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My life as Liz:Part 2

Liz does her best friend a favor and takes a sweet girl under her wings.
As the sun shined on my face I slowly woke up from my sweet dreams. Suddenly, I heard someone knocking on the door. I forgot to close the door last night, so the person could walk right in. It was Michael, one of my best friends.

"Liz, get up, you're late again. You know the professor will kill you if you get late ag...", Michael stopped in mid-sentence, only now realizing I wasn't alone and we were naked.

"Uhmm...nevermind. I'll see you later." He turned around, noticeably ashamed. I woke up Paige and we got dressed so we wouldn't be late. No time for lovely caressing, unfortunately.

I met Michael in history class. I never really figured him out. He never really participated in the lessons. Instead, he only said something when the professor asked him, but when he did, Michael always had very clever answers. The lessons went by rather fast, surprisingly.

after class I met up with Michael outside.

"So, Liz, can I ask you something?" Michael asked me.

"Sure, go ahead."

"The new girl in class today, Was she the one in your bed this morning? Did you...?" He seemed really curious.

"What do you think?" I teased.

"Wow I can't believe it. First day back and you already bring home the hottest girl in class."

"Besides me, of course, you mean."

"Of couse, I forgot." He said sarcasticly.

"But on a serious note now, there is this one girl I've set my sights on but I don't know if she's interested in me. Would you maybe talk to her?" Michael asked.

"Sure, why not?"

I checked my watch and noticed how late it has gotten. We hugged to say goodbye because Michael had to go to basketball training. He was quite athletic and often wore his jersey in public. It did look good on him, I gotta admit. I caught myself checking him out a couple of times actually. Guess I always wanted to know what it's like to have a black guy. I heard they usually are quite well equipped to handle girls like me. But nevermind today I had a different goal. I had to talk to the girl Michael told me about.

I knew he was talking about Emma. She is a very shy and silent girl that usually keeps to herself. But I like to refer to her as a diamond in the rough. She was very cute, you could tell, but never really took the time to make something out of her. She usually keeps her long red hair in a ponytail and wears glasses. I knew she had irish roots but didn't know how strong they were. She was a bit taller than me and her tits were smaller but they fit her quite well. She is very athletic, though. I noticed her strong arms and abs. I know this because I played volleyball with her in summer a couple of times. I met her on campus when she was about to buy a coffee.

"Mind if I take a seat?"

"Uhmm, no go ahead." she whispered.

"You know, one of my friends is really into you and he wondered if he should ask you out." I know this was very straightforward but that's how I like to handle my business.

"You are talking about Michael, right?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"I noticed how he checked me out. I'd love to go out with him, but..."

"But...?" I wondered.

"I'm nervous because...because...I'm a virgin !!" she yelled out, turning red, hoping nobody had heard her.

That actually explained a lot. Why she was so shy and all. I noticed myself getting turned on myself. I can't remember the last time I had a virgin in bed. I lost my virginity at 16 and had my first girl at 17. I decided to ask her to my place to help her out and maybe have some fun myself. Hey don't judge I have needs, too.

"Meet me at my place in 2 hours."

"Ok and then what do we do? She wondered.

"You'll see when we get there."

I called Paige and told her all about my plans. She seemed to like my ideas and agreed to meet me at my place immediately. we got done and chatted some more to make sure the plan was clear. Oh, settle down, will you. You will find out all about it soon enough. I was excited for this and then the doorbell rang. I went on to answer it and let Emma in. I grabbed her hand and lead her to my bedroom. There, Paige was already laying on the bed, wearing nothing but a pink strapon. Emma was shocked, her mouth was wide open and she took a few steps back. I put my hand on her back to stop her from backing away and my other hand on her shoulder to calm her down.

"Relax, sweetie", I whispered into her ear. "We will do nothing you don't want. We want to teach you how to pleasure a guy so you know what to do when it happens."

She seemed unsure, but she waited and seemed to consider it. I took off my top and got on my knees in front of Paige.

"Just watch and look at what I'm doing." I told Emma.

I took the plastic cock in my mouth and just worked the tip with my tongue. Don't get me wrong, even though I fancy girls more, I still know how to suck a cock. I bobbed my head up and down, stroking what I couldn't get in my mouth with my hand. The strapon was soon covered in my saliva and I started to get faster and faster. What can I say, when I start I get really excited. as I continued, Emma stepped forward and asked me "Can I try that as well?"

I just motioned for her to come over and so she did. She sat down besides me and I handed the plastic dick over. She still seemed unsure of what to do, even though I just showed her, quite well I might add. She slowly started to stroke it and took the tip of it in her mouth. As worried as she was at first she seemed to get into it pretty fast. A born natural, I'd actually say. Emma took off her glasses and opened her ponytail to let her long red hair fall freely. Quite a sexy sight for sure. Paige just looked on in delight. I went on to take off Emma's shirt and shorts. Underneath, she actually wore some very sexy underwear. A red lacy panty and bra, which seemed to be opened in the front. Kinky, I like it. I caressed her back and went down to her ass, squeezing it just a little, but enough to make her scream. I encouraged her to go on, complimenting her on how well she did.

"Ok, sweetie seems you got this down. Let's take the next step then. Lay down on the bed."

"And what do we do then?" She asked with a puzzled look on her face, her emerald green eyes looking straight at me. I just smirked and helped her up.

"Spread your legs." She did, not even asking for what. Then again it was obvious what would follow now.

"I will go slow, tell me when it starts to hurt." Paige said.

She went in and Emma screamed out loud. Paige stayed there for a moment until she could go deeper. Emma closed her eyes and bit her lip. It's how it always goes at first it hurts but as your pussy gets used to the size of the cock and the pain fades away you start feeling like you're in heaven. I sat down next to emma and took off her bra, pinching her rosy nipples for some added pleasure. Paige now started to slowly fuck her.

"How does it feel?"

"It feels good. Can you go a little faster, maybe?" Emma wondered.

Paige and I looked at each other and smiled. For such a shy, inexperienced girl she sure got into it. As I sucked and bit on her nipples and Paige fucked her pussy, Emma started squirming on the bed and bucking her hips. It didn't take long until she screamed out in pleasure and came all over my sheets. Good lord and I just made the bed yesterday. Oh well, it was worth it. Paige took off the strapon and threw it onto the sink to clean it off later. She sat down next to us, Emma in the middle, and we both started rubbing our clits since we got very excited ourselves.

"So, sunshine, did you like it?" I asked.

"Yes I did, it felt wonderful. I always thought this would hurt but it didn't. Quite the opposite actually. "

"Well, we can repeat this if you want." Paige laughed.

"So, I guess all there's left to do now is ask Michael out for a date. That is, if you want."

"Sure, but can you set this up?"

"Of course, sunshine. I will ask him tomorrow. You get dressed now, take a shower and go home. We will talk tomorrow."

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