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Hockey Instructor

A naughty housewife has some fun after practice
She was happy in her marriage. Her husband was her best friend and she was still attracted to him, so she could not understand her desire to be with this younger man. He was her hockey instructor and he was cute – obviously in fantastic shape. He was cocky and had a good sense of humour which, to her surprise, added to his attraction.

Initially, she was not certain if the attraction was reciprocal, but a few weeks ago he stayed behind class and offered to provide her with more instruction if she wanted. Any student could stay after class if they wished - the ice was free - but he had never offered one-on-one time with a student before. She accepted the offer out of curiosity and before she knew it, it became a regular occurrence.

They would chat during these extra help sessions and she found herself wondering what he looked like under his gear. She noticed that their eye contact increased dramatically and he started waiting for her afterwards so he could walk her out to her car.

Last week, as she was putting her bag in the trunk, he helped her lift it in the trunk. When lifting, he leaned against her and she felt that he was hard as a rock. His hand had had also brushed along her waist, ever so briefly. There was no mistake. He was into her and it was clear that he knew she was into him. His signals were strong and inviting, yet not pushy. This peaked her desire even more.

As the current training session was coming to an end, he came up behind her and asked if she was going to stay behind – he had prepared some drills and was hoping to go over them with her. The look in his eyes revealed that he had much more in mind. She said that yes, she was looking forward to it.

Afterwards, they practiced until everyone else had left. She was drained – he had actually worked her hard and she was drenched. They went to the bench for water and when she took off her helmet, he leaned into her. Their eyes locked but nothing was said. Before she knew it he was kissing her – gentle at first, but then as she responded he became more hungry – the kisses were deeper, harder. Once they stopped, she looked at him directly in the eyes and stated that she was going for a shower.

She went into the dressing room but he did not follow. She wondered if he would afraid that she might have overstepped her boundary. As she was taking off the last of her equipment (she only had her sports bra and panties on), she heard the door open. He was there.

She did not say anything – nor did he. She stood up to face him, revealing her firm, athletic body. He smiled and approached her. He ran his fingers up her muscular stomach and she was shocked by her strong reaction. She removed her sports bra with the full knowledge that one look of her firm, pert breasts and he would be all hers. His desire was obvious so she reached out and caressed the hardness in his pants. He moaned gently.

This time, it was she who kissed him. She probed him with her tongue then removed his top. As she ran her hands over his chest her excitement grew – he was so cut. She pictured him on top of her and she moved one hand back to his hardness.

Then he removed her panties and slid a finger inside her. She gasped with ecstasy and arched her back. He continued to finger fuck her and she opened her eyes and stared into his – it was clear that he would soon be inside her.

She couldn’t take it any more. She groped for his pants, pushing them down. He obliged and soon they were both naked. She reached again for his stiff cock and this time caressed his balls. He moaned loudly. They kissed hungrily and soon his cock was rubbing back and forth along her soaked pussy. She grabbed two hooks behind her so she could brace herself up against him and positioned herself so he could slide inside her. He took her by her hips and started stroking her, slowly, taunting her. She arched again and begged him to go harder. Soon he was deep inside her, grabbing her buttocks and kissing her aching breasts. She couldn’t help herself from groaning loudly. She was sure someone would hear, which only added to her excitement.

He stroked faster and faster, and she pulled herself up so he could go ever deeper. She wrapped her legs around him as she was nearing orgasm. Her moans grew louder and louder. Soon he shuddered and right after she burst into the most forceful spasms that she had ever felt. She was virtually screaming with pleasure. The strokes slowed and he continued to kiss her breasts and stomach.

They stood and kissed each other slowly. “Now”, she said, “for that shower”.

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