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She Is Real Fun!

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I'm not sure who is supposed to be the more aggressive

I turn and smile at her, I love the sound of her voice, it makes me feel like the sun is shining brighter, like all the warmth is meant just for me, like I was meant to always be smiling, like I could always be happy so long as she keeps on calling my name.

“Hey you.”

I stand and give her a quick hug then pull her to sit down on the grass beside me. I'm starting to wonder if she actually can suspect how much I like her, I think lately it has become almost impossible for me to be around her without touching her, at almost every little chance I get. She sits and turns to look at me; I almost shut my eyes as am beyond embarrassed. I actually had leaned dangerously close to her and only realized that I was going to kiss her, when she giggled nervously. Of course it would have been a huge scandal, this is Kenya, women do not kiss other women unless it’s the usual peck on their cheek, and only meant as greetings or while saying goodbye, but that was not what I was going for. I try to cover it but I can’t, I lick my lips and try to look the other way, but I can’t do that either.

“So, how have you been?” she asks me.

I know she is only trying to make the moment lighter, I inwardly thank my stars, I would hate it if people got to know that I like girls, am a married woman, I have children, but that does not mean I can’t lust after other women too, though it is rare for me to notice any particular one. When I first noticed Noni, I thought it was temporary, that it would just pass quickly, but no, I had to go and like her this much, so much that, though her husband works in the same company and is tall and handsome, am still awed by his wife, I think I’ll have to start avoiding her, but how I do not know as I have already tried that too, but it failed because she somehow seeks me out.

“Am okay, just the usual, work’s a bit of …you know…work, boss girl’s been complaining of petal damages..Again!” I say and sigh tiredly, she looks at me and runs her fingers soothingly up and down my back, I lean to her touch and smile at her.

“Um, Leita? When’s your day off?” Noni asks me.

“Mondays. ..Why do you ask?” I ask her absently, still thinking of the roses and wondering how I am going to manage the damages, the variety that I deal with is the most delicate one in the whole farm and most supervisors actually hate it when I am off duty as no one likes standing in for me.

“Oh, nothing, just wondered,” Noni, says and smiles at me. “Lunch time’s up, see you later on our way home, but if you are done before me after time, you just go ahead as I don’t know what time we’ll be done, we got such a high production, I wish it would just get low again, am tired of getting home late every other day.” She complains as she gives me a quick peck and heads off to her work station.

My cell phone rings and I curse, pulling the comforter over my head and trying to block the irritating tune off, of course it does not work I almost laugh as I murmur to myself how I hate the ring tone, “Liar,” I say to myself as I actually love the song I use as the ring tone. I give up when I realize that whoever is calling is going to keep at it until I answer.

“Hello,” I say as I sit on the bed, trying not to sound as if I was just woken.

”You home?” I hear a warm voice coo down the line, I almost clap at the joy that envelops me, sleep all forgotten.

“Yes, am home Noni, you at work?” I ask, smiling, not even realizing that she can’t see my smile.

“Nope, am outside your gate, would you be a darling and come open it for me? And why do you even have to lock the place up during the day?”

“I don’t know, I think its just out of habit,” I say, still sitting on my bed, and holding the phone tightly to my ear.

“Well, are you going to open the gate or what?” That sets me into frantic motion, I jump out of bed, and giggle at how ungraceful I am, I run to the door and open it before I even remember that am in this so tiny nightie and bare footed, just as I step out the door, I realize that I do not have the key to the gate, I turn, pick them from their place by the TV and head out to open the gate. The sight that greets me makes me lick my lips; I think I have never seen her look this delicious, is she knowingly seducing me or what? I rub my eyes with the backs of my fingers, gently.

“What are you doing sleeping until this time? It’s past noon for heaven’s sake Leita,” Noni says and winks at me.

“ I was up earlier, woke up at five and got the children ready for school and hubby for work, did some cleaning up until around ten then went back to bed after a quick shower, was planning to stay in bed till later,” I say and lean to give her a hug then pull her inside and lock the gate, before holding her hand and walking back to the house. I shut the door behind us.

“Come with me to the kitchen, am gonna make you a cup of tea," I say as I drop the keys on the coffee table and head to the kitchen, she follows me in but says she is only going to have a glass of water. I hand her the water and we stand there, looking at each other and for the first time ever, not knowing what to say to each other.

