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Erin's Birthday Present

Erin's Husband give her the best present ever, a weekend with Kelly
Erin just hung up the phone when her husband walked into the kitchen.

“Coffee?” she asked and held put a cup to him.

Tim walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck.

“Happy Birthday my love” and then took the cup from her hand.

“Thank you, I love you and our life,” she looked out their window at their beautiful yard. “Thank you for this house, our children, and everything we have.”

“You deserve it all, my love” he kissed her again, “Who was on the phone?”

“Kelly! She called to wish me a Happy Birthday.”

“That was nice of her.”

Kelly was Erin’s new friend, she lived in New Orleans. They meet online in a chat room on an exotic story website. Both were curious about having new sexual experiences and became great friends over their interest of discovering their bi side. They started chatting and the first time their chat became sexual it was the most exciting all day obsession for them both. After that they talked every day and shared more than just sex. They shared their ups and downs, their kids, and most of their lives with each other.

Erin was so happy she called, but was also sad when they hung up. She truly missed her, she longed for her. She enjoyed their conversations, was so happy while they were on the phone or online, but as soon as they said good bye she felt like something was missing in her life.

Erin loved her husband, their kids and the life he provided for them all. She always knew she was missing something and the something turned out to be Kelly.

“Why the long face?” Tim asked.

“Oh nothing. I just would have loved to have Kelly here to celebrated with me for my birthday”

Her husband knew what Kelly meant to Erin. He encouraged her curiosity and he wanted her to be happy and Kelly was making her happy right now.

“Well I was going to save this for later.” Tim took an envelope out of his briefcase with a bow on it. “Happy Birthday baby” and handed it to Erin.

“Oh sweetie what did you do?”

“Open it”

Erin opened the envelope the card was very sweet, she opened it up to find a boarding pass inside. She looked at where it was to, then up at Tim, then back to card.


“Yes, you leave on Friday, you are booked in a quaint little hotel in the French Quarter, and reservations at Emeril’s on Friday Night.”

Erin was speechless. She threw her arms around her husband’s neck and started kissing him passionately. She was going to see Kelly and was so excited, really excited and Tim was getting the benefit of that excitement right there in their kitchen. She continued to kiss Tim and grinded her body into his crouch. She started to kiss his neck and his ear.

“Thank you ”

“You are welcome ” he was getting hard and Erin reached down and grabbed his hard dick through his pants. She rubbed him and he moaned.

“Make love you to me,” she told him.

Tim picked her up and sat her on the counter and ran his hand up her thigh to her panties. They were wet already. She undid his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard as a rock and they were both ready. Tim pulled Erin’s underwear off her and she spread her legs wide. He rubbed her clit a few times and her pussy was ready. He slid his cock into her and she felt it plunge into her.


Tim pumped a few times, Erin wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. He kissed her neck and caressed her breast as he fucked her with his hard cock.

“Yes, oh yes” she moaned.

He pumped faster and deeper. Erin was ready. Tim knew it, Erin’s clit started to pulsate and she tighten up around his cock. Tim started to grunt, he was ready too, but he held back wanting Erin to finish first. Erin knew he was ready.

“Cum with me baby” she told him.

They both let go. They both cam, it was amazing. “Happy Birthday” Tim said again.

“Thank you.”

They kissed again and cleaned themselves up.

“I better get to work.”

“Hello, guess what my husband just gave me” Erin was on the phone with Kelly before Tim was even out the door.

“Bye,” he waved at her, and she nodded back.

“You knew? He told you? You didn’t tell me? I can’t wait to get to you.”

“See you Friday baby, we are going to have and amazing weekend.”

She hung up the phone and had a great big smile on her face. It stayed there the entire week.
Friday couldn’t get there fast enough.

Friday was finally here. Erin’s bags were packed. She kissed and hugged the kids before they left for school. Tim brought her to the airport on his way to work.

“Love you, see you Sunday,” she waved as he drove off.

Erin was on her way to see her new friend, she was more excited than ever. The plane ride was long. She had a layover in Atlanta and she had a few drinks at the bar. Her and Kelly were texting each other along the way. Both couldn’t wait to see each other. With a few drinks in her, and her excitement at seeing Kelly tonight, Erin’s panties were getting a little wet, and she knew she needed to do something soon or she was going to explode.

She went into the airport bathroom, it was empty. She went in a stall, reached under her skirt, she put her fingers under the little piece of wet material and started to rub on her clit. She ran her hard clit between two fingers, back a forth. She had one foot up on the toilet and she leaned back on the stall door, than put the two fingers inside her soaking pussy. She was fingering herself, thinking about how it will feel to do the same to Kelly, imaging Kelly inside her this way. Her phone went off at the excat moment her juices ran out of her on to her hand.

“Hel-lo” Erin answered the phone out of breathe, it was Kelly.

“Yes I am fine, now

“I am in the bathroom. Yes thinking of you and tonight.”

“Now boarding Flight 824 to New Orleans”

“I better go they are calling my flight, see you soon.”

Erin boarded her flight and it was the longest hour and thirty minutes of her life. When the flight landed she hurried to get her bag and took the shuttle to her hotel. The room was great, small and old, but just perfect. She hurried to get dressed. She was meeting Kelly in the hotel bar in about 30 minutes. Took quick shower, and fluffed up her hair, quick make up, making bra and panties, and a sexy red dress. She got a text message:

I am here, get down here already

She grabbed her purse, one last look in the mirror and headed out the door. The elevator ride was long down 3 floors. She walked across the lobby and to the bar. She saw Kelly sitting at the bar, and walked up behind her. Erin had butterflies in her stomach, know finally what she wanted for the last three months was going to happen tonight. She had planned every move in her head, and now that it was here, she couldn’t remember a thing.

