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A Workout with Ciara

I went to the gym, but got a different kind of workout.
This is my 100th story on Lush Stories and its semi-autobiographical...enjoy. ;)

It was noon on a brisk Saturday in autumn. I stood in my bedroom doing a double check of my gym bag as I was about to go out for my weekly weekend workout. I rummaged through and scanned the contents of my bag with my brown eyes. Shirt, sweat pants, deodorant, etcetera. Yeah, I was all set to go. Making my way downstairs, I was headed straight out the door until I was stopped by the ring tone of my cell phone going off. Looking at the caller I.D, I saw it was my friend Eva.

"Hey Eva," I said answering the phone. "I was headed out the door, but what's up?"

"I'm just calling to make sure we're all hanging out tonight. Janis is on board, but I haven't heard from Malik."

I smiled, "You know I'm on board and Malik will just show up like he always does. I've got to get my work out on first though."

"Why are you working out all of a sudden, Relle?"

"I looked in the mirror one day and decided I wanted to be Stefan instead of Steve Urkel."

Eva let out a laugh, "Bye've got more muscle than Urkel."

I smirked, "I got the muscles...I'm just trying to keep them, girl."

"Alright, let me let you go. See you later, babe."

After I ended the call I was headed outside though my phone again rang. This time it was my friend Ciara. She was my friend and workout buddy I met when I first started working out at the gym. Everyone called her "Ci-Ci" for short.

I put the phone to my ear and heard, "Jerrell, its Ciara. I'm at the gym’re still coming, right?"

"I'm headed out the door now. I just got sidetracked by my friend calling me," I explained.

"Okay, just don't keep me waiting, cutie."

A smile came across my face as I shook my head putting my phone in my pocket as the word cutie lingered on my brain.

I finally left the house thinking, "Damn, she wants the dick bad."

I'm not going to say that I'm God's gift to women, but I guess I was to Ciara because from the first day we met when she asked me to help her with lifting weights, the gaze of her brown eyes said one thing, I want to fuck you. Don't get me wrong, she was fine as hell though the intense lust in her focus was a bit intimidating. She was a hungry lioness and I was her prey, but nevertheless I was attracted to Ci-Ci. She was a nice and thick figured mocha skinned beauty with semi-long black hair. I couldn't help, but stare at her face made up of dark brown eyes, full pink lips, low cheekbones, and the cutest dimples would appear whenever she smiled. It didn't matter what kind of clothes she wore, they always accentuated Ciara's ample C cup rack and her round, apple shaped booty.

A fifteen minute bus ride took me to the gym. To my surprise upon entering the place was kind of a ghost town. One-fifteen on a Saturday afternoon and the place was dead. There were a few people there, but as I was coming in they were packing up to leave. Ciara was a regular there so she was seen a lot by people. I asked one of the guys leaving if they'd seen her and they pointed me in the direction of the weight room. Peering into the weight room, Ci-Ci was alone jogging on a treadmill. Her hair was styled in a short ponytail as she wore a light blue sports bra and black skin tight sports shorts. With my peepers I outlined her well-toned, curvaceous body. My cock began to harden as I watched her ass bounce as she upped the setting on the treadmill running a bit faster. I smirked at scene and went to get changed. Coming back to the room, I found Ciara doing sit-ups.

I began stretching and warming up, "Hey Ci-Ci, sorry I'm late."

Ciara replied still doing sit-ups, "It's cool. Are you ready to work out?"

"Yup, just to let you know we're the only ones here."

At my words Ciara extended her hand for me to help her up, "Really?"

I pulled her up, "Yeah, take a look."

Now on her feet, she glanced out the door, "Damn, at least we've got the equipment to ourselves."

"No doubt, but now I'm ready to wear you out, Ci-Ci."

"Why I am going first?"

I came up behind and looked out the door, "'Cause I went first last week. It's only fair,"

Ciara turned around and almost out of her skin not expecting me to be behind her.

"Ahh, don't do that, Jay!"


"It's cool. I uh. . ." Ciara tried to say, but her words trailed off.

Ciara stood with her eyes locked on me, but she wasn't looking me in the face. She leered at my 185lb milk chocolate frame especially my muscular chest and six pack abs that proudly shone through my shirt. This was a common this between us. Ci-Ci liked looking at me aimlessly, but I never called her out on it. I did my fair share leering too, but I was the discreet one in this equation.

I let out a laugh, "I'm up here, girl."

Ciara broke her gaze on my body and looked me in the face completely embarrassed.

Her cheeks grew darker, "I'm sorry, Jerrell."

I smiled, "It’s cool, Ci-Ci. You look good too."

"So what's up then, Jay? Why are you holding out on me? You know I want you,"

"You want this dick, Ci-Ci." I replied correcting her.

"Yeah," She said honestly. "Is that a problem?"

My hand caressed her left breast, "No, it's all good. Where do you want to do this?"

"We're alone, right?"

I knew she meant for us to fuck right then and there. Normally, I wouldn't have given it a second thought, but the excitement of possibly getting caught turned me on.

