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Landing The Contract. The tales of Dana Jones Part 3

Dana starts the final negotiations
The Tale Of Dana Jones

Landing The Contract Part 3

Chapter 1

Thursday Afternoon 1.35 pm

Before moving behind Dana, Robert Cranton-Smith correctly anticipating her reaction, had unzipped his fly and fished out his manhood. Already flying at half mast, he took hold of his thick cock and started wanking it to its full length as he approached her from the rear. After he grabbed hold of Dana, she could feel his erection pushing against her bum and she moved her warm sweaty hand between them and found his hard pulsing flesh. Eagerly, she encircled his girth with her delicate fingers and started masturbating him. His smooth West Coast accent sounded in her ear, but now his voice was tinged with something new, Lust.

“That’s it darling, you know what you have to do.......You’ve seen it on television and now you can try the real thing!”

“Mmmm. You’ve no idea how much I want it," she retorted, biting her bottom lip as he pinched her nipples between his fingers. “I’ve been gagging for it all day,”

“That makes two of us, Lovely,” he replied cryptically.

Dana’s firm grip was just how Robert liked to be handled, and as he continued fondling her breasts, his eyes caught Mark looking at them. His expression was dazed and confused.

Watching the both of them acting like a pair of horny teenagers was putting it mildly, a shock. Especially as he thought he was here to discuss Robert’s acquittal. Seeing how turned on this attractive lawyer was, how much she was into this, was genuinely hot, but Mark’s mind was still reeling from this sudden turn of events.

“What’s the matter buddy, don’t tell me you’re surprised, Mrs. Dana Jones enjoyed my home video so much, she wants the real thing,” Robert boasted, before pressing his lips into the base of her neck. When he licked her skin hungrily to emphasize his point, he was rewarded for his efforts by her body shivering against him.

“See that? This gorgeous fucking bitch wants to get well and truly screwed. Ain’t that right darling?”

Dana was getting seriously turned on by Robert’s attention to her body, and all she could do was roll her head from side to side, moaning softly. She was breathing heavily now, and this encouraged him even more.

With lust fueling his obsession, his hands tore open her blouse, sending buttons flying in all directions. As the ruined garment fell apart, her sexy underwear was revealed to everyone present.

Seeing Dana’s gorgeous figure in an outfit that screamed ‘fuck-me’, caused Mark’s prick to jerk inside his pants. Despite his doubts about what was happening, he was hard put to refute Robert’s claims, despite fearing the repercussions.

“Come on man, when was the last time you saw a gorgeous piece of ass like this, wanting it so badly,” Robert continued, desperately trying to convince Mark. Watching how Dana was reacting, Mark was beginning to realise his friend wasn’t kidding.

As if he was playing a last trump card, Robert pulled the flimsy material covering her perfect 36C’s downwards, and Mark watched her firm bosom spring forward. Dana let out a low animal like groan.

“That’s it baby, grab momma’s tits,” Dana crooned and felt Robert’s fingers tighten their grip.

“See what I mean, she’s so fucking hot,” Robert gloated as he continued twisting and pulling her nipples. Mark looked on incredulously, his gaze transfixed on the sight of Dana’s gorgeous firm chest.

Then he saw her arm reaching round behind her, moving steadily up and down as she leisurely wanked Robbie’s prick, and finally Mark realised Dana hadn’t been joking moments ago. She really was into this, and into it in a big way! Now her outrageous statement about her pussy juice dripping down her legs seemed incredibly true and his cock, already thick from seeing her half naked, carried on growing. This was going to be one hell of a meeting.


In the reception area, Suzie pressed a button to end her telephone conversation. She frowned as she looked at the communication console, and wondered whether she had done the right thing. She could still hear the callers disappointment and that made her feel bad, but Dana’s instructions were explicit. Under no circumstances was she to be disturbed. Intuition and past experiences told Suzie that she would be a fool to disobey Dana’s wishes, especially with all the weird stuff happening today. Although she wasn’t needed, Suzie guessed correctly that this meeting was not going to be your ordinary run of the mill stuff, oh no, this was something special.

Admittedly, this feeling was based on everything that had happened today, but somehow she knew she wasn’t wrong. Firstly, there was the way Dana was dressed. Ok, it was her normal business outfit but somehow she had subtly changed it and instead of being staid and boring as it usually was, today it was sexy and alluring. Throw into the mix the sexy lingerie, which Dana thought nobody could see and Suzie knew there was something definitely going on.

Secondly, there was the saucy episode that occurred when she had taken in the coffee. It had all happened so bloody unexpectedly, Suzie still had trouble believing what had taken place. Luckily her body didn’t have any such problems, and she felt herself juicing up again as she recalled how the thick agile fingers pushed into her moist pussy, and probed deep inside her. Then when the thumb began pressing against her sensitive clit, Suzie’s knees had almost buckled as she surrendered to the waves of pleasure that rippled through her body.

Even now she couldn’t believe how close she had been to climaxing, when suddenly the fingers were roughly removed. A wry smile played on her lips as she wondered why she had allowed herself to be fingered whilst serving coffee. In her mind’s eye she could still see her boss’s shocked expression as she leant over her desk and let herself be so deliciously abused. Dana had looked at her hungrily, but Suzie remembered spying something else in those lovely emerald green eyes. Jealousy.

Dana was obviously furious that Suzie was on the receiving end of something she wanted so badly for herself, but she couldn’t do anything about it except watch. At the same time her expression was wanton, it was obvious she was extremely turned on by what she saw. The whole situation was so unreal, but it was exactly that fact that made it a huge turn on for Suzie. As she returned her attention to the letter she was typing, she gazed at the closed door between her and Dana’s office, and contemplated not for the first time this afternoon, what was going on inside that office.


One of Robert’s hands moved from Dana’s breasts and slipped down inside her skirt.

“That’s good baby, finger my clit,” she murmured absently, lost in the moment.

