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Weekend Getaway Part II

Nice Surprise in the Spa
The morning came and Gwen woke up first, as always. She started to rub up and down Tad’s chest, going down a little further each time until she reached his morning hard on. She grabbed his hard cock and started to stroke it. A smile quickly appeared on Tad’s face. Tad rolled to his side, eyes still closed, with big grin on his face. He reached down and started to play with Gwen’s already wet pussy. After getting it nice and wet, he took Gwen’s leg and stretched it straight up in the air. He eased his way closer to her pussy. He put one of his legs over her hip and the other along her other one and slid his hard cock into her hot pussy. Gwen loved the way his cock filled her up in the morning. He rocked his hips back and forth and pushed his cock into her deeper each time. Gwen wrapped her leg around his and pushed him into her.

It seemed like no time passed when they both started to cum. Tad started to grunt like a bull ready to chase down the matador. Gwen grabbed hold of the sheets as her body started to buck underneath him. Tad pounded his cock deep into her and then exploded. Gwen pulled him in tighter as her own cum started to flow out of her all over his dick, cum was running down Gwen’s ass as he pulled away and out of her. Both of them fell on their backs.

“Good Morning.” Tad said with his usual little laugh after their morning sessions.

“Morning.” Gwen smiled back and they laid there for a few minutes before they got their day started.

At last night’s dinner, Tad made arrangements to go play a round of golf with their new friend. He had a tee time of 8 am and he had to get going. Gwen had made an appointment at the spa for a much needed rub down for 10. She wanted to grab a bite to eat then get to the spa, because with her appointment, she had use of the spa all day and she wanted to get in the sauna and the whirlpool before her massage.

Gwen got dressed and wandered down to the lobby. She had on her bathing suit with a maxi-dress for a cover up because after the spa she planned to go to the pool where Tad was going to meet her after golf. She grabbed a frozen coffee from the shop and a morning pastry, and then headed for the Spa. It was so relaxing in there. The girl at the counter showed her to the women’s locker rooms and told her to get undressed and put on a robe and some slippers. When Gwen came out the same girl was waiting and showed her around to all the different sauna rooms and the whirlpool and a longue area she can go into to wait for her appointment when she is done.

Gwen looked around and didn’t know what to do first. She entered a room and there were a few women already in the steam sauna. Two had their towels wrapped around them and one was sitting there fully naked. Gwen smiled and took off her robe and hung it right outside the door and went in. She sat at the end of the row in the corner quietly and let the steam fill the room. She was getting a little turned on knowing the other women were in there with her and could look at her naked body.

The two women in their towels got up together and walked out leaving just Gwen and the naked women. Gwen tried not to look at her, but couldn’t help herself. The women had an amazing body and leaned back with her eyes closed. So Gwen did the same thing. The door opened a few times and people came in and out.

Gwen opened her eyes and noticed she was alone. She missed the naked girl leave. She wanted a look at her ass. Then the door opened again. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was the woman form last night. She walked in and immediately walked right up to Gwen.

“Good morning! Tad told me you were in here” she said, “Hope you don’t mind?”

Of course Gwen didn’t mind, “No please join me.”

She was perky as she sat on the bench to the right of Gwen on the small wall and leaned in the opposite corner from Gwen and they started to chat. The way the beautiful woman positioned herself against the wall, Gwen had a clear shot of the pussy she had licked last night. She hoped she would open her legs just a little so she could see it again. The woman knew what Gwen wanted and soon obliged, and spread her legs just enough for Gwen to see the top of her clit. Gwen started to feel her own clit tingle and could feel it get wet.

The steam filled the room again and Gwen was really hot.

“I really need to get out of here. I have been in here awhile.” Gwen said, “How about the whirlpool for a bit?”

She agreed and they both got up. As they picked up their towels their bodies touch. The women looked at Gwen with a smile and Gwen returned it. The women touched Gwen’s arm and pulled Gwen in for a kiss. The same kind as they had in the elevator. She didn’t stop. Her tongue pushed its way into Gwen’s mouth. Gwen’s clit throbbed from the excitement this woman gave her. Gwen pressed her body into hers, their sweat mixing together. Oh yes, this was going to be an interested day.

After a few kisses, Gwen broke away and they left for the whirlpool. There were a few other women in there already when Gwen and her new lover got in. They all said hello and made small talk. The jets were on high and the water was bubbling up and you couldn’t really see under the water. Gwen felt her friend’s hand on her thigh. It searched for her pussy. She put her hand between Gwen’s legs and parted them just a little. The women’s fingers made their way to Gwen’s clit. Gwen’s body quivered with her touch and she knew she was about to cum.

They sat close and the woman held her arm just right so no one else could tell she was inside of Gwen. When she put two of her fingers into Gwen’s pussy, Gwen squirmed in her spot and blamed it on a jet. The other women in the whirlpool just smiled.