“This seat taken”

Kelly turned to her, jumped out her seat and hugged her so tight. Kelly looked so hot in her LBD. Erin was so excited to finally see Kelly and couldn’t wait to kiss her soft lips, but they agreed not be do that in public. They drank a drink and talked a little, but mostly they smiled at each other and giggled like two high school girls.

“So should we head to dinner?” Kelly asked

“I am not hungry”

“Me either.”

They smiled at each other, and got up from the bar. They were at the elevator doors waiting for what seemed like an eternity. Another couple walked up. The doors opened and Kelly and Erin went to the back of the elevator. The other couple walked in and pressed 2.

“3 please” Erin said, Kelly giggled.

The doors closed and the elevator took off. Erin felt her clit start to pulsate at the thought of Kelly finally touching her in all the ways they had said in their chats. Kelly slid her hand behind Erin and pinched Erin on the ass. Erin jumped. They giggled some more. The elevator stopped at 2 and the other couple got off. Then shut again. Erin and Kelly were all over each as soon as the doors touched. Their lips finally meet. Their tongues finally entered each other’s mouths. Their hands finally touched the other. They stopped on the third floor and the doors opened and they rushed to room 306.

Erin fumbled with the room card key. It opened and the door barely closed behind them as Kelly was lifting Erin’s red dress over her head. Kelly turned, Erin unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor. She undid the clasp on her bra and Kelly turned to her and let the straps fall and exposed her DD sized breast to her. Erin was mesmerized by Kelly’s beautiful breast and pink nipples that were hard and poking right at her. She reached out to touch them. Kelly reached out and pulled Erin to her and kissed her again. She put her arms around her and undid Erin’s bra, taking it off and tossed it across the room. They continued to kiss as their bare breast pressed together. They grinded their bodies into each other. Kelly ran her hands down to Erin’s sexy panties. She kissed down Erin’s body as she pulled them down, she dropped to her knees and Erin stepped out of them.

Kelly couldn’t wait to taste Erin’s sweet nectar. She knew Erin had to be as wet as she was. She couldn’t wait to put her tongue on her clit. Finally she was there. She spread Erin’s legs and ran her fingers over Erin’s pussy, and yes it was wet. Her tongue touched her hard clit.

“Oh yes baby.”

Kelly’s tongue flicked her clit over and over again. Oh she tasted so good, exactly as she imaged. She was sweet and she finally had Erin in her mouth. She longed for this, she pushed her tongue back to her pussy hole and entered.

“Oh yes, yes I have wanted your tongue inside of me for so long” Erin moaned.

Kelly licked and sucked her to her first orgasm and it didn’t take long. Erin fell to the floor and kissed Kelly after her orgasm. Her hand went straight to Kelly’s pussy and she felt incredible. Finally she felt Kelly’s clit, rubbing it over and over again. Then she put two fingers inside of her pussy. Erin fingered Kelly to her first orgasm. She had two fingers deep inside her twisting and turning and she exploded in only a few minutes.

After a few second of rest, they climbed on the bed. They were kissing, exploring every inch of each other. Hands were moving all over. Body parts were everywhere. They were rolling all over the bed and each other.

Kelly rolled Erin on to her back and was over her. Erin reached down between her legs and pulled her toward her. Kelly was straddled over her chest now. Erin pulled her even closer.

“I want to taste you” Erin said looking up to Kelly’s eyes.

Kelly scooted closer to Erin’s face. She positioned her pussy over Erin’s mouth and held on to the headboard. Erin stuck out her tongue and Kelly lowered her pussy on it. She rode Erin’s tongue. Erin licked a few times her hands were on Kelly’s ass, she grabbed it and pulled her down on her tongue. She entered Kelly’s pussy. Erin fucked her pussy, pushing her tongue deeper each time she we in and out of Kelly.

“Oh yes, Baby Yes!” Kelly yelled out.

Kelly’s clit pulsated, her pussy walls tightened up on Erin’s tongue, trying to hold it inside of her.

“OH yes, I am ready to cum. Yes I am going to cum baby. YES!!!!!!!”

Erin pulled her tongue out and put her mouth over Kelly’s whole pussy, she sucked it all and her tongue ran up and down it as she felt Kelly’s cum start to run into her mouth. She drank all of Kelly’s sweet juices, it was warm running down her throat. She keep sucking, she didn’t want to leave her pussy. It was so nice to finally have it all to herself.

Kelly pulled herself off of Erin’s mouth and layed next to her. They kissed each other gently and passionately. They touched each other and started to wrap themselves up in to each other. Erin had her leg over Kelly and was grinding herself into Kelly. Their kisses were getting more and more passionate. They were getting faster and faster with their grinding. Erin pulled up on top of Kelly. She put one leg over one of Kelly’s and the other under the other. She pushed her pussy into Kelly’s, touching their clits together. They were grinding into each other, rubbing up and down pushing harder. The feeling of their clits touching was just incredible, neither had ever felt this before and it was more than they could ever have imagined. Their orgasm was building they could feel how wet and juicy each other was getting. Both women arched their bodies and push their hips up and into each other, and both at the same time cam into each other. Their orgasms were intense and both girls let themselves go and enjoy feeling each other’s body quiver together.

They laid in the bed naked in each other’s arms for only awhile, they started kissing again and then made love over and over all night long. It was the most incredible night of their lives and this was only the first night, can’t imagine what tomorrow will bring.

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