mind you angel child, I'd feed you and I'd dress you up, Our fucking, girl, would be so wild And you'd be my...Read On


Princess Jayne And The Elven Queen, Part 1

The human Stefan guides the Elf Princess through the Veiled Forest

Princess Jayne Cuddlebucket was upset. She was VERY upset. She roamed around her little house in the dwarf hamlet of Wigglebottom and shouted and screamed. She upended her writing table and vellum pages flew everywhere. She stomped her foot and cried, "That BLOODY woman!" The dwarf inhabitants of Wigglebottom scurried about in panic. They loved Princess Cuddlebucket but they had seen her...Read On


Licking Pattie's Panties

Slut Wife Pattie visits her lover

Get over here, Patricia. QUICKLY GIRL! Stand in front of me. Let me look at my Slutty Girl. Pull up your skirt, Little Cunt... Pattie, look at me. DON'T look at the floor girl, look at me. You fucked your husband last night, didn't you? You whore. Did you suck your husband's cock? Don't fucking lie to me, Pattie. You did, didn't you? You licked his balls and then you sucked his cock....Read On


Emma Kneels Down

My Emma makes me happy...

What a shit day. I occasionally lecture in Modern History at the local Uni. Today it was "The Rise Of The Right In Post-Soviet USSR." But the stupid little cunts didn't even know what USSR stood for. (These are THIRD YEARS!) Except for Amy Carmichael who's in my tutorial group, a pretty little red-head who pointed out that the title of my lecture didn't scan since post-soviet implies...Read On

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The Untimely Death Of Viagra Victor (Aged 92)

A very silly ditty inspired by the superior work of Lush's Daisy Shylass!

Put down the kettle, Ethel, the blue pill is kicking in, Throw on your sexy bloomers and pour us both a gin. I feel a stirring in my slacks as wrinkled flesh engorges, The diamond doll is working, and you my dear are gorgeous... Take out your curlers, Ethel, and struggle into bed, Take out your teeth as well old girl, we'll try a little head. To start, lean on your zimmer frame, I'll take...Read On



Just another fucking belter from Stephanie Stone... (x)

Oh dear, and hush my mouth. For I don't think I'll play this game anymore. We twist and shout, (What was that all about?) But I guess we both knew the score... It ended badly, And sadly and madly, (For that I do repent) And remind you, Lady Of Precious Pleasures, that There is no monopoly on disappointment. The sun comes up, (It has no choice) And neither had we. But honesty,...Read On

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Kite Without A String

To merely Love is an act of Madness.

All you do is try to love me, I float helpless far away. I remember you, my darling But I don't know what to say. Something changed and something altered, You moved closer and I faltered. Now I am quite simply just a kite without a string. I'm aware that you might need me Just as I need you. Know I miss your warming kisses, And I know you miss me too. Up here among the clouds I feel...Read On

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What we get to watch when we're in love...

Intimacy. To watch you put your make-up on,  Pursed mascara mouth in perfect 'O',  Unconscious of my fascinated gaze,  For I have come so very well to know... Shoulder curves; wet hair against your face,  Sweet dip above your knickers at your hip...  The almond shape of emerald shining eyes.  Pouty, rosy, scarlet painted lips. Cute, fat, little bottom, squeezing around silk,  Lace dark...Read On



A letter to a Lost Love.

Fireworks. You were fairy lights and scars, Rocket ships and caviar, Thunderstorms and late-night bars, A car that we were both too drunk to drive... The softest touch, the fastest road, All senses set to 'overload', You broke my heart just like a code, But oh, we were alive...  The fireworks,  No longer fireworks but fizzled out,  In a flame that just turned about,  And brought me to...Read On


Shauna Robinson's Interview - Part II

Mrs Robinson's interview ends with a bang... (Well... Three bangs, I guess...)

