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Cherry Red Delight

Darren and Clare welcome their new neighbor, the right way!
Darren tried his best not to wake his wife, Clare, up as he got ready for work that morning, but when he emerged from the shower, she was brushing her teeth in front of the mirror. By the look in her eyes, she was not very thrilled to be awake at 5:47 a.m. He smiled, as their eyes met in the mirror, and he drew her naked form against his own, his hands smoothing down her soft, pale skin.

“Did you have good dreams?” he whispered against her ear. She nodded, a mischievous grin playing about her lips. He groaned, his cock stirring. “What were they about, hmm?” He let his hands raise to cup each of her large, pert breasts. He fiddled with her hardened nipples, longing to suck on them.

“You’ll be late, babe.” Clare was good at pretending to be the practical, good-natured wife. She bent to spit in the sink, and he spanked her ass for ruining the moment. “I could have had you writhing in two minutes…” he said, not able to help sounding a bit pouty. She just laughed and rinsed her toothbrush, continuing with the morning rituals. “I’ll have you tonight, then. You will not deny me, Clare.” Darren knew he sounded like a contrary little kid, but fucking his wife was a great stress-reliever, and if he was going to make a good impression at this afternoon’s meeting, he’d have to be at the top of his game.

He moved to the wardrobe, feeling just a bit naughty for standing in front of his bedroom window naked and hard. He would have to stop thinking about the state of affairs below his trousers if he was ever going to get that promotion, though.

“Clare, honey… I’ve got fifteen minutes until I’m very late. Will you please suck my fucking cock?” Clare was there beside him in an instant, her eyes glistening with that same mischievous expression from earlier. “They’re going to probably eat breakfast before nine o’clock, and I’ve got a long, lonely car-ride between your mouth and the city.”

His wife’s wet little mouth was wrapped tight around his cock and he tangled his fingers in her dark curly hair, pulling and then pushing her down his length at an urgent pace. “That’s it… suck it. Mm, good girl, babe.”

His head snapped up and he caught sight of the woman standing outside his bedroom's full-length windows. Their eyes locked and he froze for a moment, but his wife was insistently gobbling his prick and he was never one to deny her anything her heart desired. With a wink to the woman in the alleyway, he fucked his wife’s mouth until his balls erupted inside her mouth, his cum coating the back of her moaning throat.

The woman outside didn’t look shocked or appalled, he noticed. She was looking at his wife pleasure him as if she would have done or said anything to help Clare bring him to completion. She continued to wherever it was she was headed when Clare stood up, blocking his view of their new neighbor. He shoved his pants on and Clare helped him with his tie. Soon he was speeding down the highway, a silly smile on his lips and a whole slew of dirty thoughts for his new redheaded voyeur.

Clare didn’t mind that her husband had been seen by their new neighbor. In fact, it was way too good of an opportunity to introduce them later that night. First things first, though. She took the time to coat her lashes in mascara and lined her eyes with her eyeliner before finding the skimpiest sundress for her new role as welcoming committee of one. The deep purple set off her dark brown curls and her vivid blue eyes. She was sexy, but still decent enough to be able to meander her way over the hedgerow and up to the woman’s door.

Mrs. Cruz was out, walking her yappy little chihuahua, and Clare stopped to assure the older woman she would have her husband take a look at her rosebushes. It had definitely been a mistake to tell Mrs. Cruz of Darren’s green thumb! She was constantly annoying them both with new questions, all the while trying to see what gossip she could quickly garner in the quick moments each morning that Darren and Clare visited with her.

“Well, I’m headed over to the new neighbor’s house, so I’ll see ya later, ok Mrs. Cruz?” Clare began to turn, but before she could she heard Mrs. Cruz’s cruel little conjectures.

“Francine Hallenbach told me last week that she saw four hippies go into that den of iniquity. Three males and one female! I wouldn’t be caught dead on her front lawn! Who knows what kind of unsavory behavior she picked up from her… friends? She might even be a lesbian!” Clare just shook her head, trying her best to keep her cool. The woman’s conjectures made no sense whatsover. What would dear old Mrs. Cruz think if she heard that her trusted neighbors/gardeners, Darren and Clare Forthingham were swinging sex freaks, all too eager to meet their new, seemingly open-minded neighbor?

