Enemies On The Mat, Lovers Off

When two people are such fierce competition on the mat, something somewhere else must pull them toge

When you watch the Olympics, there is always a sport which not many people have heard of - Judo. I, being the strange and random person that I am, have grown up doing this sport. Now, I’m not on the lighter side of life, so there weren’t all that many people to fight me, but I would be useful when it came to the Olympics to fight in the heavier categories. In competitions in the UK,...Read On

First Time(1)


It Hurts

Who would have thought my best friend would respond so well...then perplex me quite so much?

So here the story starts in fact, becomes fiction, and then returns to fact..I wish that the fiction was fact and the fact was fiction. You can't win them all. I'll let you guess where fact and fiction swap over. I hadn't been at university long, but the course I was on only had around 35 people. Getting to know people hadn't been a problem. My friends and family had all expected that when...Read On

Group Sex(1)


If You Never Try, You'll Never Know

If You Never Try, You’ll Never Know When I went to the ticket office to collect the tickets I had won to go and watch PlayingItCold, I had no idea that this wasn’t the biggest of surprises I was to have this month. So let me introduce myself to you, I am Sarah, I’m 19, and a music student. I live it, breathe it, if it was a currency, I would be rich. But as it is, being a student, I...Read On



Discovering Lucy

The end of a long, hard, frustrating work day had come around at last and for me it was time to hit the pub, drown my sorrows and maybe play a few tunes at the open mic session that was going to happen the same as every Sunday. I work in a job that I hate, in an office that I hate more, though I did think I would love it when I first started. I guess that doesn't matter now. I grabbed my...Read On


You Had Your Eyes Wide Open…Why Were They Open?

So since Sam and I split, which is interesting considering how we were never together in the first place, I’ve been noticeably kind of upset. People keep asking me if I have lost a family member, I reply in the negative but can never tell them why I’m as sad as I am. Well, as sad as I was. The next time I had to see Sam was the day of our assessments. I was completely dreading it after...Read On

Love Poems(45)


Falling Out Of Love

I have come to realise something important lately, I have fallen out of love with you, Everything that I was used to,  Shattered now by my feet. The time that I spent with you, Was like holding onto a whole bunch of balloons, Enough to make me fly, But slowly they've been popping and coming loose. The fall hasn't been quick, Not like someone cutting the strings, Just like my grip...Read On


The Way It Hurts

The way it hurts, Has made me turn to nicotine and alcohol, Made me go against everything I am, All because of the pain you gave me, The day you left. I don't know what I'm meant to feel, Broken, or sad, or alone, Because you took away the ability to tell, The difference of one emotion from the other, All I know is I'm not happy. Down a whisky, Light the stick, Why did you have...Read On



I wish I could make it easy, Easy to love me, Love me. That is the way the lyrics go, But nobody will, Love me. Maybe the hurt will leave, If I stay in the waves, Wash away. If I float away, Into the deep, Get lost. They won't love me, I won't let them, I fear. More hurt could come, More heartbreak, No. But I should just rest, Rest in the waves, Let love just find me....Read On



These are the trinkets that remind me of you, These are the small things that pull me through, For you there is nothing that I wouldn't do, What I'd do without you, well I have no clue. That picture in that frame over there, I remember that night when we lived without a care, If I move it from the wall it looks bare, Just please know my heart you share. The simple necklace on the...Read On


When The Stars Refuse To Shine

I will love you, Even when the stars refuse to shine, I will cherish you, Even when the moon stops its gentle beams. Butterfly kisses, In the bright of day, I feel their lingering touch, Even when the stars refuse to shine. I feel your presence, Wherever I am, I feel how close you are, No matter how far. I don't need the light, I can see where I'm going, You light up the sky,...Read On


