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For Carrie Morrell With Love

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Sisters at home for the summer

Carrie had never met her half-sister Alex; and it was thanks to a social networking website that the two sisters had got together.   Over a period of several months, the two girls had exchanged photos, childhood stories and views.   As the summer holidays approached and the amazing fact that they were both teachers, they agreed to meet, Alex choosing to spend the summer with Carrie and I, her partner.

The weeks passed, and the weather up to the school break had been remarkably hot, today the first day of the holidays was no exception.   The station was busy and the tunnel shaped engine shed funnelled the cool breeze along the platform. Carrie’s long red hair tied neatly into a platted pony tail, gently brushed over her shoulders as she walked along.   Her porcelain flesh looked white and fresh against the pale green tie-dyed of the light cotton summer dress, which clung to her athletic body as she walked with me along the platform.  

Suddenly the hum of the station was ripped apart by the roar of the train as it thundered into the station.   The atmosphere filled with dust and the smell of hot diesel drifted across the platform as the blast of exhaust flumes floated Carrie’s dress up around her knees, quickly with a stroke of her hand she smoothed the dress down to reveal her slim shapely legs.

Carrie waited, looking eagerly up and down the platform, waiting expectantly to see the red hair of her sister.   The doors opened on the train, like Venus flytraps and the platform filled with disembarking passengers, luggage and waiting guests.   Across the crowded platform, the red hair of Alex could be seen meandering like a river though a forest of people.   In a slight parting of the crowd Alex appeared, catching Carrie’s eye, she waved and headed towards the waiting welcoming party, she walked with a slight bounce that tossed her hair up with each step.  

On catching her eye, Carrie started walking quickly along the platform, arms opened as she approached Alex.   On meeting Carrie embraced Alex, placing a light, friendly and loving kiss on Alex’s cheek.

“This is my partner” Carrie said to Alex.   I greeted her with an embrace, breathing in the deep flowery scent of her perfume, mixed with the erotic smell of her warm body.   The two girls turned and walked along the platform chatting.   I picked up Alex’s suitcases and watched as they walked in front of me.   Alex was wearing a floral print frilled laced top in a light colour, the cut of the neck line showed off her well formed bosom and a pair of stonewashed bootflare jeans, which were tight across her bottom.   I watched the slight swing of the backsides of both Alex and Carrie as they walked along.   The movement was memorising, both in sink, first left then right.   With each step my mind wandered into visions of naked bottoms in rhythmic motions rising and lowering as they made love.   By the time we reached the car, the front of my trousers was tight, I could see from Carrie’s face that she had noticed and as I adjusted the front of my trousers, she smiled an all know smile.

The two sisters chatted all the way during the homeward bound journey back home, drowning out the background radio music.   After a quick freshen up at home, the two girls and I walked along in the afternoon sun to the local pub “The Camels Hump”, where the two girls talked and flirted with each other and with me.   My cock had been hard all the time and I was longing to get back to the house so that I could make good with Carrie.   Carrie had realised this, and kept making secret comments to let me know.   Thankfully I did not have to wait long when we got home.

When we arrived home we said our good nights to the travel weary Alex and mounted the stairs.   The evening flirting with Alex had clearly aroused the sexual predator in Carrie.   Carrie felt warm and exciting in my arms as we entered the bedroom.  

“Alex is cute and rather sexy.” Said Carrie, I agreed with a nod.

“I wonder if she would be game for a threesome.” Carrie responded.

“From the way you two were flirting I would say so,” I replied, “it’s a question of how to approach the subject.” I continued.

With this in our thoughts it did not take long for Carrie to be sat straddled across me, my penis firm and wet and warm within her vagina.   Her body moved up and down slowly, her pink rounded tits gently bouncing, nipples swollen and puffy.   I pulled myself up, and kissed her nipples, then I nibbled on them and they become hard as bullets, so I began to bite softly. Carrie’s moans clearly showed that she liked this.   As I was losing myself in the pleasure of Carrie’s chest, the door of the bedroom slowly opened and a shadowy figure appeared outlined in the doorway.

