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Teenage Treehouse Encounter

All he wanted was a few tea bags...
Angelica scrambled up the tree, hugging the trunk between her thighs as she reached for one of the top branches. Deftly, like the thousands of times she had done it before, she pulled herself up into the little treehouse before anyone could spy her outfit. Angelica was eighteen and enrolled at one of the city's most prestigious all-girls Catholic high school for her final year. Next year she would be off at university, but until then she was living at home, under the watchful eye of her religious and rather conservative parents. Her school had been partly chosen for its strict uniform requirement, which unbeknownst to parents was frequently flouted on the way to and from school.

Angelica had just arrived home and climbed into the tree house to reassemble her good school girl look. Her parents weren't due home for a few hours but there was no telling who might be watching in this neighbourhood. She started by swapping her lace underwire bra for a plain white sports bra, re-buttoning her blouse on top to cover her still-impressive creamy tits. She unrolled her skirt at the waist, letting three more inches fall down below her knees. Reaching her fingers up, she pulled down the g-string that was nestling between her ass cheeks and pulled on a pair of cotton white briefs. She was about to pull the slim black butt plug out - another one of her little secrets that kept her smiling at school - when she heard a noise from the garden.

Panicking she looked out, praying it wouldn't be her mother hovering around with one of Angelica's six siblings. Instead, when she looked down, she was happy to see the neighbour's boy, Johnny, who was peering around the garden. When she shouted up to him she was rewarded by his bright warm smile as he called up that his mother had sent him round to borrow some tea bags. Angelica instantly decided what she wanted and replied, "Well my parents are out right out and they know where they're kept. They should be back soon, do you want to come up and wait with me?"

It was a flimsy excuse but Angelica knew it worked by the speed at which Johnny leapt up the tree, arriving slightly out of breath. Angelica's breath became short in anticipation - she wasn't often allowed near boys, and never without supervision. If it hadn't been for her cunning and a few lies about sleepovers, she would have been a virgin until her forties, she was sure. She eyed Johnny up and down once he managed to haul himself into the tree house, looking him directly in the eye as she softly murmured, "Sorry Johhny, I'm afraid I sort of invited you up here on false pretences. I wanted to give you a present."

Cocking an eyebrow, he looked at her as she moved lithely over to him. Her smell surrounded him in a cloud of lavender and the faint, almost bitter smell of a wet cunt. Without saying anything else, she pushed the crumpled up g-string she had removed earlier into his palm, letting his eyes open in wonder as he realised what she had given him. His dick instantly sprung to life as he held up the tiny strip of material. "Smell it," Angelica whispered, moving behind him to rub his shoulders gently. "Is this the first time you've smelled a woman's panties?" Johnny flushed, feeling his heart beat hard as he inhaled Angelica's scent.

Angelica stopped rubbing his shoulders and moved in front of him again, sitting down and spreading her legs til he could see the white cotton with the little damp patch that covered her pussy. "Why don't you come over here and smell this instead?" Within seconds, Johnny had his face pushed against her mound, sniffing deeply and kissing her through the fabric. Angelica gasped as she felt him seek out her clit, kissing it roughly and urgently. His hands began to desperately pull the knickers away as she lifted up her hips to help him. As soon as her cunt was bare, Johnny started licking her, long deep licks which covered her slit in his spit. He gently eased a finger inside, feeling her slick warmth surround him as he started to rapidly finger fuck her.

Angelica was lying back, moaning gently on the bare wooden flooring of the treehouse. Her fingers went to her school blouse and undid the buttons, pulling the sports bra up to free her round, perky tits. Her fingers started to play with her nipples, squeezing them and rolling them as Johnny continued to lick and finger her soaking puss. He started lifting her legs back, clearly intending to play with her asshole, when he found the braided tail of the buttplug and chortled. "Were you planning on me finding this?"

