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Jamal and Malik's Very Sexual Saturday

My best friend was bisexual and hanging out turns into my introduction to bisexual realm.
"Yeah, keep sucking it, man." I moaned as my best friend, Malik gave me a blowjob.

My hand found the back of his head, grabbing a handful of his dark haired braids. It was my second time receiving head from him in twenty-four hours. What we wrong (by Hood law), but damn did it feel oh so good. Malik was taking his sweet time trying to get me to pop my cork.

"Damn! You want me to nut don’t you?"

"Mmhm," Malik replied with a mouth full of cock.

He stopped sucking to say, "After last night...I owe you, Jamal."

My friend stroked my cock while taking my balls in his mouth. The nut had been building up for a minute now, but having my balls sucked on made me erupt.

"Oh shit," I groaned. "I’m cumming, I’m cumming!"

Large amounts of my man milk shot from me and to my amazement Malik took me back in his mouth and swallowed every drop. Malik and I lay back on his bed to let me get myself together after a hard climax.

"How was that?" Malik wanted to know.

"It was real good bro," I told him. "I bet that ass is better though."

Malik and I proceeded to sex each other crazy, but when it was over I couldn’t help, but think of about the past twenty-four hours. Before yesterday I didn’t have a bisexual bone in my body though now just the thought of being with a guy made my manhood brick up something fierce. I guess I had my best friend to thank for that. It all began yesterday afternoon when the two of us hanging out turned into my introduction to bisexual realm.


First off, I’d like to give you all some back story on my friendship with Malik. We’d been friends since we were little. We grew up side by side, developing a bond so strong that we were damn near brothers. Hell, if anyone saw us out in the street I’d say Malik was my brother and vice versa. If he wasn’t hanging out/spending the night at my house, I was around the corner over at his house. Growing up so close we had no secrets, no surprises between us. Well, there was one...and that was that Malik was bisexual. We kept that secret together. Now on any level I didn’t have any problem with it. Knocking someone for their sexual orientation wasn’t my thing in any way, but I couldn’t speak for the environment in which I lived. In the Hood, Ghetto, or what other name it’s known by a double standard exists. Females being lesbians are coolest thing ever while a man being gay or bisexual is met with ridicule and sometimes in extreme cases violence. If you looked at Malik though you’d never suspect anything out of the norm. He was my height standing at 5’11" and 210lbs with a caramel complexion and both arms etched in a few tattoos, but like anywhere else in the world rumors spread...even if on this occasion they were true rumors though it’s time to get back to the story you’re here for.


It was a very calm Saturday afternoon as after I'd finished all my weekend chores at home I went to hang out with my best buddy. It was one 'o clock, so I knew he was up and about. Coming to his front door I rang the doorbell and instantly his mom answered the door. I noticed right away that she was in her work clothes.

She smiled at the sight of me, "Hey Jamal."

I smiled back, "Hey Ms. Anita. Is Malik here?"

"He's upstairs." She told me. "I'm headed to work, so you know rules, right?"

I nodded, "Yes Ma'am."

Ms. Anita kissed my cheek, "Good, have fun and I'll bring you guys some food back. Is that cool?"

"Most definitely," I replied before watching her drive away.

I entered the house and called for my best friend.

"Malik! Malik, you up?!"

"Come on up, Jay!" I heard Malik's voice shout down.

"Your mom just left by the way!" I yelled back as I made way up to his room.

"What's up, man?" He asked as I came into his room.

Malik was sitting on his bed with a game controller in his hand.

"Nothing got done my chores so I thought I'd come over and chill with you."

"Cool," Malik said with a smile. "I was about to play Soul Calibur V ...grab a controller."

I smirked while picking up Malik's second controller knowing I'd beat him. I was a more of a gamer than my friend and after five versus matches (I beat him in each match) he wanted to play something else.

"I've got Mortal Kombat, Smack down vs. Raw, and Call of Duty, Jamal. Choose one,"

I shook my head, "You know I'll just beat you, Malik. Let's watch a movie,"

"Choose one...I've got some new ones."

