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Kate's Trip Part One

Kate goes to visit her cousin to forget her cares and is taken care of by a man and a woman.....

Kate planned a visit with her cousin in Miami for a weekend late in July. It seemed everything was changing and she needed some fun to help her get her mind off of it all. Her cousin Millie had just moved to a beach house and she told Kate that she could spend a few nights with her. She packed, kissed everyone goodbye, and got on the plane. She sat in an empty row and sat next to the window. The plane filled up rather quickly. A woman walked up to the row and asked if anyone was sitting next to her. Kate said no and she plopped down. She seemed flustered and Kate just put her ear-buds in and waited for take-off.

The flight started, it was going to be a quick one, just about an hour. Kate just looked out the window, thinking about him. The man she was so desperately in love with whom had broken her heart so many times and she couldn’t think of no one else. He was the best lover she had ever had. They liked the same things, enjoyed each other’s company, and man could he cook. They had a love affair that lasted four years, incurred four break ups and just went through the worst thing that could happen to them. The last break up was for him to start a relationship with another woman. This divested Kate. Only that was not the end of them, only a few weeks into his relationship with her, they started to have sex again. They would meet in cars, at each other’s work, a few times at lunch at one others home. They emailed each other with a secret email and sexted, skyped and any other way they could think of to get each other off.

Then he got caught. His girlfriend found out, and made him call Kate and tell her it was over, she made him say things that hurt her even more. She tried to call him and her number was blocked. Over the next couple of weeks the other woman and one of his long ago x-girlfriends emailed, texted and called him and Kate telling them how horrible of people they were. Kate tried to support him, they even met up once or twice, but he eventually told Kate he needed some time to himself to figure everything out. Kate hadn’t heard from him in months.

During the flight they hit a little turbulence and the woman sitting next to her got a little nervous and grabbed onto the armrest, the same arm rest on which Kate’s arm was resting. Kate jumped since the woman’s grip was tight. The woman apologized and Kate told her not to worry. It happened again and this time the woman’s touch was gentle. It gave a little spark in Kate this time. They looked at one another and smiled. The woman’s smile gave Kate butterflies in her stomach. Kate didn’t understand what was happening. The woman saw Kate’s confusion and knew Kate was feeling the same thing as her.

She introduced herself as Ayna. What an erotic name Kate thought. She was beautiful, her skin was very tan, her hair was dark and she had beautiful round breast, she was wearing a tight top that showed them off perfectly. Kate could not believe how she was checking this woman out, and she could feel that Ayna was too. They made small chit chat for the rest of the flight. Ayna lived in Miami and was just returning from a frustrating trip with her mother. Since Ayna has moved away, her mother keeps giving her a hard time about not spending time with her. Not having a man in her life, her career, anything she can bitch about she does.

Well, the flight had landed and Ayna said to Kate, I hope we can hang out while you are in town. I would love to meet you for a bite or a drink. Kate agreed and the two exchanged numbers. Kate was a bit excited and she knew she would have fun with her. They went to baggage claim and got there bags. Ayna told Kate good bye and gave her a peck, half on her lips. It was soft, it made Kate tingly. She was in shock how this woman was making her feel. They stepped out and Millie was already at the curb to pick her up.

Millie and Kate hugged, threw her bags in the car and headed off. Millie had just moved this summer to a house on the beach. Kate could not believe her eyes when they got to her house. The view of the ocean was superb. It was nice and open and full of windows. It was amazing and Kate knew she could not wait to relax the next few days here. Millie showed her to a room. It was nice and had a window that overlooked the beach. She could see the ocean for miles and miles, oh how beautiful. She wished he was there with her. All she could think about was him. She needed to get him out of her head. She soon got a text.

The text was from Ayna. She told her that she loved meeting her and hoped they could see each other while she was in town. Kate replied and told her she would love it. Ayna next text said, When? Kate didn’t know. She had to see what was going on. She freshened up a bit and went to find Millie.

Millie’s boyfriend Ted had showed up and she introduced him to Kate. He was handsome, well-built and you could see he was totally in love with Millie. Kate was so happy for her. She had a bad break up from her husband and was in need of a good man in her life. They were perfect together. Kate was jealous, she wanted that so bad.

Millie said “We are going to head out around 5, if that is okay with you? We are going to hit a local bar we love for happy hour and then grab something to eat. A few of my friends are going to meet up with us is that okay?”

“Sure, can’t wait. I am going upstairs to get ready then.”

She texted Ayna and told her Millie had plans for her tonight maybe tomorrow they could get together. Ayna sent back a sad face and was hoping to see her tonight. She also said she was sorry for being so forward. She just really couldn’t wait to see her again. Kate replied back, “yeah me either.”

