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Becoming LoriAnn - Part 4

Tags: anal, oral, group
LoriAnn has found hereself as a cock sucking, cum slurping, anal whore
I started seeing Walter, my friends uncle, about every other day and every other day was a sexual adventure. I was a cock loving, cum slurping whore in training.

Soon I moved in with him and he had his way with me every day. All I was allowed to wear was a bra, a thong and stiletto heels. I was to have my hair done and full make up everyday. When expected I was to fall on my knees, suck his magnificent cock, or fall to my hands and knees giving him access to my boy pussy. I also had to work at controlling myself. After all a little whore should not walk around with a constant hard on. But it was worth it - Walter provided everything I needed and I got to sleep in his bed with him every night.

Soon I was able to take his cock fully down my throat and deep in my boy pussy so that his balls slapped my chin and my ass. I was so proud of myself, but more importantly Walter was proud of me.

The next step of my training was to learn to service other men. I had to get used to what they wanted and what they liked. So every day Walter would invite a new friend to spend time with me. I sucked and fucked cock of every shape and size. The were long ones and short ones, thin ones and very fat ones, cut and uncut, white ones, big black ones and every skin color I had every seen.

Every one felt different in my mouth and in my ass, everyone tasted different - some were cleaner than others - but I had to be able to take every one. So every day my belly and ass were filled with the most exotic cum. And the cum tasted and looked different. Some were pure white and others a little clearer. Some had a strong flavor and odor and others were less flavorful. But in the end I loved every one. And every night I returned to Walter's bed to love and please his amazing cock.

Finally, he said it was time for me to graduate and earn my keep by servicing others. He wanted to know what I wanted for my graduation.

Now there was always porn showing in Walter's house. My favorite was the gangbang movies. I loved seeing a sexy girl on her knees with cocks poking in from every angle. That is what I wanted. Walter made the arrangements for the next Friday night.

I arrived and was to wear a short little graduation gown and one of those graduation hats. They matched my little pick bra and thong. I walked in the room and soon there were 12 or 15 studs surrounding me. I was in heaven.

First, I was to strip them all down so that their cocks were all out for me to view. Then I could go around the room kissing each man and stroking each cock. Multiple hands were on me at all times - grabbing and squeezing my tits and my cock and fingers poking at and in my boy pussy.

Finally, I was able to get down on my knees and begin sucking those wonderful cocks. I moved from one to another, each man wanting to have me service his throbbing meat. Then I felt men fingering my ass and rimming me, getting me ready to be penetrated.

There I was a cock sucking, cum slurping shemale whore with a cock in my mouth and one in my ass. They were slapping my ass and I know it was beginning to turn bright red. And there was Walter in the corner watching it all.

Soon they were cumming in my mouth, on my tits, in my ass and on my back. It was then time to change positions. I went for the reverse cowgirl. I straddling a beautiful thick cock and slammed all the way down on the first shot. I rode it up and down with a cock in my mouth and one in each hand. I was swallowing more cum than I ever thought possible. Guys were fucking my tits and I was in cock whore heaven.

By the end of the night or in the wee hours of the morning, all the men had cum several times, each in my mouth, my ass and somewhere on me. My graduation gown and hat were in shreds, my bra and panties were gone - someone had taken them as a way to remember this night. I knew I would never forget this night. I was so sore and so stretched. But I was fulfilling my destiny. I also didn't know how many times I had cum, but they had sucked my little cock and then fed me my cum as a special reward.

The men were gone and I was collapsed in a pool of cum on the floor. I just lay there breathing in the musky scent, my fantasy fulfilled.

Soon Walter scooped me up and gently laid me in a tub of warm soapy water. He washed every part of me, cleaned me in and out. He was so loving. He covered me in a soothing lotion and then he carried me off to our bed.

He said I had had enough for one night. I could service him in the morning. It was the first time since moving in with him that I that I did not have sex with him. But I fell asleep with his cock tucked gently between the cheeks of my well used ass.

And to imagine it all began with my sisters dressing me up in their sexy clothes like I was a living doll. I wonder what they would think of me today.

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