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Kate's Trip Part Three

It's Kate's last night who gets her?
Kate hurried to her car. She didn’t want to leave Ayna but she wanted to see Mark too. She was so torn. Ayna opened her up to new experiences but she was falling for Mark and knew that he was who she wanted to spend her last two nights with. She got into the car and called Mark right away. He didn’t answer at first. She hoped he wasn’t upset with her. She was driving and kept checking her phone. “Why isn’t he calling?” she asked the phone. She was driving and driving and realized she was lost. She didn’t want to worry Millie, and she couldn’t call Ayna. She called Mark again, this time he picked up.

“Oh thank God!”

“What’s the matter are you okay?” Mark said in a concerned voice.

“No, I think I am lost.” Kate was about to cry. “I left Ayna’s dad’s house. He lived right on the canal, and I can’t find Millie’s beach house.”

“Okay calm down, baby, calm down. Do you know what street you are on? Give me a landmark you are around.”

Kate did, and he led her straight to Millie’s, where he was waiting. Kate just smiled at him and he said, “I was close so I thought I would wait for you. Is that okay?”

Kate just nodded her head and he pulled her in close to him and hugged her. Kate realized she had to be a mess after the afternoon she had with Ayna. She could not kiss him, what if he tasted Ayna on her? Can he smell her? Does she smell like sex? All these questions raced through Kate’s mind. “Come on in," she told him, "I have to get freshened up and then we can go to dinner, if you still want to. I am so sorry for earlier." She couldn’t stop talking. He finally interrupted her and said he had to go change too. He wanted Kate to get dressed up in her best outfit he was taking her somewhere special.

Kate went to get ready. Ayna texted a few times, but Kate didn’t know what to say. So she ignored it and got ready for her special evening with Mark. She felt a little guilty toward them both. She put on her little black dress her nude colored fuck-me pumps and put her hair up. She took extra care making herself look elegant and beautiful tonight. She knew she only had two more nights with Mark and she didn’t want him to forget them.

Mark arrived right on time, he looked so handsome and Kate just melted when he greeted her with a kiss. They chit chatted with Millie and Ted and then went on their way. Mark drove and drove what seemed like forever along the beachfront road. The night was beautiful and the ride was divine. They pulled up to the restaurant and the valet opened the door for Kate and took off with the car as they entered. The place was marvelous. Kate had never been to such a place before and was so excited for the evening.

They were seated right away and Mark ordered a bottle of wine for them to drink. Kate looked at the menu and couldn’t decide what to eat, everything looked so good. She asked Mark about things and he made suggestions. “Do you take all your dates here?” Kate asked with a giggle.

He said, “Only the beautiful ones.” Kate blushed. She was loving the feelings Mark was stirring in her and was sad that in 2 days she would be back home alone, missing him so much.

The waiter came back and they ordered and before they knew it they had their salads and needed a new bottle of wine. They were flirting and enjoying every moment. Then Mark asked a question that totally threw Kate off her game.

“How was lunch with Ayna?”

She forgot she told him that is where she had been earlier and the way he asked it almost seemed like he knew what happened already. Kate shyly responded with, “Good”.

Then another shocker. “Did she try to get you in bed?”

“What?!” Kate almost choked on her lettuce.

Mark proceeded to tell her about the other night, when they both admitted to wanting her. Kate didn’t know how to take this. “I am cool with it, I know you are incredible and I would want you too if I was a woman.”

Kate was totally speechless, and didn’t know what to say. Mark could tell and apologized. The next course came out and Kate could barely eat. Mark reached over and touched her hand and said he was sorry over and over again. “Please don’t be upset with me?” Kate looked up and smiled, his touch sent waves through her body. He was so handsome. Kate didn’t know why she was upset. She felt guilty for being with them both, but at the same time enjoyed them both so much.

“I am not upset, this is a lovely evening and I don’t want to be anywhere else, or with anyone else.”

They continued dinner and then went for a walk on the beach. They talked and joked and kissed. No mention of Ayna again.

Mark brought Kate back to Millie’s and Kate asked him up. He politely said he was going to go home, he wanted her to rest up for tomorrow. It was going to be her last day and they had a get together planned with her family. He would be there early to meet up with them before heading over to it. She was happy he was planning on coming with her and could not wait. He was such a gentleman and she was falling hard for him.

Her phone was full of messages from Ayna. She didn’t know what to say to her. She just didn’t want to ruin the mood she was in so she didn’t read any of them. She went to her room and went to bed, she slept very well after the day she had.

The next day everyone went to the party at another family member’s house so Kate could see everyone. It was so good to see everyone and Mark knew them all from being Millie’s friend for all these years. Everyone had a great time. The story from Millie’s wedding was brought up a few times over the day. Kate was so embarrassed each time. Mark just held her hand and smiled. In the car on the way back Kate got a call from Ayna, she answered. Ayna was upset but tried to play it cool. “What is going on? Do you not what to talk to me? Are you with Mark? “ Kate tried to calm her down and told her she was with Millie and her family they just had a get together. She also said they were all on their way to the bar from the other night. She was welcome to come join them and Mark would be there.

