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Kate's Trip Part Two

Kate's trip continues with more amazing sex, this time from Ayna
Hello sorry I couldn’t find my phone all day and it was dead….. Just turning it back on now. How are you?

Ayna waited a few minutes before answering her and texted back that is okay, was hoping we could hang out today? Kate put Sure. Kate went down to see what Millie and Ted were up to, they were sprawled out on the sofa’s watching TV in their PJs. Kate asked what was going on and they said they were taking it easy today if she didn’t mind. Kate told them Ayna wanted to hang out so she was going to go have lunch with her. She told Ayna she would meet her in 30 minutes. Millie gave Kate the keys and she was off to see Ayna.

Ayna gave Kate an address and Kate plugged it into the GPS and found it with no problem. She pulled up to a great big house. Kate was confused, and she texted Ayna and she answered with a security code to get in the gate. Kate was nervous, she punched in the numbers and the gate swung open. She drove up the drive to the front door and Ayna was there waiting. She parked the car and walked around to Ayna. The beautiful woman from the plane greeted Kate with a big kiss and a hug. Kate felt butterflies in her stomach when their lips meet. Shocked by both the butterflies and the house Kate just looked at Ayna in amazement. Ayna said, “Come on in. This is my father and stepmom’s place they are in Tahiti and I am house sitting come on let me show you around.”

Ayna showed Kate around. When they got upstairs to the room Ayna was staying in, she showed her the balcony. Her view was incredible. You could see everything from there. The big yachts parked in the Intercostal, the other houses along it. You could see all the big Hotels that lined the beach. It was beautiful here.

“Is your dad Donald Trump or something?” Kate asked.

“No but he lives three doors down.” They laughed.

The room was spectacular, from the view to the huge bed and the beautiful paintings. Kate was in awe of this house. Ayna came up behind her as she looked out the sliding glass door that opened to the balcony. She put her hands on Kate’s arm and started to rub them up and down, she whisper in her ear “Like the view?” Then she kissed her ear. Kate was frozen, her breath in her ear sent shockwaves down her body, the touch of her hands gave her goose bumps, and the kiss made her pussy tighten. Kate was confused, but aroused. She just went with it, she knew the attraction was there from the minute she grabbed her arm in the plane. Ayna continued to kiss her neck, then her shoulder.

Kate enjoyed the touch of this woman. Ayna started to undress Kate, making the little sundress she was wearing drop to the floor. All that was left was her bra, she unclasped it from the back and ran her hands up to her breast, then one hand went down her stomach to her bare mound. Ayna hands were like silk on Kate’s skin. When her fingers reached her already wet clit, Kate jumped with excitement. Ayna, still kissing her neck and shoulders, now started to move down her back to her round ass. Her arms were wrapped around her hips and Ayna’s tongue was running the crack of her ass.

Ayna turned Kate around with all her might, her pussy was right there for her to divulge. Ayna spread Kate’s legs and went straight to her clit poking out at her. She licked at it and Kate’s body started to shake. Ayna went deeper to her pussy and her clit started to throb. Kate’s body was in total ecstasy at this point, her legs were weak and she was shaking. When Ayna’s tongue went into her pussy she yelled out “YES!” Her pussy tightened up and she began to cum. Ayna just continued to push her tongue into Kate as her cum was dripped down Ayna’s chin.

When Kate’s orgasm started to subside, Ayna backed away from the dripping pussy and stood up. She took Kate’s hand and led her to the bed. She gently laid her down. She undressed herself and lay on top of Kate, she pressed her naked body hard into Kate’s, their breasts were pushed together, their pussies pressed hard into each other’s, and she kissed Kate’s lips. Kate tasted herself on Ayna’s lips. Ayna probed her tongue between Kate’s lips and they started to kiss passionately, their bodies rubbed together. Ayna was wet and she could feel the excitement rising in her clit. Kate was pinned under Ayna, she held her hands over her head and she could not move as Ayna had her way again with Kate’s body.