”You look sexy,” she says, purely from nowhere and I instinctively try to pull the nightie down, but its futile since its just not complying, ‘am not sure it ever will’, I think wryly and smile nervously at her.

“Wait here, am gonna go get dressed and I will be back in a mo’,” I say and walk fast to my bedroom, but I almost jump in fright as Noni enters silently and wraps her hands round my waist. I settle for a soft moan as I turn in her arms and face her, chewing on my lower lip and trying hard not to swallow as I know it will sound loud in the room since I exactly have nothing to swallow but my nervousness.

I suddenly find myself in the deepest and most sensual kiss ever, am trembling as I try and remember if actually Noni has always been this tall, I know and am sure that she has always been at least more than a couple inches shorter than me, she has also been always shy than this, the question about her height is solved when she kicks off her shoes and I make a mental note to check how high her heels are.

The kiss is making me lose my thinking capacity, am not able to make coherent thoughts, and her lips moving from mine to licking my ear are making it even harder to think straight. Her fingers are slipping my nightie off my shoulders and everything, and I mean everything including my body seems to be responding to her every want.

Someone’s moaning, no, it sounds more like whimpering, I try to move my hands to run my fingers up and down her sides, but I don’t think am doing very well since what I seem to be achieving is only holding her closer to me. She laughs, a low sexy laugh, and plays with both my nipples, I know I want to touch her, but I can’t, I can’t because am trying to stay on my feet and am being gently pushed backwards, I suddenly sit on my bed, and stare as Noni lets me go completely, I shiver, not wanting to not hold her. She smiles and winks at me, her clothes seem to disappear before my eyes, but she stops when she gets to her bra and panties, I lick my lips, it does not help as my tongue is dry and so my lips stay dry, Noni giggles softly and runs her middle finger over her clit, I moan and lean forward.

‘Where is the sweet innocent looking Noni?’ I ask myself, am convinced that the woman in my bedroom cannot be my Noni, no, if she were, she won’t be all this confident; she would never tease me like this.

She smiles as if reading my mind and touches my thigh, still teasing her clit with the fingers of her right hand, I shiver and look down at my naked body, I think how unfair this is, and why won’t the woman let me see her small sexy boobs? She leans forward even more and lightly licks my nipple and I try to move forward, she smiles and pushes me backwards, am now lying on my back, my hands behind my head and I watch as she continues playing with her clit, she still won’t take off her panties. She suddenly stops and goes round to the other side of my bed, she gets on the bed and lies there without saying anything, I kneel and look at her, she smiles and lifts her head slightly, I look at her and then I realize she wants me to kiss her, I move so fast I almost surprise myself, am so grateful that she’s letting me touch her, that is always what I’ve longed to do, to touch her, to make her feel things, to make her want me, want to spend time with me, want to have fun with me, want me to please her, yes, that and much more.

“You are beautiful,” I say and kiss her deeply. “So beautiful.” I whisper again as I run my fingers along her collarbone, I lick her eyelashes, noting how they flatter as she moans softly, I push her bra up and play with her breasts, they are not big, but they are delightful, I run my thumbs over the nipples and gently bite her lower lip, my thigh is between her thighs and I can feel her hump me even as I lazily rub my thigh over her panties. She is wet, so very wet, so am I, but I love the way she is responding to my touch, and I can only be happy because am giving her this much pleasure. She tries to speed things up, but I don’t let her, I like to be in control, and am going to make sure that she gets that through her sex hazed mind. I kneel with one knee between her legs and start kissing my way down her body, I kiss between her breasts and keep going down, down over her pantie clad clit, I spend a few seconds there, she’s whimpering deliriously as I go down and start licking her thighs.

Then she says it, “Please!” I just go on licking and she shivers and says it again, "Please Leita.”

Am pleased to note that she does not attempt to take off her panties, I stop and look at her, her fingers are intertwined and under her head, her eyes are staring, I wonder if they are seeing anything, her breath is coming in short gasps, her breasts are rising and falling teasingly, her lips are slightly parted and her legs are invitingly parted, the left slightly bent at the knee. I lean closer and move her panties to one side and lick at her pussy, she moans and lifts off the bed, I lick again, and again and I can not seem to get enough, she smells and tastes so good. I gently rub her inner thigh with my right thumb and start licking in earnest, from her juice oozing opening to the top of her clit, she is moaning and thrashing around a lot. I have to hold her down as I get lost in her taste. I want to stay here, smelling her, tasting her, making her cry out my name, and she is doing that right now. Then suddenly she stops, her clit is swollen, her juices are flowing, then she trembles, moans out my name in a drawn out whisper then seems to relax, breaths in and out deeply and opens her eyes. She looks at me, right in my eyes, as I slowly hump her thigh, made sleek by my wetness, I feel my orgasm envelop me, I want to close my eyes, but I also want her to see what I feel. So I fight to keep them open, as I shiver, stop moving bite my lower lip and then collapse partially on her. I feel her hug me close to her, then I force myself to move and lie next to her, I turn her head, kiss her softly then let myself drift off to sleep.

