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The night that changed my life

A man finds out his co-worker has been lusting for him after 8 years
The sexual tension has been building for years however I just was too shy to act on it. She was a thing of beauty beautiful blonde hair just past her shoulders, standing about 5 foot 3 with a trim body and 36 C breasts. Oh, those breasts. I have been lusting for her for over eight years now; however, we lived on opposite sides of the country. She worked at the head office while I was a salesperson in the field. We would get together twice a year at sales conferences and exchange pleasantries and flash each other cheeky little grins and dirty dance a little but never more than that. We couldn’t act on it, we both were in relationships. However things started to change between us when she asked me to fly across the country to the head office to do a presentation for her employees.

She was the first to greet me and commented just how good I look. It was very nice to hear those words. I was working hard to get myself in the best shape of my life. I ran 5 km every day and as a “reward” on the weekends I would go for a 10 km jaunt. She noticed! My heart started beating a little faster. I have wanted her so bad and here she was right in front of me commenting on my looks.

I was thinking to myself that I would like to take her somewhere in the office right there and then and… No you can’t you’re married you have invested 10 years in this relationship with your wife and can’t throw it away just to have a good fuck. But damn she looked so good and I often thought of her during the time we had apart from each other. I frequently made excuses to call her about “work related issues” and we would end up bantering back and forth for hours.

The presentation went very well and as always a few people stayed back to chat and share stories about the topic discussed. I looked up to see her smiling at me, this time it was a different smile. You know the one where there is a definitive meaning behind it. I felt myself starting to tingle and get a little flushed was she flirting with me?

She is also in a relationship with someone an asshole that abused her. There is no way — if he found out there is no telling what he may do to her.

People started to leave the building and I finished packing my things and all of a sudden felt presence in the room. It was her! In a voice that I have never heard from her before, she asked if I wanted to join her for dinner and a few drinks. A wave of excitement hit me; it took everything in my power to not immediately say an emphatic yes. I turned to look at her and found myself locked into her hazel eyes. Oh her eyes! Finally breaking my stare I muttered, “I would love to.”

We headed to a local restaurant and were lead to a table in a dimly lit corner of the room with a U shaped bench seat. Being the gentleman I am I proceeded to help her off with her jacket and motioned for her to slide in. I sat down myself allowing a “buffer” of sorts between us. The waitress came and took our order, a few glasses of Amarone Valpolicella to take the edge of a busy day at the office. We ended up chatting about the day and ordered a few more glasses of wine. The conversation started to change and we ended up talking about our sex lives. It turned to our likes and dislikes and when it turned to how often we get it I was shocked. “Only once every six months?” I asked. However, my own sex life was not that much better. How can this stunning woman get it twice a year? I don’t know if it was the wine or the conversation, but she reached out to grab my hand and placed it in between her legs and said, “I would love you to fuck me. I have been thinking about you for years and often think about you when I am getting myself off.”

Right there and then I started feeling that tingling sensation and knew I was getting hard. I started to squirm to get a little more comfortable, she must have noticed what was going on and placed her hand on my now rock hard cock and said, “I have dreamed about having this in my mouth, I want to suck you dry.” Shocked by her statement I withdrew her hand and cracked a joke that the wine must have been getting to her. Embarrassed, she let out a laugh, looked at her watch and mentioned that it was getting late and we should go. She dropped me off at the hotel, wished me a safe flight home and sped away into the night.

Once I got into my room I started to replay the events of the night in my head. Did this all just happen? A woman that I have been lusting after for years, just told me that she thought of me when she was getting herself off and wanted to suck me dry? Needless to say as I was thinking about the events that transpired I started rubbing my aching cock needing a release. I started to undress while taking of my underwear I noticed a line of pre-cum. Damn, she got me so hot! I then grabbed a bottle of lotion from the bathroom and headed for the bed. I started my session by rubbing my hands up and down my chest tweaking at my nipples, then working down to my cock wishing that it was her caressing me. I squirted some lotion on my hands and started to work some on my throbbing member, stroking up and down the entire 7 inches while making sure not to forget my balls.

