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Lust Relief Dorm - Chapter 8

And the air of debauchery spreads to Dorm B

Opening the door, Noah was greeted with the sight of an uncontrolled orgy. There was a small lobby with a staircase at the end that led to the upper floor. But just like Noah's dorm, after dinner, every space in the dorm was open for students to take off their clothes and engage in their carnal desires. After a long day of attending lectures and studying in the library, letting go of all those things and embracing the inner animal simply felt good. It felt good to take off the pants and stick one's cock into a willing girl. And under the unique circumstances of the dorms, girls forgot about the shame that they were raised with and became hungry for cock.

"Wow," Noah said and immediately a bulge formed in his pants.

Hannah stood by his side and her eyes were equally fixed on the orgy in front of them. The entire lobby was filled with dozens of naked pairs, all of them fucking. There were slightly more guys than women, some many of the girls were bent over with one guy pounding into her pussy from behind while another fucked her mouth in the front.

It was a scene of absolute debauchery. Every chair in the lobby had a naked couple on it. The floor was covered with naked people. Some female students were lying on their backs on the ground and guys took turns mounting them. Once they had fucked for a few minutes, the guy would pull out and fuck the next woman. Another man would promptly replace him.

In a different part of the lobby, the men were lying on their backs, and girls who took a look at them and wanted to get a taste of their cock, automatically came over and lowered themselves onto their rock hard shafts. No words, no names were exchanged. In this moment right now, the only thing that mattered was the raw desire to fuck. If one found the other attractive, one could simply grab the person and fuck them.

Identities, age, race, none of that mattered. The only thing that mattered was the mad desire to fuck.

There were several guys lying next to each other, all with a young female student bouncing on top of them. And just like the guys who were fucking the rows of girls who were lying on the ground, the girls would get off once they had enough or wanted to get a taste of another guy.

But sometimes the girls literally wanted to get a taste of that cock. Noah glanced to the right, and he saw a row of men standing with their backs against the wall, and there were several women in font of them, bobbing their heads back and forth. All of them had their jaw unhinged and were using their mouths and throats to fuck that cock. And once they had enough, they would stand up and stuff another man's cock into their cunts, or they moved over to get a taste of the next guy's cock.

As the only people who still had their clothes on, Noah and his friends stood out. The other students were so caught up in their mad lust that they didn't even notice how four newcomers had arrived.

With Hannah following closely behind, Noah carefully crossed the lobby, making sure not to disturb anyone. Not that anyone minded. Everyone was too busy humping, moaning and groaning. The men moved their hips back and forth, and the women wanted the be fucked so badly, they shifted their hips to have the hilt of the man's cock kiss their pussy lips.

Noah carefully walked up the stairs. The stairs too were filled with couples who were making out or were squashed against the wall, rubbing their genitalia together. Noah discreetly took a glance and could see how a young naked man was pressing a young female student against the wall, their tongues dancing and exchanging saliva. So close were their bodies that the girl was shifting her hips so use the creamy lips of her cunt to massage the meaty underside of his cock. The guy groaned and mashed his hips even closer to hers so that her pussy lips hugged the underside of his cock.

Watching them rub against each other like that, Noah felt his erection grow even harder. He wasn't very horny even after seeing the scene in the park, but now that he was witnessing this mass animal debauchery, he grew hard. The idea of just taking off his clothes, walking anywhere in this dorm where people fucked literally anywhere, and being able to stick his dick into any hole that wasn't stuffed, was something that turned on his inner animal.

"Follow me," Jason said and walked past Noah with Debbie right behind him.

Confused, Noah followed his friend up the stairs. He took a right at the second floor, and what they saw was almost the same as what they saw downstairs. There were several couples out in the corridor, rubbing against each other, and fucking into each other from behind. The slapping sounds of cock against pussy filled the corridor, causing Noah to feel mouth water building up. With all the random debauchery going on around him, he just wanted to take off his pants and stick it into the first girl he saw.

Taking a closer look, all the doors on the floor were open and every dorm room had become a little room for couples to fuck. Others could walk in and join if the female was willing, or simply stand by the doorway and watch. Once the couples had finished fucking, they would exit the room and another couple could go in and fuck on the bed.

"What should we do here, it's all full," Noah said.

"I met a guy in one of lectures today," Jason replied and pulled a key out of his pocket. "The course was compulsory for him and all the enrollment spaces were already full. It was a free elective for me, so I dropped it so that he could enroll...but the price was that he would make his room in Dorm B available to me once a week for one month."

Without another word, Jason strode forward, carefully walking past the couples who were in the midsts of enjoying a wild, unrestrained fucking.

Arriving at the end of the corridor, they stopped at the last room with the door closed.

"There were some problems with the administration and he was assigned a double room without a roommate," Jason grinned and unlocked the door.