When they got there Ayna was waiting at the bar. Kate went up to her alone. Ayna was not happy and Kate tried to reason with her. She was sorry she didn’t talk to her earlier, things were going on that she didn’t have control over and Ayna started to come around. Kate gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek and told her not to ruin her last night.

“Let’s have fun,” and they did.

As the night went on Kate could see the tension between her lovers. They were trying to outdo the other for Kate's attention and affections. Kate was having fun with it. At one point the three of them were at the bar doing shots and Kate made a joke about taking them both home. Mark and Ayna looked at each other and at Kate, and both said, “Okay”. Mark said lets go to my place. Kate didn’t know what to do. Mark went to Millie and said that he and Kate were going to head out. Millie smiled and told them to have fun. Kate said her goodbyes and the three of them left together.

They all got in Mark’s car and headed to his apartment not far from there. When they got to his place, Kate was a little scared, but was also a little drunk so her inhibitions were low. Mark offered them a beer and they sat around the living room. Ayna sat next to Kate, and Mark on the other side of her. Mark put his hand on Kate’s leg and started to rub it. Ayna did it too. Mark started to kiss Kate’s neck, Ayna had to do it. Ayna moved her hand higher up Kate’s skirt and Mark went up higher. They were trying to outdo the other. Kate didn’t know if she liked this or not. They were fighting over her with sex. She leaned back and moaned out as they fought their ways to her pussy.

Mark’s finger entered her first. Ayna had to settle for her clit. Both of them were getting Kate excited. Mark had started to kiss down her neck and was trying move away the top of her dress as he fingered her. Ayna moved up on her knees and was kissing Kate's mouth. She was kissing her hard and shoving her tongue into her mouth harder and harder. Ayna had one hand behind Kate’s head and the other still on her clit, she had moved her own pussy up to her hand and was grinding it into the back of her hand giving herself pleasure too.

Mark had freed one of Kate’s tits and started to lick and suck on her nipple. Ayna started to fight with Mark’s fingers in Kate’s pussy trying to enter it also. Ayna won and moved him out of her way. Mark backed off a bit, but not for long. Kate could see what was going on. She broke away from them both.

“You two have to stop. Kiss each other,” she demanded. “Go ahead.”

They reluctally did. “Better than that.” Mark did, he took Ayna’s face into his hands and kissed her, Ayna’s knees got weak.

“Now was that so hard? Let’s go into the bedroom and do this right.” She led them to the bed. She was undressing as she did and was naked when they got there. She turned to them and told them to get naked and meet her in the middle. They did, and this time they were all friendly. Kate laid back on the bed. Ayna laid next to her and Mark, knelt between her legs and pulled her pussy to his hard cock. Ayna and Kate made out as Mark fucked Kate. Then they switched places and he put his cock deep in Ayna. Ayna told Kate to sit on her face and she sucked and licked at Kate’s pussy while Mark plunged his cock deep into her. Ayna and Kate’s orgasm came at the same time. He was not far behind. He pulled his cock out of Ayna and came all over her stomach. Kate reached down and spread his hot cum all over them both.

Mark laid down next to them and they took a short break, Ayna went to the bathroom. Kate crawled up on to Mark, and started to jerk him until he got rock hard again, which was not long. She sat back ways on him so her pussy was exposed as his cock parted her dripping pussy lips and slid right in. Ayna walked out and Kate looked at her, she was riding Mark pretty good now, bucking up and down on his hard cock. She looked in Ayna’s eyes and without even saying a word, Ayna knew what she wanted her to do. Ayna dove right into her pussy. She was licking away at Kate’s clit while she was riding up and down, when Kate would go up, Ayna would go down and lick down Mark to his balls. Then she would go back up and meet Kate’s hard puffy clit. Ayna couldn’t take it and started to play with her own pussy as she was doing this. Kate realized this and decided to make a change.

Kate moved, releasing Mark from her and got on all fours, Mark got up behind her and started to pound her pussy again. Ayna crawled under her and went back to working on her pussy. Kate leaned forward and began to lick at Ayna. She was so wet and tasted so delightful. They went at this for a few more minutes. Kate being fucked and sucked at the same time and she was eating Ayna’s pussy, total ecstasy. Again their orgasms started up together. Ayna came first squirting all over Kate’s face. Then Mark was starting to moan louder and his cock started to explode deep inside of Kate. His cum started to run out of Kate and on to Ayna, Kate started to cum also. Mark bucked one last time and pulled out. Ayna grabbed all of Kate’s pussy with her mouth and took all of Kate and Mark’s cum into her mouth.

They collapsed after that and laid there in each other’s arms. They fell asleep. Kate’s trip was over now, and was well worth it.

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