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Camping Trip

This year was the first time I had ever lived away from home. I was raised in a fairly strict and upright family which produced in me a strong conscience about what was right and wrong, even when no one was watching me. I had never given my parents a (significant) day of grief in my life, managing to stay out of trouble. Basically, I was a "good girl" and my parents and I had a close relationship. They were completely approachable and open. When I reached puberty they even had open discussions with me about sex. Soon after, in Junior High, I began to become aware of my own sexuality. Almost by accident I had begun to masturbate. I knew it was normal, but also knew it wasn't the kind of thing you went around talking about. This was the first time I can recall having a "secret" from my folks.

Eventually, my curiosity lead me to masturbate in the bathroom where I could watch myself in the mirror. Maybe it was the combination of having physical stimulation together with visual stimulation, but that was the first time I had a "real" orgasm. Watching myself masturbate was enthralling. It soon became a habit, eventually leading to an obsession. My nipples would become erect and dark red when I rubbed them and watching my fingers slide in and out of my vagina was a major turn on! I loved looking at how the folds of my labia would peel open and then close together when my hand pressed in and out of vagina. "Watching" what I was doing soon became as stimulating as "what" I was actually doing. Eventually I got to the point where it was the only way I could cum.

By my freshman year in high school I was becoming conscious of the fact that I found something stimulating and erotic about the female body. Things had seemed "proper" when I was talking about my own body, but I was beginning to feel this way about females in general. I became scared and ashamed of my own thoughts. I tried to stop masturbating, but this lasted all of two days. Attempting to push thoughts of other girls out of my head also became futile. By sophomore year in high school my masturbation sessions increasingly included fantasizing about other girls as I observed my own breasts and vulva in the bathroom mirror. I was consumed by the battle between my conscience and my desires.

This past September I left our home in Ohio to attend college at the University of Florida up in Gainesville. Two days later I met my roommate Cheri. She told me she was from Colorado and that she wanted "a little more space from home". She was studying art so we had zero classes in common (I was leaning towards computer science). Still, we got along great despite our different backgrounds and interests. One thing that we did have in common, was that we were both honest, sincere people. Neither of us were into partying hard so we pal'd around together most of the time. Cheri was much more confident and outgoing than me. I think I was attracted to this quality.

We were close but our conversations seemed to avoid the really intimate discussions that are typical of girlfriends. My distraction with my own sexuality still plagued me and I continued my practice of masturbating in front of the bathroom mirror - fortunately we had a private bath. Cheri never caught on to my habit, although on several occasions she did bang on the door and ask "what in the world are you doing in there so long".

I learned Cheri wasn't leaving Gainesville for Thanksgiving break since it was too expensive to fly home. After talking to my folks, I suggested she come home with me to Ohio for "the feast". She agreed but said she needed to be back by Friday night because she had already made reservations for a canoeing trip the following Saturday. I agreed and then agreed to go with her on the canoe trip when she invited me.

We all had a blast over Thanksgiving - Cheri fit right in with my folks. We made it back to campus just before midnight Friday. After all of 4-1/2 hours of sleep, we had arrived in the Ocala National Forest for the canoe trip. We spent the next 8 hours canoeing around all sorts of beautiful streams and up to the mouth of a crystal clear spring. This was such a blast - except for a few minutes we got way too close to a real live gator!

I realized Cheri had become my mentor - someone I looked up to and could trust. This made me feel closer to her, even bonded to her. I was feeling something for her - some sort of attraction -but I think I subconsciously avoided fantasizing about her. Maybe because she was too close. Maybe because I was afraid this fantasy had the possibility of becoming reality.

Christmas break was upon us and again, Cheri was not going back home. I started to get concerned that there was more to this than the cost of a plane ticket. I wrestled with what to do - should I invite her to my house? Or should I confront her about what was going on at her own home? We had never discussed anything this deep before. I could see our friendship was about to reach a new level. When I asked Cheri to talk to me, she said she would, but she wasn't ready just now. She shifted the conversation and said she had an awesome canoeing/camping trip planned and suggested I come along and we could talk. She seemed so vulnerable, and something in me wanted to be closer to her, so I made the difficult call to my folks. Not surprisingly, they were disappointed I was not coming home right away, but they were very understanding of the situation.

Cheri told me how there was an island we would be canoeing around. We would be setting up camp Monday night and Tuesday night at different places along the river bank. Everything we would need had to be brought along and fit in the canoe with us. It sounded cool. Until she laughed at my duffel bag. She gave me two jumbo zip lock bags and said I had fit everything I wanted to take along in them. Either that or I would have leave my half of the food behind and fast for three days. Cheri packed up all the food and gear for the trip and we set out Monday before dawn.

