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Changing Room Fun

First time fun with a Lifeguard
Teen first time with older guy in swimming pool.

Hi, hope you like. This is my first time writing a story and probably my last. This is based on something that happened to me when I was younger.

It was the second week of holidays, and I was sick and tired of it, not only that but I was super horny. You try spending 10 days in a camper and see how you get on. Anyway a bit about me; my names Leo, I’m your normal run of the mill guy forced to spend his summer with his parents. I’m 17 and thank god this will be the last year I’ll have to go travelling to awful campsites with them. However the campsite we were staying at this time wasn't too bad, it had a public indoor swimming pool just outside the gates, and it was in this swimming pool the story really got interesting.

So I woke up early on the morning after we arrived, my morning wood straining against my jocks. I usually like to sleep naked but that was just another disadvantage of camping with your parents.

I decided to get up and see if the pool was open, thankfully it was. Now this was an old fashioned swimming pool built at least 30 years ago. It was something to relieve my boredom. I went in the front door and paid my 2 pounds to a young lifeguard at the desk. I walked on into the men’s changing room, as I said it was an old style place. Just one big square room with no privacy.

I've always been a bit shy being naked but thankfully no one else seemed to be up at the time so I had the room to myself. I stripped naked and it felt kinda nice to be in this public place with my cock swinging freely. Still, I put on my shorts quick enough and went out into the pool. I stayed in there for about an hour with one or two other swimmers, mostly older men.

When I went back into the changing room it seemed I was the only one left again. I thought this was my chance so I peeled of my shorts and wandered naked towards the showers, thoughts of finally blowing my load racing through my mind.

Anyway, as I turned the corner to enter the showers my heart sank. There in front of me was the lifeguard I had seen earlier washing the floors. He was about 26 with brown hair and three or four inches taller than my 5 foot 6 inches. He also, I could tell, had a swimmer's body.

So there I was standing bollock naked in front of this guy. He was in my way and I was getting more and more embarrassed as the seconds went by, especially when I saw his eyes travel down to my 17 year old cock. It was nothing special, about 4 or 5 inches soft. I have a small build though and I like to keep my pubes completely shaven. I suppose it must have looked quite impressive on my frame.

He finally moved out of my way and I rushed to the privacy of one of the shower stalls, except there were no curtains so I was still in full view. I started washing using all my will power to keep my cock soft and then thankfully I thought I heard him leave. So I chanced turning around, but to my horror there he was right in front of me. I kinda gave a nervous smile and was about to turn around again when he asked if I enjoyed my swim. I stuttered out a yes, this he seemed to think of as a cue to start up a conversation. It continued normal enough (as normal as any conversation you can have while naked and soaped up) and then suddenly he stared down at my cock and said, "You've a nice cock there buddy."

I went redder than I think I had ever been before in my life and stammered out a, “Thanks.” He then asked while his eyes were locked on my member if I “jack off a lot”. I replied lamely the “normal amount” whatever that meant. I then for some reason told him that I’ve been staying with my parents and haven’t had a chance to get off in about 10 days.

“Ya,” he said, “Your balls look really big.”

At this point I had enough and hopped out of the shower and practically ran to my clothes, getting dressed while still wet. As I walked past the reception he said goodbye and hoped he'd see me again.

As I tried to sleep that night my mind kept racing over the events of the day and soon my jocks were soaked with pre-cum. I barely slept a wink that night and when I did wake up the next morning my mind was made up; I was going to go back and see what would happen.

As I walked into the reception area and didn't see him there, my heart sank and at the same time I breathed a sigh of relief. I’m not gay, I thought to myself, what the hell had I been thinking? I got changed and went for my swim. I didn’t stay for the full hour today with my heart and head still having trouble deciding whether or not it was happy or disappointed over him not being there.

I got out and went to have my shower. Obviously the events of the day before had reduced my inhibitions somewhat and I strutted around the room with my cock swinging for everyone to see. As I was drying my hair with my towel, still butt naked, I heard something in front of me. Then I heard a voice saying, "Did you still not manage to get off?"

My cock twitched; there he was in front of me again. I told him, “No.” He said he had a magazine I could use if I wanted.
I first said no out of fear. He asked again though and my cock overruled my head. What could the harm be? I thought, and I agreed. He then asked if I’d like a helping hand, I was too horny now to say no, especially as my cock had risen to full attention. So he told me to follow him and off we went.

