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Siren Isle Part One

The Siren gets the girl… and her husband!
It was lonely on the island, but I loved the freedom I could find, living on my own. Miles and miles away from anyone. A woman has needs, though.

Sometimes the boys from the mainland would find their way to my lighthouse. Sometimes, if they were off on the other side of the world, I’d find their horny wives on my slippery doorstep. Most of the town’s denizens didn’t blink an eye at such behavior, but one fishwife, Ellen Hamstead, was the exception. I’d seen her often enough in the town. Her fingers always twined nervously in her hair if I came into her view… it was profusely sexy, her nervousness, and whenever I stared into her unusual green eyes, I could feel my thighs tingle with anticipation, with longing. I guessed Ellen was one to play hard to get… and one stormy night, I was determined that I’d have her. In every conceivable way.

The storm hit the island soon after I’d said goodbye to Jed Dennigan and his randy wife, Barbara. I stood upon the rocky beach, watching the waves swell and ebb. In my mind, the ocean was in constant climax… and I loved being able to be part of it, to bare witness to wondrous nature, day after day. I wasn’t worried about the storm. In fact, I could feel my nipples becoming erect again. I took off my rain jacket and laid it on a flat rock, just out of reach of the riotous waves. Soon I delved my hands down my skirts, past my undies and into my heated sex. I was as damp as the rocks I lay upon. I closed my eyes, and let my thoughts light upon the beautiful form of Ellen Hamstead. Her auburn hair ran in rivulets of curls down her slender back. I was certain her skin was as porcelain-perfect as the prettiest seashells. I imagined myself suckling her taut nipples, imagined my fingers playing inside the soft folds of her pussy, like they were driving into my own. As thunder rolled into my cove, I reached a violent climax and let myself scream my delight. My eyes were closed, and both hands were busy rubbing my drenched pussy. It was in this indelicate pose that Ellen and her rough-looking husband, Troy, found me.

They’d been caught unawares by the storm as they made their way into the bay… and the lightning had highlighted my writhing form. Ellen was shocked at my naked body. She could barely tear her wide eyes from my snatch as I shoved two fingers inside myself. She missed the unadulterated look of lust upon her young husband’s face,but I reveled in their notice. My pleasure was all the more intense for the pair of them staring raptly at my naked form. Through slitted eyes I saw that Ellen’s husband had a monster cock, and he was stroking it through his wool trousers as his eyes roved over my body. With every plunge of my fingers inside me, I saw that he was stroking his cock. It was unbelievably hot!

 Troy didn’t say a word, he just headed toward me and swooped in to pick me up, leaving my jacket on the ground. He was strong, and his warmth soothed me as he carried me to my lighthouse, his wife wordlessly following behind us.

My hungry gaze drifted to his scurrying wife. She looked excited, and flushed … and rather delectable in her white gown, plastered to her voluptuous body. Her nipples were begging for my tongue to lash them and lick them and suckle their sweetness. She was eyeing me, laying limply enough in her husband’s willing arms. I didn’t see the customary aloofness in her eyes this afternoon, though. No… instead, I saw a burgeoning desire, mixed with raw need and arousal. I turned back to her handsome husband, whispered in his ear that he should hurry, and then I licked his sea-salted skin near his ear.

Troy spanked his wife’s ass playfully as she scurried across the threshold, the fire from the hearth sparkling in his blue eyes. I sucked on his neck, my hands curling into his thick mat of hair. I smiled against him as he let out a deep grown. “Elly, baby… lick her pussy for me. You told me you’ve dreamed of doing it. It’s finally time to make your dreams a reality.” She watched as Troy put me gently on the floor before the crackling fire. I felt the embers thaw my numbed body, and Ellen’s warm fingers began caressing my inner thighs. My eyes were wide when she finally fit two fingers inside my snatch. “No, Elly… I didn’t say touch.” Boy, he’s a pushy son of a bitch, I thought as his wife’s tongue flicked across my clit as she drove two fingers into my sopping wet cunt. Troy smashed his wife’s head against me, and I felt her tongue dart inside me. I motioned Troy to come close to me and I began to suck that glorious cock! My tongue played in the precum I found seeping from the slit at the top, and then I barreled down his length. Ellen’s fingers were latching onto my taut nipples.

After a while, Troy maneuvered me roughing on my belly, with my ass sticking straight in the air. I felt his tongue lash my asshole, getting me nice and wet for his invasion. He even pushed his wife’s mouth down between my cheeks. I reached behind me and pulled my cheeks apart so she could get as close as possible. My pussy was drenched, and I told Ellen I needed to be licked while her husband buttfucked me. She smiled, eager to oblige her new friend. As Ellen’s mouth closed over my clit, I felt the first few thrusts of cock at my backdoor. I arched my back, wanting his full length inside me as soon as possible. “Yeah, Troy… fuck this horny ass!” I couldn’t help but encourage them. Troy’s hands clasped me by my breasts as his thick cock plowed into me. His wife’s face was getting a nice girlcum bath, too. I rubbed her head against me, and she screamed inside my snatch. I laughed cruelly, happy to have finally conquered this girl’s reservations about me. Finally, I thought. You’re mine! Well… not quite.

“I need some pussy juice in my mouth!” I moaned. Ellen took the hint. She unfolded her body and stood in front of my face so that my eyes were parallel to her sexy lil bald beaver.

“Yeah, baby! Let this slutty siren suck your clit!” Troy was leaning over me as he rammed my ass with his prick, his hands clasping his wife’s huge titties. She was really loving this. Her thighs were soaked and I put my tongue flat against her pussylips, licking her slit from hood to hole. She let out a terrified cry as she finally climaxed right there in front of my face. I felt her husband’s jizz filling my asshole not long afterward, and so I thought I’d join them in ecstasy. I withdrew from Ellen’s embrace so I could focus on riding her husband’s cock. He spanked my ass when I didn’t immediately cum after them. “Come on, my sweet siren. Sing for meeee” he growled, and I couldn’t believe it, but another set of cum-streams coated my bumhole. Ellen was staring at me, her face red from exertion. She saw I was having some trouble, and smiled coyly. “You want me to lick you again, baby?” she whispered, her fingers twisting and turning my nipples in a punishing fervor. All I could do was nod because her husband’s cock was taking up all my concentration. He kept pistoning into my bumhole, stretching my muscles and letting them relax again before shoving back inside, each new thrust a little harder than before. I couldn’t last much longer, and as Ellen’s tongue touched my clit, I screamed my ecstasy.

A little bit later, I saw them off my island. I smiled at my victory, and couldn’t help but smile as I returned to my lonely little lighthouse.
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