With my eyes closed I started to stroke a little faster envisioning that it was her, pre-cum starts to ooze out as I stroke with more of a purpose. I am undressing her in my mind imagining those beautiful breasts she possessed while wondering if she had a cleanly shaven pussy. I am starting to experience that familiar tingle in my balls, knowing that I am going to release soon I trail my left hand down to my asshole using the lotion as lube I gently press it up and in. Ohh, yeah, now this is it. My mind wanders, there she is with her mouth around my raging hard on with a finger up my ass giving the blowjob of my life. I am in heaven I want her so bad. Just as I feel my balls begin to tighten, the phone rings. I try to ignore it and let it go to voicemail. Ummmm, getting so close, jacking up and down my well lubed cock I am right at the edge...just a little more… The phone rings again — FUCK!!! This person is very persistent; I release my cock and grab the phone to see who it is. HOLY SHIT. It’s the wife, checking in to see how the day went and to catch up. I try to slow my breathing down to have a conversation with her, pulling my finger out of my ass creating a feeling of emptiness, then begin to discuss my day with my wife.

I fly home the next day, and try to forget about the events that transpired that night. After all, I am a great husband and would never cheat on my wife. (Would I?) A few weeks pass by and I get a text message from her: “I wasn’t kidding I want you, in fact I get myself off nightly thinking of you.” Oh shit, is this for real? I instantly get hard while I am walking down the mall,. Embarrassed, I duck into the closest men's room. Not knowing what to say, I ignore the message. The sales conference is coming closer, a few more weeks and I will see her again. Just thinking about it makes me flush and produces the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. Would I risk everything to be with her? I think about her often, and at times when I was fucking my wife I would fantasize it was her.

A week before I was to fly out to the meeting I get a text, “Conference is next week. I hope we can spend some time together.” My phone buzzes again. Thinking that it was another text message, I nonchalantly look at my phone, but this time it was an e-mail from her with a picture attached. I open the file and nearly drop my phone in the toilet!! There she was lying on the bed completely naked with a dildo stuck in her pussy. That body — my god she was a thing of beauty! I was right, cleanly shaven...what is she doing to me? My phone buzzes again, and not wanting to take my eyes away from the picture I fumble around to see who it is…it’s her. “Like what you see? I went out and bought that dildo, I think it’s the same size as you from what I remember, I use it all the time wishing it was you fucking me.” My mouth drops wide open; I’m completely dumbfounded. Yet another buzz. “I need you to fuck me, let’s make it happen next week.” Thoughts now racing through my mind...she is serious, and she really wants me to fuck her. Can I go through with this?

The day comes and I am on the plane heading to a small town in New Hampshire. I often opened the picture she sent not only to masturbate to it but to fantasize being with her. My heart is racing as the cab pulls into the hotel; there she is, the stunning beauty that had been toying with me for the past few weeks. My carnal desire would have me race out of the cab, grab her by the hand and take her to a room and fuck her senseless until we both collapse. But I can’t, I have a wife at home.

The week passed, and we only flashed cheeky grins back and forth across the room without incident, until the last night. A tradition we all had was to go to a local club and go dancing, call it a celebration of sorts. We all converge in the hotel lobby and get ready to walk to the club. Just as I am about to pass through the lobby doors a hand reaches out and grabs me. It’s her, and she has a look in her eye I have only seen when we were out for dinner and in that picture she sent me. No one notices that we aren’t a part of the large crowd heading down the street. She pulls me close to her and whispers into my ear, "I am not kidding. I want you…but you make the decision. If you want to put this to rest once and for all, go catch up with the group, and I will never mention it again. If you choose to go for it, here is my room key." She then gives me a kiss on the cheek slips me a piece of paper and saunters over to the elevator.

Torn, I take a seat in one of the chairs in the hotel lobby. Can I go through with this? Sex at home is terrible at best; fuck, I'm lucky to get it once a month and it’s a well-oiled routine each and every time. But am I willing to throw a long standing relationship out of the window just to get my rocks off? Finally I decide, after all it's “just sex” and if this works out it could be fun to get together with her at the semi-annual meetings. I stand up, trying to ignore the tent that has formed in my pants, look at the piece of paper she has given me and head to the elevators. As I reach her floor I reluctantly step out of the elevator. Am I really going to go through with this? Can I? I swallow, nearly choking on my own spit, and head to her hotel room. I place the key in the slot and begin to turn the handle and open the door.