Kate got herself fixed up. Put a little make up on, a cute summer dress, and fixed her hair. She went out into the living room to meet up with Millie and Ted to head out. They road up the road a little ways to a bar, it was on the beach. Kate loved it, it was pretty packed, it was a Friday and Happy Hour. Millie saw her friends sitting at a table, and they went to them. Kate had meet Millie’s friends a few years back when she came for a visit. They were fun girls. Kate was looking forward to having a good time with them again. They ordered drinks and were cutting up. Anya had texted Kate a few times and Kate told her where they were.

After a few drinks they decided to have dinner. Another friend of Millie’s joined them, Mark, he was tall, dark and handsome. Millie introduced Mark to Kate and he sat down next to her. Kate started to think this might be a set up. Mark was single and he was very attractive. They both started to flirt with each other and Kate now a little tipsy was enjoying the attention.

“Kate, you know you met Mark before,” Millie said.

“Oh I have, you must have been at Millie’s wedding because that is the only time it could have been.”

“Yes,” Mark replied.

Millie continued with Mark and Kate’s previous meeting. “Remember what happened on that trip when you were here?”

Kate knew what she was talking about. “Yes I remember.” Kate turned red, “Oh no, you are not him?” She said to Mark, he just smiled and Millie was laughing. “I am so embarrassed,” Kate giggled. Millie told the rest of the story to the others and Kate was just red and Mark was smiling at her.

When Kate had visited for Millie’s wedding at 15, she stayed a day or two in a hotel with their aunt and Kate left her underwear in the hotel room’s dresser drawer. Mark went and picked them up for her and brought them back to Millie’s house where she stayed for the rest of the trip.

Mark patted his hand on her leg and said “Not to worry. That was a long time ago and you can’t still have those same panties now do you?”

Kate giggled, and enjoyed Mark’s hand on her thigh. He left it linger there for a few more minutes.

The gang ate dinner and then stayed around for the music for a little longer. Kate got another text, it was Ayna, it said look up. When Kate looked up Ayna was at the bar. Kate smiled and excused herself. She hugged her and asked what she was doing there.

“Please forgive me. I couldn’t help myself, I only live a few blocks from here and frequent this bar quite often.”

“No it is okay.”

The bartender walked up to Anya and greeted her as an old friend, “Your usual?

“Yes thanks,” and he fixed her drink.

So they talked for a few and Kate said I better get back. Just as she was about to go back Mark walked up to her. “I thought you might want this,” it was her drink. Kate introduced Mark and Ayna and told him that they had met on the plane. Ayna to was taken by how handsome he was. The three started to talk and Mark got another beer.

Kate excused herself to go to the restroom and Ayna pointed her to it. Ayna and Mark were left there alone. Ayna asked if Mark liked Kate, he said he was attracted to her, but knew she was only here for a few days. Mark asked Ayna the same question. She said the same thing. A spark of jealousy took over them both. They knew now there was going to be a little competition for her this weekend. Kate came back from the bathroom she told Ayna to join them. Ayna went to the table with her and Mark and she introduced everyone. Mark offered her his seat and he stood behind Kate. Music was playing and everyone was enjoying the evening. Kate found herself flitting with Mark and Ayna. She didn’t understand her attraction to the woman she met on the plane.

Finally the evening came to an end. One by one Millie’s friends started to leave. Millie asked Kate if she was ready. Kate actually was, she was tired from the trip and the alcohol. Ayna had gone to the bar and she went up to her and told her she was leaving. Ayna was disappointed but understood. She gave Kate a kiss, this time on all of her lips, just a peck but still a kiss. Kate felt the electricity go through her body and was becoming very curious what that meant.

Kate told her they would talk tomorrow and couldn’t wait to see her again. She walked back to the table and proceeded to leave. Mark walked out with them. He told Kate it was great seeing her again and asked her if she would want to hang out on Sat with him. She looked at Millie, Millie nodded approval and Kate said she would love to.

Millie said “Come by the house around 3. We can BBQ and have a beach party.” Kate was excited. Millie said “Mark has awesome grilling skills so he can do the cooking”, everyone laughed and he said he would love to.

Mark kissed Kate goodnight. His kiss was like Ayna’s and sent the same wave of electricity though Kate.

So the next day Mark came over to Millie’s. He BBQ, they played on the beach, they drank, they kissed. This time when Mark kissed Kate it was with passion and it made Kate’s knees weak. No one else ever kissed her this way except her X. She was excited by the feelings she was having with Mark. He was so nice to her, he was so good looking and he was so right there, right now. She decided to go with it since she was on vacation. She welcomed every smile, every touch and every kiss.