Ana saw the two women outside, inches away from her yard. She wished they’d stop talking about her and start communicating with her! No one had told her just how incredibly isolating moving to the suburbs could be! She’d been all too eager to snatch up the job her Aunt Ruth had offered at the family bookshop in Willow Haven, but one week here, and she was feeling more and more weird stares thrown her way. This morning, though, made her think maybe she had some chill neighbors. Now, though, she felt mistaken. The wife from earlier, the one that had been moaning like a banshee not twenty minutes ago as she sucked her husband’s cum down her throat, seemed like all the rest of the suburban socialites. Snotty, rude and stuck-up.

She turned on her laptop, sending a quick note to her friend Stormy, back in Seattle.

“Hey, Stormy. I’m still horny as ever and lonely as ever… especially now that I saw my next-door-neighbor’s big cock! His wife was pretty sexy, too. Can’t wait for another playdate with Harry and Sid!” She pushed her shirt down under her breasts before snapping a photo for Stormy and sending the email.

Just then she heard a knock on the front door. Just great! She nervously pulled her shirt up over her breasts, feeling her face flush and her eyes widen in alarm. “Shit. Shit shit shit shit!” She opened the door, and it was her neighbor. Not the one with the cute little chihuahua, but the one whose moans that morning had went straight to Ana’s very cunt. She’s locked eyes with her handsome husband as he shot his load. Ana had rushed home and rifled through the unpacked boxes for her vibrator. She still felt flushed, her cheeks flaming at being caught with her shirt down. Her neighbor seemed to be staring at Ana’s chest and when Ana glanced down, she soon realized that she’d not been quite proficient when she’d stuffed her girls back in their jail. She looked over the woman’s head, hoping against hope that no one else was around to see her disgrace.

“I uh… still don’t know how to dress myself, I guess.” She motioned for the woman to come inside her home, and they sat beside each other on her leather couch.

“I came by to see how you were settling into our little niche of the world. If you need anything, anything at all… my husband Darren and I would be very happy to… oblige.” Clare couldn’t help but let her eyes rest on the younger woman’s pert little tits. The sight of them hastily shoved inside a tight-fitted tee, the nipples protruding still, had Clare’s mouth positively watering in anticipation.

“I also came by to say that my husband never comes that quickly when we’re engaged in oral sex. I wanted to say thanks. Darren was having a hard time and needed to get out the house this morning. You and I made a pretty good team, don’t you think?” Ana’s heart had stopped, or so it felt. She’d been found out!

“Look, Ma’am-”

“Oh no, don’t call me that! Call me Clare. What’s your name?”

Ana looked closer at this woman, at her wildly curly hair, her lush lips quirked in a sexy little grin. “I can’t believe it. You… you’re ok with this? I mean, I don’t intend to watch you guys go at it again-”

“A tragedy, that. I thought we could become better… acquainted?” Clare knew how cheesy-porn-star she sounded, but it was fun anyway! She leaned back and draped her arm behind the younger woman’s head. “What’s your name, honey?” she whispered a mere inch away from her cute little ear that peeked out from her red mane.

Ana swallowed, not believing that something this wonderful could happen to her, not in the suburbs!

“I’m Anastasia… but my friends call me Ana.” she whispered, too. She cleared her throat, not wanting to sound so juvenile and weak. With the ice now broken, they felt free to talk for hours, about nothing and everything, all at once. It was like they’d each found someone that truly, fully understood them, and they were both feeling really giddy when lunch-time came around.

“I’m sorry for keeping you so long, I didn’t know how long I’ve been yammering on and on about us. You probably think we’re complete freaks.”

“No, not at all, Clare. I like it. I… like it a lot, actually. There’s been few times I was so enchanted by anyone in the first few moments I saw them….” There was a moment of awkward silence when they both flashed back to that morning, before the sun had risen fully in the sky. Then Clare’s mouth captured Ana’s bottom lip, sucking hard and fast. It was sporadic, it was reckless. They hadn’t discussed either of them being bisexuals or not. Clare didn’t want to care, though. She wanted her neighbor’s sultry kisses. She wanted to wrap her hands in Ana’s long red tresses and pull, hard. That’s just what she did, too. She nibbled and sucked Ana’s lip. She pulled her hair at the very same time and Ana’s pelvis lifted straight off the couch. “Ana, I want your tits inside my mouth.” Clare insisted, her hands releasing her newfound friend’s hair and diving under the fabric hiding Ana’s assets.