She had a lot of confidence that I would join her. I glance around the candle lit room to see rose petals on the bed, two bottles of white wine chilling and her sitting on a chair in the corner dressed in a white baby doll with a matching garter belt and stockings. I am greeted with a warm, “Hello” as she makes her way toward me and hands me a glass of wine. We toast to our new twist on our relationship and take a sip.

We place our glasses down and she reaches out to grab my still swollen cock. “My my, what do we have here? Looks like you are ready for me.” She greedily unzips my pants, pulling them down while tugging at my boxers to release my aching dick. With my pants at my feet she takes a minute to look at my swollen cock and says, “Just what I thought, very nice,” and at once engulfs it all the way down her throat. I can feel my veins pulsating in her mouth as she is working her magic on me. She works it back out of her mouth and brings her tongue to the tip swirling it around my throbbing head. I now feel her trace a line from the very tip all the way down to my balls bringing one in her mouth. She sucks and releases it a few times before switching to the other. I gasp in delight as she is servicing me in a way that I have never experienced before. I feel her left hand grip the base of my cock as her right hand grabs my ass and pulls me closer to her. She releases me out of her warm inviting mouth and starts to gently flick her tongue all the way around my sack. I’m moaning in pleasure as she starts to pump my cock with her hand all while still flicking her tongue on my heaving balls.

She now turns to long strokes using more pressure with each lick starting from my taint all the way to the top of my cock. I am starting to feel weak in the knees and fumble onto the bed, tossing my pants to the side in the process. As I am doing this she reaches into the night table drawer to grab something then leans over me and devours my raging hard on right to the base. Rhythmically she now starts to work faster pumping up and down – all I can hear is “slurp slurp” and mixed moans of desire between the two of us. I look up to see those beautiful hazel eyes staring back at me as she is giving me the dick sucking of my life.

Just over her left shoulder I notice a mirror that gives me the perfect view of her now sopping wet pussy. I nearly came right there! I can tell she loves doing this she is a pro at sucking cock. My mind slips from her pussy to my own pleasure I feel that tingle in my balls starting to grow. I know I’m close. She must have caught on to that as well, as she reaches down to grab the item that she pulled from the night table twists the bottom and I hear a familiar buzz. Is she going to use this little vibrator on herself? I wondered. “That’s hot,” I whisper to her as she slides it into her mouth. She is working it in and out of her mouth just like she has been doing to my cock a few seconds ago. She takes her little friend out of her mouth and starts running it up and down the length of my aching member. Slowly she works it down to my balls, and then grabs my left leg raising it into the air giving her better access to my little hole. Feeling that there wasn’t enough lube she strokes it in and out of her mouth once more and then brings it back to its previous position. She then placed her lips around my hard cock slid all the way down while feeding my ass an inch at a time with her toy. The sensation was amazing, and I let out a big mmmmmmmmmmppphhh.

She moans with her lips on my cock which adds to the sensations. Up and down on my throbbing member using her right hand to pump with angst. While her left hand was slowly working on giving me an orgasm I would never forget. Just as she slid the vibrator in she hit my prostate. “Oh god,” I gasped with her mouth buried on my dick and the vibe up my ass. My legs began to tense up and I felt a wave of pleasure start to take me over. “FUCK-FUCK, Yes!!” I screamed. My balls tightened — “FUCK” — she slid all of my cock into her mouth, knowing what was going to take place. “OHHHHH,” I moaned and there it was, the orgasm she had worked so hard to create about to explode any second now. Thriving in ecstasy, she plunged the vibrator deep into my ass for the last time and sucked a little harder creating a perfect seal around my dick, bracing herself for my cum. Then it happened, my toes curled my hips bucked off the bed. I grabbed her head forcing myself deeper inside of her mouth. “OHHHH SHIT, OHHHHH SHIT….I’M CUMMING!” I released my load down her throat, one shot at a time. My head began to spin, never having received a prostate orgasm from a woman before (I just pleasured myself that way). She kept her seal on my dick, swallowing each and every drop of hot cum I had to offer.