“Sorry” said a startled Alex, “wrong door”, quickly she turn and walked with haste away from the room.   Carrie called after Alex and she returned shyly into the room her eyes fixed firmly on the floor.  

“Don’t be embarrassed, came and sit down on the bed here,” said Carrie.   “I was hoping that you would come in here, after all that alluringly behaviour this evening.”

Carrie lifted Alex’s chin up with her hand, so that the two girls made eye contact, Carrie said “Come kiss here.” holding out her left breast.   Alex kissed the pink nipple lightly then started licking.   Alex stopped;

“I’ve never done this before.” Alex said.

“Don’t stop” Carrie replied between moans, as the shaft of my penis moved slowly within her pink cunt.   As Alex continued the pleasure ran though Carrie’s body, as both tits, their nipples as hard as iron, were tongued, licked and kissed by her sister and by her lover.

I looked towards Alex and I could clearly see her nipples poking through her blouse.   My eyes wandered up catching Alex’s and I put my arm around her, moving Alex closer towards me and I could feel the heat of her body against my naked skin.   My hand touched her shirt covered breast and I could feel the nipple getting harder as Alex sucked on her sister’s breast.   I placed a quick peck on her cheek and returned to my duty at Carrie’s breast, Alex responded with a similar peck, and my penis throbbed with passion in Carrie’s love hole.   As I went to kiss her again, are lips met, our tongues passed each other’s lips and we were in a full snog.   My nasals filled with a mixture of Alex’s flowery perfume, and Carries sexual fermions.   I could feel Carrie’s pussy tighten on my cock as she watched the kissing in front of her.  

“Hey Hey” said Carrie “that’s my man.”   The spell vanished, Alex broke off; tears welling up in her eyes, and she arose quickly from the edge of the bed and ran out of the room.

“Shit” Carrie swore, and then added, “she’s taken that the wrong way, I better go after her. You stay here until I call.”   Dismounting she grabbed the green silk kimono from the hanger behind the door and disappeared onto the dark landing, leaving my erect penis wet, cold and feeling very lonely.

There was a slight tap on the bedroom door and I heard Carrie entered the spare room, which had been given to Alex for her stay.   Quickly I crept along the landing and crouched down, through the crack in the jarred door I could see Alex was face down on the bed, her head buried in the soft feather pillow, quiet little sobs escaped from the cushion.   Carrie sat quietly down on the edge of the bed and stroked Alex’s soft long red hair.   There was a little resistance from Alex as she brushed Carrie’s hand away and buried her head deeper into the soft pillow.   Carrie reached out again to touch Alex and murmured some soothing words.   This time Carrie’s hand was allowed to rest on Alex’s head and Carrie could feel Alex’s body relaxing.   Carrie apologised for the comment made in the bedroom, and continued to tell Alex, that it was supposed to be taken as a joke, in light humour.   Furthermore Carrie told Alex that she could think of nothing more erotic than a threesome with her half-sister and her lover.   Ever since the flirting in the pub, Carrie had hoped that she could encourage Alex into a threesome.   Unfortunately Carrie did not know how to approach the subject and the unexpected opening of the bedroom door had broken down the barrier and solved the problem.   Carrie continued that she had in fact been looking forward to licking her lovers cum out of Alex’s warm wet and dripping vagina, and I know that he feels the same.   On hearing this I smiled to myself, how well Carrie knew me I thought.

Alex dried her eyes and sat up, swinging her legs off the beds so that she was sat next to Carrie.   Carrie moved her hand up, wiping away the tear stains form Alex’s cheek.   Then leaning forward Carrie kissed Alex, first on the forehead, then the cheek moving slowly across to Alex’s lips.   Carrie pushed her tongue forward between the lips of her sister, her arms embracing Alex’s body.

Alex’s lips and whispering “don’t worry about him, he can see to himself for a while, you’re more important.”   Alex giggled at this comment and raised a smile, Carrie looked towards the door and I knew that she knew that I was listening and watching.   Returning her attention back to her sister, Carrie un-did the knot of the green flower print kimono, taking her left breast in her hand she offered it to Alex.   Alex’s faced lit up with a large smile and leaned forward, kissing gently at first, then licking and finally Alex sucked as much of the Carrie’s tit into her month as she could.   Carrie moaned with pleasure, whispering sweet nothings into Alex’s ear.