I wrapped my arms around her, palming her ass, "I think so, but I really don't care 'cause this ass has been calling my name."

Ci-Ci kissed my lips, finding my manhood through my pants, "Then answer the call, baby."

I went to the room door to make sure we were truly alone. We were, so after I closed the door and turned to Ciara, kissed her passionately while groping her ass then picked her up. Ci-Ci wrapped her legs around my waist, letting out a yelp as she was surprised how quickly I lifted her 140lb frame. She was light in my arms as my tongue slipped in and out of her mouth. I guided Ciara to the padded floor underneath us and began kissing and sucking her neck. We were kissing and fondling each other so much that it seemed like in a matter of seconds we were lying on the floor naked.

"Ump," She moaned as my hand slid in between her legs and I slowly started fingering her pussy.

I watched as Ciara gasped and closed her eyes in pure pleasure. Her love core was a well of wetness telling me she'd been wanting this for the longest. She panted and cooed arching her back as my fingers stewed within her.

"Jerrell," She breathed my name in a high-pitched whisper.

I could tell she was going to cum soon so I upped the pleasure Ci-Ci was receiving. My mouth found her clit. I surrounded it with my lips, sucking on it rapidly causing Ciara to place a leg on my shoulder about to bust at any moment. Her fingers dug into my scalp forcing me to suck her clit as hard as possible.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh, ahhhhhhh!" She screamed as she climaxed.

To my surprise, Ci-Ci squirted, but I took it in stride and attempted to drink up every bit of cum that gushed forth. I wiped my cum-soaked lips and puckered up causing Ciara to lean up, locking lips with me.

"Damn Ci-Ci, you really wanted me, huh?"

"Mmhm," She replied after giving me another kiss. "Come get this pussy, Relle."

I stroked her cheek sweetly in response to her statement, "I'm here to take it aren't I?"

"Mmmm," Ci-Ci moaned as I rubbed my dick across the length of her womanhood to her clit. "Put it in, please."

The head of my dick pressed against her clit for a minute, teasingly and in one fluid motion I plunged all the way inside her.

"Oh shit!" She groaned.

I pulled back slowly and slammed back into her again, working a slow exit and fast enter mode of strokes.

"Damn, girl." I moaned, slamming hard into her. "This pussy's real good."

"You like this shit, huh?"

"Fuck yeah," I groaned.

Ciara's eyes closed as I slowed my down my strokes to give her a gentle fuck. I was going to town on her coochie until she whispered something that took me by surprise.

She let out a moan, "Fuck my ass, Jay."

That phrase killed the momentum for me. My strokes stopped and I just looked her in the face.

"Huh?" I asked.

"Fuck my ass, Jay." She repeated.

"I can take it." She assured me.

I had no doubt if she could take it, but this was my first experience with anal sex.

"Since when did black girls get into anal?" I asked myself, but I didn't have that much time to think as Ciara shoved her tongue down my throat.

Kissing her back, her lust transferred to me and suddenly I was down for anything. I pulled out of her and watched as she went into the doggy-style position.

She shook her ass at me, "It's calling your name, Relle."

I guess she wanted it rough because she didn't ask for lube or me to go slow. She wanted dick and that was all that mattered at the moment.

"This is your ass, boy."

My hands gripped both sides of her waist and felt her body lock up as the head of my dick penetrated her ass hole.

"Ugh," She grunted as I slid all eight inches of me into her rectum and began a slow stroking pace.

"Fuck, this shit is tight." I moaned stroking a bit harder.

"Like it, right?"

Lust was my guide and I started screwing her harder, faster. "Hell yeah."

Ciara bounced her ass back into my thrusts, "Ahh! Yes! ass!"

Her head jerked back as I grabbed her ponytail, "You like it rough, don't you?"

"Yeah," She grunted arching her back.

Ci-Ci liked it rough, so I turned it up a level as my hand began smacking her ass.

"Spank me, Relle. Spank me, baby...oooh!"

I smacked her bottom harder and more rapidly, gently the pain away after each hit. I held her down, so she was as face down and ass up.

"Rough, huh? You want it rough, Ci-Ci?"

"Yes, yes...ahhhhh!"

Love juice streamed from once again, oozing down her thigh.

"I'm cumming!" She screamed with a volume as if she was trying to give away our position.

Our bodies trembled as we climaxed together, falling limply on the matted floor in a sweaty heap. I began feeling the after effects of our romp, but I ignored them looking at my body drenched in perspiration.

"Damn, I said I was going to wear you out, but this wasn't what I meant." I said aloud with a laugh.

Ci-Ci smiled, "After that you can work me out any time, Jay."

"Alright, same time next week?" I asked.

Ciara gave a sexy smirk, "It's a workout I'll be waiting for."

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Posted 06 Nov 2012 16:45
Great story & excellent wild hot sex scenes!
Posted 06 Nov 2012 07:56
congratulations on your century..thats a lot of hard work and for 101...should be fun!
Posted 06 Nov 2012 04:39
Wow, story #100! Congratulations on this milestone, Kal! I liked the dialogue and chemistry between the characters! Thanks for sharing another epic tale!

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