Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Chapter One

Mrs. Taylor gives a man a memorable evening.

"What to do, what to do," murmured Mrs. Taylor to herself. It was seven in the evening. She was bored and feeling like she wanted to change that. "My hubby's away so the cat will play," she sang to herself. "But what does the cat want to do? Play with a cat...or catch a rat? Yes, that's it..." and she smiled. The away hubby wasn't a problem. He was a private investigator of the sordid sort....Read On

Group Sex(2)


The Children of Freedom Chapter Two

Rachael takes Charles to his first swing party

Rachael rang the doorbell. It was answered by a middle aged lady, perhaps fifty, wearing an attractive but conservative dress. Her eyes beamed at seeing my new girlfriend. "Rachael, how good to see you again!" She gave her a friendly hug and a peck on her cheek. "And this must be Charles." She gave me a warm hug as well. "Welcome to my home. My name is Connie. Come in and I'll introduce...Read On


The Children of Freedom Chapter Three

Charles broadens his sexual horizons

Charles had just been left on the bed, blindfolded and restrained... After what seemed to be an eternity, it started again. Gentle fingers played with me, massaged my groin, cupped my balls and then a hand took me and squeezed ever so slightly. My cock twitched and moved at the touch. Then it stopped again. I felt the bed move as she got on it and settled between my legs. Another long...Read On



Head Games At School Chapter Two

Ken falls deeper into Trish's mind game

I awoke to see the bright light of day against the window blind and felt my morning erection being gently washed with a warm, damp facecloth. Kris looked at me and whispered, "Good morning," then took me into her mouth. If it was the first time she had given a guy oral sex, she seemed to be born to it. I just lay back and enjoyed. With my eyes closed and my body relaxed, I again thanked the...Read On



Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Chapter Two Part 1

Mrs. Taylor continues her evening of fun and adventure

Mrs. Taylor’s Excellent Adventures Part 2 Chapter One Mrs. Taylor laughed to herself as she walked away from the phone booth. The good Mr. Rowland was in deep shit and he was going to find out soon. A good start to the evening, she thought as she headed towards the bar to get a cab. There was one waiting and she stepped in, giving the driver the name of her hotel. Once in her room, she...Read On


Mrs. Taylor's Excellent Adventures Chapter Two Part 2

Mrs. Taylor carries on with Michelle

"Okay," Mrs. Taylor said with a sly wink. "Care to try the blindfold and restraints again?" Michelle was unconcerned. The last session didn't even have her really restrained. She gave a 'yes' look and held out her hands. Mrs. Taylor put the wrist restraints back on and gave her victim a kiss. Then she put on the blind fold, the collar and the ankle restraints. "Up on the bed,...Read On

Straight Sex(3)


The Children of Freedom Chapter One

Rachael introduces Charles to a new lifestyle

Thwack! The golf ball made a hideous curve to my right. "Shit," I muttered. "Damn it, man, when are you going to take a lesson?" My golf and beer buddy was laughing. "Playing with you is like watching my kid play. For Christ sake, keep your head down. Pretend it's a woman's pussy. Keep looking at it. Why look up? Oh yeah, right. You don't remember what a woman's pussy looks like." He...Read On


Head Games At School Chapter One

Big man on capus gets a lesson in a new reality

Trish was on her knees crying, sobbing actually. She had come to me to apologize. "Ken I'm so sorry. I can't believe what I did to you. You must hate me. Please, please forgive me. I had no idea you did the right thing. I was told a lie and I went with it. Please tell me you forgive me!" I was angry. I was furious. This cock teasing bitch had humiliated me and for what? So she could play...Read On


Head Games At school Chapter Three

Ken realizes just what head games are all about

I woke up with a headache. It was Friday and the team was going on the road. The bus left about noon for the four hour trip to our next game. it was down time and it actually felt good. I was emotionally wearing out. Sex I could handle but the head game with Trish was different. I wasn't even in her league. Kris had said good-bye at the arena where the bus was being loaded. A few of the...Read On