After a few minutes, the beauty with her fingers in Gwen’s pussy leaned over and whispered in Gwen’s ear, “Lets find an empty room.”

So the exited the whirlpool and went in search of an empty room. The cold sauna was empty. It was cold but the frigid air on their hot bodies felt nice. They went in, went into a corner and started to make out. Their hands explored each other’s bodies, groped at breast, hands full of ass cheeks, they kissed down necks. They were all over each other, faster and faster, knowing at any minute someone could catch them.

Gwen stuck her fingers deep into her lover’s pussy, two at first then a third. She fucked her hard. She used her body to push her fingers deeper into the women. She ran her tongue down Gwen’s neck and to her hard nipples, stopping and sucking on them. Gwen’s clit pulsated. She loved when her nipples were sucked on. She continued to fuck this woman with her fingers, her thumb rubbed on her clit. Her pussy was so wet and so hot, even in this cold room.

The beautiful woman moved her hands down Gwen’s body along with her tongue, she released herself from Gwen’s fingers as she got further down. She lifted Gwen’s leg up to rest on the bench in the room and knelt down in front of her. She stuck her tongue right on Gwen’s clit. Gwen shivered while her tongue worked on it a little and then slid straight into her pussy. Gwen’s body went nuts. She had shock wave throughout her whole body and her leg on the bench started to shake and her pussy squeezed the woman’s tongue tightly.

Gwen’s body was in total ecstasy. Her new lover’s tongue was still deep inside Gwen’s pussy when her orgasm started. Gwen shot cum onto her tongue, as the woman eased out of pussy. Her cum squirted out and was all over the woman’s face, it dripped down her chin when she stood up and kissed Gwen. Gwen tasted herself on the women. They kissed a few more times.

They sat back on the bench for a rest when the door opened and another woman came in. She sat down across from them. Gwen and her lover looked at each other and smiled, they almost got caught. They set there for a good while in the cold room to let their bodies relax. The whole time cum seeped out of Gwen’s pussy.

Gwen realized she had a massage scheduled and she had to get over to the room. She told her lover she would see her in a bit as she had been waiting for weeks for this massage. Gwen left for her massage and went to the waiting room. She waited for a few minutes and the same girl that showed her around came to get her. She led her into a room and instructed her to lie on the bed and someone will be right with her.

Hans came in and got right down to business. His big masculine hands started at her shoulders and then down her back. He loosened every muscle in her body. She was so relaxed she dosed off for a minute, her eyes closed and all she could see was her beautiful new lover. She thought about all the fun they have had and looked forward to whatever tonight will bring. Hans’ hands moved down her back then on to her legs. She hoped he could not sense the heat and wetness of her pussy. She enjoyed his hands on her body and she relaxed herself.

When Hans was done he left the room for her to get herself together. The young women who had showed her around earlier came back in as she put on her robe.

“You have a surprise waiting for you,” she told Gwen.

She led Gwen to another room in the spa and opened up the door. The room was lit with candles and was very dark. The girl said, “Enjoy!” and hurried to shut the door. Gwen looked around and there was a big tub in there along with her lover, naked in the water. The jets of the tub were on low and the water was swirling around her. The beautiful woman told Gwen to get in. Gwen dropped her robe to the floor and stepped in to the tub.

Her lover paid extra for them to have this time so they could be in there together alone. Gwen got in the tub and the women turned Gwen around so her back was facing her and picked up a small sponge and started to wash Gwen’s back. She rubbed the sponge on her, up and down, to her shoulders and over to her chest, then reached down to her stomach and to her pussy. She washed her whole body. Gwen then returned the gesture.

When she was done the women turned to her, they were in the middle of the tub. Their bodies now touched, chest to chest, stomach to stomach and pussy to pussy. They began to grind their pussies together. They rubbed their clits hard against each other’s, kissed passionately and groped at each other’s breast. The water was warm and their pussies were hotter.

Gwen ran her hand down to meet their pussies. She slipped her hand between them and started to finger the woman, who pushed her clit against the back of her hand to make it go deeper in to her. The women moaned with pleasure as Gwen inserted another finger and then another. Both women were close to an orgasm and both were ready. Gwen pushed her fingers deeper into the woman and pinched at her nipple.

“Yes!” The women yelled out and her body went into convulsions.

Gwen’s orgasm started too. She held her hand inside the women as long as she could and felt her clit pulsate on the back of her hand.

“Oh yes,” she whispered as her orgasm took over her body.

They enjoyed the tub a little longer, then the timer when off on them and they had to get out. They went back to the locker room and got dressed. They exchanged one last kiss and parted ways until later, when their husbands could join them. Gwen couldn’t wait to tell Tad all about what just happened.

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