Millie and Ted had to go out for the evening and left Mark and Kate to clean up the mess. They did. They enjoyed the evening on the back porch and the breeze off the ocean was breathtaking. They sat in on the little sofa next to each other and talked. They talked about their lives. They talked about sports they talked about food. It was a wonderful evening. The kisses were getting longer and more often. They were getting braver with each other.

Mark got up took her hand and led her to the beach for a walk. It was beautiful on the beach at night. The ocean was crashing up to their feet. They came to a part on the beach that was hidden away from everyone and everything. Mark stopped them there. He cupped Kate’s face in his hands and drew her in for a kiss. They started to make out. He broke away from their kisses and took off his shirt, laid it on the ground, and then he guided Kate down to it so she could sit on it. He sat next to her, and started to make out with her some more.

They laid back in the sand and Marks hands started to explore Kate’s body. He started by running his hand up her short cover up and moving up to her breast. He grabbed at them, over her bathing suit top. He reached all the way up and undid the small knot at the back of her neck that held up her top. He moved the fabric down and his bare hands were on her bare chest now. He ran her nipples through his fingers. Then he slowly started to kiss down her neck, moving closer to his hands. As he got closer he moved the fabric of her cover up away and moved his mouth to her nipple. He licked and kissed at her hard nipples.

His hand started to move down her stomach, reaching the top of her bottoms. His hand slid into the top and moved quickly to her already wet clit. At the moment his fingertip reached her tip, he bit at her nipple and her pussy tightened up and her clit pulsed with excitement.

Their foreplay continued for a few minutes. Kate was pinned to the ground under Mark’s body. She didn’t think she could move. She didn’t need to, he was doing it all. He did it so well. He pushed up the bottom of her dress, and tugged at her bottoms, Kate raised her hips so he could free her of them. Once he had exposed her shaven pussy, he bent down and started to kiss her clit, then her pussy lips. His tongue started to explore her now wet slit, teasing it up and down, twirling her clit with his tongue. Kate’s body started to quiver with excitement. Then he plunged his tongue into her pussy, going as deep as he could, he flicked it around inside her. She was in total ecstasy. Her pussy tightened up on his tongue, she started to moan louder, her clit pulsated and then she exploded. He licked up all her cum and continued to bring her to another smaller orgasm before he had enough.

He sat up onto his knees. He undid his trunks and his hard cock popped right out. Kate had sat up on her elbows to watch. She wanted to see his cock. It was big, one of the biggest ones she had seen. He stroked it a few time to assure it was hard. He leaned down to kiss Kate. She could taste herself still on his mouth. It was sweet, yet salty. His kisses were amazing. Then Kate felt his big cock enter her. It hurt at first as her lips opened as wide as they could for his dick. He plunged deep into Kate. He rocked back and forth on top of her, pushing his cock deeper each time into her.

“Oh yes, yes” she said.

He arched his back as he shoved deep into her and he let out this loud grunt. He shoved a little more and did it again. Kate’s orgasm was in full force, the waves of the ocean were crashed on the shore, and he cam along with her. When he was done he laid on top of her and kissed her sweetly, then rolled off of her. Kate laid there for a minute.

He took her hand is his, and rolled up again to kiss her shoulder, he looked up at her and said “Let’s get back to the house.”

They got dressed and hurried back to the house. They got to the deck and kissed a few more time before going inside. When they got in Millie and Ted were just getting back. Millie smiled at her cousin, asking if they went for a walk on the beach.

Mark said “Yes it was a gorgeous night.” He was still holding her hand and Kate smiled as she looked at him.

“I hope you will be staying the night Mark, it is late and you have been drinking”, Millie said to him.

Kate looked at him again, as he said “Thanks that would be cool. I really don’t feel like driving right now.”

Millie teasingly said “I bet you don’t.”

“I will just crash here on the couch I guess.” Kate began to giggle. Millie just rolled her eyes and went off into the bedroom with Ted, saying Good Night as she did.

They locked up the door, turned out all the lights and went to Kate’s bedroom. It was on the other side of the house form Millie’s so they had a bit of privacy. They continued from the beach and made love again before dosing off, then again as the sun was peeking through the sheer curtains on the widow at day break. He was so gentle, he was so attentive, and he gave her some powerful orgasms. They cuddled in the bed for hours dozing off and on all morning.

Finally they got up. Mark went home, but promised to be back later. Kate got dressed for the day and checked her phone, fifteen text messages, ten missed calls and five voicemails, all from Ayna. Kate forgot all about her and started reading through them all. At first they were playful, then starting to get a little mean, then downright ugly. Kate thought to herself, I did ignore her all day, mainly because she didn’t even have her phone, so she was going to play this off and text her.

Hello sorry I couldn’t find my phone all day and it was dead….. Just turning it back on now. How are you?

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