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Making Milk for You Part 2

I am shared.
We'd established a routine. I'd wake, my breasts over-full and painful, the skin tight and hot. You'd suckle me, drawing out the sweet milk and providing sweet relief. By the time you finished your cock would be hard and leaking. Then it was my turn to suck and lick until you filled my mouth with your hot cream. Afterwards, I'd shower and use an anal douche before inserting my plug.

You insisted that I wear the plug most of the day, and use a douche or enema regularly. As promised your cock was in my ass as often as it was in my cunt, and you wanted it to be ready for your use. I reveled in my new-found submissiveness, and every demand you made of me, every way in which you controlled my body, reminded me of it.

One morning, after dressing in the thin sundress that was all you allowed me to wear, you told me we'd be having company. You looked me over critically, telling me to make sure my cunt was shaved bare and to have an enema that afternoon. My skin tingled with anticipation, as I imagined what you had planned for me.

You'd never shared me, but I often wondered what it would be like to feel two mouths sucking on my nipples, or to be fucked in both holes while I sucked off a third cock. If it pleased you, I would be your obedient little slut.

That evening, freshly showered, shaved and plugged, I waited for you to get home. When you did, you smiled at my eagerness, noting the large wet patches where my milk had leaked since I last pumped. You slipped two fingers into my cunt, noting that it, too, was dripping. Arousal spiked through me; I could feel the milk leaking out and soaking into the thin fabric of my dress. I swallowed hard as you told me to undress and wait on all fours in the living room.

I didn't have to wait long. I heard laughter, and then you came into the room, followed by four men I'd never seen before. They grinned lasciviously as they walked around me, taking me in from all sides. My heart was thumping, my breathing coming in short pants. I closed my eyes, knowing that they could see every part of me. The humiliation of being examined like livestock at auction made my pussy twitch and drip.

You laughed at my obvious excitement. Kneeling beside me, you lifted in one of my dripping udders in your hand, demonstrating how to pull and squeeze to get my milk flowing. "Don't be shy," you said, and immediately two of the men appeared at my side, eagerly pawing at my tits. I heard the sound of zippers being released, and looked up to see the remaining men pulling out thick, hard cocks.

My mouth watered at the sight. I loved sucking cock and feeling your hot release fill my mouth or splatter my face. My hunger must have shown on my face, because one of the men knelt in front of me and dragged his cock across my lips. I took him in, sucking and moaning at the taste and texture of a strange cock. Soon the other man was stroking his cock right in front of me, waiting for his turn. As I worked on the two cocks I felt a pull on my plug. In a flash it was out, and a long, thick cock was plunging into me, making me groan in pleasure. It was almost too much.

The next few hours were like a dream. I'd been fucked repeatedly in every hole and lost track of how many loads I'd swallowed. My udders tingled from over-stimulation, though milk still leaked from my sore nipples. At last everyone left, and it was just the two of us.

"You were amazing," you said with a proud smile. "And you looked like you enjoyed every minute."

It was true. I'd come to love submitting to your will—to need it, even. Tonight had been no exception. You'd taken me to new heights, shown me that I was meant to be owned and used by you. I looked forward to where you would take me next.

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