His fingers moved under the elastic of her panties and brushed the top of her neatly trimmed bush, but came tantalisingly no further. His thick muscular wrist was held tightly in place by the waistband of her skirt, and even with Dana urgently gripping his forearm and trying to force his hand further, the damn garment wouldn’t give and all he could do was play with her pubic hair. Dana let out a strangled gargle of frustration.

Dana felt his fingers caress her wiry curls, as he stroked her underbelly, but try as he might he stopped just short of her swollen clit.

“Hey Mark we’ve got a real woman here,” Robert exclaimed excitedly, “she’s got some hair between her legs, feels like a real pussy.” He moved his mouth to her ear. “I love seeing my ladies with a bush,” he spoke softly, “It gets me really horny!”

Dana ignored his implied intent and let out a loud moan of desperate disappointment, as she again tried forcing Robert’s arm deeper. Unhappily for her, the waistband was made of stern stuff. Robert spoke again, his voice thick.

“Do you like big dicks Dana?” He felt her head imperceptibly nod.

“Oh I know you do,” he added teasingly.

“And you’re in luck today darling, because my man here is as big as me, if you get my drift.” He felt her body stiffen for a moment.

“I thought that might get your attention,” he said amused, before feeling her push her backside into his groin.

“Hey Mark, my lady here likes big cocks. Maybe you should show her yours,” Robert said, his voice sounding excited.

Dana opened her eyes wide as she regarded the older of the two young men, still sitting on his chair.

“Is your prick just as big as his, Mark,” she asked breathlessly, hardly daring to believe her good fortune.

“Well, is it?” she demanded impatiently, not giving him a chance to answer.

Even though Dana’s obsession with Robert and especially his huge prick, had led to this surreal situation. She couldn’t deny the fact that Mark Waterhouse was a dangerously attractive man. The idea that he was just as well equipped as his younger friend made Dana’s stomach contract in anticipation.

Mark smiled wolfishly at her, his head nodding up and down.

“Yes Dana, it’s just as big as his,” and she watched him grab the thick specimen through his trousers.

“Would you like to see it,” he asked unnecessarily. Dana wanted answer him but her mouth felt as dry as death valley, and found it almost impossible to talk, so she just nodded her head eagerly. Mark stood up confidently and began unbuckling his belt and trousers. A thrill ran down Dana’s spine as Mark slowly pulled down his zipper, making a show of it and she waited impatiently for him to release the monster he was hiding.

As she waited, a very, very brief moment of doubt crossed her mind. Deep down she knew she shouldn’t be doing this, knew that her marriage was on the line, but right now she didn’t care. She had come to work, secretly hoping something like this would happen, had even worn her sexiest underwear just in case, but Dana hadn’t dared to imagine she would have two young studs ready to ravish her body.

She could always plead temporary insanity if anyone found out, she reasoned with a huge grin. I mean what woman wouldn’t be turned on by this, she asked herself. She needed and wanted cock and these guys were ready and willing, and more importantly, they were superbly equipped for the job.

When Dana finally saw the thick bulge in Mark’s boxers appear, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Without missing a beat, she released Robert’s warm prick and tried moving towards the object of her desire, but was held back by his other hand caressing her underbelly. Without a moment’s hesitation she pulled Robert’s arm from her skirt and then reached forward.

As Dana moved towards him, Mark surprised her with his reaction. He grabbed hold of her wrists and held them tightly, restraining her, teasing her.

Unselfishly, Robert took a step backwards and admired her small shapely butt, and his cock throbbed. Her backside was almost perfect, and he had plans for that arse but first he wanted to see it naked, for real, not through a camera lens. The skirt was fastened down the back with a line of little black buttons running up the whole length of the garment. Robert kneeling behind her began undoing them one for one, and as each little black disc was loosened, the soft material was allowed to part like the red sea, and slowly but surely, her stocking clad legs were revealed. Robert turned on by what she was wearing, couldn’t help running his hands up and down her well-toned pins.

Eventually all the little black discs were undone and Dana’s skirt split apart, revealing her peachy tanned buttocks, clothed only in her black satin knickers and suspender belt. Robert saw how the small black triangle of cloth disappeared deliciously between her cheeks and whistled softly.

“Jesus Mark, have we hit the jackpot,” he announced triumphantly.

“She’s wearing sexy stockings and suspenders,” he stated incredulously, and Dana felt his hands caress her bum, almost reverently. She pushed backwards to let him know that she wanted him to explore further, and he obeyed.

Still holding her wrists tightly, Mark saw her desperation and felt her struggling to break his grip.

“Is this true Dana. Are you dressed like a skank?” he asked provocatively. Dana looked at him, her eyes wide in denial. He didn’t flinch and eventually she nodded, her eyelids fluttering ashamedly.

“I wonder……” he mused, “Are you a slut pretending to be a lawyer, or are you a lawyer pretending to be a slut?” His voice sounded dangerously calm.

Dana looked at him abashed but he saw the longing in her eyes.

“I think……taking into account what you’re wearing, or more to the point, what you’re not wearing, you're probably both! How else can you explain your appearance.” Dana’s eyelids fluttered rapidly as she felt Robert’s hand brush against her moist opening, but she never once broke eye contact with Mark. His gaze was challenging.

“Well Dana, what are you?” he smirked, “lawyer, slut or both?” Dana’s lips moved and she answered him inaudibly.

“Did you say both?”

Dana nodded again, unable to break his hypnotic gaze and saw him smiling predatorily, pleased at her admission.

He saw Robert behind her and held her hands a few more seconds to prolong her torment, before eventually guiding them towards his lap. His intention was clear and without having to be told what to do, Dana did as she was expected. Seconds later she pushed her nimble fingers inside his boxers and skilfully fished out her second prize of the afternoon.

Mark’s erection unlike Robert’s which curved upwards, was like a piece of steel bar; long and straight and just as hard. Automatically she entwined her fingers around the warm hard flesh and then felt her hands being moved up and down.

“Did you dress like this especially for us today Dana?” Mark asked, his eyes directed at her corset and his voice tight and controlled.