The movies were stacked up next to the video games, but my eyes found another set of films beside those. I stared at a DVD cover with porn stars Misty Stone, Stacie Lane, and Samone Taylor on the cover.

"I've got some new porn," I said holding up the DVD.

Malik laughed, "That wasn't the kind of movie I had in mind, but let's watch it."

I gave my friend a look. I knew what he wanted our next activity to be. We were alone in the house with free reign to do whatever. Malik and I had masturbated together many times before.

"Really, you want to do this now, man?" I asked.

"I'm going to spend the night." I added quickly.

I spoke those words because we normally did our sexual acts at night before bed.

"I'm horny now though, Jamal and Mom's gone, so we don't have to sneak around to watch it."

I smirked at Malik knowing he was right, "Okay, but you're a horny fuck you know that right?"

"Yeah, but I've got a good one for us to watch." Malik said going through the DVDs and holding up a lone disk.

I sat back on Malik's bed as he put the disk in his Xbox360 then joined me on his bed. We watched as Bisexual Brothers 2 began to play. After the intro we watched two blacks guys start making out. Watching the scene, I felt a strange sensation run through me. I felt my cock harden in my pants, but all I could do was stare at the flick. What was I feeling inside? Was the sight of two guys kissing turning me on? It was and I couldn't deny matter how much I wanted to. The two guys stripped each other of their clothes and the bottom began giving the top head. I looked to my right to see Malik rubbing himself through his pants.

"Mmm," He moaned. "I see somebody likes what he's seeing."

"It's okay," I replied softly.

"Go on and stroke, Jay." Malik encouraged. "I see you getting hard over there."

Looking back at the TV screen, the guys were in the 69 position and it was a hot sight to behold. My dick was throbbing at this point, but I didn't want to give in. I was straight. Gay porn shouldn't have been turning me on...even though it was. Turning back to Malik, my bro had his dick out in his hand pleasing himself. His eyes were on me as he stroked his pipe. Glaring at Malik, I felt once again that strange sensation again. Another level of arousal hit me. First, it was the porno and now it was watching my friend stroking his cock. Who knew these homoerotic feelings lie inside me? I sure as hell didn't and it overwhelmed me a bit as my member was leaking pre-cum, yearning for release.

"Fuck," I groaned as my dick thumped and throbbed harder.

My cock's yearning won out and after undoing my pants, I pulled my dick out jerking it slowly. After holding back a while, it felt so good to touch myself.

"Yeah, get that nut, Jay." Malik moaned.

A tingling rose from my balls up through my shaft as my climax began its ascension. Pleasure was consuming me, but realization hit as neither of our eyes were on the TV. I glared with mad lust at Malik as he stared back with the same intensity, both of us beating our meat faster now and as if the mood couldn't get any more erotic, Malik started dirty to me.

"Come on, Jay…cum man." He urged me making me stroke even faster.

His words were filthy and they turned me on like nothing I'd felt before then.

I kept switching my stroking pace, "Ahh…I feel it, bro!"

I was so close about to shoot my seed. "I feel…oooh,"

"I want to see you bust, Jamal. Get that nut," My buddy urged and as if on cue, my baby maker (and Malik's) shot its load.

Winded and sexually sated, we fell back on the bed trying to catch our breath.

"Fuck that was so good." Malik breathed out.

My climax began to subside, "Man, when you're right, you're right, bro."

"You sure you're not, bi, Jay?" Malik asked laughing a bit. "You were hard as a rock,"

"I'm not really sure," I told him honestly. "I like pussy, but dudes are cool too. I'm not knocking you, Malik."

"I know, but don’t knock anything until you try it, huh?"

I smirked, "I feel you. Maybe one day I'll try dick, but I'm cool with pussy."

"Nice, but when you want to try...I can show you a few things."

My rolled my eyes, "You'd like to wouldn't you?"

"Yeah," He replied deadpan.

I laughed, "Let me find out you turn guys out, Malik."