If It Isn't Me

If it isn't me you're looking for, Then you're just playing with my heart, If it isn't me you're looking for, Then I need a new start, If it isn't me you're looking for, Then it is time for me to go, If it isn't me you're looking for, Before you ruin a work of art, If it isn't me you're looking for, I need to know quite soon, If it isn't me you're looking for, Then I'll sit and...Read On



I love you, You send me out of my mind, You make me a whole new person, You tell me I need to let it go, Become the person I should be, You tell me that I need to accept who I am, Embrace it, Love me, I love you. I love you, Everything you let me be, How you accept me every way, There is nobody else like you, You let my birds fly, Let me live free, Here I stand...Read On


Glass Bullets

Glass bullets Shattered my soul, When you said the words I never expected you would say. Glass bullets Split my heart into shards, And tore my world apart When you walked away. Glass bullets Are what you will find, Scattered everywhere, When you realise how wrong you were. Glass bullets Are your tool of choice, Cool and hard in your gun, But hot and slick as they slice the air....Read On


The Invisible Woman

I sit here, Quietly, Awaiting what is now familiar, You to walk straight past me, Without even batting an eye. You noticed me, Once upon a time, You raised your head and smiled, Brightening my day drastically, But it isn't like that any more. You may as well pass straight through me, You never glance my way, Things are quite different now, Your eyes, they never caress me, ...Read On


A Walk In The Park

Loving you is like a walk in the park, Easy, free, very much a stroll, The slow pace we take is only to admire, To see the beauty that is going on around us. Even on the darkest of days, The love you radiate casts light, Lights up the dullest of places, Makes the flowers lean towards you. Everything becomes an adventure, The tall trees at the sides of us, The streams that...Read On



For My Penguin, For the one who cares, For the one who takes away all my fears, For the blonde on horseback with glittering hair, For the ringer of bells from the mountaintops, For the one that knows the words to say, For the one that treats me in that gentle way, For the one that sees me when I'm invisible, I love you. I'd like to think we could meet and be friends, Because I...Read On



When I am with you, There is fire. When I am with you, I burn. When I am with you, I am consumed. You make me ferocious, Virtually unstoppable, You make me shine, Bright against the darkness, You make me dance, Flames flicking against the space. The flints strike and the tinder lights, Darkness is engulfed by your presence, Everything a little bit lighter for the brief time you...Read On



Paroxysm: a sudden attack, convulsion, or seizure, usually of an emotional or medical nature Call an ambulance, Call a doctor, Call someone who can make me better. "Push fifty epi, On my word, With a little luck we might save this girl." You said "Its over," You broke my heart, People seem to have this down to a bloody fine art. "Whatever caused this severe convulsion, ...Read On



Expatiate: to speak or write at length or in considerable detail; expound, elaborate To My Sweetest and Dearest Love, You think I do not love you, I need to expatiate how I do, So that you rest safe in the knowledge, Of what stays in my heart. When I awaken in the morning, I stretch and yawn and ponder, How you find the world this day, And if you awaken doing similar. You are...Read On



Your love is immaculate, Fresh and new, Like a crisp white shirt, Before starch gets involved, But after it's been ironed. Your love is immaculate, Free of sin, Much like you, Without flaw or impurity, No blemish to be found. Your love is immaculate, Spotless like clean polished glass, But you shatter easily, And you aren't easy to fix, Though I wish I could. Your love...Read On



Tintinnabulation: ringing or sounding of bells; the sound of bells You, my friend, You are like bells to me, You are always happy, Always lovely, Always warm and welcoming, You help me so much, You cheer me up, I look forward to time with you. I know when you are here, Even when you hide, You sing to me from a distance, From so very far away, I hear your beautiful sounds, ...Read On



You are my delirium, My ecstasy, My drug. You push me wild, Send my thoughts aflutter, Frantic. You're like a fever in me, Burning me up, Fire. This sweet intoxication, Consumes me, You take me. Your touch stings nicely, And soothes me too, Oxymoronic. You stay when you're gone, In my head, In my mind. My thoughts are all of you, Your bite and caress, On my breast. My head spins,...Read On


