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The sexual awakenings of private schoolgirls teenage Part 5.

Kelly finds her inner dominatrix.

After Mr Black walked into the male shower block. Kelly waited a moment and then crept into the shower block. Kelly was still carrying her camera. She had taken photographs of her classmates and herself still muddy after their mud fight.

The showers were not individual cubicles, but one long wall of about a dozen showers. Mr Black was in the shower with water streaming over his well-toned body. He was facing the wall. Kelly quickly stripped off her bikini and put the camera on the bench with her clothes.

Kelly crept over to the shower and knelt down behind Mr Black. He sensed someone was there and turned around. Kelly seized her chance. She put one hand on his semi rigid cock and guided it into her mouth. Mr Black pushed her away and placed his hands over his manhood.

“Kelly, You should not be here. You certainly should not be doing that to me. Go back to the ladies’ showers and get yourself cleaned up. If you leave now I will tell no one of this in order to save your reputation. Now go,” he ordered.

Kelly, still on here knees crawled forward. Mr Black was now against the wall and could go nowhere. She looked up at him with the sexiest eyes she could muster. Her reply was very direct. Even if her voice was trembling in fear of the consequences of her actions, should it all go wrong for her.

“Mr Black I want to suck your cock and have you inside me. Do you not like me? Do you think I am not sexy?”

She replied in a sultry tone, adding.

“If you don’t let me suck your cock I will run out of here screaming and crying. Everyone will see me running out of the showers naked and I will tell them all you forced yourself upon me and made me do things. You will lose your job and I will get away with it. We all know the innocent sobbing schoolgirl will be believed.”

Mr Black knew he was cornered. Here was a sexy young lady, smart and with a seemingly well thought out plan. She would ruin everything for him. He would never teach again. After the scandal broke, it would not be long before everybody in town found out. He would have to leave town too. Besides she was sexy and he wanted to. It was just that she was a schoolgirl. One who was in his care while on a school trip. He dropped his hands away and slowly uncovered his manhood once more.

Kelly wasted no time in getting his now hard manhood into her mouth. Kelly slowly sucked him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Kelly looked up at him with her very sexy blue eyes. Kelly sucked his cock all the way in, until she could feel the head of his cock against the back of her throat. Before slowly moving her head back to the tip. Kelly slowly circled her tongue around the head of his cock, smiling as she looked up. Before once again slowly sucking his member back into her mouth. All the while she massaged his balls.

Mr Black could see his pupil was enjoying sucking his cock. Kelly almost enjoyed it as much as Mr. Black enjoyed Kelly’s masterful technique . He let out a low moan of satisfaction.

“Ooh Kelly. That feels wonderful. You are magic. For such a young lady, you sure do know how to please a man.”

Kelly continued to suck his cock and balls for a while. Then Kelly stood up. Kelly kissed her teacher as she washed the last remnants of mud from her pussy.

“Mr. Black, it is my turn now. Show me how much you liked me sucking your hot cock. Eat my pussy. Make me cum, Sir.”

Kelly’s erotic tone of voice was too much. He dropped to his knees as Kelly spread her legs. Mr Black slowly inserted a finger into Kelly's tender pink pussy. His tongue tantalized her soft wet folds. Mr Black also circled his tongue, very slowly around Kelly's erect love button. She had a beautiful body, highly arousing in itself. Even without the fact he was now eating his students’ tender young pussy. Her pussy juices were starting to flow, and they tasted so sweet. Mr. Black now did care now if they were caught anymore. Kelly lifted a leg onto his shoulder to allow better access to her sweet mound. She was now pulling his face deep into her pussy and grinding her hips against his face. Moaning with pleasure as he ate her.

Then, without any warning Kelly pushed him back. Mr. Black lost his balance and fell back. He was now sitting on the floor of the shower. Lucky it was not a cubicle. Kelly squatted down on his lap, a leg either side of him.

“Are you OK, Sir?” She asked in a sincere voice.

He nodded he was OK. Then Kelly took his cock in her hand. Kelly gave it a couple of strokes before guiding the head of his cock inside her virginal pussy. As Kelly lowered herself down onto his cock, she told him.

“Take me slowly, Mr. Black. It’s my first time. I have sucked a cock before, but I have never actually had sex. But I know I want to. I know I want you to fuck me. I know you want to fuck me too.”

Mr Black had given in to his pupil. Kelly was now his lover. He held her gently in his arms as he looked lovingly into her eyes and whispered.

