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Yet Another 'Taboo' Was Defeated

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I surprise myself - to my delight
I must have dozed for some time because I awoke to a noise. Disorientated, I was about to leap out of bed to investigate when I realized it was my stomach, rumbling!
Chuckling to myself, I gathered my thoughts. It had been an extraordinary few hours with my friends, Jon and Jeni. Any sadness over my break-up from my former girlfriend had been completely dispelled by the hedonistic experiences they'd bestowed on me. I was entirely enthralled by these new sensations but I couldn't avoid the call of hunger.

I was pondering a way to extricate myself from our entwined bodies - I don't think any of us could have moved - when Jeni moved and turned towards Jon. This gave me my escape route, albeit somewhat reluctantly as I caught sight of the swell of her buttocks as they came clearly into view.

I was tempted but, again, my self-conscious awareness of my body odours asserted itself as I recalled our activities before we fell asleep. So, once more, I quietly padded off to the shower, taking a T-shirt and briefs with me. I knew the en-suite had another exit which would enable me not to disturb them whilst I sought some sustenance.

My strategy worked well so that in short order, I was refreshed and replete as I walked quietly back into the bedroom. Jeni was still lying on her side, with an arm across Jon's stomach. He was thus supine and I couldn't help but notice his erection, lying hard against his body, pointing towards his navel, with the balls drawn tightly into his groin.

I was rather shocked at the fascination the sight of it held for me and I looked at Jeni as re-assurance, I guess, that her body attracted me. It definitely did! There was a dawning within me, though, that I was entranced by both of them. I stood absolutely still, hardly daring to breathe in case either of them woke. The more I surveyed the scene, the more I was stimulated. Thoughts were swirling around my brain and my cock was stirring. I'd made up my mind.

Walking quietly to Jon's side of the bed, I slipped off my shirt and briefs. Kneeling, I reached out and cupped his balls - they felt both familiar and strange. Moving my hand, I curled the fingers round the shaft, gripped, and slid them down so that the shiny bulbous end was exposed. Licking my lips, I lowered my mouth.

I stuck out my tongue and for the first time felt and tasted a prick. Intrigued, aroused, appalled but unable to stop, it slid over my tongue which sensed the rib of skin that I knew so well on mine. Further into my mouth it went and my top lip became aware of the pulse in that big shaft. My cock seemed to throb in unison.

I'd thought Jon was still asleep. How that could be didn't occur to me! Then, I heard a grunt coupled with a strong spasm beneath his balls. A drop of pre-cum seeped onto my tongue. I looked up, across Jon's stomach to see him grinning down at me. For a moment, I was about to pull back but I felt his hand on the back of my head, gently holding me in place.

Somehow, that relaxed me and I began to apply myself to the task, nay, pleasure. As I felt more and more of his reactions, I began to understand why my girlfriends enjoyed doing this. For me, of course, there was the added bonus that I understood many of the sensations he was feeling. My head bobbed up and down, the pulses in his shaft became stronger and he was lifting his hips trying to go deeper into my mouth. The tastes in my mouth were both familiar and foreign.

As Jon began his way towards ejaculation, I felt a hand on my back. It was Jeni, stroking and, I think, giving her approval. Even through my own rising arousal and Jon's I felt a finger start to explore between my buttocks. Quickly, I let go of Jon's balls which I'd been caressing and enjoying their movement in their sac, and batted her hand away. I wasn't ready for that.

Undeterred, Jeni manoeuvred her way round so that one of her knees was between mine and, because I was bent over, she could rub her mound on my taught buttock. Her rubbing, my sucking and Jon's thrusts all fell into a simultaneous rhythm. The eroticism was almost mind-blowing. I could feel the urgency of Jon's movements and the increased volume of fluid in my mouth.

Suddenly, he groaned and nearly choked me with the thrust. It felt as though I was drowning in ejaculate. Fortunately, at his orgasm, his hands fell to his sides and I could pull away. My thoughts whirled. There was still a lurking distaste for what I'd just done but that was overridden by the thrill of the sensations I'd felt.

As Jon's spasms subsided to small spurts of semen which pooled on his stomach, I turned and kissed Jeni full on her lips, anxious, for some reason, to share the liquid in my mouth. She, far from being repulsed, eagerly responded and pulled me down on top of her, our mouths locked together. I savoured the new, she enjoyed the familiar. Her hand went between us and guided my rigid shaft into her very wet pussy. We fucked each other hard and fast, riding the wave of desire which washed through our bodies.

Neither of us could last long and soon, all too soon, we were grunting and moaning to attain our orgasms. Her inner muscles gripped my cock so tightly they seemed to suck the spunk out of me. It seemed I'd never cum so much or for so long. As I reached my last spasm, I felt the rapid contractions of hers. The grip on my shaft kept me hard, long enough for her to reach her peak and slide down the other side.

We lay, stuck together, panting and, in truth, oblivious to Jon until we felt him nestle in close to us. Once more we three were united as one - each of us sated in our own but combined way.

I didn't care where this led. I did know, though, even in my post-coital torpor, I was privileged to have these truly unique friends.

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