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Chanel and Ethan 4

“Let me fuck you before I leave,” Ethan asks, his mouth to my ear. We fucked for the first time last night, and it’s apparent he hasn’t had enough. To be honest, I haven’t either. I hardly slept, my dreams were vivid pictures of the two of us. So when I bashfully nod my head, he wastes no time finding my mouth.

His arms wrap around me, pulling me as close as possible, and my hands are around his neck. After a minute, he pulls my hands away from him and turns me around. He bends me over the island in the kitchen so far I’m on my tiptoes. He presses on my back so my top half is laying flat against the marble. With both hands he yanks down my booty shorts. The excitement is beginning to radiate from my body, I can hardly hold still. Like my pussy knows his dick is only inches away.

One hand splayed across my lower back, he starts teasing my cunt with the tip of his cock. I hum in approval as his warm flesh slips over my own.

“Fuck, you’re already wet Chanel,” he states circling my opening.

“Mmhmm,” I reply in agreement.

His body leans forward and I hear him close to my ear. “You’re wet for me?” he asks. I nod my head, the side of my face against the counter. He leans back and slaps my ass hard. I gasp and cringe. “Say it,” he demands.

“I’m wet for you, Ethan,” I say quickly, and in the same breath, he’s shoved himself so far inside me I cry out in pain. “Fuck!” That’s tender. At my word, he slides out and slams back in. I cry out again. Though it hurts, he’s hitting the spot I have so desperately been craving. I try to lean up slightly so I can take it easier. Yeah...mistake.

“No, no. You stay,” Ethan says and forces me back onto the island. Still buried deep inside me, he strikes another stinging slap to my ass. I cringe harder than the first time. My soft skin is burning, but the feeling inside is incredible. My muscles tighten around him and he somehow feels even bigger. Too big.

With that, he starts fucking me. Careful not to touch my furthest wall, he’s pumping into me so quickly I moan with pleasure. At this angle I feel so full. I feel every inch of his throbbing dick filling me up. My lips tightly around him are tingling with the feeling. He’s pounding me against the counter and I’m stuck, forced to take whatever he gives me. One hand on my hip, the other on my lower back, he keeps me in place. “Oh God,” I cry out from the friction. On the next thrust he gives me all of him, slamming into me once more. The feeling is so intense I automatically try to lean up to better brace myself.

His hand on my lower back moves up between my shoulder blades and pushes me back down. “What did I tell you, Chanel?” he says and grabs both my forearms. He turns them and pins them down against my backside, bent at the elbows. He holds both my arms down with one of his large hands and pounds me again.

“Oh fuck!” I scream at the pressure. He does it again. That bastard. I’m not allowed to talk without getting fucked hard enough to rip me in two? I almost feel angry. Turned on angry. “You’re an asshole,” I say panting against the counter. After a silent second he slaps my ass so hard tears well up in my eyes.

“I’ll show you an asshole,” he says and starts fucking me relentlessly. No holding back; he’s slamming into me harder than ever. It’s so fucking much.

“Ethan!” I moan his name, praying he’ll ease up. This angle gets so deep, and every time he hits the furthest point inside me I moan. But he doesn’t let up. My whole body is coiled so tightly I hadn’t even realized the feeling beginning in the pit of my stomach. “Shit,” I call out and he pounds me so hard I cum on the spot. My back arches, ass in the air, knees against the cupboards, I’m bending so hard my feet aren’t even on the floor.

“Fuck fuck fuck! Harder please! Oh God, Ethan, fuck me!” And he stops. Completely. I almost cry, I’m aching for more friction. My inside muscles are throbbing against his cock, tightening over and over as he just stands there. “Pleaaaaase!” I squirm trying to fuck him, pushing away from the counter and onto his dick. He’s buried all the way inside me, holding tightly to my arms still pinned to my back.

When the throbbing inside me starts to subside, I’m feebly squirming with anger. “I. Can’t. Believe you.” I pant. He was absolutely right. That was fucked up.

“I let you cum didn’t I?” he asks and starts fucking me again. I moan in protest. I’m so tender from my orgasm, the feeling of him sliding in and out is too much.

“S-s-stop, I’m so s-s-s-sensitive,” I beg him, but he doesn’t. He’s quickly moving in and out of me and I’m reeling. “Holy fucking shit,” I mumble against the marble. It’s so intense and I can’t pull away. I’m panting hard as he keeps up his pace. I have the feeling he’s getting close though. His hand holding my arms is gripping tighter, the hand on my waist moves back to my hip and his fingertips are digging into my flesh. Thinking about him cumming now is making his assault feel better and better. I test his control and try talking.