“Uhm… y-your husband doesn’t…”

“He and I enjoy each other and we enjoy others. If that makes any sense at all?” She was tugging at Ana’s shirt, hoping the woman would get the hint soon. She felt her body clench in anticipation. It had felt like months since she’d sucked another woman’s tits. Ana laughed, though, and decided to help Clare disrobe, too. They were naked within moments, their bodies sweating and neither caring.

Clare licked the underside of Ana’s exposed breast, tweaking her other nipple as her tongue circled the hardened bud. Ana’s hand brought Clare’s head harder against her skin, wanting to feel her teeth and nails digging into her flesh. “Clare, baby… suck me harder than that.”

Clare obliged her new friend and with her other hand she dove into the soaking wet pussy in front of her. Wet sounds echoed into the air mixed with the sighs of the woman in front of Clare. Ana moaned when she felt the woman’s teeth clamping onto her left nipple, even as Clare’s other hand explored Ana’s depths. She felt at least two fingers sliding deeper and deeper into her slippery snatch and the sound of her arousal woke an animal lust inside her. She pushed Clare away and clasped the woman’s hand before almost running down the hall to her bedroom. There, she opened a bottom drawer in her dresser and withdrew her faithful friend.

“I call her Cherry Red Delight and she’s been terribly neglected the past week or so.” Ana smiled wryly as she saw Clare’s blue eyes cloud up with her anticipation. Ana stroked the dildo’s entire length before she squatted over her hand and pushed the ten inches up inside her. Her eyes locked with Clare and she motioned her over to the bed.

“I’ve got a vibrator charging on the other side of the bed, if you want to use that,” Ana offered.

Clare nodded, and before she walked around the bed, she spanked Ana’s ass playfully. Ana giggled, feeling lightheaded as she plunged the dildo deeper and deeper inside herself. The wet noises from earlier were doubled when Clare switched on the vibrator and held it up to her clitoris. She gasped harshly at the blissful sensations coursing through her pussy.

“You… ah!… you have wonderful taste in toys, baby,” Clare commented breathlessly before pushing herself almost over the edge. She willed herself to stop just before she came to completion.

She dropped the device on the bed and crossed the room to the writhing woman’s glistening body. “Can I lick you?” Clare asked, her hands resting on the top of her friend’s ass cheeks, pulling her slick body against her own. Ana forgot about her dildo and humped the woman’s questing leg as it guided up against her glistening pussy lips. Ana nodded, dumbfounded at how far gone she’d gotten in such a small amount of time. She breathing was ragged and she felt at the brink of an orgasm that would rock her whole world. She watched as Clare rubbed her juices into her leg before dropping to her knees in front of Ana.

She was shaven clean, much to Clare’s delight. Her tongue dove inside Ana's wet lips and rubbed against her clit before she sucked it into her mouth and locked her lips around the little bud. Ana felt her whole body tense, and she would have fallen back if she’d not had the sense to lean against the coolness of the wall. She sucked in a breath between her teeth when Clare slipped a wet finger deep into the crevice of her ass, seeking her hole. Ana didn’t usually let people play with her asshole, but this woman was more seductive than anyone she’d ever been with, even in the city! She screamed when she felt the long fingers breeching her asshole. She felt her hips rock against those fingers and she dug her fingers into her pussy, rubbing faster and faster, ready to cum any moment.

Just as she felt waves of delight rush over her, Clare’s cellphone began to go off. “Shit, that’s Darren! We usually talk over his lunch break. That was uh, like thirty minutes ago!” She rushed out of Ana’s bedroom, and rushed to assure her husband all was well. She hinted at what she had planned for him tonight, after dinner. “I met our new neighbor, she’s uh… very friendly!”

Darren just laughed, feeling luckier than most men in the entire world. “I haven’t let myself come yet, either. I’m saving it for you two tonight,” Clare whispered, her hands rubbing her wet pussy lips as she spoke. He could even hear the squelching noises coming from her pussy and he wished time would fast-forward to when he could taste her arousal on his tongue as he finger-fucked her asshole and brought her to satisfaction. Just three more hours and he’d be headed home.

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