We got the guide maps and loaded our gear into the 16 foot aluminum canoe and set off for what was sure to be an adventure. The river and surrounding vegetation was spectacular. I saw a Bald Eagle before lunch and more Ospreys than I could count. Cheri found a secluded part of the river bank to beach the canoe. After gathering some twigs and dried pine needles, she had a fire going under a portable grate. The fire smelled about as good as the hot dogs she proceeded to burn (I mean cook). I had learned the true meaning of "roughing it".

I told Cheri I needed to pee and she responded with a grin and "pick a bush". "Ewww" was my reply, and I proceeded to walk past several trees and found a large  bush. There I was squatting down, trying not to pee on my shoes when Cheri walks up and says "Here, you'll need this", handing me a roll of toilet paper. As if I wasn't embarrassed enough, she stood there motionless, staring and then said "wow, you really DID have to go". Now I was beat red.

An hour later we were off on the water again. I was in the back of the canoe this leg and, growing bored with the vegetation, found myself focusing more on Cheri back. Her shoulders were broad and tan like a swimmer. As she would lift her paddle, the muscles in her back would flex revealing the slight bulge of the sides of her breasts at they protruded past her thin back. Her waist was narrow and then flared to her rear which was pressed hard against the aluminum seat of the canoe. I hadn't really noticed what an athletic build Cheri had until that point.

By 4 PM my arms were aching and I begged Cheri to stop for dinner. She said she didn't want to set up and tear down twice and we had to wait to eat until we got to where we had planned to camp for the night. It was almost an hour later when Cheri called out "We're here"! By the time we had dinner ready it was dark. I don't know if her burgers were that much better than her hot dogs or if it was because I had burned off a million calories and was nearing starvation, but I wolfed down two burgers in a matter of minutes.

We unloaded the rest of the gear and started to set up the camp. Cheri set up this little nylon pup-tent that barely looked long enough to hold a dwarf. I was too exhausted to talk much and told Cheri I was going to crash. I couldn't believe it when I saw it was only 9 o'clock. Cheri said she'd be in after she put out the fire and put some stuff away so the raccoons wouldn't get in to it. I could have gone without hearing about the raccoons.

Inside the tent Cheri had set up a tiny self-inflating, foam air mattress - all of about 1 inch thick. There was a thin sheet over that and then one Mexican blanket we had to share. The Holiday Inn was looking pretty appealing right now - and at least they had a bathroom with a mirror (wink). I rolled onto my side and drifted off to sleep quickly. I was awakened by a noise. It was the tent zipper - Cheri had come inside. I just lay there as she fumbled around getting ready for bed.

I felt the rush of cold air hit me from behind as Cheri lifted the blanket. I lay there motionless in the darkness trying to fall back to sleep. Cheri was moving just enough to cause noise on the air mattress. This continued for several minutes and just as I was about to say something so I could get back to sleep, I felt the blanket shift as Cheri rolled over and was finally still. The air in the tent was getting cold, and as I lay on my side in a fetal position, I became aware of a small source of heat on my neck. I realized it was Cheri's breath. The air mattress was narrow and she was very close.

That little stream of warmth seemed to envelope me and I soon felt warmer all over. Like a kitten might cuddle up to a warm blanket, I involuntarily leaned closer to the source of that warmth. I could feel each individual hot breath now. Focused on this, I soon became aware of a new warmth - a warmth emanating from within me. It was a familiar warmth - the kind of warmth I felt when I was in front of the mirror in my bathroom. My mind began to wonder and my body began to respond. I wanted desperately to touch myself, to see myself. But I didn't dare. I felt something new now. Where the warmth was touching my neck was now a heat - a wet heat. Cheri was leaning against me - her mouth touching my neck. I was dazed by this new, unfamiliar feeling, but I enjoyed it. I didn't move - Cheri didn't move. Was she awake? I could feel her up against me - my back, my rear, my legs.

I felt her closeness and I became filled with yearning. Suddenly, I had the desire to roll over and kiss her passionately. But I was frozen in fear. I felt something on my waist - it was her hand! My eyes were wide-open, desperately trying to see in the darkness. I was becoming intoxicated by her closeness. The last five years of my life were becoming clear. It was as if I had been searching for something, and was now standing before it.

Any question about whether Cheri was awake was soon answered as she slid her hand up under my blouse and gently cupped my bare breast. I closed my eyes in total satisfaction and let out a barely audible "mmmmmm", as I felt the touch of another girl for the first time. Cheri began to fondle me and I felt electricity surging throughout my body. God this felt so good! I wanted this so much, and I had wanted it for so long!

My body began to tremble as she discovered my hardened nipple. She played with it for several minutes, then releasing it, she moved her hand further across and captured my other nipple. My breasts were tingling, my nipples felt like they were on fire as she petted me - something my own hands had never before accomplished. Soon she moved from my nipple to the under slope of my breast. Squeezing gently and rubbing the soft flesh in small circles, she caused even more arousal in me. Her touch was magnificent and I thought how natural and fulfilling it felt to be with another girl like this.

