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My Sweet Rachael

Taking a chance yields an encounter that changes a young woman's life
I met Rachael at a nightclub in downtown Savannah, on a beautiful mid-summers night. I remember the night well, because it was the night I took a chance and made a decision that ultimately changed my life. She was an utterly captivating and extremely cute woman. I was immediately attracted to her and for the life of me I couldn’t stop starring at her. I loved the way she moved about the room. She was a petite little thing of beauty standing at a mere 5 feet tall. She had long brown hair with amazing highlights, which she parted on the side and over the front of her right shoulder.

Her outfit had a lot to do with all the attention she was getting. She wore a pair of worn and faded designer jeans that had seductive slits cut all up the front and back that exposed plenty of her shapely legs. Her high heels accentuated her beautiful legs and tight little rear and her white cotton button-down sleeveless shirt exposed the slightest of cleavage, which had me salivating to say the least.

I watched her seductively from my corner table where I slowly sipped my tequila sunrise. I was mesmerized by how she held the attention of the handsome man that was with her. She had an electrifying personality, but her greatest attraction was her awesome athletic body. She obviously spent a lot of time at the gym and it was apparent she took very good care of herself.

I was envious of her seemingly effortless ability to command the advances of other good looking hunks in the club, but why was I surprised, she was a dream. My mind drifted to thoughts of running my hands all over her luscious body, while I French kissed her pouty little mouth. God, I was getting wet just thinking about having my way with her.

I listened intently as she told a funny story about how she had recently embarrassed herself at work. Because of the typical heavy rains this part of the year, she commuted to her office wearing her yellow rain boots. However, after arriving she realized she had forgotten to pack her heels, standard fare for her large legal firm. She worked the entire day in her knee high yellow boots, skirt, and satin blouse. She giggled at how all the woman gave her odd looks and all the men laughed. All I could think of was just how cute she must have looked and how I would have told her so.

I was so enchanted with her charming conversation that I didn’t notice my boyfriend had returned from the rest room. He was shouting at me over the noise of the club.

“Hey, Suzanne, where the hell are you and who the fuck are you staring at? You interested in that I’ve-got-shit-for-brains muscle dude over there or what?”

I was annoyed to say the least. My sweet thoughts of Rachael were shattered by this imbecile’s total lack of manners. I had been dating Tray for about two months and he was really turning out to be a winner. He was definitely stuck up on himself and I had started to think his priorities would always be centered on himself. Heck, I was no ugly duckling, so why was Tray treating me like one.

I was 31, tall at 6 feet, slim body, and had what many men said were the sexiest long and lean legs they’d ever seen. I always either wore skinny jeans or miniskirts during the summer so I could show them off. Tonight I was wearing tight fitting capris jeans, a pink cotton v-neck sleeveless blouse, and my signature three-inch-heeled strappy sandals. I thought I looked hot, but apparently, Tray was either confident he could do better or just simply blind. After the first few dates, Tray stopped opening doors for me and get this, he insisted we go Dutch on dinners…what a loser I had picked. Little did he know, I was now measuring the rest of our relationship in hours, perhaps even minutes.

Looking at Rachael and realizing that I was now reaching the point where I no longer wanted to suppress my inhibitions, I decided I wasn’t going to settle for a jerk like Tray. After all, even though I had always been sexually active with men, I dreamed of the day I could experiment with the opposite sex. I was always attracted to women in a special way and tonight, looking at Rachael I felt I couldn’t wait any longer.

I looked over at Tray with contempt and said, “No Tray, I wasn’t looking at the hunk over there with the perfect shoulders and abs, something you obviously know nothing about. I was fantasizing about going down on the hot little brunette that’s hanging all over his perfectly sculptured arms.”

Tray looked at me with shock. He was dumbstruck. “Say what, you want to muff dive that little bitch? Well, shit, obviously you don’t appreciate “grade A” me, so why don’t you just sashay over there and tell her so. Go on, I‘m waiting. What’s the matter, you just a shit talker, don’t have the guts, go over there and tell her you want her.”

Now I was truly ticked off with Tray’s smugness and I felt like slapping his arrogant face. “Okay Suzanne, what are you going to do girl?” I thought to myself. I’ve got to make a move and prove this prick he’s nothing but a real dick that doesn’t deserve a woman of my caliber.

My heart was pounding. I was starting to perspire on my lower back. I raised my glass to my lips and drank the rest of it down. I looked at Tray and said, “Bye bye asshole.”

