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A Surprise Visit 2

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Soldier Boy and I had only been using each other for sexual release for about a month when I could not take it anymore and jumped on a plane to Korea without a second thought. I have been home about 3 long months now from seeing him and spending every moment I could with him inside me. MMMMM!

I had just gotten home from a big day at work and my feet were killing me from my "truck" shoes, as my soldier boy calls them. I have worn them everyday since I got back from Korea because he wanted them on every time he fucked me or made love to me. They reminded me of the time that I spent with him.

I had not even taken off my shoes yet when there was a soft knock on my apartment door. I didn't know who it could be because the weekly dinners with my brother were not for another 2 days. I slowly walked to the door not really expecting anything important. I didn't want to see anyone. I just wanted a long hot soak in a bath with my soldier boy on the phone.

He informed me at 3 this morning that their alarms were going off and he didn't know when he would get to talk again. I did receive one text noon my time telling me he was so sorry but it would be late before he got back. I replied that it was OK and planned on spending a lonely night with his pictures and my vibrator.

I got to the door and looked through the peep hole but someone was covering it with what looked like a hat. Sso I grabbed the bat from behind the door and slowly opened it. There stood my Soldier Boy in his dress blues because he knows how hot they make me. I almost passed out at seeing him at my door. He looked me up and down admiring my tight pencil skirt and white blouse. He moaned when he got to my feet and saw his favorite shoes still on them.

He has not said one word as he stands there admiring me and me ogling him in uniform. All of a sudden, he pushes the door open all the way and slams it shut, slamming me into it in the process. He starts kissing me roughly because it has been so long since I spent a week with him. His hands are roaming all over my body as he pulls me in as close as he can get me at the moment. I can feel the very noticeable bulge in his pants grinding against my stomach and I moan at the feel of it.

He finally releases me and cups my face in his hands looking directly into my eyes. "Damn it, it has been to long without your touch, Country Girl. Oh how I missed your beautiful body" I can hear the sincerity in his voice and that just makes me want him that much more.

He very softly presses his lips to mine again and then pulls away. He grabs my hand and leads me down the hall until he finds my bedroom. I am shaking with anticipation of having him all to myself but I am sure I wont get to keep him long. Instead of going to the bed he walks to my closet opening it and starts going through my clothes. I am so confused I cant ask him why the hell he is not fucking me now, but instead, going through my clothes.

I hear him grunt in approval then he walks to my dresser and opens my panty draw on the first try. He finds silk black hipsters and their matching bra that clasps in the the front. I did not see what he pulled out of my closet but I am excited now. Maybe he wants to roll play??

I was going to change for him but when I reached down to take off my shoes he growled "Leave the fucking shoes on. I need you in those fucking shoes at all times until I leave tomorrow." Jolt after Jolt shot through me straight to my already soaking wet pussy. I am aching for him so bad already but he has other things in mind.

He walks towards me and I can see what is in his hands. A black leather mini that stops just under my ass, that I bought for when he came home and stopped at my house for the night, before going home to his wife. He also had a white lace skin tight see through shirt that I bought with the skirt. How did he know? He knows me too well because the panty set was bought just for that outfit.

He leans in and kisses my neck saying "for the next 12 hours you are under my control. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir" I reply because he has never been so aggressive with me and it was fucking hot as Hell.

"Put those clothes on now" he demanded. Yum I like the new soldier boy!

I start unbuttoning my blouse slowly while he watches. I have a white camisole on under it because I really wanted to wear my new red lacey bra and panty set for my Soldier Boy when we do our nightly (well, for me) web cam chat. No need now. When I pull the cami off and he notices that he can see through my bra his breath catches. I smile because I know he already knows what the panties will look like. "You need to hurry" The way he says this, I know he has plans, but I have no idea what those plans are. The thrill of not going makes me hotter than I am.

I am down to just my lace set and the shoes that have been my own form of torture for months now. I reach up to unclasp my bra but his had shoots out and stops me. He leans in and bites my breast through my bra, roughly, and I squeal in pleasure and pain. This makes him laugh and he bites the other one. "Now take it off." He demands of me. I do as I am told because I just want to feel his skin on mine and get a little relief, but he doesn't touch me again.