Gradually her hand moved lower - down over my stomach - not stopping until her hand slipped into my panties and came to rest on my aching vulva. Her touch pierced me like needles, overloading my nerves and flooding my senses. Instinctively I spread my legs for her. She reached lower, pressing down between my legs, curling her fingers and drawing them back up. Cheri's fingers easily separated my moistened labia. As she continued to draw her hand back, her finger encountered my clitoris which triggered an orgasm that had been growing within me since my birth - an orgasm that Cheri had nurtured these past months and prepared for this moment. The release I had been longing for since early adolescence finally was upon me and I gave myself completely to Cheri.

I gave her all that was within me - feeling my cum flood out from me onto her hand as my vagina erupted with such power that my entire body tingled and went numb. All I could feel was the heat and energy of my vagina as it continued to spasm violently and ooze my seemingly endless supply of feminine liquid. I lost track of every truth I had known - my entire childhood and upbringing had vanished. I had no thought of where I was or of the taboo that this was lesbian love. I only knew that I was receiving what I had craved for so many years. The smell of my love filled the tent with a powerful fragrance. Tantalizing my nostrils, it testified to what we had just shared, and sealed us together as lovers. There could be no denying the reality or the awesomeness of what had just occurred between us.

Cheri continued to stroke my vulva, massaging my clit on each up stroke, then squeezing my puffy and pulsing labia as her hand descended down over my soaking mound. Her fingers, covered in my thick cream, were almost imperceptible as she slipped two fingers into my vagina. I hadn't realized exactly what she had done until she penetrated my oozing slit past two knuckles and her hand between her thumb and index-finger bottomed-out on my hooded clit. God how I wanted her whole hand inside me - her whole arm even!

As her fingers searched the walls and recesses of my vagina, I rolled over to face my lover. Too dark to see the slightest detail, Cheri sensed my desire and I felt her warm lips upon my own. My mouth opened in approval and her tongue grazed past my teeth and found my own eagerly awaiting tongue. She was tentative at first, our tongues lightly dancing around each other - I moaned in complete satisfaction - and she invaded my mouth further. Her tongue now forceful and purposeful in its actions. Then, abruptly she withdrew as if to demand that I follow - I did. My tongue pressed into her mouth seeking to find its mate. As it found hers, she closed her lips tightly and began to suckle my tongue, sliding her lips up and down the circumference of my oral probe.

The lust in me was welling up and now directed my actions. I reached for Cheri, resting my hand on her left breast. I massaged her as she unbuttoned her top. Pulling the nylon fabric away, her naked breast spilled into my waiting hand. Her skin felt like silk, as I stroked the under slope of her breast, and then moved to the even softer flesh on the outside of her globe. I cupped her nude breast, squeezing gently before zeroing in on her nipple. It felt heavenly, her areolas felt smaller than mine, but with more texture. I became frustrated at the darkness, wanting so much to see the treasure I now held in my hand. Was her nipple dark, or light pink, like mine? Too eager to savor this tactile delicacy, I practically lunged for her breast and took her nipple into my mouth. Even more stimulating to my tongue than it was to my fingers, her nipple revealed a clearer picture as to Cheri's true beauty. My mouth was blessed as it overflowed with Cheri's abundants.

I hungrily suckled her like a thirsty babe. The saltiness of our passion mixed with her perfume to seduce my taste buds. Cheri's cooing told me I was doing what I was supposed to do. Her sexual hunger moved me and I found my hand sliding down Cheri's feminine torso until my hand encountered the dampness of her panties. I slid my hand up and down the thin, satin fabric which quickly became soaked as it worked against and into the folds of her womanhood. Wanting to give Cheri all the pleasure I had to offer her, I slipped my hand inside her panties and touched a pussy that was not my own. A momentary surprise hit me as I felt that Cheri was completely shaved down there.

I needed no mirror and no light to know what to do. My hand acted according to my many practice sessions - practice that was meant to prepare me for this moment. There was no fear or insecurity now, I knew well how to bring pleasure to this secret place. I cupped Cheri's vulva, her skin was so smooth. I questioned to myself if she had been expecting this encounter, reasoning she must have shaved just before we departed since there was no stubble. Cheri felt different to me. Was it because of the total lack of hair, was she built much differently, or was it because this feminine body was not my own? My exploration of her pussy was initially driven as much by curiosity as my desire to pleasure Cheri. I sought to know her intimately. My fingers showing me what my eyes could not, I visualized her vulva, with its soft puffy lips and the slightest extension of now engorged skin that formed her slit, and entrance to my destiny.

