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Insatiable Awakening – Chapter Three: Regretful Pursuit

Katie gets a lead on Jack

Katie knew why Tori purred now. Kale’s tongue was phenomenal. He had started teasing slowly, with Katie sitting on the edge of her bed, him kneeling in front of her. She put her hands behind her on the bed to support herself while he started to push her legs apart, his blue eyes looking up at her mischievously.

He put his hands on her knees and moved them up her thighs under her skirt, sliding it up a little. When he reached the top, he moved them to the inside of her legs, tantalisingly close to her lace covered pussy. She let out a short breath of excitement and he replied with a wide beautiful smile.

“Fuck, K,” she said, moving a hand to the side of his head and running it through his short blonde hair, “I want your mouth on my cunt so badly.” He turned his head and kissed the palm of her hand.

“All in good time, Jameson,” he said quietly, rising up on his knees so his face was close to hers, his lips deliciously out of reach. Katie opened her mouth and moved her head forward to try and get a taste of him. He moved back and she responded with a frustrated giggle.

Face to face, Kale started stroking her inner thigh, his eyes fixed on hers. Her mouth opened again as he neared her dampening snatch. He moved his lips towards hers. As hers went to meet them he brushed her clit through her panties with his finger, and she gasped a little. She sat still with anticipation for a moment. When she moved towards him again, he responded the same way; his fingers brushed against her wet panties, teasing her.

Slowly he pushed the fabric to one side, pressed his lips against hers. She kissed him deeply with a satisfied intake of breath as he slid his finger over her clit. He rubbed her gently and she moaned into his mouth.

“Now,” he said gently, “Tell me everything.” He continued stroking her wet little bean while she started telling him about Jack. She told him about the car park the day before, and about the first time she met him. She had gotten to him tearing open Lauren’s shirt when he started to move away. “Keep going,” he said, as he pushed her down to the bed so that she was lying on her back, with her legs off it.

As she told him about Jack’s mouth devouring Lauren’s big brown nipples, Kale placed wet kisses up the insides of her legs, lifting her skirt all the way up, exposing her damp panties. He put his fingers into her waistband and pulled them all the way down, revealing Katie’s lightly haired snatch.

She stopped her story for a moment, as Kale took in the sight. He sighed hungrily. “Fuck, Katie, your cunt is fucking perfect.” She lifted her head off the bed to look down her body at him. He stared at her pussy for a moment longer and then raised his gaze to hers. “Don’t stop,” he said with a smile, before spreading her legs and placing his mouth directly on her clit.

It sent electricity surging through her. “Oh fuck…” she groaned as she threw her head back. Kale wetly kissed and licked Katie’s clit, pressing his mouth and tongue expertly against her. His pace was slow and he moaned as he ate her.

She continued with her story, with interrupting moans as he penetrated her with his tongue, and sucked on her lips. By the time she was telling him about Jack fucking Lauren’s mouth and cumming all over her, Kale had lifted her legs over his shoulders and had reached a hungry pace, his tongue sliding in and out of her, his lips and face buried in her wetness. She was getting very close to her orgasm as she told him about making herself cum on the stairs, and the two of them seeing her. He was holding her climax at bay perfectly though, his mouth never tipping her over the edge while she talked.

Then he stopped. She made a disappointed noise as he took his mouth away, like a child having a toy taken. She got up onto her elbows, still lying on the bed.

“Please don’t stop, K,” she said, seriously. Kale looked back at her and stood.

“I want to see what you looked like fucking yourself while you watched them.”

Katie sat up. She loved that he was so turned on by her. She was suddenly relishing the thought of masturbating for him. “Oh fuck, that’s so hot. I’m going to finger myself for you baby,” she said. She instinctively began to get naked, undoing all the buttons of her shirt and revealing her c-cup breasts to him for the second time that day. She wouldn’t stop there though. Suddenly she was overcome with the urge to be completely naked in front of him while he stood, still fully clothed, watching her.

She discarded her top, stood, unfastened her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then she sat back down on the bed, shuffling backwards then opening her legs, feet placed on the sheet wide apart.

