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Movie Theatre Meeting (Part 1)

I got more than I anticipated when I bunked off work one afternoon.
Movie Theatre Meeting (Part 1)

A story I recently read resonated with me due to the similarity between the writer’s experience and an incident that occurred to me many years ago. At the time I was in my early twenties, had only recently married and was working as a sales representative. On a cold and wet winter's afternoon, when sales were really slow, I decided to go to a movie to kill some time. It wasn't an x-rated movie, just a regular mainstream one. Partway through the movie I got up and went out to the toilets and on my return found an older man sitting next to my seat. I didn't think anything of it initially, but after several minutes felt his knee resting against mine. It didn't bother me so I didn't move, and several minutes later I felt his hand lightly touch my knee. Once again, I didn't move, as I was intrigued as to what would happen next.

It didn't take long to find out. After a couple of minutes his fingers first began to stroke my knee and then began to slowly move over to the inside of my thigh, gradually creeping higher. I felt my cock growing stiff in excitement and anticipation. When his fingers reached my crotch and discovered my stiff cock, he leaned close and whispered to me to take it out. Reaching down, I unzipped and lifted my cock out, my heart pounding with excitement. His cool fingers found it and closed around it. He gave a little intake of breath and leaned across to tell me it was a big one. It's actually not particularly long, but it's thicker than most. He moved back into his seat and began to slowly massage my cock, occasionally reaching into my pants to cup my balls.
He kept it up for about thirty or forty minutes, alternating between fondling my knob, feeling my swollen balls, and gently massaging my shaft. He was making me harder and harder, but didn't set up the rhythmic stroking that by now I desperately wanted so as to give me relief. He leaned close again, telling me he was going out to the toilets, and that I was to follow him once he had left the theatre. I forced my erection back into my trousers, watching as he left the auditorium, gave him another few seconds and then followed.

As I came out of the darkness and into the bright lights in the foyer, I saw the man waiting outside the men's toilets. Seeing me approaching he turned and went inside. I followed him in. The room was empty, and when he opened a cubicle door and motioned for me to join him I quickly followed him. He pulled down the toilet lid and sat down as I closed and bolted the cubicle door. As I turned to face him he quickly unzipped me and pulled my trousers down my hips. Lifting my stiff cock from my underpants and pulling me close to him, he bent forward to take my knob in his hot mouth, running his tongue over it as he began to pump my shaft with quick, firm strokes, cupping my balls with his other hand.

I was so worked up that it didn't take many minutes before I was pumping a heavy load of cum into his waiting mouth. He swallowed greedily, milking my cock until he had wrung the last drops from me. Releasing my cock, he pulled my underpants back up and I pulled my trousers up and fastened them. He stood and took one of my hands, pressing it to the front of his trousers. I could feel the bulge of his stiff cock through the cloth and began to fondle it, but when I reached down to unzip him, thinking he wanted me to take it out, he reached down to stop me. Telling me that we shouldn't stay where we were any longer in case someone else came in, he unbolted the cubicle and led the way back to the foyer. He asked me if I wanted to meet him again and when I nodded my agreement, he wrote his address on the back of his business card, telling me to meet him there the following afternoon.

When I got home that evening I was hornier than I had felt since my wife and I were first married. Immediately after dinner I suggested to my wife that we go to bed and we had a fast and furious fuck. Later on, when we went to bed for the night, I was horny again and we had another fuck, this time less hurried. As we were trying for a baby at the time my wife didn’t comment on my sudden rush of ardour, but when she woke at 5.30am the next morning to find me sucking her tits and feeling up her pussy, still sticky from our sex the previous evening, she certainly remarked on it, although she didn’t deny me another fuck.

To be continued.

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