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My best friend's dad

I snuck out of my best friends sleepover to spy on her dad...
It was Friday and me and my best friend had been shopping all day. It was her 18th and we were having a girly day and girly night in with our friends. We had bought new outfits and jewellery. We had also bought some sexy outfits to wear for our boyfriends. When we got back to her house we ran upstairs to her room. "Let's try these sexy outfits on for each other before everyone gets here for the sleepover." I told her.

"Good idea, here's my camera take some pictures." She answered.

We both got undressed to our underwear and took some pictures of each other, and then we got our sexy outfits on. We looked so hot. I was wearing a tight red mini skirt with knee length leather boots and a red push up bra. My best friend was wearing a little black tight dress with no underwear. We did some poses for the camera, bending over and pretending to play with ourselves. After lots of pictures we decided to put them on her computer to print off. As they were printing, we heard footsteps coming towards her room. She ran to her bathroom quickly, she didn't want her parents to see her dressed like that. I wasn't as quick and just managed to get under her bed. The door opened and her dad came into the room. 

"Hello? Your friends will be here any minute, come down now." He said. 

I expected him to leave but instead he walked toward the printer. The printer with out sexy pictures coming out of! I couldn't believe it I was so embarrassed. He stopped at the printer and picked up the pictures, I saw him staring at one of me bending over the bed. He had a long look and put it back down and walked out of the room. I couldn't believe it. Did he think I was sexy? I always thought he was sexy, even if he was twice my age. He was tall and muscular with brown hair. He was funny, sexy and smart. He was also a teacher. I had many dreams about him teaching me a lesson or two.

All of our friends got there and we were having a blast. But I couldn't stop thinking about him. I decided to sneak out and see what he was doing. I crept onto the landing and across the hall. I could hear him downstairs with his wife. I snuck into his room and looked around. He had a big kingside bed with a bouncy mattress, a wardrobe which had mostly shirts and dresses. And at the bottom of it I saw a box under some clothes. I got it out and opened it. I let out a gasp. My pictures were in it! He had pictures of me posing in my sexy outfit. 

"Ahem." I heard him say behind me. I jumped and dropped the box. 

"Oh, I'm sorry I was just..."

"It's ok. I know what you were doing." He shut the door behind him and came closer.

"I hope you don't mind. Those pictures really turned me on" he said to me.

I couldn't believe it, was this real? I could myself getting wet down there.

"You really are a good looking girl. " he said. 

"Thanks, your not bad yourself." I replied, getting more confident. 

He smiled at me and glanced at the bed. He walked over and stroked me hair. And then moved down my neck, kissing me, then My shoulder, and my boobs! He undid my shirt and threw it behind him. I was just wearing a bra and skirt now. He kissed my breasts, slowly at first then more fiercely. He unhooked my bra and threw that too, biting my nipples and sucking them hard. He gently moaned while he did it. 

He told me to bend over the bed like in the picture, so I did. Then he kissed down my belly to my skirt and out his hand up there between my thighs.

I wasn't wearing underwear, his fingers touched my area and I moaned a little. He gently rubbed the lips and then moved his fingers inside, and up. 

"Your so warm and wet." He told me. He pushed his fingers up higher and harder, slowly then much faster. He was going up and down up and down and I was getting so wet. Then he stopped and kept his fingers in me. He jiggled them about inside me and it felt amazing. I moaned a lot and stroked his hair. He took out his fingers and licked them clean. I was so horny. He pulled down my skirt and picked me up. He lay me on his bed and opened my legs wide. He got straight to it, licking me gently around my opening and then slowly made his way inside me with his tongue. He thrust it in and out, licking me all over. It felt great and I had to bite my lip to stop from screaming. He licked and sucked and I got even more wet.

When he had done he took of his shirt and jeans and pulled out his erect penis.

"Wow." Was all I could say. It was huge! It was about 9 inches long and really thick. He rubbed it up and down, staring at me hard. 

"Do you like what you see? I'm going to show you a good time right now" he said. I could feel myself getting more and more wet. Longing for him to be in me already. I nodded and opened my legs wider. He smiled and climbed on top of me. He put his penis at the edge of my area and rubbed around a while. Then he entered the tip and left it there. He was teasing me. I wanted him in me so bad. He entered a little more until he was half in me and stopped again. I couldn't handle it, I grabbed his ass and thrust him into me, causing us both to moan loudly. He was fully inside me and I felt full.

He was huge and throbbing. He gently pulled out and then back in again. We moaned quietly enjoying the sensation. He began to rub my clit too which was amazing. He rubbed and rubbed and fucked and fucked and I couldn't handle it, I told him to go hard and fast and take me. Immediately he started thrusting in and out faster and harder. He banged into me over and over and we moaned louder and louder. We were hot and panting and he sucked on my breast. I couldn't handle any more, I felt myself beginning to cum, and as he thrust me harder I let out a Moan and cum all over his penis, and this made him cum too. He moaned as he let himself go in me.

We lay there panting for a while.

"That was amazing. " I said. 

"It was, but let's keep it our little secret." He said. 

That was fine by me. We continued our affair whenever I spent the night there again. 

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