He smirked, "I've been trying with you."

We both laughed at his comment at the moment, but little did I know that Malik was again deadpan in his statement.

For the rest the day we just relaxed watching movies, playing video games, snacking, and sleeping. A couple of hours fun tired us out we fell asleep at about four 'o clock and were woken up at six 'o clock in the evening by a steady knocking.

"Come in," Malik replied to the knocking with a yawn as he sat up.

"Were y’all sleeping?" We heard Malik’s mom ask.

I stood and stretched, "Yeah."

Ms. Anita came into the room carrying a pizza box and a brown paper with a bottle of Pepsi under her arm.

"I brought you guys’ dinner. A personal pizza for Malik and a Chicken Finger platter for Jamal."

We each took our food giving her nods of thanks.

"I know you want to relax Ma, so we’ll keep it down."

Ms. Anita sighed, "I wish I could relax."

"What’s up?" I asked.

"I’m working a double shift tonight," She explained. "I just stopped through to give you guys your food."

She looked to me, "Are you staying over, Jamal?"


"Then the guest room’s yours for the night."

Ms. Anita kissed us both, "I’ve got to go. Be good boys."

We gave the woman sweet departing words before she left to return to work.

"What now, man?" Malik asked. "We’re alone again."

I smiled, "We’re not jacking off again. How about some Call of Duty, but this time we play together, huh?"

Malik took a bite of pizza, "Now that sounds like fun."

The time passed quickly as we ate our dinner and played the video game. Before we knew it, it was ten-thirty. It was a fun day as a whole, but for me it was time to get some shuteye.

I let out a low yawn, "All right bro, I think it’s time I shut down for the night."

"Night man," Malik said patting me on the back. "I’ll be up if you need me."

I left the room and quickly entered the guest room. I didn’t have any pajamas to wear, so after taking my clothes off I climbed into bed with only my undershirt and boxers on. I began to relax instantly lying in bed as I thought of the day’s events, especially the masturbation session. Malik was bisexual and I had no problem with it, he’d also been trying to get me to try gay sex. I was guy and like most guys a homosexual thought crossed my mind. I’d declared that I was straight, but the gay urges were starting to win out.

"I could give it a try," I thought inwardly. "It’s with Malik and if I don’t like it we’ll just stop."

As if he was in my head, Malik gave the door a few hard knocks.

"Yeah, bro…come in."

Malik came into the room wearing a shirt and pajama pants.

I sat up in bed, "What’s up, man?"

Malik sat on the bed, "I was thinking about earlier and all."

I smiled, "Me too, it was pretty hot."

Malik’s hand found my thigh and rubbed on it, "Yeah, it was."

His actions were a bit forward and after realizing it, pulled back, "Oh sorry, Jay."

We both lay back on the bed, staring at each other.

"You really want me don’t you, bro? That’s why you put that gay flick on earlier,"

My best friend blushed confirming my statement to be true.

"You said if I wanted to try you could show me some things."

I caressed my pipe through my boxers, "Let see some things, bro."

At my request Malik’s hand snaked into my underwear playing with my junk. His fingers lingered on my balls until they wrapped around my love stick, stroking it slowly.

"Mmm, you like it, huh?" He teased. "I feel how much you do."

My cock grew semi-hard in his hand as he serviced me.

"That feels good," I groaned.

Malik didn’t reply with his words, but with his actions. He pulled my boxers away from me and laid eyes on my milk chocolate package for the second time of the day. Clear pre-cum formed at the tip of my dick and he rubbed it into my flesh before stroking me more. My friend’s skills in pleasuring another guy were on point. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. Malik’s hand gripped the base of me and I watched as his tongue lashed up my shaft. The sight of it turned me on just as much as the feeling. My eyes closed, immersed fully in the sensation of my buddy’s tongue lashing up, down, and all swirling all about my prick. His saliva oozed down my cock dampening my pubic area. I was so use to his tongue doing its thing that my eyes snapped open as Malik took me in his mouth.