I don’t sleep that much and after less than an hour am wide awake, staring down at the woman who is peacefully sleeping next to me. She looks so relaxed, but then her eyes flatter open, she looks at me and then quite suddenly starts, seems to want to say something but decides against it. It’s like she does not know what she wants to say or do at this moment, but then she winks at me and smiles, just like that!

“Oh!” it’s the only thing I can think in answer to her smile and wink. I don’t know what I expected but am starting to think that I do not know my friend that well.

“So…” she says lifting her eyebrows slightly, “when are you gonna let me know if I lived up to your expectations?”

“My…?..What do you mean?..Does that…” I completely do not know what to think or say. But all the right questions that I want to ask her are whirring inside my mind, only I do not know how to put them into coherent sentences. ‘What does she mean living up to my expectations? Does that mean she has always known how much I have been lusting after her slim figure?’ I only wish I know how to phrase my thoughts right now, but despite my trying, I can only stare at her in astonishment. How could she have known? I have always been very careful where anything I feel for her is concerned…but still….

“Hey, don’t let it worry you, I have always wanted you, only problem is, I thought if I waited long enough, you’d have the courage to ask me, tell me or something…” I just go on looking at her not knowing what to say.

“Um, why din’t you ever say something? Besides, was I that open? Do you think people noticed?” Am trying hard to stop talking, nothing is coming out right.

“Don’t you worry, am sure no one ever pays any attention, we keep up a good front as best friends,” she says and leans in to kiss me.

That is what triggers off everything, am suddenly all over her, with my tongue, my fingers, my lips, but she gently slows me down, am starting to realize that she only lets me do things just because she can, the realization kind of scares me. I briefly wonder what will happen if she actually wants people to know that we are together. I do not even know whether we are together and from what I have seen today, am sure I would go along, but I do not have enough time to think about it nor do I want to, it’s way too complicated, we have other people involved. I know I love my family enough not to want to let whatever am doing right now affect it. Right now she is so amazingly licking my earlobe and whispering things to me, things that should be shocking in their naughtiness but now are only so erotic. She moves down to my neck, kissing and licking, her fingers are stroking my lower back and am just holding tightly to her hip, trying not to moan too loudly. Noni goes on to touch, stroke, caress, kiss, lightly bite and nibble on different parts of my body, am all wet again and all I want is to feel her lips or fingers or tongue on my clit, its so hard and swollen, but no, she just goes on to do whatever she is doing, it feels amazing and am not sure if I want her to stop. I think am seeing things, because I can’t remember her taking off her bra and panties, she is naked, she is actually completely without any clothing, and her breasts are beautiful, they are small and beautiful, the nipples are erect, and am sure they are aching to be touched, mine are!

Gently, she pulls me to her and directs me to lie on my tummy, she lies on top of me, lightly supporting he weight with one elbow causing her dangling boobs to tease me just below my shoulders, she feels so incredible, her erect nipples are soothingly and erotically moving ever so slightly and it makes me want her so very much. I try to rub my clit against the sheets, but its not happening, then I remember that I still have got my hands and swiftly move my right hand down between my legs, she kisses the back of my neck and gently pulls my hand off from where my finger had started causing my clit to…”oh, do that….” I can’t say anything else, her fingers are lightly stroking my clit, am trying hard not to accidentally lie on her hand, the fingers are moving expertly over my clit, one of my thighs is getting wet, her clit is so slick with her juices, its hard and smooth against my thigh. Feeling her desire wet against my thigh, and the wicked fingers loving my clit is what finally causes my whole body to know the definition of the word ‘orgasm’ better than any dictionary will ever do!

A moment later I vaguely hear her say my name breathlessly and then fall on the bed beside me, I turn my head and softly kiss her lips, hoping that she will want to keep making me feel this good. I surely want to keep doing this with her!

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