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An Unexpected Encounter

Tags: anal, sex, shower
She thought she was alone, but boy was she glad she wasn't
“I’ll be back in a bit. I forgot the wine,” Tom said as he grabbed his coat and headed for the door.

“Okay. I’m gonna take a...” Diana stopped as she heard the door close behind him. She’d been cleaning all day, preparing for the themed dinner party set for the evening. She shrugged. “Oh well. I should be out before he gets home anyway,” she told herself.

She checked to make sure the door was locked and jogged up the stairs. Her shirt was in her hand as she hit the top step, ready to throw into the hamper. She hadn’t been wearing a bra as she worked around the house, so her breasts now bounced freely as she walked towards the bathroom. As she stepped into the bathroom she couldn’t help but stop a moment and appreciate the nicely proportioned, perky mounds she carried.

Diana finished getting undressed and made sure to tuck the clothes into the hamper and close it completely. The outfit she’d planned to wear was already laying on the bed waiting for her. A knee-length skirt with a striped blouse and a pair of flats. She looked in the mirror again, this time noticing the fuzz sprouting from between her legs.

“Hmmm. I think I have time to fix that now.”

She decided to turn on the radio sitting on the counter and pulled out a bottle of lotion hair remover. It wasn’t long before she found herself singing to the song on the radio while she waited the few minutes for the lotion to work and for the water to heat up.

She stepped into the water finally and closed the shower door. She took her time making sure to rub all the lotion off her body, especially between her legs and along the crack. A final caress revealed baby smooth skin and a complete lack of fuzz.

“That sure beats shaving!”

Diana started on her hair then, singing along with the radio the whole time.

Tom had been lucky at the store and they had the wine he’d wanted on sale. He got what he needed and headed straight home. He felt it odd that the front door was locked when he tried to turn the knob, but then realized Diana had been saying something as he walked out the door.

“Maybe she’s in the shower. Hmmm.”

He took the wine into the kitchen and put it in the refrigerator. He could hear faint music over his head and knew she was still in the middle of her shower. Creeping up the stairs and taking off his clothes as he went, he went into the bathroom to surprise her.

Tom opened the shower door and stepped in behind Diana. She yelped in surprise as he came in.

“I thought you were gonna be a while longer.”

“Would you rather I leave?”

“Did I say that?” she asked as she turned to smile at him.

“Good,” Tom said as he slipped his hands around her hips and pulled her back against him.

Diana could feel him growing hard. She reached behind herself and caressed his lower back, urging him more firmly against her. Tom felt his need rising. While still holding her from behind, he slipped his hand between her legs and lifted one of them so she could prop it on the shelf.

Those same fingers moved slowly back toward her center. Diana leaned back and rested her head on Tom’s shoulder, When his fingers reached the warm, wet folds he couldn’t help but smile.

“Freshly groomed. Mmmm.”

“Yes,” she breathed with a sigh as his fingers played with the folds he’d discovered.

His desire grew as he slipped first one, then two fingers between her lips and into her. An involuntary twitch in his hips forced his hard length between her ass cheeks where he started to rock slightly, stroking himself even stiffer.

She could feel the throbbing of his shaft and grew quickly impatient to have him inside her. Her hand moved down his leg and between them to caress his balls. She couldn’t help but whimper softly in his ear as her anticipation grew.

Without taking his fingers from her, he bent at the knees slightly and lined himself up with her entrance. She whimpered again, this time as the fingers disappeared to be replaced by the entire length of his throbbing shaft. A pleasured groan echoed through the bathroom as her body enveloped him inside her. He pulled back slightly, pushing her to lean forward a bit in the same motion.

She put one hand on the wall and pushed backwards, forcing him completely back into her. Tensing her muscles around him, she held him tight to feel the steady throb.

“God, I love it when you do that!” he moaned.

“You feel so good!” she breathed back, “But there’s something else I want.”

“Name it. But don’t make me wait.”

“My ass. I want you buried just like this, but in my ass.”

Another groan escaped his lips. He loved it when she asked for that, and she knew it. He reached around her again and took a firm grip on her breasts, the hard nipples poking through between his fingers. She stood up straighter so she could reach behind her propped leg and ran the palm of her hand down his body between them.

A shiver ran through him at her touch, causing him to twitch within her. The sensation excited her further and she pulled away from him, sliding out to holding just the head between her lips. She lingered there a moment before rolling her hips, taking just two inches and then releasing them again.

“Don’t tease me!” Tom growled and thrust into her again, making them both moan as the sensations ran all over them.