It looked ridiculous with me following with my 7 and a half inch hard cock swaying from side to side. He led me into a toilet cubicle just across from the shower area; after he closed the door he immediately grabbed my cock. I nearly came right there and then, this was the first time someone else had touched my cock. I was in heaven but wanted to make this feeling last longer.

He continued to stroke, spitting on his hand to lube me up even though at this point my pre-cum was flying all over the place. He then caressed my balls and my legs nearly gave out. I had to rest my ass on the cold door of the toilet. He soon asked if he wanted me to put it in his mouth. I immediately said yes.

He knelt before me in what must be one of the sexiest positions known to man and slowly began licking up and down the shaft of my hairless cock. My fiery red head was now beginning to peek through my sopping foreskin, but for the moment he left it alone. I rested my arms on his shoulders as he slowly took one of my balls and then another into to his mouth.

I started moaning and couldn’t stop. If anyone else was to walk into the changing room they would think someone was being killed. He licked up and down the sweaty area between my balls and ass and then finally took my engorged head into his mouth. He slowly swirled his tongue around my foreskin darting in and out to lick my piss slit, before slowly inserting his tongue all the way under my skin and bathing my head in his saliva.

Using his mouth he began to roll my foreskin down the head so it rested behind my super-sensitive ridge. He now started sucking in earnest with one hand on my balls and the other gently kneading my ass.

After two or three minutes of this I knew I was going to unleash the ten days worth of cum that had been building up in my balls. My legs began to tremble and only his hands grasping my hips held me upright as the first of my pent up wads of boy jizz sped up my cock and straight into his waiting mouth. Again, again and again I shot as I could feel my balls slowly emptying.

When I was finally finished my cocked slipped out of his mouth coated in a layer of saliva and cum. He proceeded to clean me up which created a sensation so strong it was almost painful to my over sensitive cock.

I stood there trembling, not hearing what he was saying to me. Finally my brain reengaged, he was asking me if I wanted to give him a hand. The thought slightly disgusted me but I felt it was only fair. He pulled his semi-hard cock from the confines of his shorts; it was so big at least a good 2 inches bigger than mine and thick. I tried to close my fist around it but it wouldn’t fully close.

I began to stroke him, doing my best, but after a few second he obviously felt I wasn’t doing a good enough job. He grabbed my hips and turned me around while bending me over. He began to hump my little bubble butt, inserting his thick veiny cock between my cheeks. With every stroke I could feel a trail of pre-cum coat my virgin hole.

I wanted to ask him to fuck me like the boy slut I was turning out to be. I was too scared so I left him to get his pleasure from my milky white mounds. The feeling of his balls slapping just over mine was amazing. Soon I could feel him tense up and for the first time I could feel pressure on my tight hole. His cock head was rubbing my boy pussy. I knew he was close to shooting and with one last buck of his hips his cock head entered my ass. The pain was incredible but then I felt his warm cum bathe my insides. When he was done he pulled his head out and not one drop of cum followed. My ass was so tight it trapped it all inside me.

All of a sudden we heard a sound in the changing room. He opened the lock and quickly stepped out leaving me alone naked and with an ass full of cum still in my ass. I waited for my semi hard cock to go down but it was no good. It stayed at half mast with my head still peeking out of my turtle neck oozing pre-cum like a leaky tap. I slowly opened the door and began an embarrassing walk back to my clothes with a thin line of pre-cum precariously swaying as I went. In there were two other guys my age that I had met in the campsite. As I walked past they sniggered to each other. I knew they had heard me moaning and from the way I was walking probably thought I had been fucked up the ass. For the second time in two days I quickly dressed and ran from the swimming pool without seeing my lifeguard on the way out.

As I slowly walked back to the campsite a grin spread over my face. I decided to go to the bathroom block on the way back to try and get the cum out of my ass. I went into a cubicle and lowered my pants. Pre-cum was still streaming from my cock. Being in another toilet cubicle got me horny again, I stuck a finger against my ass hole slowly stroking it and wondering what his whole cock would have felt like.

After scooping up some of pre-cum I managed to slowly open my pink hairless hole. Feeling all his cum spill out onto my hand, I brought it up to look at and being still horny even had a taste wishing now I had sucked him off. I then grabbed my cock with my cum covered hand a jerked off frantically.

Within seconds I blew long ropes of jizz all over the floor and door. I left it the way it was, hoping someone else would see it, and went back to my camper. I was happy and satisfied for the first time in days. The next morning we left that campsite, but now anytime I enter a toilet cubicle or a changing room I feel the urge and have to blow my load thinking of my 26 year old lifeguard.

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