Shauna closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the fingers of her husband's three bosses explore her trembling body. (Bosses? Partners now, she dimly registered.) She could feel a pair of hands knead and pinch her full breasts, and despite the shame she felt at exposing herself like this, her nipples hardened and elongated under the rough, impatient, caresses. The pleasureable sensation...Read On

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First Time

Feathered frightened fingers on sweet porcelain, Wishing for more skill than I possess, Soft girl sighs, gentle moans I don't yet understand... Trying so hard to deftly caress... Underwear tumbles and tugs and falls, Frantic fingering, ( Is it supposed to be like this? ) Soft sweetness, enveloping... The very scent of you is bliss... Awkwardly moving to do this thing, TERRIFIED, so scared...Read On

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Bride... Unveiled

Victoria's dream wedding is complicated by an old flame...

After just one glass of champagne at the Club I told my brand-new husband that I needed to go upstairs to our honeymoon suite and fix my make-up. “You’re perfect as you are, my dear,” he said, his eyes twinkling with pride and giving him the look of a much younger man, “but go if you must. Just don’t be too long…” He resumed talking to his guests. Well, our guests. I could tell how proud he...Read On


Let It Be Me

Just something Sweet....

I can't make you better, But I could try, If you'd let me... I can't dry your tears. But only 'cos I haven't got A handkerchief... And I can't make you laugh, And I'm trying, (Please stop crying...) But I can wait, And we might date? When the sun rises again. You need a friend baby, And I was thinking maybe, You'd let it be me? Let it be me, Baby... Let it be Me....Read On


My Bonnie

I pay an unexpected visit...

(The studio is costing 140 dollars an hour. We've been here two days and so far we haven't recorded a note. The drums are wrong, the ambiance is wrong, the fucking room is WRONG...) After another argument, I leave in a flutter of linen and leather, my hair dampening in the rain as I hail a cab. My hotel is four blocks away, but... Fuckit... I stop the cab at a store on the way. I arrive at...Read On


Big In Japan

A rock duo get slightly side tracked...

We encore with the new single, 'Lush' and three thousand Japanese voices join me on the chorus as Fromme strikes a guitar hero pose at center stage. "You know I love so much, (Lush, Lush, Lush, Lush,) "I know you love it when I push, (Lush, Lush, Lush, Lush,) "Yeah baby girl I need your touch, (Lush, Lush, Lush, Lush,) "'Cos lovin' you is simply lush, (Lush, Lush, Lush, Lush...)" ...Read On


My Mary Anne

Never Fuck The Fans

It's amazing what you can pick up in second-hand record stores. Especially in New York City. I'm fingering a copy of ' Sun Ships On Eighth Street' on the Bluenotes label when the kid taps me on the shoulder. "Are you Danny Kelly? I'm sorry but I fucking love you.... ' Unrequited, Actually ' is one of my favourite ever albums. I just love you. Shit, I can't believe I'm even talking to...Read On


Shauna Robinson's Interview (Part 1)

Shauna is 'approved' by her husband's bosses

"Mr. Klein, Mr. Keller and Mr. Kaplansky will be free in 10 minutes," said the pretty blonde secretary. "They've asked me to give you a glass of champagne while you wait. They even said I can have a glass too! You must be so excited. I can't remember the last time the Mr. K's took on a new partner..." The little blonde sat next to Shauna and clinked glasses. "Wes so deserves this, he's...Read On


Computer Blue

Connie gets busted, in more ways than one!

Computer Blue. (by Stephanie) We're not allowed do it where I work.  That is, we're not allowed to use our office computers for personal purposes. But we all do it. Twitter, Facebook and in my case, Lush Stories. Don't get me wrong, I'm a PA for the boss of a TV production company and it's a laid back place, but there are rules. Liam Callan is a decent boss, an ex-director who...Read On


Siren Song

A redemption song, (with thanks to the poet John Mansfield...)