“Yes,” she mumbled, her head bobbing up and down submissively, hardly daring to look him in the eyes now. Dana didn’t want him to see how much she wanted this, and knew her expression was a dead giveaway.

The authoritative tone of Mark’s voice had turned her on, but watching him using her hands to slowly masturbate himself, really caused her to drip. Mark raised a finger to his ear teasingly and pretended that he hadn’t heard her properly. Dana watched his little act and understood.

“Yes Mark, I dressed up as a slut this morning..……” she hesitated before continuing, “Because…..because……….. that’s what I am!”

Suddenly, unable to help herself, she let out a long drawn out moan. For the last hour or so she had been in a constant state of arousal and all she had wanted to do was, use her fingers to release the exquisite ache between her legs. Now someone was doing it for her.

Robert was writhing his hand over her vulva, and his large hand reaching from behind, was crushing the sodden panties into her soaking wet sex. Feeling his fingertips separate her labia, despite being protected by her underwear, caused her body to shudder, especially when he began rubbing her engorged clitoris.

Robert felt Dana grind against his fingers and instinctively knew what she wanted. As if they were communicating telepathically, he continued what he was doing, only now with more resolve. With one deft movement, she felt him pull the sodden gusset aside, to expose her swollen pussy, and without hesitation he press two fingers, deep into her silky aching sex.

“Oooohh no, you bastard,” she moaned in ecstasy, her body reacting uncontrollably.

Robert’s fingers played her like a concert pianist, sliding easily in and out of her soaking wet hole, probing deeper and deeper. His skillful teasing eliciting loud moaning from Dana, especially when he tantalisingly never quite reached her g-spot. In front of her, Mark’s use of her hands and arms continued and the pace was quickening.

Whilst enjoying being used by both men, there was an internal battle raging inside her lovely, confused head. Married Dana had paddled into a sea of ecstasy, but the surge and swell of longing was too deep for her to survive and the current had dragged her under. Every time she tried to rise to the surface for some air, it seemed like strong unrelenting hands kept pulling her down into the dark, deep recesses of the sea of damnation. Whilst married Dana was drowning, slutty Dana had no such issues. She was a like a mermaid, engulfed in the crystal clear waters, completely at ease, swimming through the waves of pleasure breaking over her shimmering body.

Chapter 2

Thursday Afternoon 1.40 pm

Wilshire Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles, is home to several of L.A’s lawyers offices and all are housed in glass and steel fronted buildings, and Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated are no different. They occupy four floors of the exclusive City National Plaza. The first floor contains a general reception area, stores and post room. Behind the reception there is a small kitchen with a few tables and chairs where the staff can relax and enjoy a coffee, if they have the time. There is also a small staircase leading upstairs.

The second and third floors houses all the associates and junior partners, in that rang order offices, and the smaller of two conference rooms.

The fourth and highest floor of Brady, Cooper & Davidson is divided into the offices, conference room and executive dining room of the founding partners. The conference room, larger and plusher than the one below is seated on the central axis of the building allowing the offices and dining room of the most important men in the company to be sited on the outside ring. This affords all the seniors a commanding view of Downtown Los Angeles.

Although Colin Brady, Joe Cooper and John Davidson entrusted each other implicitly ,they had learned through bitter and costly experience that not everyone working for them, played by the same rules.

Next to the dining room is a door that leads to a dimly lit area that looks like mission control at Kennedy Space Centre. Everything in this room is the best money can buy, from the Samsung LED television screens, to the Herman Miller Aeron office chairs. Only a select few have permission to enter this Valhalla of security which, watches and records the professional lives of almost everybody who works at Brady, Cooper & Davidson, Lawyers Incorporated.

Every room on every floor has at least one camera. Some are in plain view, mostly for the benefit of the guests and clients, but some are hidden very cleverly. Invisible to the naked eye but they are there, watching, observing and protecting the firm from internal attacks. These cameras, like the viewing monitors in the observation room are the best money can buy. Everyone is equipped with Zeiss optical lenses and have an infra-red capability. The incorporated Sennheiser microphones are sensitive enough to hear someone whispering within a twenty five meter radius.

All this high tech equipment isn’t cheap and added three months and a million dollars to the refurbishing costs, preceding the company’s last and final move to new premises three years ago. Not one office is overlooked and that includes the three on the top floor, but these cameras are only activated when the occupants are absent from work. The “Dark Room” as it’s known to the few serious men who work there, is the only office manned twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks in the year.

No exceptions or concessions are made. From holidays, to natural or man-made disasters nothing interrupts the daily business of the “Darkroom.” That this is accomplished at all is extraordinary, but to be able to do it in unobtrusively is something that both pleases and bothers all three senior men. Luckily they appease their consciences by firstly, paying top dollar, and secondly informing everybody who comes to work here, about the security systems in place.

Every employee has signed a carefully formulated contract, relinquishing their rights to privacy on the work floor, and oddly enough for a group of highly intelligent people, no-one has protested. That the value of the system outweighs the costs, has been proved on more than one occasion. Not only has it saved the company from financial ruin, but has enabled the senior partners to take pre-emptive action against rogue workers, whose deeds seemed destined to destroy their company’s impeccable reputation.

It was to this background that John Davidson, smoking one of his favourite cigars whilst relaxing in his very comfortable office chair, received a telephone call on his secure line. His brow creased in puzzlement and the superb lunch, served in the dining room with his friends and colleagues turned to stone in his stomach. A call on this line could only mean one thing and that was generally bad news. Wearily he picked up the phone.

“Hello John Davidson here.”

“Good afternoon sir” replied the curt, serious voice on the other end of the line. John sighed and sat up straight.

“What have you got for us Stuart” he asked resignedly.

“Strictly speaking sir nothing, well nothing that’s regarded as a security threat, but we’re receiving shall I put it.......interesting footage from floor two, office twelve.”