The power behind his thrust nearly made her slip in the water on the floor, so she reached out for the wall as his grip tightened roughly around her and jerked her back against him again.

A gasped moan escaped her lips at the strength he showed to protect her.

“You want this ass? Take it! Fill it for me!”

“You know I do. Let me have it,” he whispered roughly in her ear.

He released his grip enough to let her slide off his length, but not far enough to put a gap between them. Their bodies held fast together from shoulder to waist except for a brief rolling in his hips to allow his length to move back to between her cheeks again, this time pressing gently against the hole.

“Ready?” Tom asked, his voice shaky with anticipation.

“Yes, Tom. Deep. Let me feel you deep!”

Tom thrust his hips forward, just forcefully enough to push in and continue deeper until there was nothing left to push. Diana yelped, this time with the slight pain of penetration and the pleasure rush of having him back inside her. They stood motionless for a moment, regaining the ability to breathe.

“Oh. My. God!” he breathed in her ear as her tight little hole swallowed his entire shaft.

“Yes. It’s yours. Fill it! Take it!” she managed to say before a moan took over.

He pulled back slightly, her ass milking him as he moved. The sensation was so intense he thrust immediately back inside her. She was throbbing around him now, her ass full of his length. Her hips started to rock slightly, milking him even more.

One of his hands drifted down her chest and stomach to massage her still exposed clit. The first touch sent chills through her, causing the muscles wrapped around Tom’s shaft to tense. He gasped and moaned to her. His hips pressed against her hard, pushing in the last of his length before he rocked back to pull almost out in one long stroke.

She whimpered at the empty feeling, though it didn’t last long. The long stroke out was followed by a slightly more forceful stroke that pushed him all the way back in. Their moans echoed off the bathroom walls as their bodies came together.

It didn’t take long before they found a rhythm. His throbbing, hard shaft sliding in and out of her, driving them closer and closer to ecstasy.

Diana’s leg started to get weak under her as the pleasure built up and threatened to boil over. Tom pushed open the shower door and picked her up, using her weight to keep her impaled on him. Each step towards the bathroom counter bounced her, forcing her down, right to the very base of his length.

Tom set her down again, just long enough to flip her around and put her up on the edge of the counter. She leaned back and kicked up her legs. He caught her ankles and put the bottoms of her feet against his upper chest.

As he got close again it forced her knees against her chest. He quickly lined up again and drove his length completely into her ass. He groaned to her as she threw her head back to moan.

The rhythm quickly returned, this time with a nearly complete withdrawal and a steady, powerful thrust.

Tom’s breathing started to get ragged and his hips twitched with his impending release. Diana’s muscles were tensing around him, milking him more with every stroke.

“Where do you want this?” he growled as he fought for control.

“Right where you are. Fill it. Let me feel it!”

Tom reached between them and started to rub her clit again. He was determined to make her go over the edge before he did.

“Oh, God!” she groaned to him.

“You first. Milk me. Give me yours and I’ll give you mine!”

He moved his hand down slightly and slid his thumb between her folds. That sensation was the breaking point. She threw her head back and moaned out as her body tensed hard and shook right to her very core. A small spurt of juices flowed from her to coat the base of his shaft as her orgasm rocked her.

The feeling of her muscles tighten around him drove him into a frenzy. The juices mingled with the wetness around his shaft as he drove deep and hard into her ass. His body seized suddenly and he jerked against her. With a grunt and moan he let go, his length filling her with his hot, sticky load.

They stayed right where they were for a second, both of them finding it very difficult to breathe. Their bodies throbbed in unison. Tom let Diana’s legs down and leaned over her, the counter the only thing holding him up.

He slowly, gently slid out of her ass, gasping as it milked him for one last stroke. He quickly turned around and leaned on the counter, keeping himself from falling over and her from falling off.

She reached around him and pulled him tight to her, softly kissing his neck and caressing his chest.

“I guess we really should finish the shower now.”

“Probably... in a few minutes,” he said, panting.

She stood him up enough to get her feet on the floor behind him. Holding him up along the way, they stepped back into the shower. He leaned back against the wall and watched her lather the loofah. She started to wash up, but before she rinsed off she soaped him up too.

“Better rinse off before the water gets too much colder,” she said and stepped under the shower head.

Tom watched as the soap bubbles washed away and she stepped out. He followed in step, rinsing and then turning off the water to get out. Diana met him outside the door with a big, fluffy towel to dry off with.

They helped each other get dressed and headed down the stairs just in time for the first couple rang the bell for the party. Neither one of them could help but steal knowing glances the whole night.

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