"Get on your knees" Again I do as I am told because I want him so bad. He unzips his blues and pulls out his hard massive cock and puts it gently against my mouth (He would never hurt me). My tounge darts out to lick the precum off his head and I wrap my lips around the head and suck lightly. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and puts it away. I look at him with disappointment. "Finish getting dressed so I can play with you" He growls. His voice makes me wetter, if that's possible.

He helps me up from the floor and puts the black bra on me. He reaches for my hips, slowly lowering my panties to the floor and kneeling in front of me. He knows that if he doesn't want me to cum he cant touch me, so he blows on my soaking wet cunt almost making me cum right then, but I hold back for him.

He helps me get dressed and demands I turn around for him. I do, and as I am about to turn to face him, I can feel his hand going up my skirt. "Go get in the truck"

As I walk out of the door to my building I see an exact replica of his truck that he has rented, sitting by my car. I don't know how he knows just what will turn me on to my highest limits, but he does and does it right. He opens my door for me and I jump in, making sure he gets a good view of the panties he just put me in that are already soaking wet. He reaches between my legs and pulls the panties down my legs and hangs them on the rear view mirror. "On second thought, you wont need those" He says as he slowly rubs my slit from top to bottom slowly and only once.

He gets into the driver side and hands me a GPS. The sky is getting dark and I have no idea what he has in mind "Somewhere public" is all he says. I know exactly where he can park this truck and take me. I put in the place, and the GPS starts shooting off directions.

As he pulls onto the street, the words I have been waiting for the past half hour come out of his mouth. "take this big cock in that dirty mouth my dirty country girl." Immediately I am reaching over and pulling his rock hard cock out of his pants and wrapping my hand around it. As I lean over the console, I feel his big hand run up my thigh. When he gets to my wet pussy he immediately touches my clit. With him in my mouth, my moans are muffled, but they are very distinct.

I could not hold my orgasm anymore. I was shaking and twitching and moaning, which was making him moan with me. As my orgasm subsided, I felt his hot cum shoot down my throat. I swallowed while still sucking him dry so he could feel me. "Oh country girl" he yells "Why didn't we start this years ago?"

I didn't respond to that. I knew why. Because one of us was always taken. He still was, and I have just gone through a divorce, but that doesn't matter anymore.

He turned and saw that I had led him to a slightly populated beach where there were a few couples sitting on their cars waiting for the sunset. "You did good my little country girl."

I smiled at him as he got out of the truck. He walked around the front and opened my door. I went to step down, only to have him sling me over his shoulder with his hand under my skirt on my bare ass. He climbed into the bed of the truck and gently set me down. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a bottle of lube and set it on the roof of the truck. I looked at the small bottle with pure lust, and his left hand reached into his other pocket, pulling out a small vibrating bullet. I almost came at the sight of it.

"Turn around" he demanded. I turned around and put my hands of the roof, because he told me he has wanted this forever, and I was not going to disappoint my Soldier Boy. I felt the truck move as he stepped behind me and leaned into my ear.

"Do you want to be fucked like the good little country girl you are?" All I could do was nod. "Can I take the virginity of that tight ass tonight?" My breath caught and I whimpered at the thought of it. I was still nervous, but I knew he would stop if I need him to, so I nodded again.

He ran his hand up the back of my skirt pulling it up over my hips while he kissed my neck. His right hand reached around and he grabbed my breast while his left hand moved to my very wet pussy. I could feel my juices running down my legs, and with the first touch I moaned and squirmed.

"Now are you going to be a good country girl and do as your told?" He asked

"Yes, sir, Soldier Boy!" I almost yelled

"Ok You don't get to come until I say the words. When the words leave my mouth you have 10 seconds to cum or I stop. Understand?"

"Yes, sir"

"Good" He said then bit my neck lightly. He put one finger inside my pussy and started slowly finger fucking me. I was trying to buck my hips into his hand but he stopped all movement. "Remember what the rules are country girl" He reminded me smacking my ass. God, that felt good, and I let him know it with my half moan-half scream.

He worked 2 fingers back into me this time, and started working faster and faster. I could feel the building of my orgasm. "Stop," I yelled, because I wanted to follow his instructions and I was about to fail miserably.

