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Tommy, Robert And June part 3

Tomy visits Robert and June again
I couldn’t believe it, I had just sucked off Robert in his office and been told that I would be expected at his and June’s house at 7:00 PM.

My cock was hard as a rock and my mouth tasted of Robert’s cum and I wanted to masturbate and cum so bad.

I sat in my cubicle with the thoughts of what had just happened and what had transpired the previous Friday evening running crazily through my mind when I was shaken back to reality by the ringing of my telephone.

I slowly pick up the phone and said, “Hello this is Tommy McKenzie of Maddorf Investments and Securities, how may I help you?” One of my more active clients was on the line wanting to make some significant changes to their Investment portfolio and I quickly got back to my normal work routine.

The rest of my afternoon we very busy with clients reacting to some disturbing economic news that had them in a state of worry to near panic. It took my mind totally off my sexual activities and state of arousal.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly as I was able to put most of my client’s minds to rest with a calm approach and applying solid reasoning to the economic news. I was able to perform my job at a high level due to the excellent mentoring provided by Robert.

“Remember 7:00 PM” I hear Robert say as he poked his head into my cubicle. I responded, “Yes I will be there.”

Leaving work and heading home to my apartment, the feelings of arousal and anticipation began to return. I was actually shaking when I entered my apartment. I wanted to cum so bad, but knew that was probably not a good idea with my pending visit to see Robert and June. I quickly removed my clothes and jumped into the shower and turned on the water to cold.

The cold water poured down over me and set me to shivering, but my hard on persisted. My cock was sticking straight out stiff and hard as visions of June danced through my head. It took all of my will power to not start jacking off and achieving some relief. When I finally climbed out of the shower my cock was as hard as ever. Damn I wanted June to suck me in the worst way.

It was now 6:00 PM and I started to dress. Thoughts ran through my mind about those Viagra commercials that warned of erections lasting over 4 hours and the need to seek medical attention. But I quickly put those thoughts out of my mind and proceed to get dressed. I dressed casually yet smartly considering my limited wardrobe.

At precisely 7:00 PM I pulled up to Robert and June’s house and was surprised to see several other cars in the drive. June met me at the door and before I could say anything she placed one hand behind my neck and pulled me close and kissed me deeply with her other hand going directly to my already hard cock. I almost lost it right then and there.

As we parted from the kiss, I was surprised to see no one else in the room. June took my hand and without a word and started leading me to the master bedroom where only last Friday, I had lost all of my innocence. She led me to the king size bed and motioned for me to lie down on my back.

June began removing my pants and went straight for my cock lowering her mouth and sucking my cock deep. The wet warmness that enveloped my cock was a feeling difficult to describe. It simply was unbelievable.

I closed my eyes and just relished this gorgeous woman’s sucking my cock. The up and down bobbing was bringing me nearly to the point of no return. But June removed her mouth from my cock and said, “Stay just as you are and relax it is to soon for you to cum.”

Then I felt a mouth on my cock that was awesome but strangely did not feel like June. I started to look up but a mouth covered my mouth and kissed me deeply. That is when I realized we were not alone. But who was sucking my cock and who was kissing me? I couldn’t speak as a tongue was deep in my mouth and another mouth was sucking me oh so good.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, the cum that had been boiling in my balls started gushing up and out of my cock into somebody’s mouth. But whose mouth was it? Rope after rope of cum escaped my cock. I could feel someone sucking and swallowing. They were getting my biggest load ever. That is when I heard June say, “Feed him baby, just feed him.”

Feed him? Could it be Robert sucking my cock? It was June kissing me as a guy was sucking me off. But was it Robert? As June pulled away, I looked down and was shocked to see Mr. McMasters, GM and Vice President of Maddorf Investments and Securities. Before I could say any thing June placed a finger on my lips and said, “Relax Tommy the night has only begun and there are many more surprises in store for you.”

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