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We Advance

My inhibitions diminish
Jon and Jeni, thoroughly relaxed, were sleeping. Their hands were entwined. I could not settle as my brain was in a turmoil. So, I moved as quietly as I could to the edge of the bed, stood up and headed, once again, to the shower. They moved only a little, although I did notice that Jeni's free hand reached out into the space where I had been lying.

In the shower, I washed myself down. For some reason, I'd always been self-conscious of my own body odours and made a thorough job of cleaning all the crevices. It was while I was bending forward that I felt a touch on my back. I jerked upright. My mind had been completely pre-occupied with the events of the previous few hours. Turning, I saw that Jeni had joined me in the shower, complete with a mischievous look on her face.

Taking the shower gel in her hand, she proceeded to soap me all over, taking particular care of my thighs, genitals and buttocks. I reciprocated, adding her breasts and nipples into the areas needing special care. Even though we had not uttered any words of endearment, our bodies responded to the other's touch. We clasped each other tightly as we kissed, my erection trapped between us.

Our tongues explored the sensitive places in our mouths as our hands ran up and down each other's back. Mine strayed to the swell of her buttocks as I prepared to lift her and gain access for my straining prick inside her. Then, I felt another hand on me and flinched. I'd forgotten about Jon!

Feeling my movement, Jeni pulled me towards her as she manoeuvred her body to help ease my cock into her. My lust took precedence and, for the first time in my life, I was fucking a woman whilst a man caressed my back and ran his hands lower, pressing on my buttocks to urge me on. All too soon I felt my legs flagging as I was supporting both Jeni and myself. Feeling me slowing, Jeni suggested we retreat to the bed.

We all stepped out of the shower and towelling ourselves down to remove most of the surplus water, Jeni led the way, taking Jon and I by the hand. Again, I was thankful for her lead as I still had an ambivalence towards the idea of being naked and sexually aroused in the presence another man.

Reaching the bed, Jeni lay flat on her back, indicating that Jon and I lie each side of her by patting the vacant spaces. Once in position, Jeni kissed each of us, making sure the one not being kissed didn't feel left out by stroking along the stomach of the one unoccupied. This certainly held my attention, my balls were tight in my groin and my rigid prick doing its best to reach my navel.

Soon, she was on her back again and took each of our cocks in her hands, wanking us in unison. Simultaneously, Jon and I freed the hand next to her and toyed with her nipples, bringing them to hard peaks and earning ourselves an increased speed to her wanking movements. I was no longer aware of being in the presence of another male as the familiar sensations of an approaching ejaculation increased. My buttocks clenched, my stomach muscles tightened and I lifted my hips to thrust into her hand. Jeni stopped!

I turned towards her to find out why and as I did so, she was pulling at my hip and turning away. Her buttocks were presented to me and she lifted a leg to give me access to her pussy. With some guidance from her hand and eager pushing from me, I was soon deep inside, relishing the hot, wet and velvety grip. My balls were tight against her arse. I gripped her hip so that I could ensure I didn't slip out as I thrust in and out.

Again, she stopped me! Taking my hand from her hip, she lifted it up and over her body. It took me a moment to realise where we were heading. It was a stretch for me but now my hand was on another man's erection! I froze in shock but she distracted me by moving her bottom against me and clenching her inner muscles on my shaft. As I relaxed into the sensation, she glided my hand down the slippery shaft that was both completely alien and yet familiar.

Without conscious effort, my hand, covered by hers, was caressing Jon's cock in unison to the thrusting action of my cock. It was weirdly, utterly erotic. I propped myself up on an elbow so that I could more comfortably reach and survey this whole new scene.

Jeni had a huge grin on her face. Jon was also looking up and smiling, although his was a little glazed as the stimulation he was receiving overtook his thoughts. Jeni urged our hands to move faster and, almost by remote control, my thrusts in and out of her, accelerated. Quickly, we were all fully occupied with the sexual arousal of our own bodies whilst, for my part, I was very aware of the pulsing starting in Jon's erection. It was so familiar, my own orgasm was triggered and the room was filled with the grunts and groans of two ejaculations.
As the initial spasms past and my breathing steadied, I knew Jeni had not cum.

I wanted to let her know my appreciation and also to satisfy my own lustful curiosity. As I was still partly upright, it was easy for me to slide down her body, kissing her all the way and turn her once more onto her back. Soon, I was between her easily parted legs and my mouth found its goal. Nipping very gently at the folds, I stuck my tongue between them and lapped at the entrance to her vagina. Satisfying sounds of appreciation were just about audible even though her legs were tightening against my ears!

Working my hands under her bottom, I lifted her hips to allow me the freedom run my tongue up and down her cleft. With the reactions that provoked, I licked upwards and probed on and around her clitoris. Her hips jerked in response. I flattened my tongue to encompass the whole and pressed down. Whimpers of approval were now very audible. I maintained the movements of my mouth and tongue whilst freeing one of my hands. Now, I could slip a finger inside her and seek out the g-spot.

The response was gratifying! Her hips bucked and her hands gripped the back of my head, pulling me against her. I just had time to see that Jon's mouth was firmly attached to her breast before Jeni's orgasm crashed through her and my hand was drenched with her juices.

I was almost reluctant to leave the sodden, heavenly smelling place but I needed more air! Crawling back up the bed I was greeted by two very happy faces. Jon's was creased from ear to ear with a huge grin and Jeni's bore that self-satisfied, post-coital smugness.

Jon lay on one side of Jeni and I on the other. Jeni's hands were on each of our hips whilst mine and Jon's were across her stomach, comfortably touching.

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