She greedily took one last slurp of my cock and came up to give me a deep kiss. I have only tasted myself once before but, fuck, I have never had a woman do this!! Our lips embraced and she darted her tongue into my mouth letting me taste the fruits of her labor. Our tongues collided as we frantically kissed each other. I placed my tongue in her mouth and she caught a hold of it and sucked it just like she had just done to my now limp dick. She gently pulled the vibrator out of my ass, leaving a feeling of emptiness. She turned it off and placed it on the bedside table.

I grabbed our wine glasses. We toasted once again and took a sip. This was perfect, I needed to regain my composure after that mind blowing orgasm. For a second my thoughts turned from what was happening, to my wife. What have I just done? I can’t take this back, not now – but what I just experienced wasn’t anything like I have had before. I turned back to her seeing her press that wine glass against her lips and my eyes trailed down her body. Those breasts looked like they needed to be freed from the confines of that baby doll. The thoughts of my wife and the guilt that I had were washed away, looking at what was right in front of me. I focused on the task at hand, grabbing her wine glass and putting it down. Our lips locked in another embrace and I pulled her close. The taste of my cum lingered in her mouth as I slid my tongue into her mouth to meet hers. She let out a moan as the collided and she slid deeper into my arms. I traced my hand down her body to her luscious mounds; she let out a little gasp as my hand drew across her nipple. Working my hand back up to her shoulder I carefully slid the strap of her baby doll off one shoulder then the next revealing her full beautiful globes. I worked one nipple in my hand rolling it around gently while I placed my mouth on the other. “Yes,” she hissed as I took her left nipple in my mouth and slowly started to suck on it.

She couldn’t take it and started thrashing around moaning and grabbing at her baby doll to try to take it off entirely. Gladly I helped her out of it and laid her on the bed face down. I took a moment to soak in just how amazing her body was before I started my task. I placed one leg on either side of her and moved my face up to her ear, taking her lobe into my mouth and sucking on it. This unleashed a new wave of pleasure within her and I felt her hips buck up to reach my own. I could have fucked her right then and there but I wanted — needed — to take my time with her. Releasing her earlobe from my mouth, I kissed her cheek and made my way to her neck. I placed a few soft kisses on the side of her neck while grabbing her blonde hair. Lifting it, I made my way to the back of her neck with the occasional lick and kiss. I leaned in a little more and placed my lips at the nape of her neck and planted a soft wet kiss. Once again her hips were drawing off the bed up to reach mine; I knew this was one of her “spots.” I then trailed down her back, kissing and licking all the way up and down to the small of her back. She knew I was getting excited again when she asked, “What is that poking me in the back? Are you going to fuck me or what?” I greedily smiled at her, gave her a wink and said, “Not yet.” I rolled her over onto her back, took her breasts in my hand again and went back to work. I was met with more moans of pleasure. I think I was enjoying doing this to her as much as she was enjoying receiving it! I couldn’t help myself, I needed to taste her. I worked my way down between her legs, pulled her white G-string off and was treated to an amazing sight, puffy swollen red lips that puckered just enough for me to see her inner lips cascading out of from her mound. The musty smell was not like what I was used to either; she had a sweetness to her, something that I was looking very much looking forward to tasting.

I placed myself between her legs giving me a perfect view of her delectable pussy, licking up one side then down the other making sure not to penetrate those beautiful lips just yet. Hearing moans of pleasure, I decided now is the time to go further. I took one of her lips in my mouth and started to suck on it, then over to the other. Her pussy was overflowing with juice. I darted my tongue between her swollen lips and sopped up her delicious offering. She tasted so good I couldn’t (wouldn’t) stop. I licked up one side and down the other with the occasional visit to graze her clitoris. Each time I touched her clit she let out an “ohhhhhh.” She was mine now and I was going to give her a pussy licking of a lifetime.