Kale stood watching her, devouring her with his mind, waiting patiently. Her pussy was soaking wet, pink and spread wide for him. “Finger yourself,” he told her, almost sternly.

Loving being told what to do, Katie leant back on one hand and placed the other between her legs. She was desperate to cum and forewent any gentle stimulation, driving her middle finger right into her tight wet vagina, pressing its front wall hard as she moved rhythmically in and out.

“Fuck, K,” she said as she began working herself back to where he had gotten her, “Do you like me fucking my cunt for you?”

“Hell yes, babe. I’m so hard for you right now. Do you like me watching you while you fuck yourself?”

“Fuck yes! I’m thinking about how your fat cock felt in me earlier. Your dick is so thick, K. It’s fucking amazing.”

Kale started to undress and Katie eagerly watched, biting her lip as he revealed his tight muscular stomach, and letting out a groan of pleasure at he dropped his jeans and let his hard shaft out.

He approached the bed and lay down next to her, resting his head on his hand, elbow against the sheets. He stroked his hand over her whole body as she lay back, her fingers still working away. His hands went to her breasts and he played with her nipples, squeezing them gently.

She kissed him deeply, eyes closed. “Tell me what you want Jack to do to you,” he whispered to her, and kissed just behind her ear. She moaned at the feeling of his soft lips on her neck, images of Jack filling her mind. He moved down her body, kissing and licking, lingering at her hard nipples, pushing her ever closer.

“I… want his cock in my mouth…” she said, moaning louder then as Kale placed his lips on the inside of her thigh. “I want to feel his long, hard dick slide between my lips… I want to press myself against his hard body. Mmmmm,” she groaned as Kale’s tongue licked her wet labia, “I want him to push me face down onto the bad, press down on my shoulders as he spreads my legs and drives his big cock into my cunt.”

Kale paused his oral attention and quickly took Katie by the hips and flipped her onto her front. “Keep touching yourself.”

“Oh fuck.” She was surprised and even further aroused by Kale’s forcefulness. Her forearm resting on the pillow above her head, cheek against her duvet, she put her knees beneath her and raised her bum in the air. Reaching beneath herself, she found her clit with her middle finger and started rubbing vigorously.

She felt Kale move behind her and was desperate for what was coming next. “Fuck me baby, please fuck me.” He began sliding his cock against her soaking lips and quickly found her hole. He pushed his thick shaft into her and she groaned with pleasure. He stroked her ass cheeks as he slid in and out of her, and then grabbed her hips. He thrust into her hard, pulling her onto him, while she rubbed her bean for him. Knowing her best friend wouldn’t mind, she let her fantasy consume her.

“Fuck me harder, Jack! Fuck my pussy with that big dick!” she shouted. Kale’s hips were slapping against her butt as he forced his rod deep into her again and again. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum for you, Jack.” She imagined Jack’s hands on her hips, his hard body pressed against her and his cock reaching deep into her, and she exploded with a scream. Kale continued to ram into her as her orgasm flooded over her, her pussy contracting tightly onto his shaft, convulsing with his continued pounding.

Her scream turned to groaning as her climax continued, which was joined with Kale’s as he reached his peak. His cock pulsed against her walls and she felt his warm cum squirt deep into throbbing cunt. He roughly pulled her again and again onto his convulsing cock, filling her, and a second orgasm engulfed her even before the first had subsided.

Katie’s vision started to fade as she was consumed. She screamed again, Kale’s thrusting almost too much for her dripping pussy and she thought she might die from the pleasure.

Slowly, Kale’s strokes became more gentle, and he eventually slid out of her sensitive hole, and collapsed on the bed next to her. As he released her hips from his grip, Katie fell onto her side exhaustedly. “Fuck…” she managed before she passed out.


It wasn’t too long before she came around. Kale had his jeans on but was still topless, sitting at her computer. She lifted herself off the bed, uncaring of her nudity, and approached him. She put her arm around his shoulders from behind and pressed her breasts against his neck. “That was the best orgasm I have ever had,” she whispered to him, and kissed his neck. He turned his head and kissed her on the lips.