Siren Song I must not go down to the sea again,  I must not go down to the sea,  For the waves they crash and mourn  And The Sirens call to me.... The Full Moon still remembers you  But I have cast you from my thoughts,  Though you return to haunt my dreams,  And dreams of you now count for naught. Your smile remains inside my head  And your song sings within my heart,  They never were...Read On



Long hot summer

Sunburned. Do you remember the summer of ’76? Probably not, you’re probably too young. So was I way back then, when I think about it now…. And I still think about it… Atlantic shore, NJ, the sea blue as turquoise and the glare of the sun off the sand bright enough to water my eyes even behind my aviator Ray-Bans… I was on summer vacation from Brown where I was studying law on a...Read On


Full On Foursome

Two Couples Decide To Open Up

A Full on Foursome By Stephanie My wife Jessica was upstairs putting the finishing touches to her make up as I looked around the conservatory. I placed a chilled open bottle of Champagne on the low glass table in the centre of the suede leather U-shaped couch that we had had shipped from Italy earlier that year. Between two antique glass ashtrays was a wooden box containing some...Read On


Goodbye, Louise....

She's leaving home, bye-bye.....

"Goodbye, Louise...." (By Stephanie) If you were my lover I’d leap, If you were a secret I would keep you, If you were a party I’d dance on the table, If you were a medicine I’d read the label… If you were a prophet I’d preach, And if you were lost I would reach you, If you were a rollercoaster I would ride you, If you were Miss Muffet I’d sit down beside You... If you were a poison...Read On


A Sexual Awakening- Part II

Bobby experiences the Virgin Gracie...

A Sexual Awakening, Part Two. By Stephanie ( I’d humbly ask readers to read the First part of this story before investigating this 2nd episode as the characters are introduced in Part 1… Thank You!) I laid back upon my single bed as a naked Grace Nolan moved down my body and straddled my thighs with hers while softly stroking my growing cock… The first hard cock she had ever seen. ...Read On


A Sexual Awakening Part 1

A tale of innocent love and lust...

A Sexual Awakening- Part One By STEPHANIE They say that losing your virginity can be quite a traumatic experience. Many young people feel pressured into sex too early, maybe with someone they don’t really know and don’t love. If both partners are inexperienced sexually it can be a bit awkward, often hurried and unsatisfying for both parties. My first time wasn’t like that. I had...Read On

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Hotel Rendevouz

Love can hurt in more ways than one....

Hotel Rendevouz (This is a Lush Stories Site Story. If You're reading this on another Site This story has been STOLEN!!) “Send her up,” I told the receptionist on the ‘phone. I rise from the bed and check my appearance in the miror. The charcoal grey suit looks sharp over my Cedric Hoff white shirt. My pale blue silk tie sets off the pinstripes. My long dark hair falls around...Read On


Lady Dorothy's War (Episode 3)

Lady Dorothy entertains a new American USAAF officer with mouth-watering results...

Lady Dorothy’s War (Episode 3) A Series Set In England During WWII We last left Lady Dorothy Brooks secretly collapsed in a stable-stall with her hand in her knickers as a the sluttish servant girl Daisy rushed past attempting to settle her semen soiled underwear… As the pretty, (and now frankly perspiring) Lady Dottie removed her other hand from her mouth she could hear the fumbling...Read On


Lady Dorothy's War (Episode II)

We learn how Lady Dorothy lost her virginity..

Lady Dorothy’s War (Episode II) A serial set in England during WWII *In which we learn how Lady Dottie lost her virginity…* By the time they had both climbed into the spacious rear of the Bentley, Lord Henry Brooks had already removed his dress jacket and was pulling at his trouser belt. Their lips had been locked together from the moment he had stopped the vehicle and his hands were by...Read On


Lady Dorothy's War (Episode 1)

An erotic serial set in England during the Second World War.

Lady Dorothy’s War (Episode 1) (A story set in England during 1944) Bugger, bugger, bugger!” cried Lady Dorothy Brooks as she peeled her riding johdpurs down her slim thighs in the master bedroom of the Manor House in Little Bedford, Lincolnshire. Undoing the button tops of her garter belt she tossed first one and then the other silk stocking across the bedroom, before stepping out of...Read On