Before he could say anything, I made my way around the table and pushed my way through the crowd. I kept Rachael in my sites and made a straight line for her. I thought, what the heck, what do I have to lose. If I hesitated to say something to her, I’d just keep on walking and head for the door. I knew there was no going back to Tray, our time had come and gone…it was over.

As I approached, I couldn’t for the life of me think of what I should say. God, she was gorgeous and as I neared her table a huge dose of adrenaline hit my bloodstream, making it difficult for me to concentrate. All sounds in the club had ceased. All I could feel and see were my heart beating and the vision of Rachael.

I stopped and briefly turned and looked over my shoulder at Tray. He was smiling at me and shaking his head as if he had proved his point that I was a trash talker. He waved for me to come back. Gee, the nerve of this guy. I thought, “Thanks Tray, you’ve just given me the last bit of encouragement that I so desperately needed at that very moment.”

Then, I was there, standing next to her, my eyes fixed on her beautiful face. The hunk next to her looked over at me and stopped talking. She sensed someone standing there and she turned and looked up at me. Her wonderful green eyes met mine and I truly melted. I simply froze and now felt very awkward just staring at her. Instead of introducing myself, I stammered out some incoherent gibberish. Gosh darn it, I choked!

I felt totally embarrassed. I pulled back and was getting ready to turn for the door when she said, “Wait, come back here, what did you say?”

It was now or never. As I was about a half foot taller than her, I stepped in closer, cupped my mouth to her ear, and said, “My name is Suzanne and my ex-boyfriend over there thinks I’m too shy to ask you for a kiss.”

She pulled back and starred at me with a blank expression for a good 5 seconds, which seemed like an eternity to me. She then broke into a smile and said “Okay, well, I’m waiting, aren’t you going to ask me for that kiss?”

Hearing those words, I let out a small laugh of relief. I shouted out, “Yes, I would very much like to kiss you, I think you’re beautiful!” She then did something I’ll never forget. She leaned in and using her hand brushed my hair ever so gently back and away from my face. She then reached around my neck and lowered my mouth to hers and softly kissed my lips. She held her mouth pressed against mine for a few seconds and then broke contact.

She still held me close and whispered into my ear, “Do you think he’s now just a little shocked or envious?”

I stepped back and placing my hand over my heart, I said, “Oh my, I’ve never done that before, and I liked it very much, thank you, thank you so very much.”

I started to walk toward the door and once again, she said, “Wait, hold on girl, let me buy you a drink, I’d like to hear all about your jerk boyfriend.”

She sent the hunk over to the bar to fetch us some drinks. She introduced herself as Rachael and she immediately made me feel at ease. She said, “You must be a very brave woman to ask a total stranger of the same sex for a kiss. Was this a dare between the two of you or perhaps something else?”

I couldn’t lie to her; I didn’t want to lie to her. I decided I would just be honest and see where the conversation would lead, what did I really have to lose? I said that upon seeing her, a total strange but exhilarating feeling had come over me that was completely foreign and perhaps even animalistic.

I even told her that despite being a straight woman up until that kiss, I had wondered what it would be like to be with a woman sexually. Rachael looked at me intently, listened, and just smiled. “Girl, I know exactly how you feel. I think every woman has those thoughts on some level, but some just never have the right opportunity or guts to act on them.”

I wasn’t sure how Rachael felt sexually about other woman, but the fact that she hadn’t pushed me away gave me hope that she was open minded, and more importantly, kind-hearted to listen to me. Then she said, “Suzanne, I experimented in college a few times and I have to admit, sometimes I think woman connect better intimately with other woman than they do with men.”

The hunk came back with our drinks and set them down on the table. Rachael introduced him as Frank, one of her friends of about three months. He was very sweet and holding a conversation with him was very easy. He definitely had brains because he was an educated and articulate lawyer at another law firm. Just then, Tray came over with his beer and said “Hey, Suzanne, not a bad little show you put on for me, can I join your little group?”

Frank, who towered over Tray both in height and width, looked at him and said, “No, you can’t join us and as a matter of fact, we were just talking about how you’re a total lame ass. I believe it best for you to simply leave us alone. Besides, what man would actually treat a woman as good looking, sexy, and sweet as Suzanne the way you’ve been doing? Hit the bricks.”

With that being said, Tray turned to me and said with his final act of false bravado, “Call me when your fantasy falls through,” and with that he left the club.

“Thanks so much Frank, I appreciate someone putting him in his rightful place.” Rachael placed her hand on my arm and asked me what exactly was Tray talking about when he said ‘my fantasy.’ I must have blushed because she then said, “Ah girlfriend, please share, Frank and I aren’t your average close-minded middle-aged couple.”