"Fuck! Oh shit," I moaned as he started sucking my cock.

Malik smirked around the member that was currently in his mouth. He pulled his head back slowly and back into its original position just as slowly.

"God yes," I moaned as my hands tangled in the braids his hair was styled in. "Fuck, you give good head."

Malik continued with his treatment of my appendage, his hand coming to fondle my nuts while his other hand caressed my thigh. My hands tightened in Malik's hair, silently urging him on. As he kept on, I could feel myself coming closer and closer to climaxing. Malik could feel it too as I was panting and gripping his head as tight as I could.

"Malik…I-I'm …I'm cumming," I stuttered as I came hard, my seed erupting into his mouth.

I was a heavy cummer so to see my friend swallow surprised me. After such a hard climax I fought to catch my breath. Malik just lay beside until I was ready to continue . . . if I wanted to and I damn sure wanted to keep going. Waiting for me to get my second wind, Malik became a bit impatient.

"Damn Jamal . . . you’re done already?" He asked with a frown.

My strength began to return and I replied, "Not by a long shot . . . but damn you give some good head."

Malik gave a sly smile, "Thanks, but I know you can fuck as good as I suck a dick."

"After that blowjob, I definitely owe a little something, something."

I left for the bathroom and grabbed the KY jelly. Returning, I came in with the lube in one hand and my manhood in the other. Malik's response to the sight of me was crawling to the top of the bed and getting in the doggy-style position. He teasingly shook his ass at me. It might have been the heat of the moment, but my eyes found my brother's behind and admired it. He had a nice bubble shaped backside.

I began stroking my cock, "You want this dick, man?"

"Hell yeah, Jay. Are you going to give it to me?"

I said no words as I pulled his pajama pants and underwear down together. I got my cock nice and hard for him as I lubed up his ass, positioning myself behind him.

"Ahhhh!" He groaned in pleasure as my cock entered his ass all at once.

Malik’s ass felt incredible around my cock. I gripped his waist tightly and began thrusting into him.

"Oh my God," I groaned. "Your ass is so tight,"

Malik's hands dug into nails into the bed sheets moaning in raw lust. My member plunged into his rectum over and over causing him to scream and shout. I thanked God Ms. Anita wasn't there because we must certainly would have gotten caught.

"Oh fuck," He moaned brokenly as I penetrated him again.

As I fucked him, Malik stroked his cock getting harder and harder that I knew he'd blow at any minute. We were both in a fucking frenzy as we got caught in a steady rhythm; me pumping into him and Malik pumping back onto me. It felt amazing as I was balls deep inside my best friend, each of us about to climax. I couldn't see it, but at the sound of Malik's sped up breathing I knew he'd cum.

"Oh shit!" He shouted as I was sure there was now cum on the bed sheets and I was busting my load right behind him.

"Aw fuck, Malik!" I yelled as my seed shot forth in large spurts, filling his ass.

Pulling out, I slumped to my knees, "Fuck . . . that was good, man."

"I told you, bro don’t knock until you try it," Malik replied with a whisper.

I let out a laugh, "When you're right, you're right, man. I enjoyed every minute of it,"

We both sprawled on the bed in the dark, quickly after our romp falling into a peaceful sleep. When I woke up this morning I found Malik wasn't there anymore. He most likely went back to his room in the middle of the night so that Ms. Anita wouldn't suspect anything. Coming into his room, I found him watching TV.

"Morning man," I said with smile.

"Morning, you know what you want to do today?"

Instantly I grabbed his hand and placed it on my morning wood, "I can think of something..."

Malik smiled confirming that he was down for another sex session. We'd had a very sexual Saturday and now Sunday was going to be no different. At the start of this I proclaimed to be completely straight, but now bisexually was certainly well worth a long try.

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Posted 11 Jan 2014 08:51
This was a very hot and erotic story. Well done. 5
Posted 23 Sep 2013 02:34
I wish there were more stories about Jamal and Malik. It was hot!
Posted 03 May 2013 09:32
that is one hot story. Very well done.

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