“Me too,” he said as he pulled her onto his lap, and kissed her again, his tongue flicking her lips as he did so. Katie opened her mouth and pressed her tongue against his gently. Kale’s free hand found its way up her body to her breast and squeezed. Their kissing became more intense, the year’s worth of unacknowledged desire between them still flowing out of them.

He took his mouth away from hers and placed it on her nipple, sucking it in and sliding his tongue over it. She moaned, almost succumbing again, but then brought herself back.

“Oh, K,” she sighed, moaning gently, her eyes closed, “You're going to get me going again, and there is only so much I think I can take.” She looked down at him and smiled as he gave her nipple a final kiss and looked up at her with those lovely eyes. He gave a smile back, obviously exhausted himself.

“Look,” he said motioning towards the screen. It was a social network profile. As Kale scrolled up, a picture of a girl appeared. Katie had to look twice. Lovely brown eyes, tanned skin and lightly curled dark hair down past her shoulders, a year and a half seemed to have made a big difference.

Katie brought her face closer to the screen. “Is that Lauren?” She turned to look at Kale. “But… How did you… You knew who she was when I was telling you about her?”

Kale smiled. “No, not until afterwards.”

“You know her?” she asked, excitedly. After the time she caught her with Jack, she had never seen Lauren again. At the time, that was much to her relief, she had been so embarrassed about being caught watching them. Now, eighteen months on, she had been wondering what had happened to her. And, of course, if it went any further with Jack and her.

“No… well yes, but not very well. She works at Moccasha. It’s an organic vegan café in town.”

Katie opened her mouth in a teasing surprise. “Organic vegan? Wow, K. It’s funny because, when you were fucking me earlier I’m sure you filled me with your spunk, but I must have been mistaken because that would have required you to have bollocks.”

Kale grabbed her and immediately began an onslaught of tickling her ribs that ended with them rolling on the floor, him pinning her arms with his knees, and her screaming with laughter.

“Stop, stop, stop,” Katie panted. “Clearly you have balls.” He kissed her and got off her. She stood up too and sat on the chair where he had been.

“So how did your frequenting of this charming sounding establishment come about?” she asked him as she scrolled through Lauren’s profile.

“Because of her,” he said. Katie looked at him quizzically. “I saw her going into the café one day and decided to, you know, work the old Irish charm.” That last he said in a feigned Irish accent, though Kale did in fact have Irish parents.

“I do know,” Katie said looking up at him standing next to her, and kissed his crotch through his jeans. He smiled.

“She’s nothing like how you described her by the way. She’s like a complete hippie. Retro fashion, free spirited, always stoned as far as I can tell when she serves me. Super cute.”

“How did you know I was talking about her if she is so different from the way I describe?” Katie asked.

“Jack.” Fuck! Does Kale know Jack?! Katie thought.

She looked up at him again. “Yeah, I heard her talking about him. I remember it was Jack she said because, at the time, I thought “There is always a fucking Jack in the way.” Sort of proved that point a bit further today really. Funny that it’s the same Jack.” He smiled, but Katie sensed there was some truth for Kale behind that jest. A pang of regret ran through her. Perhaps Kale had minded about her saying Jack’s name while they fucked. How stupid of her. He’d given her the best orgasm of her life. She should have just been there with him, in the moment, not half living out her teenage fantasy.

“Sorry, K.” She looked at him, real sadness on her face.

Kale swallowed. “Huh? Sorry for what?” he said smiling and looking confused, but she didn’t miss the flash of despair across his lovely features. She shook her head and turned back to the screen. He put his arm around her, still standing, placing his hand on her far shoulder. She kissed it once and then put hers on top of it while they talked.

“It was about the fifth time I had been in. Had a black coffee again as it’s the only thing without fucking soya in there, so she must already have been thinking I’m a cheap-skate. Overheard her talking with one of the other girls saying that Jack was coming back to see her, and the other one said something like, “You better get the week off,” or basically “Enjoy your fuckfest.” Fifth time, not guts to ask her out, and BFed up, not onto a winner I concluded, so I finished my coffee and left. Haven’t been back since.”

“No, just stalked her online,” Katie joked, and Kale snorted.

“Well just as a back burner kind of thing,” he smiled. “You should go and see her. If you want to find Jack I mean.”