“It’s starting to feel good, Ethan,” I say in an innocent voice. I moan and try to push my ass out. I can hear his ragged breathing as he pushes his dick in a little farther. “Unnnhh just like that. Don’t stop,” I compliment with a moan. He slams into me but doesn’t stop his fast pace. “Uunn! Fuck me Ethan!” I cry out and he slaps my ass again. I scream and push my ass further. I can start to feel another orgasm building, and I’m shocked. I don’t usually cum again so quickly. “Please cum inside me Ethan!” I moan and he slams into me so hard I cringe. “Almost there,” I pant between my teeth. I can feel myself tingling, my body tight, ready.

“Fuck, Chanel, you’re gonna make me cum,” he says and I explode.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming Ethan,” I moan and a wave engulfs me in ecstasy. My pussy is pulsing as I cum all over his dick for the second time this morning.

“Fuck Chanel! I’m cumming.” He groans and fucks my tightening cunt so hard I scream. He’s pounding into me, pouring cum from his balls into my pussy, filling me up. My hands are in tight fists, and they slowly start to relax, along with the rest of my body. When I’m lying limp on the counter, legs dangling, Ethan releases my arms and leans on top of me, panting hard.

“Damn, Chanel,” Ethan says against my back and kisses my bare shoulder above my tank top. I hum a reply, still catching my breath. After a few minutes Ethan pulls himself off of me and stands, dick still hard inside me. He pushes gently into me and I moan. “Think I can make you cum three times?” he asks curiously.

I laugh. “I have no idea. I’m shocked I came twice.”

“Why?” he asks, surprised.

“I don’t...usually...cum more than once. At a time,” I reply almost reluctantly. I have a feeling it would be bad if he knew how much he affects me. How good he fucks me. I don’t want to make shit weird. Before I can pull myself up, he starts moving again. I moan resigned. My insides are overflowing with our juices, I’m insanely wet. But the extra lubricant makes his dick sliding against me feel...amazing. He doesn’t feel too big now, and I moan again. Could I really cum three times? A moment ago I didn’t even want to. But this feels...really fucking good. I decide to tell him.

“Ethan, that feels really good,” I whisper and his hands run along my soft skin. My tender ass, my lower back and hips. His hands feel great. He starts thrusting a little faster and I test to see if he’ll let me up this time. I pull myself up on my elbows bending my back as he fucks me. I whip my long hair to the side and look over my shoulder at him. He looks up from my ass and meets my gaze. A peculiar expression is on his face, I can’t quite place it. I smile at him and I see him grin, the expression now gone. I close my eyes and take in the feeling.

“Don’t stop, Ethan,” I say and stick my ass out farther. One hand leaves my hip and moves below his dick to my front. When his fingertips touch my clit I gasp and grind my hips again. He pushes harder against my clit and fucks me faster. Oh. My. God. “You’re gonna make me cum again. Oohhh fuck,” I cry out as my insides turn.

“Cum for me, Chanel,” he says and I let go once again.

My tired body tightens and I scream, “Oh fuck! Uhhhnnnn…yes yes yes.” I moan as another wave washes over me. He keeps at it until I’m all finished. I’m laying against the counter again, breathing hard. “Thank you,” I say in a small voice. He leans forward and pulls my chin up. Leaning behind me, he turns my face to meet his and kisses me. His tongue finds mine, his lips gently moving against my mouth.

“You’re welcome,” he says and pecks my lips one last time. When he stands up, we hear a car outside. Both our heads whip to look at the clock on the stove.

“Fuck,” I say and slide off the counter. Nicole’s home. I pull my booty shorts up.

“I’ll clean up. You go,” he says and I dash downstairs. I go straight to the bathroom and start showering. I have a little while before I need to leave for work, so I stand in the stream hanging my head. I feel so confused. I just went from one of the best feelings to one of the worst.

I like fucking Ethan. I don’t want to stop. I don’t want to hide. But having Nicole be back brings on guilt I’ve never felt before. I’m fucking her husband. And if he wasn’t so good, I could make this decision easy. Part of me is already deciding never again. This clearly can’t happen. And my body twitches in protest. I begin arguing with myself internally. ‘No one’s fucked you like this before, Chanel. You can’t give this up. Seriously, three orgasms just this morning?’

‘Yeah, well you try looking Nicole in the eye knowing you want to keep fucking her husband.’

‘It’s just sex. She’s gone at night.’ Part of me shrugs.

‘Do you even hear yourself? What if that was my husband? I’d be shattered. I’d never forgive him.’

I wait for the other side of me to chime in, but nothing. That’s it then. No more. Putting myself in her position almost tears me apart. The brief thought of Ethan being mine was surprising in it’s allure. Then the thought of him cheating on me was too much. It’s decided then. I hope he doesn’t come on to me anymore. I need to move out.

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