John Davidson had to think long and hard about who occupied the tiny office in the north-west corner, but still came up blank. “I’m sorry Stuart, you have me at a disadvantage I’m afraid. What or who is the problem?” He was sure he heard a snort of amusement on the line. Coming from a man who had no known sense of humour, was very unsettling.

“Is this important Stuart?”

“Sir if you want, I can direct this signal to your office and you can see everything happening live, however I think I’ll let you decide how important this is, and what action we should take,” and once again John heard another short laugh. Trusting Stuart not to waste his time, John agreed to his security officers suggestions and replaced the receiver.

Immediately he opened his top drawer and fished out a remote control. A wooden panel on his wall slid to one side revealing a forty two inch LED television. The standby light flickered and then the big screen responded. Due to the bright Los Angeles sunshine flooding his office with daylight, John couldn’t see anything, but that problem was solved by pressing another button. Automatic blinds shrouded the office in darkness and that made the television screen seem even brighter.

John could see someone looking like Dana Jones, standing topless, leaning forward and she was enthusiastically masturbating an unknown man. Then he saw another man behind her with his erection sticking out of his trousers. As if reading his mind, the security man zoomed in for a closer shot and sure enough John recognised the man behind her. Then he realised that Dana was being fingered from behind. If he was shocked at what he saw he didn’t show it, instead John whistled and picked up the telephone.

“Stuart make sure we’re recording this and then send the tape to me. No Stuart I’ll handle this from here on in. Yes please that will be fine.” He replied, and replaced the receiver back in the cradle. Next he walked over to his door and locked it from the inside. This done he settled back into his comfortable chair, undid his flies and lazily pulled out his large ebony coloured prick. Perfectly relaxed, John was ready to watch the afternoons entertainment.


With his expensive trousers crumpled around his ankles, Mark shuffled round to the desk and stood in front of her. Dana regarded the erection poking out from his underwear with a unqualified hunger. Still using her hands to masturbate himself, his helmet was glistening from the leaking pre-cum, and Dana desperately wanted to taste the salty fluid.

Although her silken touch was exquisite, it was still a handjob and Mark was determined to get more from her. He wanted to feel her soft, succulent, cherry red lips closing over his prick and see how his cock disappeared down her throat.

Almost as if they were reading each other’s minds, they moved simultaneously. His hands released hers and she leaned forward to taste his excitement. She felt him grab her head and guide her towards his lap and she was still holding his manhood like it was an ice cream cone, pointing it at her mouth. As he pushed her head downwards she flickered her tongue over his throbbing manhood, licking up the pungent liquid from the tip before engulfing his flesh completely.

With one hand resting on the back of her head, Mark leant backwards on the desk and watched his member disappear between her lips with unadulterated pleasure. Dana ran her tongue around the rock hard shaft, and felt his prick throb as the blood pulsed up through his veins, clearly visible beneath the smooth skin. She heard her own greedy slurping as she feasted, and this spurred her on even more.

Behind her, Robert wanting to get her naked, well almost he added as an afterthought, turned his attention to the clasp holding the skirt around her waist. As Dana greedily devoured Mark’s manhood, she sensed the waistband of her skirt loosen and then felt eager hands pulling the garment downwards over her hips. She teasingly wiggled her shapely arse to assist Robert with his task and when he had exposed her backside, he let her skirt fall to the floor. Dana stepped daintily aside and kicked the useless piece of clothing out of the way. Then her sodden panties also began going south and she felt them sliding down her smooth thighs. Robert Cranton-Smith whistled again only this time more audibly. Caressing her smooth peachy skinned cheeks, he complimented her.

“That’s one great looking arse if ever I saw one Dana. It looks good enough to eat,” he growled, sounding like a wild animal.

Dana felt gratified; receiving a compliment about how good she looked, from somebody who slept with actresses and models was high praise indeed. ‘Good to know all the hours at the gym weren’t wasted,’ she thought sardonically.

“In fact maybe I ought to take a bite, you know taste it, just to make sure! Know what I mean.” Slowly he moved his mouth close enough and she could feel his hot breath on her heated skin. Robert pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her tight little anal star. Dana felt his nose press against her backdoor, and then his tongue slipped right up between her legs and pressed against her pussy lips.

“Oooooh, that’s it, right there,” she mumbled with a mouth full of cock.

Like a cat drinking milk at a saucer, Robert lapped up all her juice’s, which just kept coming due to her being so turned on. Then he brought a hand to her clit and began writhing over her exposed bobble. Her clitoris was on fire from his rough handling, but it felt so good, however it was his tongue, taking long leisurely licks along the length of her slit that was really getting her going. She hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

Whilst she was being licked from behind, she was busily jerking off Mark. Her dainty hand glided easily up and down, his staff greasy from her saliva. She was determined to see him come. She wanted to taste it, feel it spray all over herself, but most of all she wanted him to watch how she swallowed his seed.

She pulled her head upwards and released his manhood with a loud plop. “I’m gonna swallow your whole cock, Mark” she said, grinning wickedly at him. His heart missed a beat when he heard Dana’s bold statement and his member jerked in her hand, causing her to smile.

Dana opened her mouth as wide as she could and fed Mark’s warm meat between her lips. She felt him glide over her tongue and enter her throat. Next the helmet pushed past her uvula and entered her larynx, at this point breathing became difficult but Dana was determined to go all the way, so she relaxed and concentrated on breathing through her nose.

Just before her gag reflex really began, she finally felt her chin bash against his hairy balls. Her lips brushed against the soft cotton boxers he was wearing, and his pubic hair tickled her nose, but most importantly she’d done it. Silently, she couldn’t help feeling elated. It had been years since she had deep throated such a big dick, and she was glad she had remembered how to do it, without making a fool of herself.

Up until this point Mark had kept perfectly still, content to watch a cock sucking expert do her thing, and his eyes widened in amazement when she taken his whole length.

“Jesus you really are a skank aren’t you!” he commented more to himself than to her. Dana heard him and smiled to herself, then she carried on with her task at hand. After she had finished her sword swallowing act, she slowly moved her head backwards and Mark’s manhood gradually reappeared, glistening in brightly in the bright daylight.