Ayna’s kisses attached every inch of Kate’s body. She ran up and down her body, kissing her breast, her nipples, her stomach, her bellybutton. Ayna’s kisses sent waves and waves throughout her whole body. She was squirming under Ayna’s body. She was rubbing her pussy on one of Ayna’s legs as hard as she could to satisfy her need right now. She was moaning and squirming. Kate knew she could cum again and again under Ayna’s trance.

Ayna was ready to satisfy her needs too. She sat up, put one leg under Kate’s leg and one leg over Kate’s other, she scooted her pussy up to Kate’s and started to rub them together. Kate moaned louder and loader now. Ayna joined her. They got louder as they fucked each other with their clits. Their pussies got juicy. Kate sat up with her hands behind her and watched Ayna’s tits flop up and down as she road Kate’s pussy. Kate bit her lips as she watched them. She wanted to taste them. She wanted them in her mouth. Ayna was on the brink, and she threw her body back in an arch and pushed her pussy hard into Kate. Kate could feel Anya’s pussy quiver on her own, and her pussy started to do the same.

Ayna fell back on the bed after she stopped cumming. Kate crawled up to Ayna’s mouth and started to kiss her, just as she had done to Kate. She was over Ayna’s body. She kissed her mouth, and stuck her tongue deep into her warm mouth. She started to kiss down her body, just as Ayna did, stopping at her luscious breast. She softly kissed her nipples. She took the whole thing into her mouth and sucked on it hard. Then the other, doing the same, kissing then sucking, back and forth between her two beautiful mounds on her chest. Ayna was moaning. Her pussy was throbbed. Then Kate started to move down her stomach, and Ayna knew what was next. Kate was going to taste her. Ayna’s pussy tightened at the thought of Kate’s tongue on her clit, inside her pussy. She couldn’t wait any longer and she pushed Kate’s head down to her awaiting pussy, and raised it up to Kate’s mouth. “Please taste me?” she whispered.

Kate stuck her tongue out and licked at her swollen clit. Flicking it back and forth, then she traced Ayna’s lips with her tongue. Ayna’s pussy was creamy with her white cum all over it. Kate licked it all away with her tongue. She went up and down her slit just stopping at her pussy hole. Then back up again. The next time Kate was at her pussy hole, Ayna pushed Kate’s head deeper into her and told her, “Fuck me with your tongue.” Kate did, she pushed her tongue as far in as she could. Ayna held her head there and she twisted and turned her tongue inside of her, searching for her g-spot. She must have found it, because Ayna’s body started to buck and her pussy tightened up on Kate’s tongue. Kate felt her cum squirt out of her and onto her face. She felt it on her tongue. She felt it drip down her chin. Cum was everywhere, even dripping from her own pussy, running down her leg.

Ayna didn’t let go of Kate’s head right away, she came for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally stopped and let go of Kate, she made her way up to Ayna and started to kiss her again. They lay there kissing their bodies intertwined, rubbing, touching kissing all afternoon. They made love two more times. It was another blissful experience on Kate’s trip.

After a while of lying there naked, Ayna asked if she was hungry. Kate was starved. Ayna put on her little summer dress, no bra, she told Kate to stay there she would be right back and headed to the kitchen. Kate’s phone went off for what seemed like the hundredth time. It was Mark. He wanted to have dinner with her tonight. He couldn’t wait to see her again. Kate was confused. She had fallen for Mark in the short time they were together the last two days. He was amazing to her. But this afternoon changed Kate forever. Ayna was amazing too. What was she going to do? She texted Mark and said she was still having lunch with Ayna, and when she was done, she would call him. She wanted to see him also. She did, but right now Ayna had her in her web and knew Ayna was not letting her go anytime soon.

Ayna came back up with food. They ate, there in her bed, naked. Once they were done, Ayna started again, and made love to Kate again. Kate never in her life came as much as she did that afternoon, in that room with the view. She watched as her phone went off again and again. She knew it was Mark and she wanted to go to him.

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