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Becoming LoriAnn - Part 3

Tags: oral, anal
LoriAnn takes another step towards becoming the slutty gurl she wants to be
I was enjoying my new found sexual freedom. My first steps were slow and easy but nothing felt more exciting than discovering the feel and taste of a new hot, hard cock. The boys at school never really bothered me about regular sex and long as they got to shoot their big hot creamy loads down my throat or all over my tits, and I was happy each time I was able to swallow one of those delicious loads of cum.

It really took very little time and I was gaining a reputation as one of the girls a guy wanted to be with but not really date. I was the girl who loved to suck a hot cock and swallow the load that most girls would let hit the ground or spit out. So I had no limit of oral time with the boys.

But then I encountered a friend from long ago, one of the boys that knew me when I was a boy. I don't know how he recognized me, but he knew me right away. He cornered me one night at a football game and told me that he knew my secret and that if I wanted him to keep my secret I would have to be his little bitch cumslut. Now we all know that was no problem. He didn't need to threaten me and soon we were meeting on a regular basis. Jim was one of the guys the girls all wanted to date, but I soon discovered that he liked the girl with the little extra something in her panties.

Our first night together was almost magic. His cock was the biggest thickest one I had ever seen! Just the sight of it made my jaw ache, but I knew I had to have it. I fell to my knees and began to kiss the tip and lick that little hole. I wrapped my tongue around the head, and slowly sucked that head into my mouth. It stretched me to my limits but I was going to get as much of that beautiful meat in my mouth.

I continued to work on that hot rod. It sucked it to the back of my mouth and worked at opening my throat, but I could not get it down. I was disappointed but I was not. As soon as his cock hit the back of my throat he began to spurt rope after rope of cum into my mouth. He was also one of the heaviest cummers I'd ever had. I swallowed all I could. It was the best tasting cum I'd ever had and I knew I would never want to disappoint this boy!

Every chance we got we met and I sucked and soon it was slipping slowly down my throat. I felt so sexy with that big piece of cock in my throat.

He also began to return the favor. He sucked my little cock like a hungry little puppy. I love the slurping noises he made as it slid in and out of his hot mouth. I love the moans he made each time he felt it begin to throb. And I loved the way he swallowed and licked his lips when he was down. But the best part was when we could cum close together, hold the cum in our mouth and kiss mixing our loads as one and each swallowing a part.

Soon he was telling me what I had always wanted to hear. He wanted to fuck me. The night was set. I cleaned myself out and was already to have my virgin ass cherry popped! The only problem was, he was too excited and came as soon as the tip of his cock touched my little puckered hole. Still he rubbed it all over my ass and then licked me clean.

It wasn't long before he said that I had to meet his uncle. His uncle loved girls like me and could not wait to meet and fuck me. So the following Saturday night we went to his uncle but my friend had to leave, his uncle wanted me all to himself. And from the bulge in his pants I could not wait to be alone.

His uncle was more experienced and wanted to take his time. So we spent a long time kissing and touching each other. He kissed and licked and sucked my nipples like no boy ever had. He spent forever running his hands up and down my legs - on the outside and inside, but never reaching in my panties to touched my aching cock.

Soon it was my turn and I wasted no time - I undid his pants, reached in and discovered a cock that was at least 11" long. I knew there was no way I could swallow that, but I would love it with my mouth. and as I kissed and loved that wonderful cock, he worked on my little pucker.

Slowly he slipped one, then two and then three fingers deep inside of me. I felt so amazing. But then he flipped me over and began to kiss my little hole. His tongue went deep inside of me. Then his tongue and his fingers. I was in heaven and then he said I was ready!

He lubed me deep and greased his hard hot cock. He got me on my hands and knees and was soon pushing his head into my hole. The feeling of pain was intense and exquisite! It hurt, but I wanted more. After his head had been in for a few minutes be pushed a little further and soon about a third of him was deep inside of me.

I could take no more so he began to fuck me slowly. I couldn't even think. All I knew was that I was him for as long as he wanted me. And I would cum to him often until he could get his entire cock deep inside me, until his balls slapped my ass.

Finally, as he was about to cum, he pulled his cock out, turned me over and shoved it in my mouth. I don't know when it happened but somewhere along the line I had cum and left a load on the sheets bigger than I had ever done before. He came so much it was dripping out of my mouth, down my chin and onto my tits. Soon he was licking his own cum off of my chin and tits. I was truly a cum loving slut. I fell asleep with that magnificent cock in my hands, I never wanted to let him go and woke up in the morning with it pressed between my cheeks.

After a long morning of hard sex and his cock going deeper in my ass, he told me I was to no longer see his nephew. And as a reward for making this promise he sucked my cock and then fed me my own cum. I was his bitch to breed and I would only fuck and suck those he told me to.

I told him I would do anything as long as I could always have his beautiful cock.

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