Eploring with my Fiance

My bride to be helps me broaden my sexual horizons

Fantasy and kinky exploration of our sex life quickly escalated from light anal play to Megan having me suck her strap on before she bent me over and would fuck me. During one of our heated and lustful fuck sessions Megan coaxed me into admitting I wanted to try sucking and fucking a real cock. She was behind me as my body was bent over the bed and her strap on dildo was fully buried inside...Read On


Kate Takes Control

Kate takes control of a sexy couple

Karen and Scott tingled with excitement as they began to strip for Kate. They had met Kate at a swinger’s party a few weeks before. Kate was a single female who was passing through a sex room at the party. She saw Karen was in lust. Karen was riding her husband, Scott, as others watched and masturbated. She stopped and rubbed Karen’s gyrating ass and kissed her neck. Karen melted on...Read On


Caught By Coach Part 2

Coach contnues to use his two dirty students

Jim and Amy rushed to Jim’s house after Coach William released them. Amy’s pussy stayed wet as she could still taste Coach’s cum on her lips. Jim was in a state of half arousal, half confusion as he had just sucked his Coach’s dirty cock after he fucked his girlfriend. He was embarrassed that his cock got so hard watching Coach saw his cock in and out of Amy’s pussy in addition to licking...Read On


Caught By Coach

Two senior high students get caught in the act and must submit to the dirty desires of Coach.

  It wasCoach William's lucky day as he had caught Jim and Amy half naked in the ball room. Jim and Amy were two of his seniors from his last period gym class. There Jim was, pants around his ankles while Amy was sucking his cock. Amy's top was off and her shorts were half way down her thighs. Coach held back and watched for a few minutes. What made things hotter for him was how Amy was...Read On



Seduction of Piper

Stephanie give's Piper intimate assistance trying on lingerie.

I want to thank Farmgal who's sexiness inspired this erotic and steamy tale. Thank you Farmgal, I enjoyed writing my sexy fantasy of seducing you. Stephanie was attending the check out register at Victoria’s Secrete when an extremely sexy woman strolled into the store. Stephanie’s heart beat faster and her eyes locked on this sexy woman as she sauntered towards the display of the new line...Read On


Not Your Typical Traffic Stop

Stephanie's run in with the law turns steamy and dirty.

Hi my name is Stephanie and this is a fiction based on my dirty desires. I was making a risky trip to my local adult video store dressed as Stephanie. The sun was setting and the drive was only 10 minutes, tops. I figured with low light and close proximity of my playground of debauchery, I would be safe. I admit because of nerves I had my black 'fuck me' heels hard on the gas. My heart...Read On


How I became Stephanie

Before I was Stephanie, I was a bisexual kinky boy named Steve. After I hit puberty I had explored my bisexual desires with some other guys my age. It wasn’t until I met Patti and Bill off an adult sex website that my deep erotic desires were uncovered. Pattie and Bill were an older bisexual couple and the only ones who responded to my ad. They liked that I was young, 18 at the time, open...Read On



My Kinky Parents

Daughter discovers her parent's kinky taboo role play

I was 17 years old when I found out I had the kinkiest parents on the planet. I had just come home from a date and was looking forward to slipping up to my room to rub my date’s cum into my hairy mound as it leaked from my well fucked pussy. I guess my parents forgot to close their bedroom door and as I crept to my room I froze to see my mother wearing my field hockey uniform while sucking...Read On


A son's view, a mom's view

Son enjoys mom's panties, mom enjoys son's masturbation sessions

This story is a sequence of events view from a son's perspective then from his mother's. Son’s perspective: It just wasn’t fair to me, a horny perverted 17 year old boy, for mom to leave her sexy dirty panties out on the bathroom floor. Mom and I shared a small two bedroom apartment and living was tight. This only fueled my fetish for a women’s soiled panties and it didn’t much matter...Read On


Fetish Between Siblings Part 2

Belinda goes to her bother's room for a special clean up.

I was pleasantly surprised when Belinda slipped into my room before bedtime. My cock throbbed to life knowing that my sister had come to honor her promise to me and also that she had not showered since soccer practice and our taboo encounter. Mom and dad had retired for the night making it possible for Belinda to slip into my room. I watched as my sexy dirty sister slipped off her sweat...Read On


Fetish between Siblings

Belinda enjoys sharing her sweaty body with her lustful brother after her soccer practice.

We knew we were wrong but that didn’t seem to stop my sister, Belinda, and I. Belinda moaned as she held her ass cheeks apart slightly bent over in her bedroom. I was on my knees with my face buried between her firm smooth ass cheeks. I too moaned, but her deep ass crack muffled the noise. Belinda had one of her tits hanging out of her sports bra as she held up her soccer jersey with one...Read On


A Daddy's Vist to the Bridal Chamber

Daddy gives his daughter one last thing before she walks down the aisle

Steve waited until the all the bridesmaids had left his daughter’s bridal chambers, before slipping in. There, his daughter, Brenda, was in all her beauty, wearing her pure white stockings, garter and silk thong panties. His cock throbbed hard in his pants as he moved behind his daughter. “MMMMMMMM, daddy, I’m glad you stopped by,” she smiled, reaching back to fondle the front of her...Read On


One lucky Nephew

Brian's two horney aunts seduce and initiate him into the world of incest.

My name is Brian and I did something that I am sort of embarrassed about. I fucked the hell out of two of my sexy aunts at my cousin’s wedding reception. I didn’t feel embarrassed at the time as they swept me out of the hall in the hotel up to aunt Chris’s room. I didn’t protest when the pushed me onto the room couch and pulled my pants off and took turns sucking me. Let me go back to...Read On



Aunt Cathy Joins Sarah and Cousin Jan

Part 2 of Sarah teachs Cousin Jan where aunt Cathy joins the taboo fun

This is chapter 2 of Sarah teaches Cousin Jan. I recommend reading that story prior to enjoying this one. The family secret was out as Aunt Cathy approached her niece and daughter. Jan’s eyes moved from her aunt’s eyes to the flesh colored strap on dildo bouncing inches from her. Not a word was uttered as aunt Cathy grasped her fake cock and the hair of her niece, Jan. Sarah watched in awe...Read On


Sarah Teaches Cousin Jan

Sarah takes advantage of her horny ineperienced cousin Jan.

Jan was 16 years when she experienced the joys of another girl’s touch. It just happened the other girl was her 17 year old cousin Sarah. Jan had come to visit for the week and to hang out with her cousin at the beach. Jan’s aunt and uncle had a place 2 blocks from the beach front. Day one the girls hit the beach tanning their bodies and enjoying the ocean air. Sarah’s mom had arranged...Read On



Stephanie's night out in San Antonio

Stephanie takes advantage of a business trip to explore being herself

I was on business in San Antonio Texas a few years ago. I saw the opportunity for me to be Stephanie in the evenings and nights while away. There was a LBGT club down town that was a known place that shemales, transsexuals, and cross dressers frequented along with the gay and bisexual population. I packed my bras, panties, hose, make up, and dresses under my male clothing in my checked...Read On