He watched her repeat this trick a few times until she changed tactics.

"Fuck my mouth Mark. Treat me like a back street whore,” she urged him. Hearing her plead triggered something in his brain. He felt a sudden need to subject her to his will, treat her like a sexual slave. Consumed by his own gratification, he grabbed her head and moved it closer to his face.

“Don’t you fuck with me lady,” he warned, his voice low and dangerous, “you’ll be sorry otherwise.”

Dana shook her head submissively, fooling him and then she spat at his face defiantly, her gaze daring him to respond. Warm spittle ran down his cheek and his ire was up. Mark saw the wantonness in her eyes, and the challenging expression on her features.

Without warning he forced her head down to his lap and felt her warm wetness swallow him. He kept up his promise and fed her his cock. He fucked her mouth again and again, his hips bucking back and forth ramming his tool down her throat just like she wanted.

She had missed this sort of rabid raunchy sex. Sucking cock whilst getting the best head in ages, why had she denied herself this buzz for so long she wondered silently. How long ago was it since her last ménage et trois, nine or ten years?

Talk about how time flies, although talking wasn’t easy with her mouth full of rock hard cock. As Mark’s prick pounded her face, Robert increased the bliss she was experiencing. Once more Dana felt her arse cheeks being pulled apart, and then his slippery tongue began to move up her crevice towards her puckered starfish. This was more than she had dared hoped for, and she couldn’t deny how good it felt. She was losing herself in an orgy of delight and knew that things would never be the same again.

“Oh yes Robbie darling, lick me there!” she begged silently. As if hearing her, Robert began tracing circles, twirling the tip of his tongue over her smooth skin towards her rear entrance. Dana could barely contain herself, nobody had licked her there since……

Supporting herself on Marks muscular thighs, she twisted her body whist still feasting herself on Mark’s manhood and looked backwards over her shoulder. She could see the top of Robert’s head nestled between her buttocks and willed him to do it. As she grabbed hold of the unruly hair behind her bottom, Dana felt Robbie’s tongue push past her sphincter and hers legs threatened to buckle.

“Oh yesss……that’s it baby, right there,” she pleaded, holding Mark’s dick and gasping for air. She was driven almost mad with desire and she wanted more. Robert’s tongue was probing around inside her anal tunnel and Dana couldn’t help herself and pulled his face against her buttocks.

“Oh yeah, you like that don’t ya, you dirty fucking bitch.” Robert gloated as Dana moaned again and pushed her arse backwards to get more penetration. Teasing her, his tongue licked the sweaty crack between her cheeks before once more impaling her. Mrs Dana Jones was in seventh heaven.

Chapter 3

Thursday Afternoon 1.50 pm.

A distracted Christopher Jones was walking through the arrivals terminal towards the exit, when he was bumped into quite forcibly from behind by a another passenger. He stumbled and fell, but before he kissed the dust, graceful hands reached out to break his fall. Getting himself to his feet, Christopher accepted the apologies from the strange, attractive woman whom he very vaguely recognised, explaining that no harm was done and he was quite all. W hat he’d missed during his ‘accident’ was the placing of a tiny transmitter in the inside pocket in his jacket. Miss Angela Martin shook hands, then turned and then continued on her way.

It had been a tiring and troublesome day for Christopher Jones, and things weren’t getting any better. It had started off with an argument with Dana about sex. Twice she had woken him up, wanting some, and twice he’d refused. She was only like this because she had spent the evening looking at pornography. Although he was angry with her, he was even more irate with himself.

Pride and guilt had made him angry, and only after cooling down in the kitchen, did he realise he’d been a jerk. Wanting to apologize, he’d silently made his way upstairs but he stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his wife getting dressed.

As he reached the end of the moving walkway, he recalled what he had seen. Dana was bending over fastening her stockings tops. In the full length mirror on the opposite wall, Christopher could see she was dressed in an outfit that left little to the imagination. Watching her dressing so provocatively and knowing how turned on Dana was, proved to be very disturbing for Christopher.

She had her back to the door and hadn’t seen or heard him approaching, so she was completely unaware she was being spied upon, however between her slightly spread legs, Christopher could see the tantalising bulge of her sex, which was barely covered by the skimpiest panties he’d ever seen.

He hadn’t recognised the raunchy underwear, understandably because she’d never worn it for him, but he couldn’t stop his heart thumping so forcibly as he gazed upon the sight of her perfectly outlined bum. Even though he was shocked to the core, Christopher felt guilty for spying on his wife. One half of him wanted to rush into the room and demand to know what was going on, but the other half felt guilty about spying on his wife and eventually his shame won. Realising that she hadn’t seen him, and not wanting to confront her, Chris retreated quietly down the stairs and left without saying a word.

The whole day, Christopher reflected on their lives, trying to figure out when things had started going wrong. Since he and Dana had moved from Chicago to Los Angeles their professional lives had taken off and they were both booking successes. Dana gained employment by one of Los Angeles’s most prestigious lawyer firms and his consulting skills had been noticed by some very influential people. As his reputation for meeting deadlines within budget grew, so did the size of his portfolio. That’s why he was here in San Francisco. He’d been ordered to fly directly to the city by the bay and take control of the East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program .

This is a project of enormous size and logistical nightmares but it carries immense prestige within the construction community. Of course he was delighted to hear that he’d been chosen to oversee the project but he wasn’t so happy about having to fly up to San Francisco immediately. Publically, his star was rising but privately, his life was a mess.

His marriage to Dana had almost reached its breaking point and most of the guilt lay at his door. When he started working here, most of the work was local. Because he was good at his job, he booked more and more successes, but he needed to spend more time away from home. What had started out with one or two nights a weeks, was the whole week, especially with this new contract. He wondered how Dana would accept the news. Would she care? Their sex life was non-existent nowadays. He loved her with all his heart, but he carried a guilty secret which was destroying them.