Middle-aged couple I thought, how old really was she? She didn’t look a day over 35. I asked her how old she was and she said 42. I couldn’t believe it, 42, I complemented her on looking so young and fit. She laughed and said, “That’s what my torturous and disciplined diet and workout routine yields me; young looks, I guess it's really is paying off.”

Hell yes I said, “You look amazing, I didn’t think you were past your mid-30s.” This comment obviously resonated favorably with Rachael because it drew another big smile.

The evening progressed nicely and I had not realized that the time was getting late. I didn’t have to work the next morning, but I also didn’t want them to feel that they had to stay on my account. I said, “Hey guys, I’d better be getting home, I had a really good time with you two, and thanks Rachael for making my night, you’re so nice, I’m glad I got to meet you.”

Rachael leaned in close and said, “Suzanne, I’m so very glad you made the first move, I like you very much and I think we can be good friends. Would you like us to give you a ride home; we know Tray probably drove you here?”

I immediately accepted. As Frank drove toward my apartment, we made small talk and I was saddened that soon, my night with Rachael would come to an end. Rachael, sensing what was on my mind said, “You know Suzanne, if you’re not too tired, we don’t have to end this night just yet. Would you like to have us over for a little while?”

"Yes, yes, yes" the voices in my mind were saying, but where would this all lead to and would it jeopardize the chances of a new friendship with Rachael? I believed I knew where it would go if I made the decision to have them over. Frank was an attractive man and Rachael had me lusting for her from the start. I wanted so much to be taken by the both of them, to be their sex slave. I said, “Yes Rachael, I’d love to have you both over,” and with that I made the call that ultimately changed my life forever.

I made some drinks for the three of us and we sat down in the living room talking about our jobs. As a sales consultant for a computer firm in Savannah, I felt my profession to be not as exciting as that of Rachael’s and Frank’s. They were lawyers and were very educated and well compensated. I thought about going back to school for my Master’s degree, but wasn’t quite sure what field to pursue. Frank had a compelling argument for being a lawyer, but it would be a long and expensive journey. Frank said we could talk more about me pursuing a law degree on our next date. I really felt comfortable in their company.

Rachael then broke the ice and said, “You know Suzanne, you are a very attractive woman and I enjoyed kissing you tonight. Frank and I are very open in our friendship, that’s why I like hanging out with him.”

Frank said he was very much turned on by our kiss and said he’d love to see us kiss again. My heart once again jumped into overdrive. Here I was in my apartment, so it was very different from being in the club, kissing another woman under the cover that it was being done on a dare. I liked the way this all felt though. It was exciting. Rachael said, “Come over here and sit down next to me Suzanne.”

I did as she said. I sat in the love seat next to her and Rachael, very lovingly, leaned in and started kissing me. She slid her arm around my waist and pressed me against her chest. I opened my mouth and we started French kissing. Oh my gosh, what was I doing? I was kissing another woman in my apartment with a hunky man starring at us. Rachael took the lead and continuing to kiss me, pulled up my cotton blouse and began caressing my breasts. I loved the way this all felt.

Then she began rubbing my crotch. I was instantly wet and felt a little embarrassed that my jeans were becoming soaked. It didn’t bother her in the least. Rachael then got up, removed my sandals and unfastened my jeans. She slid them off, exposing my long legs and pantied crotch. I lay back on the couch and slipping in between my legs, Rachael began kissing my belly and treasure line. She ran her hands over my pussy and I about screamed out with excitement and anticipation.

Rachael then removed my panties and threw them on the floor. She then inserted one finger into my waiting hole and began fingering me. My breathing increased as she slipped in another finger. She had a way of finger fucking me that was different from the way my boyfriends had always done it. It was slower and softer and she knew just where to stoke me inside to get me all worked up.

She then went down on me and began sucking on my wet sex with passion. She kissed my labia, probed my hole with her tongue, and bit down gently on my clit. I was truly in heaven and then my first orgasm, totally unexpected, hit me like a train…I screamed out uncontrollably in intense pleasure as wave after wave of electric pleasure surged through my body…it was totally amazing.

I opened my eyes and looking up, saw Rachael undoing her shirt. She then unclasped her white lace bra and exposed her beautiful and perfectly shaped breasts. God, she was gorgeous. She leaned forward and started kissing me again. I reached down and unzipped her jeans. I slipped my hand into her crotch and underneath her panties. I searched for her soft sex and began rubbing my fingers against her now-wet pussy. Next, she stood up and removed her heels, jeans, and panties. Her pubic hair was tightly shaven into a small V-shaped patch. I couldn’t wait any longer; it was my turn to experience what I had deprived myself of for so long.