Berceuse Bird

Berceuse: lullaby; song used to put someone to sleep

Berceuse Bird, Singer of songs, Gentle lullaby, Lulls me to sleep, Your tonic to dominant, Soothes my soul. You sing to me, Your song so simple, But so very deep, It makes my heart keep, Calm and soft, To its gentle beat. You need no fanciness, No chromaticism, Your breath glides over my skin, Your melody stays, Within my head, For me to teach, To spread your love. Berceuse Bird, Never...Read On

Recommended Read

Never Forget

Everyone looks back today, Remembering such great loss, Knowing how much is owed by so many, To so very, very few. But I find myself thinking, Not of what I owe to many, Just of what I owe to one, What I owe to you. You saved me before I knew it, Before you went to war, You saved me from a hard life, Saved me from being poor. I look back as an old woman, To that distant love affair, We...Read On


Hands of Time

People say time heals you, Recovers what the past had the nerve to break, But I see that before we were through, There was that time at the lake. I wouldn't have known what to do, About this attraction between us two, Had you not slipped alongside me, Then whispered "You'd better be free." Your beauty overcame me, Your simple airs and grace, Everyone we met could see, That allure upon...Read On



We were young when we first came, With throbbing hearts and beating drum, But now we're old, we're here again, We've brought our drum beat once again.  We met and danced the night away, At the club down by the quay, So much sadness came to pass, Life sent us both a different way. It was years before again we met, Funny how we each found our regret, Never having held so tight, And tried...Read On



You said you loved me. I know I loved you. You don't love me any more. Yet I never lied to you. Your love was just you saying you did, Displaying it to the world, Never really trusting, But outright lying to me. Your love started off sweet, Tender, caring and serene, Yet grew dark and twisted, Quite cruel at its worst. Your love started off as love, But was tainted by some whore, Who...Read On


Counting Stars

We lie here, Side by side, Looking up. Vast dark sky, Lit by tiny points, Twinkles everywhere. Cat and Turtle, Unexpected sisters, Big and little. You hold me, Safe by you, Trusting. - Cuddled against you, Held by your side, Held in your heart, Counting stars. You came from nowhere, So did I, But I like nowhere, It brings me good things. I wouldn't be without you, Batcat of...Read On



Wanderlust, Happens when you leave me, You walk away and need to go, You take your love, You forsake my lust, You let me go and Wanderlust takes over. Wanderlust, Pulls me forward, Away whilst you are gone, I can't stay still, Wanderlust consumes me, The way you don't. Wanderlust, Brings me to my knees, The ground in the pouring rain, Lost without you, Though the need to be free, Collars...Read On



I watched you enter happily, A cool breeze from the west, You met my good friend easily, The gentle sun spot she is. The two of you started harmoniously, No sign of a storm, I saw the weather fronts move, Collide and become one. Things took a turn for the worst quickly, The weather began to frown, The sun started hastily, To decide it should come down. When you became a wrecking ball,...Read On



The cold wind whips at my face, Each lashing stings me more, The ice clouds cut with tiny sharp spikes, And leave my skin red raw. There isn't anything I could have done, To stop being kicked out of the door, Except to realise earlier, That you loved me no more. The visibility is lessening, The skies grow darker still, It feels to me somehow, That this reflects your will. I should have...Read On



This cacophony of sound, Echoes all around, As the bolts come crashing down, Makes your smile flash a frown. The flashing of the light, In the deep depths of the night, The rumble of the thunder, Mirrors the crumbling of plunder. The lightning heightens everything, Every twitch and every feeling, The almost supernatural, Its this place so rural. The God of Thunder watches, As he plays...Read On



I rode across the ancient lands today, And thought of lovers past, I reminisced about the good times, And tried to blot out the bad. I rode across the ancient lands today, And thought of buildings gone, I chanced to come across the stones, Of my now Invisible Empire. I rode across the ancient lands today, And thought of the lost good weather, I though of how they went to the fog, And how...Read On



Silent tears slip slowly, Rolling down my face, As I try to remember, The feel of your embrace. The tears hit my chapped lips, And sting every tiny cut place, It seemed in this relationship, That you were in a race. My body aches to touch you, To trace over skin so soft, Place kisses on your body, As when we hid out in the loft. I brush the tears aside now, But feel the tracks they...Read On


Faithful Friend Fallen

To the one who came back...