Shortly after arriving in California Christopher discovered his secret longing wasn’t frowned upon here. Using the internet, he soon found what he was looking for, and after his first appointment to an exclusive private apartment, Christopher was a changed man. Years of sexual frustration had simply disappeared, and he felt invincible. Soon afterwards though, remorse set in. He knew could never confide in Dana, she simply wouldn’t understand.

After the initial visit he tried to ignore the signals his brain sent him but eventually he returned to his outlet a second time, and then a third time until it was a regular appointment. He began to avoid making love to Dana, mostly because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to perform without the stimulation he needed.

Although he realised his behaviour was pushing her away, he couldn’t help himself, but he hadn’t realised things had gone so far. The image of Dana dressing up like a whore still haunted his thoughts, and as he headed towards the exit he wondered what she was doing now.


Dana was pushing her exposed backdoor onto Robert Cranton-Smith’s tongue as it penetrated her. Even though he was holding Dana’s buttocks apart, Robert still couldn’t believe his luck. No not luck, he reminded himself. Mind you even the best laid plans of mice and men and all that, he snickered. Sure she had displayed all the right signals, and guessing he had read the all signs right, there was still a chance that he had miscalculated.

Although he had engineered this whole charade, spending huge amounts of money and investing something much more precious, time, he’d actually been afraid to come this afternoon. He had gambled with his personal reputation to get where he was now. Despite Mark’s assurances that he was innocent, that no judge or jury would ever convict him if it ever came to court, Robert knew he was risking some serious jail time if Dana couldn’t deliver the goods.

Deep down he feared lawyers, even attractive ones like Dana Jones; they were all money grabbers, every single last one of them, but he had to admit this meeting was definitely changing his opinion somewhat. Taking part in this Dana Jones sandwich, made the fear of lawyers seem ridiculous. How could anyone who wanted to have his tongue push deeper inside her rectum, be frightening? Ok she was playing a subservient role, pretending to deny how much she wanted this, acting as their sex slave, but everyone in the room knew that she was in charge. Both men were just extras, male sex toys in dirty fantasy. Robert only hoped Dana had an active imagination.

Robert felt Dana wiggle her bottom. She was obviously enjoying herself and she liked what he was doing. He wondered just how far she would go!

“Oh God yes, give me more,” Dana moaned fervidly when she suddenly felt Robert’s thick fingers inside both her pleasure zones. Her body shuddered violently due to the expert fingering she was undergoing and Mark’s continuing face fuck. Mark started groaning and she guessed he was close to edge. Robert stood up and leant over Dana, his fingers still impaling her holes. He wanted to watch his friend shoot his load over her attractive lawyers face.

He found the sight of her mouth being pummeled by Mark’s rapidly moving prick extremely arousing and found himself wanting some of that.

“Hey buddy, what say we swap positions, so’s I can get me some of that sweet mouth.”

Mark opened his eyes and smiled roguishly, but shook his head. He was relishing Dana’s oral expertise, and had to concentrate hard because his climax was very close now. Despite how much he desperately wanted fuck her, Mark couldn’t help himself now. Her mouth was fantastic, and his hips bucked faster than ever. He wondered how she would look if shot his load in her face.

Unlike Robert, Mark hadn’t heard of or had seen Dana Jones before today’s meeting, but when he had entered the office he had found her extremely attractive. Ok, she was older than both of them, but not by so many years. He fleetingly wondered as all men did when confronted with a beautiful woman, what she was like in bed.

Of course his curiosity was hypothetical, and the thought was quickly forgotten when the meeting started. Even now, on the verge of emptying his balls down in her exquisite mouth, he still hadn’t really grasped what was happening, hadn’t realised he was just a pawn in Robert’s scheme, a very lucky pawn. The whole situation was surreal, even though the head in his lap swallowing his dick was pretty hard to deny.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” he murmured between clenched teeth. He tried to stop himself but Dana was a determined lady and she wanted his seed. She had felt Mark’s lust building. His thrusting had gotten more urgent and he held her head just that little bit tighter, so she increased the pressure her lips exerted on his flesh, and waited for his moment supreme. To make sure she wasn’t going to be denied, she brought a hand up and placed around his slippery shaft and started wanking him hard.

“Aaaahhh you bitch, I’m cumming,” Mark grunted loudly. Robbie looked on in amazement as his friend started climaxing, spurred on by Dana herself.

Dana tasted the hot salty liquid as it filled her mouth and tried swallowing. Mark’s ejaculation was so powerful and plentiful that she couldn’t swallow quickly enough, so she let his cream dribble down her chin. Mark pulled his ejaculating member from her mouth and shot his last stream over her cheek. Dana kept tugging his manhood and eventually squeezed the last drop into her eager mouth. He saw her look him in the eye, before she demonstratively swallowed his seed. Finally she bent back over him and licked his manhood clean, before laughing throatily.

“That was just what the doctor ordered,” she announced licking her lips clean. She stood up and eyed both men hungrily.

“Who’s next?” she challenged saucily, her eyes twinkling mischievously. Her hand was still wrapped around Mark’s slick manhood and she was wanking him gently back to his full hardness. Leaning forward she kissed Mark on the mouth.

“I want to feel that big boy inside me. Think you can handle it?” she asked huskily. She felt him twitch in her hand and grinned.

“I was born ready Dana,” Mark reassured her and pushed himself away from the desk with a powerful flick of his hips.

Within seconds, both men exchanged positions and as Mark moved in behind her, he undid his belt and buttons and let his trousers fall around his ankles. Mark looked down at the perfect buttocks in front of him and could see her pussy; open, wet and waiting for him. Shuffling forward into position, he bent his knees slightly and positioned his helmet between her soft soaking entrance and pressed home.

“Ooooohh that feels so good,” Dana purred as she felt Mark’s thick bulbous shaft push past her petal like lips and she tensed her silky tunnel muscles as it enclosed around the thick meaty staff entering her. Mark could feel it as she started milking him, and he countered her squeezing by tensing his muscles which seemed to increase the size of his manhood. His balls slapped against the top of her thighs and his groin brushed up against her buttocks and Mark realised that she had taken his full length without any fuss at all, what’s more was pushing backwards to get him even deeper inside herself.