I worked the palm of my hand up and down her vulva, adding slight pressure from my middle finger to slowly part her labia, my finger drawing out her juices with each stroke. On one down stroke I curled my finger and it penetrated effortlessly into Cheri's vagina. She moaned and I shuddered as I realized what I had just done. I could see nothing in the darkness and part of me began to doubt that this was actually happening. The warm wetness on my hand and the tightness surrounding my finger verified to me that this was reality. I was inside her. This was a dream that had finally become reality.

Her vagina felt so hot and forbidden. It felt like it was pulling my finger deeper within it's grasp - as if I were its prey. I worked a second and then a third finger into her generously lubricated cavern. Finally I added a fourth finger and began to piston them in and out of Cheri's vagina. She began to gyrate her hips and press against my motion. She was so close to coming. Suddenly, she grabbed my wrist and thrust my hand out of her saying "Not like this"! In one quick motion she jerked her panties down and off, then rolled onto me. Her breasts leaned into mine as she pressed all of her flesh against mine. She was rubbing herself against me, our nipples grazing and teasing each other's.

She began to gyrate her hips in a circular motion, moving her naked vulva all over my panties. After several minutes like this she pleaded, "I need to feel you". She lifted up and pulled my own panties down my legs, leaving them around my ankles, and quickly resumed her position. I felt her mound press into my belly and as she slid down she left a slick trail of her oozing cream all over my tummy. It felt so sexy! She slid down to where I could feel her belly on my mound, before sliding back up. After a few more passes, she stopped with her pubic bone pressing against mine. She began to hump her pussy against mine. The contact was hard, almost to the point of being painful, but it also stimulated my vulva.

I began to match Cheri's motions and soon we were grinding against each other, vulva to vulva in perfect synchronization. Cheri was almost frantic in her humping as if her pussy was searching for something it had not yet found. Her motions changed to short side to side movements, alternating between light pressure and then firm pressure. The purpose and skill of her actions became clear as it served to flatten my labia and spread them, opening my vulva like a flower.

Cheri pressed her wet  lips down onto my own as she straddled me and once again began her gyrations. The sensation was indescribable as her vulva mashed against mine in an utterly female dance! Oh god, I could actually feel her labia press into mine! Feeling this as well, Cheri put all of her weight on her crotch and drove herself hard into me, attempting to press her vulva deep into my vagina. Cheri began to fuck me like this, thrusting her hips forward and back, rubbing the opening of her vulva against mine.

The stimulation was fantastic, and I began to match her thrusts by lifting my hips up off the air mattress and pressing my pussy hard against hers. I thought how we must look like a heterosexual couple fucking furiously like that. Although we might not have had all the proper equipment for that task, we seemed to be quite effective nonetheless. I could feel another orgasm welling up inside of me and Cheri was beginning to groan. I reached up and grabbed Cheri's breasts and fondled them as we made love. Cheri leaned back slightly as I did which shifted the point of pressure where our two bodies were coupled. Cheri cried out - suddenly I felt immense friction on my hardened clit - oh god, her clit had found mine! Cheri screamed as she started to orgasm. I released her breasts and grabbed her hips, pulling her down onto me with all my might as I lunged up with my hips. I was coming! How I wished I could see her face as we came together!

Our clits pressed into each other and I felt Cheri's hot cum literally ejaculate onto my vulva. It felt like lava as it flowed over my clit and seared my flesh. I held tightly to Cheri, keeping our vulvas in tight contact as we continued gently rubbing together. Feeling the tremors of her still pulsating pussy, I could picture her come flowing into my vagina. The sound of wet flesh sliding over wet flesh became more prominent as our movements spread more of our liquid love over each other. The sound and the smell added to the powerful sense of touch that was still overloading my senses. Knowing the sense of sight would remain absent, I slid my hand from Cheri's hips and touched where our bodies were one, and feeling the wetness, brought the warm liquid to my mouth, adding the sense of taste to this supernatural experience. Such sweetness I had never before imagined. Cheri must have noticed what I did as I felt her lips on mine. We kissed the most sensual kiss I have ever experienced. A kiss filled with the satisfaction of years of desire. My lips shared with hers the nectar that our vaginas had produced and that our vulvas together had intermingled. This was the most beautiful night of my life! I drifted off to sleep still in Cheri's arms.

I awoke, taking a moment to remember where I was and what had occurred. The break of dawn finally yielded enough light to see within the tent. Cheri's breasts were meshed with mine, our legs intertwined, her thigh pressed into my vulva, and mine in hers -such closeness. The remnant of her cum was still present on the short, soft hair of my vulva. Her shaved labia was still red from the friction caused when our pussies rubbed together and sought entry into the other's. We appeared as one body, unable to discern where mine ended and hers began. I had received such a beautiful and perfect gift. I was being offered more than I could have ever imagined.

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