Faithful friend, Long-standing companion, I hate to see that you have fallen, Fallen out of love of life, Since someone broke your heart. I know what you feel isn't easy, A love so deep and strong, Suddenly pulled away from under you, With a swift yet painful ceasing. Over. Final. Gone. Though I am not a knight in armour shining, And don't ride upon noble steed, I am the ever present...Read On



I could wait forever and it would be worth it

I would wait forever for you, My love, To get yourself online, I would wait forever to be with you, I would wait for a very long time. I would wait forever for you, My love, So we can have a good time, I would wait forever to snuggle you, I would wait for a very long time. I would wait forever for you, My love, Though friends may think me strange, I would wait forever to talk again to you,...Read On


The Cons of Online Love

I cannot explain these things I feel for you, You, my love across the miles. You are the one I choose to love, Love with all my heart. But there are cons to these things I feel, I feel with all my being. You are so very far away, Away from me, my love. I hate the time difference, Difference of many hours. I cannot feel your gentle touch, Touch against my skin. I cannot just appear at...Read On

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Broken Rules

Everyone likes to break the rules...

You break the rules to talk to me, That dawned on me today, Shouldn't text at work you see, E'en though you'd rather play. Though I don't like the thought of this, The trouble you go through, I know you play it carefully, So that nobody sees. So when you text me through the day, You bring me little smiles, All the little things you say, Help me know I'm okay. So when you go on to your...Read On

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The Truth of Truth or Dare

What happens in Truth or Dare, STAYS in Truth or Dare

Everyone knows how to play Truth or Dare in real life, The guys dare the girls to kiss one another, The truths they can tell are lies by your eyes, But compared to my room, That's tame. If you should enter here tonight, I suggest you wear something bright, Maybe yellow, maybe green, Just make sure you can be seen. Truths delve deep, A secret you said you'd keep, Dares intense, Do a lapdance...Read On

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Now You're Not Mine

Now you're not mine, I'm sad. Now you're not mine, I'm lonely. Now you're not mine, I ache. Now you're not mine, I'm broken. Now you're not mine, You're free. Now you're not mine, We can both live our lives. Now you're not mine, We can just be the best of friends. Now you're not mine, Change can happen. Now you're not mine, I'm scared. Now you're not mine, You're only his. Now...Read On


To You, My Beloved Ex - Bollocks.

Screw You.

To you my beloved, I once wrote a poem, "The Way You Make Me Feel" Well looking back now, I guess I was a fool, To ever believe that you loved me. You pulled me along, You strung me a tale, Spun me a web of lies, Told me how much you loved me, When all along it was never me, That really tickled your fancy. I knew the distance was great, You sped up my heart rate, But now you just make me...Read On


Rose Petals on a Piano

Rose Petals on a Piano To love you is to play a piano adorned with rose petals, One must be gentle as the keys are depressed, Yet must command them well, The petals, Beautiful to behold, Gentle to brush lightly, Soft to touch. The beautiful music comes, From the touch of the pianist, The tone of the piano, To the ear of the listener, To their consciousness, Evermore. But...Read On


If I Lost You

If I should lose you, I don't know what I'd do, I'd cry for a while, Lose all my style. Those insecurities you have, I live to make you feel secure. Hop on a random plane, Go a little insane. I don't want to lose you, I think I'd feel quite blue. The things you hope and dream for, I live to make them come true for you. I'd miss your smile, Miss your voice, Miss the way you know me. ...Read On