“Hey Lawyer bitch, come and suck papa bear’s big ole dick.” Robert grinned, grabbing Dana’s head and guiding it to his erection. Now it was Dana’s turn to feel euphoric. She’d been waiting for this moment ever since she had seen that stupid slut Angela try and deep throat him. He’d seen how she deep throated Mark and he wanted the same experience. Dana engulfed him and her tongue began twirling around his engorged purple head. “That’s it darling,” he crooned “Make papa cum.” Dana needed no further encouragement and proceeded to give Robert one of the best blow jobs he’d ever had. Robert listened to her slurping sounds and saw her drool run down his shaft as she deep throated him. Then she grabbed his testicles and started squeezing. They were heavy with cum.

Behind Dana, Mark was burying his cock deep inside her velvety tunnel with every powerful thrust, but unlike some women who complained he was to rough, Dana responded to his pile driving by squeezing her cunt muscles around the warm flesh and milking it for all she was worth. She threw her head backwards and looked up at the ceiling, moaning gutturally during one short frenzied bout.

“Yes Mark, that’s it. Fuck me hard.”

He did as he was told and all Dana could do was whimper as she closed her mouth over Robert’s purple helmet. Having just ejaculated Mark could keep up this steady pounding and it was driving her wild. Robbie for his part, was holding her head in place and he was banging his cock down her throat like a man possessed, and her saliva made his member nice and shiny. both men were using her and she was loving it.

Robbie was watching her avidly. Something about her sheer wantonness triggered something in him. He looked around the desk and found what he was searching for. Then he pulled Dana’s head from his lap and looked at her hard.

“You keep doing that mama, and papa’s gonna shoot his spunk all over that pretty face of yours! Is that what you want, mama bear?” he asked teasingly. Dana didn’t blink, didn’t blush but just kept her eyes on Robert and shook her head. Her eyes clouded fleetingly and he could tell that Mark’s deep fucking was having a profound effect on her. “Then tell me darling, what is it that you do want?” Dana’s eyes closed in ecstasy.

“More!” she croaked.

“Mama bear must be more specific, tell papa bear exactly what she wants,” he teased.

“Oooooh noooooo,” Dana groaned lowly, “Oooh God, I’m gonna cum…….don’t stop Mark, keep going!”

“Is that what you want mama bear?”

“Uuh, uuh,” she grunted, her lips held together tightly, whilst shaking her head again. Just before her orgasm ravaged her frame she confessed her secret desire.


Susie was typing a letter Dana had earlier dictated when she heard the buzz of the intercom through her headset. Next she looked at the machine in disbelief as she heard her boss say, “I want to be fucked up the arse!” Then she heard Dana moaning so raunchily that Suzie wondered what the hell was happening behind the closed door.

Susie’s raised her hand to her mouth in shock and she quickly looked around to see if anybody else had heard Dana’s outburst. Then she realised no-one else could eavesdrop on what she was hearing because it was coming through the headset, and felt momentarily stupid. Susie’s heart was racing and she quickly removed the headset and tried to gain her thoughts. ‘What the fuck?’ she thought, already knowing the answer.


Inside the office Dana’s body was still shaking violently, and she groaned again as Mark’s dick kept plunging inside her. All through her orgasm, Mark hadn’t actually ceased fucking her, and his relentless pounding had significantly shortened her orgasmic convulsions, mainly because her body wasn’t given the time to relax under his constant onslaught. Not that she was too disappointed, she, knew her body well enough and looked forward to the next one. That would be earth shattering.


After an internal discussion with herself about listening to what was happening next door, Susie gingerly picked up and replaced the earphones to her ears and heard Dana talking. The voice sounded low and guttural, and Suzie almost didn’t recognise it.

“No Robbie darling, you’ve misunderstood me. I don’t just want my arse fucked, I want to take both of you…….at the same time.” Suzie heard some whooping in the background, and smiled knowingly. Who could blame them, she thought in wonderment? Hearing what was being said next door was unbelievable and she couldn’t imagine that Dana knew she could be heard outside her office. It dawned on Suzie that someone else had activated the intercom, either by accident or on purpose. Although she couldn’t know how or why, nor did she really care, as she continued listening to the goings on happening just a few feet away, she was very appreciative.

Dana’s voice still trembled slightly from the after effects of her orgasm, but as she hungrily explained what she needed, Susie’s imagination was running riot and all sorts of lurid images were flashing through her mind.

Chapter 4

Thursday Afternoon 2.10 pm

Mark stood behind Dana and held her arms tightly at her sides, his mouth was only inches away from her ear. She could feel his erection pressing between her buttocks as he leaned even closer to her and spoke.

“Is that what you really want Mrs. Jones? To take on both of us?” Dana, eyes closed just nodded. “Are you sure?” he asked, his voice sounding low, husky, almost dangerous. Her last vestige of normality disappeared and Dana succumbed to her depravity.

“Oh I’m sure Mark. I know what I want,…… know what I need. Please fuck me, Use me. Can’t you understand…..I need this?” She was talking faster now, afraid if she stopped she would come to her senses.

“I want to fuck both of you, I want to feel like a real woman again,” She turned her head and looked at him behind her.

“Will you do it to me Mark?” she sounded desperate.” Mark grabbed her by her neck and pulled her face close to his.

“I’ll fuck your arse for you Mrs Jones, I’ll bury my cock so deep in your shit hole, that you’ll beg me to stop.” Dana shook her head and smiled seductively at her studs.

“I’ll take everything you’ve got you motherfuckers, and what’s more, when you’re both lying there with your dicks flopping about uselessly, I’ll still be raring to go!” she challenged. Robert laugh out loud.

“Well, we’ll see about that won’t we Mark? ” he answered, rising to the thrown gauntlet.