I laid Rachael on the couch and returned the act, burying me face into her crotch. I did not hesitate to pleasure her. I loved the way her sex smelled, it was intoxicating. I slipped two fingers into her pussy and began tonguing up all her juices. She moaned in ecstasy. After a while, I felt a little adventurous and continuing to suck her pussy, I slipped one wet finger into her ass. She bucked and spread her legs to give me full access.

Here I was, finger fucking and sucking this hot woman for all I was worth. I was in heaven. Rachael soon came and she too, screamed out in pleasure. I lay on her and kissed her deeply. There was no shame, no guilt, I was completely and utterly comfortable with my feelings and desires to be with another woman. It was a fantastic and very liberating feeling. Yes, I was free to experience and explore my new lesbian side in whatever way I pleased.

We broke from our embrace to see Frank over on the single fold-out chair totally naked and stroking his long and thick penis. Rachael winked at me and said, “Shall we take care of our dear Frank?”

Gee, in all my pleasure with Rachael, I had forgotten all about Frank. What a gorgeous and sweet man, to sit there patiently and await his turn for attention. We got up, and following Rachael’s lead, got down on our knees between his muscular legs. He was completely shaven and this made his cock look even bigger, about 8 inches of throbbing manhood starring us in the face. I looked over at Rachael and giving her a seductive smile, dove in to suck him off.

Rachael slipped underneath me and started mouthing and sucking his balls. The sound of all that slurping was definitely a turn on for all of us and I knew Frank was enjoying having two beautiful women service him in this manner. After a few minutes, Rachael got up and directed me to get on all fours. In doing so, Frank crept in behind me and reaching for my sex, began fingering me.

Rachael got in front of me and we started French kissing. Then I felt Frank’s cock push into my slick pussy. Very slowly, h e pushed it all the way in. Holding it there for a few seconds, he then commenced to fucking me. Rachael lay down in front of me and spread her legs, giving me full access to her soft and waiting pussy. I dove in and began, once again, eating her.

Frank pumped and pumped and I was mere seconds from having yet another powerful orgasm. Rachael kept moaning and saying “Keep going, keep going, God, you are making me so hot.”

Frank then slipped a finger into my ass and I have to say, it caught me by surprise. I relaxed my hole as best I could to allow him unbridled access. He then pulled out of my pussy and moistened my asshole with his shaft. He then removed his finger and replaced it with the head of his penis. It made its way past my rectum and then with a slow gentle push, it slipped effortlessly all the way in.

Frank was obviously experienced at anal sex because unlike all the other times I did it, it didn’t hurt nearly as much. He then started ass fucking me and I was now very close to erupting. Rachael reached up and clasped her hands on my head and began directing my mouth and tongue onto her pussy the way she liked it. I felt totally in their control. I loved it very much and couldn’t but help think about all that I had been missing in my young adult life.

Then, Frank started pumping me harder and faster. His powerful thrusts hitting me in just the right pleasure spot. I couldn’t hold out anymore and came violently once again. My body shuttered and bucked as another set of powerful waves surged through my entire body. I bit down on Rachael’s clit and ramming two fingers into her wet pussy, she too exploded in another wonderful orgasm. Frank’s breathing was reaching a climax.

My ass was totally under his dominant control. His hips kept up the fervent pace and continued to slam against my ass. He held on even tighter to my hips and then yelled out with utter ecstasy. He released his load deep into my ass. As his orgasm subsided, he pulled out and collapsed onto the floor, totally spent, both physically and mentally.

Rachael then did something I never expected. She rolled me over onto my back, hoisted my legs up and began licking my rear. She sucked and sucked, cleaning Frank’s cum from my oozing hole. What a strange feeling to be getting rimmed by another woman, but I wasn’t complaining, it was very soothing, especially after being opened up by Frank’s huge dick. Once done, she climbed up on me and we French kissed. I loved the smell and taste of Frank’s come on Rachael’s lips.

We got dressed and finished our drinks. I exchanged numbers with both of them and we decided to see each other again, soon. I was very happy. The date with Tray was a disaster, but taking a risk and acting on my deepest desires yielded me one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I now had two new friends that could take me places that up until then, I had only dreamed.

Now, I knew a lot more about myself and wasn’t in the least bit confused or ashamed. I was Suzanne, a beautiful woman with unique sexual desires, who would take on the world and never look back.

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