“You can call me Steve if you like, but not in front of everyone. Take my cock into your pussy nice and slowly. Once I am completely inside you and you feel comfortable, rock back and forth slowly Kelly. Feel me slide in and out of your tight pussy. Grind your pelvis against mine, Ooh that’s it baby. Now lean back a little and let me suck your pert tits and perfect little erect nipples. Ooh fuck. Ooh Kelly you're the first student I have ever had sex with. I am so glad it is you who is my first student fuck. When it feels right you can go faster if you like.” He lovingly whispered.

Kelly rode him faster and faster. Her tits bouncing as she rode Steve. He sucked on her nipples as his hands explored her back, her firm young ass and athletic thighs. Together their breathing was getting quicker. Kelly was trying to keep quiet as she could feel her climax building. She could last no more. Kelly was about to tell Steve she was going to cum.

But Steve spoke first. “Kelly I am going to cum. Hop off so I don’t cum inside you.”

Kelly’s reply was rapid. “No Steve. I will not get off you. I want to feel your hot cock explode inside me. Cum inside me Steve. Ooh fuck. Steve I am going to cum on your hard fucking cock. Cum inside me. Pump my pussy full of your hot sticky seed. I want it, give it to me.”

The pair climaxed together. As they did they kissed and screamed into their lovers’ mouth. Trying to keep their orgasmic sounds quiet. Kelly could feel her heart pounding as they relaxed Their bodies were tangled in a sensual heap on the floor as the water streamed down across Kelly's shoulder and between the two lovers. Kelly was lost in the moment.

Steve, thinking quickly told Kelly to put her swimmers back on and go into the ladies’ showers to wash off. So as to avoid any suspicions from their fellow campers. Not that he wanted Kelly to leave. His cock had never felt so good. He had never had a virginal lover before.

“Steve, will you fuck me again? I loved having sex with you just now. But I don't want this to be the last time I feel your warm cum squirt deep inside me. It is the most wonderful feeling as your cock spasms inside me.” Kelly said as she put her muddy bikini back on.

Steve nodded, “Hopefully we can. I sure want to eat your pussy again. I want to suck your gorgeous tits and fuck you again too.”

Kelly bent down to pick up her camera from the bench. She saw the camera was turned on, and thought it a little strange. Kelly was sure she had turned it off after taking the photographs of her muddy classmates.

When Kelly walked into the ladies shower block, no one noticed she was cleaner than she was when taking the pictures. She got under the shower and washed her bikini clean before removing it. The girls were all washing each other’s hair clean when Miss Noefun marched in. There goes any thought of keeping the mud fight quiet.

The girls were all a little startled, as you would expect. Miss Noefun, the school headmistress had walked in. She instructed the girls to clean up and she would be giving them all a lecture in the main hall. The lecture would about being prim and proper ladies, and not childishly rolling around in mud. How society did not like this kind of behavior from well-educated young ladies.

When Miss Noefun left, Miss Shapely looked around the shower and said,

“Sorry ladies. I let all of you down today. Miss Noefun will probably tell the school board to fire me when we get back. We had better get cleaned up or face her wrath if we are tardy.”

The young ladies and Miss Shapely all continued to wash and clean up and quickly leave the showers to avoid the wrath of Miss Noefun. Until there was only Sarah, Sally, Kelly and Miss Shapely left.

Miss Shapely said, “Come on girls we should be joining the others.”

Kelly whispered something to Sally, then to Sarah. Miss Shapely looked directly at Kelly to chastise her for whispering in the presence of others.

“Kelly, we do not…” She stopped as the three girls circled her and moved closer and closer to her.

“We do not whisper in the presence of…”

The girls’ actions stopped her once again. Their young bodies were touching their teacher's own, well toned body. Kelly leaned in and Kissed Miss Shapely. Exploring her teacher’s mouth with her tongue, and her beautiful body with her hands. Kelly then spoke in a soft sultry and seductive tone of voice, looking lovingly into Jane's sexy brown eyes.

“Jane. May I call you that? Jane we all want to fuck you. We have all secretly wanted to fuck you for a long time now. Sarah has told us she was lucky enough to fuck you last night. Now Sally and I are going to enjoy a threesome with you while Sarah keeps a look out. Sarah will ensure we are not interrupted. So shall we?”

Kelly was very persuasive with her words and actions.

Sarah looked into the eyes of her teacher and lover and said,

“Jane, you were wondering who I was talking about when I said ‘we’ were fucking on the bus on our way here. Well, Kelly loves eating pussy. Like all ladies she loves her pussy eaten too. Just don’t let her cum if you might get caught. Kelly is a screamer. Sally likes having her clit sucked as she orgasms. It really gets her off. Enjoy fucking my sister and Kelly while I watch you, and the door.”