As Carrie relaxed and Alex’s sucking continued, she started to un-button Alex’s blouse, her breast peeking over the top of her black and cream satin lace trimmed quarter cup bra.   Carrie slipped her hand into Alex’s blouse squeezing the bra and feeling the firm breast underneath.   The two kissed, their tongues reaching deep into each others mouths, twisting and turning, as they kissed, Carrie un-buttoned the last few buttons on Alex’s blouse and let it fall away.

“Let’s get these cloths off” Carrie said.

Carrie arose from the bed and let the silk gown drop from her shoulders and onto the floor.   Carrie stood there in front of Alex, her naked body highlighted by the light of the table lamp.   Alex’s eyes ran up and down Carrie’s body taking in the shape, the perfectly formed beasts and her muff covered in red hair.   Alex stood, reached around and un-fasten the bra letting it drop onto the floor.   Carrie stretched her arms forward touching both of Alex’s tits, they felt good in her hands and Carrie could feel Alex’s breasts tighten with each touch, the nipples swelling hard.  

“May I!” whisper Carrie,

“Off course, be my guest” replied Alex, at which Carrie released Alex’s jeans and letting them fall, Carrie slipped her left hand into the front of Alex’s black and cream matching panties, feeling the warmth of Alex’s cunt in the tips of her fingers, Carrie began to play, running her finger inside Alex’s swollen pussy.   They looked at each other, breathing in each other’s perfumes, and then they kissed passionately.   There tongues darting in and out of each other’s months, trying hard to climb down each other’s throats.

Carrie opened the bedside drawer, laid out in a tidy ordered manner was a range of sex toys, a Berman Center Paris Ribbed G-Spot Vibrator, a Jessica Rabbit, a G-Whizz, and associated paraphernalia.

“Which one?” Carrie said to Alex pointing to the open drawer, “I’m going to give your pussy the best work out it’s ever had, your little red haired cunt will orgasm until the cows come home!”

“Why you have a potty month,” said Alex, “but I love it.” She continued.

“Let me clean it for you” said Alex slipping her tongue into Carrie’s month.

Alex ran her finger along the top of the neatly rowed sex toys; her finger came to rest upon a blue coloured Jessica Rabbit.   “That’s a good choice,” Carrie said “I call that one Matt.”

Alex giggled with the idea and rested back onto the bed.   Carrie placed the vibrator down onto the bed next to her.

“We’ll come to that in a minute” said Carrie, climbing onto the bed next to Alex, and giving a quick look back at the partly opened door where I was watching from, “but first!”

Carrie lightly kissed Alex’s breasts, and then licking the right nipple with strong firm tongue strokes, she moaned, “You taste like vanilla.   So sweet and tender, I can’t wait to share you with him.”

Carrie ran her hand up Alex’s naked body, feeling the warmth, Alex responding in a similar manner.   Alex watched as Carrie picked up the Jessica Rabbit, Carrie ran her tongue up the vibrator, then opened her month, Carrie sucked on the rabbit.   Slipping the shaft in and out of her month,

“A little lubricate” Carrie softly said. She waved the rabbit in front of Alex’s month whose tongue flicked out trying to lick the rabbit, which was just out of reach; Alex opened her month and Carrie slipped the pleasure toy in, which Alex sucked on.

Carrie sat up cross-legged on the bed, stroking Alex’s pussy, Carrie’s fingers working on Alex’s clitoris; she could feel the warm fluid starting to flow. I wished that I could be there in the room with them, but I knew I had to give them time to get comfortable with each other.   Anyway I was going to enjoy this secret peep show that the two girls where putting on.  

“I’ve never done this before!” smiled Alex.

“Just you relax,” said Carrie, “let me do the driving.” Carrie continued to stroke the red pussy.

“You will enjoy this” said Carrie, “not only do you get pleasure from the shaft, but the ears are just dreamy.”

Taking the Jessica Rabbit, Carrie turned it on and gently moved the vibrator over Alex’s labia and thighs.

