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Fiancée made me her bitch

This is the story of how my fiancée made me her bitch for the night.
(I’m not a writer. So I hope you all can enjoy this story and can forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes I make and contribute with any constructive criticism you feel could improve my future stories)

This is the story of how my fiancée made me her bitch for the night.

Firstly let me tell you a bit about us. My names Andy and I’m a 24 years old, 5ft 10 and 13st, not in bad shape but could be better and I’ve got a 6in average sized cock. My fiancée Jane is slightly older than me, she’s 32, 5ft 5, size 10 and just under 9st, she has a lovely body as she does aerobics three times a week. Her bum is nice and plump for her size, it looks great in doggy style and she has a 34D bust what she loves to show off.

I was on the settee watching some television, just flicking through to find something good to watch while drinking pale ale.

“Im just nipping upstairs to get my pyjamas on hun,” Jane said as she kissed me on cheek and ran upstairs to get changed. I dint think anything of it and finally settled on watching a cheesy film. After about ten minutes Jane came downstairs and walked up behind me and asked me to not turn around.

“Don’t worry hun, I’m just horny and thought you might like some fun.” Jane proceeded to put a blindfold over my eyes and asked if I could see, once she was satisfied I couldn’t the fun began. She undid my jeans and slid my boxers off. I couldn’t help but smile a cheeky grin, as I felt her hot lips touch my cock; she kissed it all over and then slipped it into her mouth.

“Mmmm,” I moaned. Jane gives amazing blow jobs, and I just sat their blindfolded and enjoying myself as she sucked my cock.

“Oh yes, keep sucking,” I moaned as Jane started to deep throat me.

Jane suddenly stopped. “No keep sucking,” I complained “C’mon hunni keep sucking!”

“I will, don’t worry but I wana make you cum upstairs babes,” with that Jane took my hand and pulled me up from the settee, she took my hand and pulled it to her pussy, I could feel the heat from it and could tell she was wet. “Upstairs,” she whispered in my ear and led me to our bedroom.

Jane had me lie-down on the bed with my legs over the side, my hands moved to take the blindfold off but Jane pulled my hands away “No, I’ll tell you when you can take it off. Now where was I?” she said, as she once again lowered her mouth over my now throbbing cock and continued with the blow job, it felt so good her wet lips over my cock, she knew I loved her blow jobs.

“You liking this?” she teased as her tongue just flicked the head of my cock.

“Yeh, you know I do, keep sucking!” I said thrusting my hips up to catch her tongue.

“And why should I?" She teased back.

I thought she’s trying to make me beg isn’t she, so I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it down on my cock and began thrusting “I said keep sucking, bitch!” with a cheeky smile as I skull fucked her.

Jane kept bobbing her head up and down my cock even when I let go of her head. The feel of her lips and mouth was becoming too much and I started to tense. Jane must have felt this to as she stopped again but this time stood up as well saying, “time for your surprise huni, just lie there and I’ll be right back.”

I heard Jane leave the room and return in a couple of minutes, she wasted no time on her return and attached straps around my wrists and I heard her attach them to the beds headboard. “What are you doing Jane?” I asked more curious than anything, we have whips, cuffs and straps as we enjoy the occasional light bondage but normally Jane is the one tied up not me.

“Take off your blindfold and see your surprise,” Jane said giggling. I easily took of the blindfold as the straps let me have enough room to move my arms around my upper half, I just couldn’t reach my lower half. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the light but in front of me stood my beautiful fiancée Jane. She was wearing a wearing a purple baby doll what I got her for her birthday. I really liked her in it as it showed off her boobs, as my eyes made their way down her body, that’s when I saw it, she was wearing a Strap-on, my fiancée had a huge, curved purple cock between her legs.

I just stammered, I didn’t know what to say, we discussed it before and I’ve had the occasional finger or two in my ass during blow jobs but we never tried pegging. My hands instantly went to hold my cock and cover my ass but I couldn’t reach either because of the wrist straps. Her hands spread and lifted my legs with ease resting them on a set of drawers with her standing between them, I was in shock.

Jane started to lube up her cock, then started to lube up my asshole, while slipping a finger in. “you sure you?...” I said but before I could finish I got a hard slap on my ass, “Oww”

“Shut up bitch, I’m going to fuck your ass just like you fuck mine,” Jane stated to me, she had a grin on her face, but this wasn’t the nice innocent girl I was engaged to, this was a horny, dominate mistress. I felt the head of the strap-on push into my ass, spreading my hole. I took a deep breath and felt more of it slide in me. My breathing got heavier as I started to adjust to the purple cock buried in my ass.

Jane soon picked up the pace and was fucking my ass with vigour. “You sissy bitch, you love it don’t you?” she said to me as she noticed that my cock was twitching. I couldn’t help it but it felt so good, the curve to the cock was rubbing in me, I was loving it.

“Mmm yeh, I love it, fuck me more!” I moaned. I couldn’t believe I just said what I did but it was true. I was in heaven.

“You slut, you love cock up your ass don’t you?” Jane picked up the pace, and started fucking me more. I couldn’t speak or even think straight my head was spinning, I was just moaning in pleasure, I never felt so good before during sex. I just wanted to touch my cock but the straps wouldn’t let me.

Jane’s hand gripped my cock; it was so sensitive I moaned, “mmmmmmmmm.”

“You wana cum? Tell me you love it!” Jane said while squeezing my cock tighter, the grin on her face was clear, she was enjoying dominating me.

“I love it, make me cum, please!” I moaned

“What do you love bitch?” Jane said still squeezing tight; she was going to make me beg.

“I love your cock in my ass, I love you fucking me with your cock, I’m your bitch, please make me cum, please!” I was begging, I didn’t care, I was in so much pleasure but I needed to cum so much.

Jane let go of my throbbing cock, it was dripping pre-cum, why wasn’t she wanking me off, why wouldn’t she let me cum. “Ok,” she said with a glint in her eye, she reached and grabbed a pillow and stuck it under my lower back and she arched her legs and back to adjust positions. I couldn’t believe it the feeling got better. Jane was hitting my prostate.

“Oh my god, oh, oh,” I couldn’t believe the pleasure was more than before, I saw more pre-cum just oozing out my cock. My cock twitched. “Fuck!” I screamed out. I just shot my load, cum landed on my chest and I was still cumming, spasm after spasm, more cum came out. Jane stopped, I never came so much in my life and I was exhausted.

Jane pulled out and leaned over me, she kissed me passionately and then whispered in my ear “love you, now eat me bitch,” Jane moved up my body and sat her soaking pussy on my face. It was hours later when Jane let me out of wrist straps that I new she was now the dominate one in our sex live.

(Thank you for taking the time to read my first story. Please leave comments, all constructive feedback welcome.

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