As awful as it made her feel, Kale’s plan had occurred to her the moment she recognised Lauren’s picture. She was obsessed with Jack, she needed to find him. Fuck knows what she was planning on doing when she did, but it didn’t feel like a choice really.

And yet her newfound feelings for her best friend were tugging at her. She felt guilty and selfish, and afraid of losing him. How could she square that with the knowledge that she was going to follow this Jack thing through to the end?


Kale left shortly after that. He said he ought to see Tori, but Katie could tell that he was feeling a bit confused himself. They had kissed again as he said goodbye, but it had been awkward and astonishingly devoid of the passion they had been showing each other. She cried a little afterwards.

But Lauren’s profile was still up on the screen when she emerged from under her duvet and her recent obsession came trickling back to her. She planned first for going to the cafe at the weekend, then tomorrow after college and finally resigned herself to recklessly driving into town to make sure she was there before the place closed this afternoon.

She was stood outside Moccasha by five thirty and realised she didn’t even know if Lauren was working. The anticipation of disappointment surged through her. She looked at the opening times on the door.

“For fuck’s sake,” she whispered to herself, smiling and opening the door. “Open every day 6am to 9pm!” it read. Who knew there was such a market for organic vegan coffee? She would have, if she had found their website and checked opening times, rather than driven like a lunatic on the off-chance they might be open, she thought.

No one but a boy barrista, was in the place. Katie stood awkwardly as the door closed, which sounded loud against the complete and utter silence. Any hope of discretely taking a table and observing was shattered. She slowly approached the counter, and the barrista, who she supposed was about sixteen, waited uncomfortably long for her to get there to acknowledge her presence, despite facing her the whole time.

“Hello,” he half squeeked in breaking adolescent voice, and cleared his throat. “And… what brings you here today?”

Katie wanted to say, “Coffee, what the fuck do you think?” but the fact that she hadn’t come for coffee made her question whether this boy was, in fact, blessed with keen insight. But if she said, “Lauren,” then he would surely indicate to Lauren when he next saw her that she had been looking for her.

She said, “Fuck,” and then quickly, on seeing the boy’s stunned expression, “Coffee,” and then as he turned hesitantly to make one, kicking himself for his opening line, “I don’t know.”

Confused, he said, “Maybe I can recommend one to you.”

“Um…” was all she managed before he spoke again.

“I recommend the iced soya latte.”

“Oh. I wanted something hot.” She watched pick up lines galore race through his mind. She almost hoped he would come out with one, just to make the awkwardness familiar.

“You could have the soya latte. It’s the same but it’s hot.”

“But you wouldn’t recommend it?” she asked trying to break their tangible social ineptitude with a joke.

“No,” he exclaimed, and then, “I mean yes. I mean no, I forgot to recommend it, but I do. Recommend it.”

“Ok.” He waited, not doing anything. Katie looked at him for a second, and then nodded to him that by “ok” she meant she would like one.

“Oh. Sorry,” he mumbled and got to working the machine. He was fairly competent making the drink which made her think it must be her making him nervous. He placed it on a tray and moved it towards her.

“Do you want any money for it?” she asked, joking again.

“No. I mean… no,” he hesitated, clearly feeling like he had gone too far now to change his mind and ask for payment.

“Ok. Thanks… Dan,” she said reading his name badge, feeling slightly cruel for taking advantage of a mistake he made out of sheer nerves. He looked bewildered that she knew his name, and she escaped while he racked his brains for when he had given it to her.

She sat out of sight of the counter and drank her hot soya latte. It was actually one of the best coffees she had ever had. While she was turning over the thought that the boy should actually just try to seduce girls by making them coffee rather than by talking, the door opened, and in walked Lauren.

Katie fixed her gaze on her. She was so different from her memories. Dark gentle curls to her shoulders, beautiful brown eyes, and the sleepy smile of a stoner. She was in uniform; black trousers and a fitted black Moccasha logo shirt, which she had undone to the third button, revealing the middle of her chest, well below her little breasts.

Lauren was behind the counter now, not having noticed Katie, talking to Dan. She heard her notice that there had been nothing put through the till, to which Dan mentioned that he had given one away to a girl. “You old dog,” she had said to him in a cheeky, teasing voice. He obviously whispered that Katie was still there because she whispered too loudly, “Seriously? I’m going to check her out, man,” and then giggled at what must have been silent protests from the boy.