“That feels great!” said Alex, “it’s sending all sorts of sensations though my body.”

Slowly Carrie inserted the rabbit into Alex’s vagina, moving it in and out at first, so that the shaft was well lubricated with Alex’s vagina liquids.

“I feel just like a virgin.” Alex said.

As Alex relaxed into the situation Carrie turned the shaft speed up and lined the revolving pearls up to Alex’s vagina.   The breads began to squirm around the shaft.

“Oh God! That feels great.” Called out Alex.

Taking Alex’s hand in her free hand, Carrie placed Alex’s hand on her clit; Alex smiled.

“You want me to play with you?” questioned Alex.

“Hum, hum” said Carrie.

The rabbit’s ears began playing on Alex’s clitoris, and Carrie switched the direction of the squirmy beads.   Alex closed her eyes and moaned, with each groan; Alex relaxed deeper into a sexual state just on the edge of organism.    

“Keep going you bitch,” moaned Alex, “fuck my ginger muff, bitch!” she shouted.

Carrie put her finger across Alex’s lips, “shhhh” she said quietly “you’ll wake him.”

“I want to, I want to wake him.” Replied Alex.

“Later you can, it’s our time now.” Said Carrie.

The heighten excitement on listening to the conversation; harden my cock which stood to attention and my body longed to have these two red head beauties. However I had better wait my time until these two had finished.   As the speed built up on the vibrator, Alex moaned and groaned, muttered and told Carrie how much she loved her, and how she wanted to fuck me.   Then all of a sudden Alex’s hand pressed hard on Carrie’s clitoris; and Alex let out a load sigh.

“Oh God! That was great.” Alex said in a whisper.

Carrie slowly removed the rabbit from Alex’s cunt and licked it.

“You taste great,” said Carrie, then opening her crossed legs she slipped the rabbit into her cunt.   Alex turned onto her side, resting on her elbow and looked at Carrie, giving her a loving smile and moved her hand down to her wet pussy.

“I’m going to masturbate whilst you play with that toy.”   Alex said.   Carrie smiled in replied and before lying down next to Alex, Carrie glanced at the door.   I could see from that quick look that she knew I was hand on cock, trying my best to be quiet as I build myself up for an ejaculation.

“I love the idea of mixing my cum juice with yours.” Said Carrie, as she came to a climax.

As the two girls laid back to relax, Carrie turned and kissed Alex’s tummy.   Then Carrie slowly moved down Alex’s body, placing small and gently kisses all over the naked white skin.   Alex continued to giggle as Carrie moved up and down Alex’s stomach, which turned to a moan as Carrie began to lick the area around Alex’s pussy.   Then without warning Carrie slipped her tongue into Alex’s cunt.   Alex let out a heavy sigh, grabbing a handful of Carrie’s ginger hair and forced Carrie’s face into Alex’s hot and warm cunt, which still dripped the juices created by the vibrator.

“Deeper! Oh! God deeper, you bitch” Alex cried, “More don’t stop you ginger cunt” Alex continued.

Carrie was spurred on, she like dirty talk and the taste of Alex in her month was like the sensation of eating the perfect dessert.   As Carrie licked she imagined tasting Alex on my cock and of the pleasure that was to following sucking their lovers cum from Alex’s sweet and warm pussy.   As Alex’s juices flowed freely in Carrie’s month, Alex stroked Carrie’s hair, moaning encouragement to her half-sister and moved her free hand to find her clitoris and began fingering herself.

“Sis, sis,” Alex called out, “don’t stop, I’m coming.”

Carrie emerged, smiling from Alex’s legs, rose up and came to rest next to Alex, the two kissed.

“Is that what I smell like?” ask Alex, sniffing at Carrie’s face.

“Yes, it’s such a turn on,” said Carrie, “I can’t wait to taste you on his cock.”

Alex smiled, her whole face lighting up.   Carrie taking hold of Alex’s hand, looked into Alex’s face, “I think we had better go and give our lover some pleasure,” said Carrie, “I think he has been working himself hard for the past hour” then she continued with a sweet smile across her face, “Are you ready to go back, for a little threesome.”

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