"Good girl, for following instructions you may cum now" He said, and boy did I. I moaned and screamed out for my soldier boy to never stop. I could feel myself getting wetter and dripping into the bed of the truck. When my orgasm he stopped, he pulled his fingers out of me, letting me breathe. Or so I thought, until I heard his zipper behind me and felt his big cock rubbing on my slit.

"Do you want my big cock in your tight pussy?" He asked.

"Yes, sir, Please!" I begged.

I felt the tip of his cock at my entrance and then the head of it, but he stopped right there, reaching around me and grabbed up the bottle of lube. I heard the cap open and felt the cool liquid run down the crack of my ass. He inserted his cock in my pussy and with one finger started rubbing my tight ass hole. I couldn't help but moan because it felt good and new. As he started inserting a finger into my ass he leaned in a whispered sweetly "relax baby, I don't want to hurt you"

He started rubbing my clit softly and I relaxed into his touch. I could feel his cock in my wet pussy and his finger was now matching the slow rhythm in my ass. I could feel everything and I was going to cum again. I begged, "Soldier Boy, may I please cum?" All movement in and on me stopped, and he let me regain myself. Once he knew I was under control again he started back slowly.

He told me "I am going to insert one more finger. OK? Please tell me if it hurts and I will stop." My whole body tightened at his words. "Relax for me baby," he said when he felt my pussy and ass tighten around his cock and finger.

I could feel the second finger going in and he stopped moving his cock in my pussy so I could relax. This time there was a little pain, and I held my breath. "Do you want me to stop?" He asked. I just shook my head because I wanted this from him. This was something no one but him would ever have.

He got both fingers in me and started slowly working them in and out of my tight ass, then slowly moving his cock in my pussy at the same time. The sensation was amazing and there was no stopping him this time. As soon as my pussy started clenching his cock, he pulled out of both holes and slapped my ass again. I just moaned.

"Are you going to play the game right country girl or do you want me to stop?"

"Please don't stop!" I all but shouted.

He grabbed the lube again and I turned around and watched him rub it all over his large hard cock. I started to worry about this part. He must have seen the worry in my face, because he said, "It's OK if you don't want me to. I will understand. You're just so good and I just want all of you."

"Please take me. All of me" I moaned in anticipation.

"You will tell me if I need to stop?" I nodded.

I could feel the head of his cock on my ass hole and he rubbed my back and kissed my neck getting me to relax into him. I felt the head slip in and I sucked in a deep breath, but not from pain. He stopped and I shook my head. He must have known what I meant because he pulled out a little, and I felt about an inch at a time work its way into my ass. God this was great!

Once he had it all in, he started working in and out slowly and sped up a little more after a few mins. "Harder" I said, looking back at him. He complied, grabbing my hips and sinking his fingers into my flesh for leverage. He reached around me and grabbed the vibrator and turned it on. He brought it to my left nipple and rubbed through the fabric of my shirt. My moans were getting louder and for the first time I looked up and saw other couples having sex watching us. It was Hot! ,

He moved the vibrator down my stomach and stopped right at my pelvic bone. I could hear his grunts and occasional curses letting me know he was getting close as well. We both knew that as soon as the vibrator touched my clit it would be all over for me, so he was waiting.

"Where do you want your soldier boy to cum?" He moaned at me.

"Inside me please."

"As soon as I touch your clit are you going to cum?"

"Only if you let me soldier boy." I replied still playing his game.

"You may cum for your soldier boy now. Come on country girl come for me." As soon as the words were out, the vibrator touched my clit and I started shaking and convulsing, screaming to my soldier boy for more. I could also feel his cock swelling in my ass and felt his hot cum enter me.

I slumped over on the roof of the truck, trying to stop shaking so that I could stand on my own. He was still inside my ass, breathing heavily with his forehead on my shoulder. "fuck" he groaned as he slowly pulled out. "I love your ass around my cock. That was a-fucking-mazing" All I could do was smile.

He asked if I liked it, and I had to get sarcastic "What do you think?"

"I think you have never cum like that before, since you squirted on the back window."

I looked down and he was right. I had. I didn't even know I did. He has that effect on me. I just chuckled.

We got back to the house and showered together, but were to worn out for anymore without sleep first. We crawled into my bed still naked and he held me. I looked at my alarm clock and it said 3 am. I groaned inwardly, because I was not ready to give him back and he had a flight to catch at 9 am. So much for my good mood. At least he was still here to hold me for now.
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