I worked my tongue to her opening and slid it inside of her. Her warm moist hole devouring my tongue, spreading juices all over my face, I took my time tongue fucking her then moved up to her clit. Once there, I teased her by taking my time and spelling the alphabet. I made sure not to miss a single letter before I moved on. She was writhing in pleasure. Each time I felt her tense up, I stopped for a moment, taking one of her lips into my mouth to suck on it until she came down a little. Knowing now is time to finish her off I placed a finger in my mouth to lube it up a little, placed it at her opening and slid in to her wetness. Feeling she could take a little more I placed a second finger inside of her and rhythmically starting working them in and out, making a “come here” motion while fully penetrating her to ensure I hit her G spot. Her body jerked and more fluid came gushing out I knew I found it. I looked up to see her wincing in pleasure, letting out her moans through her pursed lips.

I place my tongue on her moist slit and worked my way in long strokes from her opening to her clit, giving it a little flick each time I passed over it. She moans as my fingers and tongue are working in perfect harmony. I feel her hands grasp at the bed sheets and form balls in her hands; she is getting close. Just as the moans of pleasure build and I know she is about to cum, I withdraw my finger and tongue and slide up to penetrate her. I grab the base of my now rock hard cock and glide into her hole. As I push in I feel how wet she really is!! Holy shit!! Her love canal grips my dick as I start to work in and out of her; she is writhing in pleasure hissing, “Fuck me, oh yeah, just like that.”

I start to fuck her as hard as I can and feel my dick brush up against her cervix which throws another wave of pleasure over her. I feel my own release start to build, but I can’t, not yet. I pull out of her in one stroke to the sounds of “ugghh” and slide two fingers back into her and restart what I had been doing earlier. Placing my tongue back on her clit, I go from flicking at it to long deep strokes, bringing her to a level I haven’t yet achieved. Her chest is heaving and her breathing is getting faster. I know she’s close. I maintain my rhythm, focusing on her clit and G-spot. “OOOOOOHHH!” I continue my work, flicking my tongue faster on her clit now. “YYYESSSS, FUCK, PLEASE DON’T STOOOPPP!” I plunge my fingers into her moist hole one last time, sending a wave of pleasure over, her hips raising off of the bed grinding my face deeper inside of her. “I’MMMM, I’MMMM” — one last long stroke of my tongue against her clit — “CUMMMINGGGGG!” She grabs my head with her legs, holding me there as a gush of juices flow out of her beautiful pussy. I release myself of her headlock and plunge my cock deep inside of her again, needing to cum I am banging up against her hips as hard as I possibly can, forcing my balls to smack up against her ass with each thrust. I can’t hold it any longer, and with one last deep thrust, I groan in pleasure and release my seed deep inside of her. This triggers another orgasm of her own as she cums again screaming my name, with each pulse of my ejaculation she jerks on the bed feeling the aftershocks of our mutual orgasm. She moves over onto her side and we lay there trying to catch our breath for a while, smiling about the events that just took place. She turns to me stares deeply in my eyes and says, “Now don’t you fall in love with me,” then turns back snuggles in closer to me.

Ten minutes pass. I walk over to the desk and pour another glass of wine, bringing it to her. We snicker about what we have just enjoyed and compare notes of how it was nothing at all like at home. Oh shit! Yes, at home! What have we just done? We have crossed the line and cannot ever go back. An hour goes by as we talk about it. We decide that the sex was so good that with each upcoming conference, we will make sure we will get together at least two or three times. It’s starting to get late; we finish the second bottle of wine. We embrace at the doorway and I give her another passionate kiss, making my way back to my own room.

It was an experience of a lifetime, and a sex life that I desire, but at what cost? The thoughts of that night are etched in my memory and I find myself going back and retracing the delicious things that transpired. Would we actually do this twice a year and keep it our little secret? Or would we just decide not to tempt fate, get caught and have it all go to hell in a hand basket? The more I thought about it, the more I thought about her. OK, it’s just “sex,” but could that one night make me start to fall in love with her? Was she right?

I board my plane giving her one last grin knowing that in six months we will be together again. At home things are the same and it just doesn’t feel right. I need to be with her again, maybe forever! Will seeing her every six months be enough? A few months pass and things are going very well at work, my sales are reaching record heights and customer satisfaction has never been higher. As far as work is concerned, life is very good. A few months pass and I get a phone call from the managing director of my company; he would like to meet with me. Apparently a new position has come up at the head office and they would like me to take it and move out there.

Oh my god, could it be true?

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