For My Missing Bestie

For Lushstories publication ONLY I miss you old friend, Lush best friend. Your crazy ways, Our moderator days, All caught up now in a haze. I know you can't come back, So I know you can't keep track, But just in case you look, Please note all that you took. Your happiness, Your smile, Your cheery disposition. I even wrote a poem, For my best friend, My missing limb, But I do hope...Read On



For publication on Lushstories ONLY You knew I was a switch, You switched my mind right on, On to the possibility that I could be your Domme. You asked me in sincerity, Sincere is not your style, Your style is to just play around and tofool with my mind. I gave consideration, Consideration to your query, Your query that was meant for me just like everybody. So when you then ignored me, As...Read On



Written by StillUndecided - For display by Lushstories ONLY Things started quickly, We jumped in real fast, People thought me thick-ly, Said it wouldn't last... I refused to listen, Didn't want to let them in, Couldn't make their mission, To make me give in and sin... I thought if I tried my best, And obeyed Your every rule, I passed Your every test, We would make it through the Yule... ...Read On


To Break Or To Be Broken

I’m not one who likes the business of heart-breaking, Perhaps it is because I’m used to my own heart being broken, I’ll sit and wait for the text I know is coming, “I loved you, but the chord's no longer strumming, I’m leaving in the morning, I trust there’ll be no mourning” But personally I find its delivery painful, It all seems slightly woeful, The instant severance, Leaves me...Read On


A Biting Desire

So Bite Me

We shared something, you and I... The love of the feel of teeth on skin, That and our love of each other, A burning fire, A sting, A mark. The bite, such a pure pain, So filled with my desire for you and you for I, The mark, a symbol of it, There for sometimes the world, Sometimes just us, Secret things. But you've gone, You've taken your teeth with you, Taken your passion, Your love,...Read On


With You

Someone told me once, that distance doesn’t matter, That if you love someone, you’re already there with them… There isn’t anything I don’t love about you, Your eyes hold mischief and a sparkle, I’ve fallen into them already innumerable times, Your smile, warm, seductive, loving, Draws me in more every time I see it, The way you grin, it does things to me, Your stance,...Read On


The Way You Make Me Feel

How am I supposed to tell you, The way that you really make me feel, When every time I speak to you, My words all leave my head? So I guess I’m just going to have to tell you, When you’re not online, Exactly the way you make me feel, When you are. The way you talk to me, Like I’m your best friend, Your lover, Your sister. I lose track of time, But you knew that, ...Read On

Love Stories(1)



Sam took something perfect, and painted it red. I’m not going into how we split. But we split. This story is how I moved on, how I tried to forget the damage Sam caused, though not completely. You never forget completely. Life after Sam was a little difficult. I mean, how couldn’t it be, when we would be spending most of our time together in lectures, singing lessons one after the...Read On



Trains Aren't All That Bad...

Trains Aren’t All That Bad… So yet again, it was time for me to get onto the train. I had been home for important reasons over the weekend but this time, I couldn’t get a lift back from my mum and dad. The train therefore was the next best thing. It’d take a little longer, be a little bumpier and I’d be sitting with complete strangers, facing the potential of anything happening. Bear...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)



Everyone knows that sometimes temptation is a little too hard to resist. And this was definitely one of those times. I've always been curious about females. Males bore me. Every inch of a woman's body fascinates me, though there are areas that I'm sure you can guess I pay a little more attention to sometimes. Being a photographer, I get to take photos of all manner of things:...Read On


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View To An Orgasm

Written by StillUndecided for Lush Stories ONLY! We sat at midnight waiting for the last train home on the platform, deserted but for two women. It was a cold night and we were snuggling up ourselves on one of the slightly frosty benches they provided sparsely across the station, keeping closely together for warmth in the bitter night. The train wasn't due for a while yet but we had nowhere...Read On