She came out from behind the counter and made her way towards the back of the café, so she could carry out her espionage. When Katie caught her eye, she said, “Oh my God! Katie!” and came towards her, arms wide open for a hug. Katie was slightly surprised, given the reserve that Lauren used to display, but stood and opened her arms nonetheless. “Fucking hell! Lauren! Hey!” she blurted, perhaps overdoing the imitated surprise.

They embraced each other. She smelt like incense and coffee and her cheek was soft against Katie’s neck. As they separated, Lauren kissed her fully on the lips. Katie was taken aback, but managed to play it cool. It was a sisterly sort of kiss, maybe too familiar for a girl she barely knew, but she reciprocated nonetheless, feeling a sweet butterfly in her stomach at having this girl’s lips on hers. Lauren smiled at her. “Wow, it’s been so long,” she said. She had lost her private school accent almost completely, her voice warmer with a slight smoker’s rasp that made it really sexy.

“Dan honey, I’m taking another break. You don’t mind do you?” She said it like a girl who knows the guy isn’t going to say no to her. She sat down opposite Katie at the table. “Well you’ve got a free drink already I hear,” she said smiling.

“Oh yeah, it’s lovely. Dan recommended it to me,” she said, smiling back, and glancing over to Dan where he pretended not to be listening.

“Did he!” she said loudly, turning towards him and grinning. His face flushed red and he scuttled back behind the counter.

Lauren laughed. “He’s so cute. I’ve been trying to get him to hit on girls all day. So,” she continued, looking at Katie enthusiastically, “what’s going on with you?”

Katie told her about the usual things. College, her mum and sister, her Transporter, her plans for the year. Lauren was really easy to talk to, not at all how she remembered. When it came to talking about her, Katie found out she’d come back from her gap year and not wanted to go to university, so was saving to go travelling again. She had been working at the café all summer

“Where were you before you came back then?” Katie asked.

“India. I got there about a month into my travelling and fell in love with it. Stayed until my money ran out. Which was a long fucking time there,” she said smiling. “Met a guy and a girl there, Fisher and Michy, about a week in, and spent the rest of the year with them. Mostly getting high,” she laughed.

Katie couldn’t help but laugh too. “Lauren, you’re so different. In a good way, in a great way actually. I thought you were already into university and things. I didn’t realise you were such an adventurer.”

“Neither did I,” she said beaming, “Got the grades, the place, even my room number in halls. But I didn’t go.”

“What happened?” Katie asked.

Lauren smiled even more broadly, and then, almost shyly said, “You know what happened.”

Part of Katie had always wondered if Lauren knew she had been there, watching. Jack, fixing her with his gaze as she came, had blocked out everything else so that she remembered only him in that moment. She knew before meeting her that Lauren had probably seen her too, or that Jack had at least told her. Why hadn’t Katie anticipated this part of seeing her again? She felt like a fool.

Lauren obviously saw the apprehension on Katie’s face. She reached across the table took one of her hands in both of hers, and looked at her compassionately. “No sweety,” she said softly, “I didn’t mean it like that. I didn’t mean it like I was angry with you.”

Katie bit her lip nervously. “No? I’m really sorry, Lauren.” Anxiety crawled through her. She had spied on this girl getting humiliated and getting pleasure from it. How could she not be angry about having her private moment stolen? And why was Katie only just realising the weight of it?

The reality of following up on her fantasy was looming and it was too much for her. She rose to leave. Lauren stood up too, keeping hold of Katie’s hand and moved around the table to sit next to her on the sofa. “Hey… I’m sorry honey,” she said soothingly, “I didn’t want to upset you. I thought you knew that I saw you watching.”

Katie sat back down, and Lauren stroked her hand. “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry,” she said looking directly into Katie’s eyes, filling her with warmth. She took one of her hands and placed against Katie’s cheek. “I’m serious sweety, I don’t want you to feel sorry.” Then more quietly, “I’m glad I shared it with you. I knew you were watching the whole time.”