They walked in and Noah was impressed. Both beds were well made, and the whole room didn't have a peck of dust. With the sounds of wild fucking behind them, they entered the room.

Unable to hold back, Debbie immediately grabbed Jason and shoved her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, exchanging saliva with their bodies pressed tightly together.

A little surprised at how suddenly Debbie was able to give up the decent behavior she had to show outside and embrace her inner wonton in a heartbeat, Noah watched the two make out and could feel his cock twitching. And just as we was about to turn to Hannah, he felt someone tug at his belt. He looked down and saw Hannah on her knees, already unbuckling his belt.

"Hannah?" Noah breathed.

She replied with only a smile that caused the corners of her eyes to turn downward. With several clumsy movements, she dropped his belt on the ground and pulled down his boxers. She came face to face with Noah's rock hard erection.

"It's so hard," she said with a throaty purr and stretched out her tongue.

Before Noah could say another word, Hannah flicked her tongue across his swollen mushroom head, licking up the oozing precum that was coming out from the tip.

"Jesus, Hannah," Noah breathed, but she knew no mercy.

Without any warning, she opened her mouth and engulfed his thick mushroom head in a tortuous tight furnace. Her tongue served as a meaty bed for the underside of his cock while she hallowed her inner cheeks to create suction and rub the sides of his cock.

She spread out her lips, and slowly she swallowed up more of his cock.

In a trance, Noah watched as inch by inch, more of his shaft vanished into her mouth. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Yesterday, she was still the shy freshmen girl. But after just one night of wild fucking, she had discovered and embraced the greedy wonton inside her who wanted a thick cock to fuck her and fuck her well.

Her mouth sucked hungrily on his meat, as if she wanted to milk him dry.

After several agonizing moments, Hannah's lips hugged the roots of his cock and Noah could feel her hot breath against his skin. But Hannah didn't stop there. Noah took a sharp breath as she unhinged her jaw further and drove his cock even further down her throat. Now her lower lips was squashed against his balls, and he could feel her slippery tongue flicking them.

"Fucking hell," Noah groaned and he grabbed her head, trying to drive his cock even further into her mouth even though he knew it wouldn't be possible.

Hannah let out a low gurgle in response and the vibrations spread from her throat to his shaft. Noah gritted his teeth, using all of his willpower to stop himself from cumming down her throat right away. He could feel Hannah tensing her tongue to rub his balls and the underside of his shaft, while hallowing her cheeks and tensing the muscles in her throat to massage the thick shaft that was filling her.

He couldn't believe how good it felt. Hannah was using all of it; her tongue, throat and cheeks to trap his shaft in a meat hole that shifted and tensed in order to milk every drop of cum out of him.

"Hannah, your mouth feels so fucking good," he stroked her hair.

Hannah pulled away to get some air. She coughed a few times, but her eyes never showed that she was in pain.

Licking the juices on her lips, she smiled up at Noah.

"Fuck my face," she said.

Hypnotized, Noah took the base of his cock and rubbed it against her lips.

"Do you want to suck on this?" he asked her while he smacked the underside of his cock against her lips, creating wet slapping sounds.

"Yes," Hannah grinned and flicked her tongue to tease his mushroom head.

"How bad do you want it?"

Breathing heavily, he grabbed her head and rubbed his cock back and forth on her lips. Hannah made an attempt to swallow it by opening her mouth and causing it slip in, but Noah always pulled back at the last moment, deciding to simply fuck her lips instead.

"Please sir, let me suck on it," Hannah pouted and glanced up at him.

Noah smiled and teasingly rubbed his cock left and right on her pouting lips.

"Do you want me to fuck your face?"

"Yes, please fuck my face. I need my mouth fucked by your thick cock."

That was all Noah needed to hear. Without wasting another moment, he grabbed her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, instantly hitting the back of her throat. Instead of unhinging her jaw, Hannah hallowed her inner cheeks to create more suction and make it a little harder for Noah to go in and out. This way, her mouth was even tighter than her cunt.

Back and forth, Noah fucked her mouth, enjoying the slurping sounds as his cock rubbed against her inner cheeks, her lips and tongue. So much juices had built up inside Hannah's mouth that Noah's cock didn't leave enough space and soon her chin became a waterfall. Every time Noah pushed in, his cock would force more juices out, and every time he pulled out, more juices would come out with it. The juices dripped down from his shaft and onto the ground.

And then finally, he couldn't take it anymore. Slamming down her throat as far as he could, he pumped his hot creamy semen into her, letting it flow down, never giving her the chance to spit it out.

After a minute, Noah pulled out of her mouth, which he had used as a meaty pleasure hole and fucked as if it was her cunt.

Next to him, Jason had also just finished fucking Debbie's face and pulled out. She too had juices spilling out and her chin was covered in a mix of spit and hot semen.

"Want to switch?" Jason asked.

Nodding, Noah changed places with Jason and lined his cock up with Debbie's ass.

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