"I didn't plan any of this, but while you're down there, the least you could do is play with my ass a little," she sweetly simpered in reply. Johnny couldn't believe his luck as he lifted her legs right up and his fingers grasped the end of the buttplug. He started to slowly fuck her ass with it, letting her pussy juices and his spit run down over her. He pulled her up and commanded her to get on her hands and knees. Angelica shivered with anticipation as she slowly felt him pull out the buttplug. For a second she felt empty without it there until a warm, wet sensation pulled her attention to the rimjob Johnny was giving her. Delicately, gently, she felt his tongue play with her stretched hole, licking the sensitive skin round it before plunging it into her anus.

Angelica couldn't handle it anymore. "Fuck me, Johnny, please fuck me!" He didn't need to be asked twice and after fumbling with his jeans for a second pulled out his semi erect and very thick cock. Angelica could see he needed a hand before he would be ready to fuck her so she spun around on her hands and knees and started kissing the head of his dick, feeling pre-cum oozing out. She ran her tongue up and down the length of his shaft, pausing playfully at the bottom to lick his balls for a moment. Feeling his head at her lips again, she took his cock - now much firmer - into her mouth, managing to comfortably get about half in. She held the bottom half of his dick in her hand, stroking him in rhythm with her mouth for a few minutes until she knew he was completely ready.

She got back on to her hands and knees and shook her ass at him, begging him to come fuck her hard. He rubbed his cock up and down against her slit, letting her wetness lubricate him. Then, without warning, he lined up his cock against her asshole. Her gasp told him she had been expecting him to fuck her pussy so he leaned forward and whispered into his ear as he slowly slid into her ass, "Never fucked a guy like this huh? You may know exactly what to do with your cunt but I'm going to take your anal virginity now, and this ass will always belong to me." He slapped her asscheeks as he whispered this, using her second gasp as an opportunity to ram his hard dick all the way inside her.

Angelica was surprised - she loved having buttplugs in, and the pleasure she had gotten from the rimming was intense but she hadn't expected to have a real live cock in her arse any time soon. It was much bigger than her usual slimline plugs. She had to force herself to relax a little, remembering that the discomfort was probably due to her tension. So with a deep breath and a few calm thoughts, she consciously relaxed her sphincter and felt Johnny groan. " Oh you like that do you, you little schoolgirl slut?" He started to fuck her in earnest, letting the fingers from one hand explore her cunt until they found her wet hole, sliding easily inside.

Angelica thought she could contain herself until she felt those digits in her pussy. At that, she started losing control and found herself rocking back against Johnny, fucking him right back as the pressure grew inside her. Her orgasm was coming, and it was going to be a big one. Her hips started bucking against him urgently, her breath coming out as ragged little gasps and moans. Finally, she tipped over the edge and cried out as she came, a flood of her juices coating the fingers still in her pussy. Angelica's orgasm became too much for him and Johnny found his cock twitching, dying to spunk his load into her tight hole. He pushed her down at the front, holding on to the back of her neck for leverage as he began to fuck her in earnest, pounding her ass hard as he heard her whimper for more.

He came hard, his cum pumping into Angelica's until-recently virgin asshole. They tumbled to the floor together and Johnny gently pulled his shrinking dick out of her. "Good?" He mumbled, suddenly embarrassed. As a reply, Angelica smiled and simply said, "Amazing, thanks. Do you fancy, maybe, getting a coffee sometime?"

The pair rapidly fixed themselves up and tucked in articles of clothing which had been mussed during their encounter. Johnny left the treehouse first, making his exit through the gate and flashing a last smile up at the treehouse. When Angelica reached the ground she found her mother's car just pulling into the driveway. As her mother got out and pushed a bag of groceries into her arms, she said "you know I think I forgot to get some sugar. Could you nip round to a neighbours' to borrow some? I think the Whites will have some, you know, Johnny's family."

Angelica smiled and sped off down the driveway, feeling Johnny's cum seeping out of her asshole. Yes, she thought, I'd better as Johnny.

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