Purposefully Dana looked around the room, found what she was looking for and made her move. Grinning sluttishly, she pointed to the chair and spoke to Robert.

“Ok shithead, go and sit down over there.”

“Anything you want darling,” he replied, watching her intently. Robert saw a glazed look in Dana’s eyes and knew how turned on she was.

“Mark,” she called huskily, “You make sure your cock is nice and hard now, I don’t want you letting down the team when you’re needed.”

She needn’t have worried, Mark couldn’t keep his eyes off her, and she saw his hand tightly wrapped around his thick member, slowly wanking himself. Meanwhile Robert was sitting down and his prick pointed towards the ceiling. He too had hold of his manhood and like Mark he couldn’t stop watching her. She was approaching him, smiling insanely whilst rubbing and slapping her sex in anticipation of the main event. Dressed only in high heels, stockings and suspenders he found the sight a huge turn on.

“Come to papa bear,” He urged, slapping his upper thighs as encouragement. Dana smiled hungrily at him.

“Oh I’m gonna cum, you bastard, I’m gonna cum all over your dick,” she promised him softly, whilst standing over his prone body. She could feel her cunt throbbing as she started sinking downwards onto his lap. She grabbed hold of his prick and guided the tip into her hungry slit. As she continued her descent, her juicy swollen lips opened up and swallowed his meat.

“Oooooo fuck!” Talk about pleasure and pain. Maybe it was the angle of penetration or maybe she had misjudged how big he was, but she faintly remembered that both men had the same length of prick, but Mark couldn’t compete with Robert’s girth. One thing was certain, it had been a long time since her cunt had felt so stretched.

“Oooohh Jesus, that feels so good,” she moaned in a low growl as Robert’s cock more than filled the void Mark had left.


Outside, Susie was having no trouble imagining what was going on because the running commentary was hugely arousing and she had no trouble filling the blanks in her fantasy. A part of her was outraged because Dana should have been busy with work, but the rest of her was jealous. If there was any hanky panky going on then she wanted some of it.

Susie’s curiosity was definitely prickled. The thought of Dana having some filthy, raunchy sex, was just too wild to contemplate. It defied all that she knew of her staid, run of the mill boss. Indeed it was only because she could hear everything going on in the nearby office that the unbelievable was believable. However, hearing the action is one thing, seeing with your own eyes is another, and with her inquisitiveness piqued, Suzie decided to take a closer look.

Stepping up from behind her desk she moved cautiously to the dividing door that shielded her from all the action. Her hand was trembling as she eased the door handle downwards and pulled the door towards her, opening it ever so slightly. Peeking through the gap, Suzie watched in fascination as Dana, straddling Robert’s lap sank down over his erection, burying it to the hilt inside her dripping wet cunt. Watching how Dana threw her head back in wanton abandonment as she began to fuck the man on the chair, made Susie shudder. She could feel herself getting turned on.


Dana intoxicated with lust, looked over her shoulder and eyed Mark sexily before beckoning him with her finger. Between the little whimpers that escaped her mouth, she spoke to him, her voice ragged, her breathing heavy.

“Mark, just let me get settled and then you’re up.” Avidly Mark watched how she glided up and down Robert’s prick and felt his own hardness growing.

Robert meanwhile was surprised at how tightly she was gripping his cock despite how wet she was. She rode him like a rodeo cowgirl, holding onto his shoulders as she bounced up and down, and her firm bosom quivered in front of his eyes. Unable to resist temptation, he took hold of her breasts and began kneading them. Dana responded by leaning forward and pushing her chest against his large hands, but at the same time she reached round behind her back and held her buttocks apart.


Susie watched unbelievably as Dana, acting like a true skank exposed her gorgeous arse to the man standing behind her. Suzie saw the man’s erection sticking out from his loins and swallowed hard when she realised how big he was. Knowing what was about to happen only made the shiver that ran down her spine even more pronounced.

“Ok Mark, it’s your turn, stud.” Suzie heard Dana instruct the man between them and Suzie’s mouth fell open in surprise.

Her view of Dana was momentarily blocked as Mark moved into position and used Dana’s own pussy juice as a lubricant. Then without uttering a single word, he pressed his engorged helmet against her anal star and drove forward. Susie watched in amazement as the man’s cock kept pushing past Dana’s lubricated sphincter without even a hint of resistance. She heard her boss groan loudly, giving vent to the intense pleasure she was experiencing, and Suzie felt her own panties dampening.


As Mark continued filling her rectum, Dana realised that Robert hardly moved at all, but now she could feel his dick pulsing deep inside her cunt as he tensed his muscles in a slow rhythmic tempo. As Mark buried his cock inside her, all Dana could do was continue moaning with pleasure.

Mark was inside her and she was tight. Her chasm was gripping him so snugly that it was almost painful, but he persevered. He moved slowly, letting her get used to his size and was rewarded by Dana’s anal muscle finally accepting him. He could also feel Cranton’s cock through the flimsy film of skin separating them, and he found this strangely erotic. Judging by Dana’s moaning she was in either intense pain or intense heaven.

Mark didn’t know how right he was, Dana hadn’t had this feeling since…… well too long, and being honest, she had missed it. The feeling of being stretched by two gigantic cocks at the same time, was delightful. Now that they were inside her, letting her take the lead, she wanted more. She wanted to feel them thrusting hard into her, wanted to feel them using her, but most of all she wanted to be fucked into oblivion. She pushed down and backwards letting her studs know they could begin. For a moment they both seemed to hesitate.

“For god’s sake boys, fuck me! I’m not a china doll, I’m a woman of flesh and blood and I need cock!” she blurted out loudly.

Stung by her remark, Mark rammed his manhood all the way forward until his ball slapped against her buttocks. She had taken every inch of him.

“Take that you fucking slut!” he growled through clenched teeth. Dana closed her eyes in ecstasy, “Oooohh yeeesssss” she hissed, as Robert began thrusting upwards. “Oooohh that feels good boys, now let’s fuck!”

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