What? Suddenly Katie’s fantasy world shook. “What do you mean?”

Lauren glanced over at the counter and lowered her voice further. “When Jack was eating my pussy I caught a glimpse of you on the stairs. I didn’t want Jack to stop so I didn’t say anything, and the more I felt your eyes on me, watching me get fucked, the more it turned me one. I was masturbating as much for you as I was for Jack on that counter.”

Katie felt stupid, ashamed, deceived. But more than all of those, she felt an overwhelming desire. Being told that Lauren had cum for her set light to her passions, and she felt her pussy begin to flow with her juice. She was confused as Lauren gazed into her eyes, her face full of concern. She was beautiful. Katie placed her hand on the side of Lauren’s neck. Her lips look so soft and perfect, nearly the same colour as her skin. Katie was overwhelmed by too many feelings. She gave in and pulled herself towards Lauren, kissing her deeply.

Lauren inhaled sharply as their lips met, and then moaned gently into their kiss. Katie sucked gently on Lauren’s bottom lip making her moan again, and then Lauren took Katie’s lip between hers sucking it wetly in return.

“Oh my god, you taste so good,” Lauren whispered as she pulled herself closer.

“Mmmm, so do you,” Katie replied, and flicked her tongue against Lauren’s top lip. In response, she opened her lips wider and Katie accepted her probing tongue into her mouth. She sighed with pleasure, sucking Lauren’s tongue and caressing it with hers. They continued for a minute before Katie realised what she was doing.

“Fuck, what am I doing?” Katie said quietly, breaking their kiss. “I don’t know what made me do that,” she said to Lauren apologetically, “I just…”

“It’s ok,” Lauren said, and smiled, “I liked it.” She adjusted how she was sitting so that her face was slightly above Katie’s and closed the gap very slowly, holding her gaze, closing her eyes as she brushed her lips against hers gently. “In fact,” she whispered sensuously, brushing against her again, “it’s really turning me on.”

Katie opened her eyes, Lauren’s lips so close to hers, tormenting her. “Really?” she quietly replied.

Lauren nodded gently, continuing her game of teasing Katie, without kissing her. Remaining as close to her mouth as she was, Lauren lightly took Katie’s hand in hers and pulled it towards herself. She pressed Katie’s hand against her uniform shirt and slowly slid it down. She fixed Katie with her gaze again, and rose up a little. She guided her hand downwards to the waistband of her trousers. Katie didn’t resist at all, just letting Lauren move her hand where she wanted it. With a firmer movement, Lauren gripped Katie’s wrist and pushed it past he top of her trousers, and into her panties.

Katie felt Lauren’s soft skin and then the hair of her mound. Lauren pushed her hand downwards even further and her fingers found the warm wetness of her labia. Lauren’s pussy was dripping. “Oh fuck,” Katie exclaimed as she slipped her fingers along the length of her slit. “You’re so wet,” she said into Lauren’s mouth. Lauren nodded again, rising up a little more.

“Like I said, you’re really turning me on.”

Katie’s passivity finally turned to action and she pushed her middle finger past Lauren’s lips, and all the way into her dripping hole. Lauren gasped with pleasure, immediately ending her teasing by pressing her lips against Katie’s, moaning delightedly into the kiss.

Lauren was up on her knee on the couch, giving Katie more room to slide her finger in and out. “Oh my god, that’s so good,” she whispered into her ear. Katie pressed her vaginal wall firmly with each stroke. Lauren began to unfasten the last buttons of her shirt, and Katie watched her hungrily, desperate to see Lauren’s breasts.

The door to the café opened before they were revealed, bringing them both crashing back to reality. Lauren stopped moving her hips in time with Katie’s thrusts, and Katie froze, finger still inside her. They moved apart slowly, as they listened to a woman make an order at the counter. Katie eased her finger out of Lauren’s pussy and took her hand out of her panties.

Lauren exhaled heavily and smiled, trying to compose herself. She stood, fastened the buttons on her shirt again discretely. “I’m finished at nine. Drive me home then?”

Katie stood and moved towards her. She kissed her gently one last time. “Fuck yes,” she said quietly, smiling, and then she turned and left the café.

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