Sarah gave Jane a passionate lovers kiss on her mouth. Not another word was spoken, but smiles all round meant everyone was happy with this arrangement. Sarah then dressed and went to the doorway, to keep an eye out to see the coast was clear.

Sarah watched as Jane reached out to Sally and Kelly and explore their bodies as they each sucked her breasts. Sally kissed her way down Jane’s body and tasted her pussy. As she did, Kelly and Jane kissed and sucked each other’s firm breasts. Kelly stopped Sally and told her it was her turn to taste Jane.

Sally said, “We should all lay on the floor so we can all eat a pussy and have our pussies eaten at the same time.”

In no time the three horny ladies were on the floor eating each other’s pussy. Kelly had her tongue buried deep in Jane’s pussy. She could feel Jane’s hand on the back of her head pulling her in deep. But Kelly was not going to let Jane cum just yet. Kelly pushed back against the gentle hand of her teacher. Kelly could hear Sally moaning, she was about to cum herself.

Kelly lifted her head so she could watch as Sally cum in Jane’s mouth as she screamed her orgasmic cry into Kelly’s pussy. Kelly was so horny she did not care what happened. If Miss Noefun had come into the shower block and caught them. Three hothorny young ladies. All in enjoying a lust-fueled lesbian three-way. Kelly probably would not have stopped eating Jane's sweet pussy.

Kelly sucked Jane’s swollen clit into her mouth and hummed on it. As she did, Jane drove her face into Sally’s pussy to muffle her orgasmic moans. Kelly was cumming too. She felt her own pussy spasm, as she too came. Her face buried deep in Jane’s pussy to muffle her orgasmic cry. The four young ladies were all very satisfied with themselves now.

Jane, Sally and Kelly quickly washed off and dressed. Their knees were still trembling after their sweet love session together as they walked out and off to their dorm. Dreading the lecture from Miss Noefun…

“Oh Jane. We all want more sex with you all week if you don’t mind. We all like girls,” Sarah said as the quartet walked together.

“When we return home, you are most welcome to visit us at our houses. For extra curricular activities if you like,” Kelly giggled and Sally agreed.

Later on that evening Kelly was in the dorm and looking through the photographs she had taken of her muddy classmates. Kelly gasped,

“Oh my God!”

Kelly was surprised at what she saw. When she had put the camera down on the bench in the shower with Mr. Black, Kelly had accidentally turned it on. She had filmed herself in the shower with Steve. It was all there on her camera! Kelly decided she was going to have to hide the memory card. T hankfully, Kelly always carried a spare. Unbeknown to Kelly, Sarah had walked into the dorm. Sarah came over a little too soon for Kelly to hide the evidence on her camera though.

“What is it? What is wrong?” Sarah asked.

Kelly was red faced. She was hiding something from Sarah. Sarah took the camera from Kelly and saw what Kelly had been trying to hide.

“Oh my God! You fucked Mr. Black. He is such a sexy man. Becky is going to shave your hair off if she finds out. Are you mad? When did you fuck him?” Sarah said.

“It was just before I came into the showers with everyone this afternoon. I am going to hide it. Please don't tell Becky. I love you and I don’t want to hurt you. I just like guys and girls. Mr. Black is gorgeous. I couldn't resist it when I had the chance to fuck him. He was so gentle with me. I loved it. I want to have him fuck me again.” Kelly said.

She was afraid of hurting her two best friends, Sarah and her twin sister Sally. She need not have worried though.

“It is OK. We like guys too. I wont tell Sally if you don't want me to. I love you too. I am happy for you. I am glad you had sex with Mr. Black. I mean the whole of our year level wants to. But I want to know one thing...” Sarah said.

Kelly looked at her friend and lover. Kelly was a little afraid of Sarah's question. Kelly asked what it was that Sarah wanted to know.

“Do you still want to have sex with Jane, Sally and I? Or do you only want Mr. Black now?”

Sarah was worried Kelly now wanted nothing more to do with Jane, Sally or herself. Not sexually anymore. Sarah was afraid the lesbian friendship they had shared was now over.

Kelly smiled, kissed Sarah's cheek and said,

“Sarah, I love you and Sally. I will always love you. You and Sally mean the world to me. I never want to do anything to end our friendship. I want to have lots of sex with you, Sally and Jane. Just don’t say anything about Mr. Black to anyone. I will tell Sally when we get home. I just need to think of how to tell her.”

Kelly quickly changed her memory cards in her camera. Sarah even turned her back while she did. Kelly then walked up behind Sarah and slid her hands up the front of her girlfriend. She held Sarah's body close to her own as she caressed her friend and lover. Sarah turned around and they kissed each other deeply.

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