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Becoming LoriAnn - Part 5

Tags: anal, oral, bi, couple
Lori goes out for her first assignment and tries something new
I was now a full time working girl for Walter and I had been given my first assignment. Walter explained that I would be spending time with a couple. It seemed that this couple had decided to add some spice to their sex life by having a few threesomes. It began with the husband, wife and another woman. The second and the third time were the same except with a different woman. And while she enjoyed being with another woman, she longed for a threesome that would include another man.

She wanted to feel the touch of two men caressing her sexy body. She wanted to taste two hard cocks and their cum. She wanted one in her mouth and one in her pussy. She even entertained the idea of a DP. She wanted to see her husband with his lips locked tightly around a beautiful hard cock and see his eyes as his mouth was filled for the first time with a hot steamy, milky load of cum. But she could not get him to agree. Her only chance was to pull a fast one. And that is where LoriAnn came in.

Before we met as a couple, I was to meet her in a local bar. She needed to know that I would pass as a woman and her husband would be fully surprised. If we hit it off we would move to a local motel and the comfort of a warm bed to see if we were sexually compatible.

She was beautiful. And she was amazed at how sexy I was. We had a few drinks and a light dinner. When we were comfortable she reached under the table to see if I was what I claimed to be. She reached up my skirt, traced the line of my stockings and garter belt and soon her hand was in my panties feeling my slowly growing cock. The look in her eyes told me that she was ready to take it to the next level. I already had the key to a nice hotel and soon we we were off.

On the cab ride across town we made out like two high school students in heat. Our tongues entwined, our hands explored every part of our bodies, the cabbie could hardly keep his eyes on the road. As we exited the cab, we turned to his window and this beautiful woman lifted my skirt to reveal my rigid cock to our driver. He was so shocked he drove off without ever collecting our fare.

Once in the room we wasted no time, we tore and each others clothes. She pulled the front of my dress to my waist, unhooked my strapless bra and began to kiss, lick and suck my tits. And I soon returned the favor. The best part of this whole adventure was that I had never been with a woman before! I had transitioned and sexually threw myself to the boys so quickly and fully that I never lost my boyish virginity to a girl.

It was such an adventure to explore her wonderful body, so much like mine but so different at the same time. I could hardly wait to taste the juices flowing so freely between her legs. She tasted so sweet, so different than a man. Her hands were so soft on my cock, her lips so tender. It was nothing like I had ever experienced. I loved being with her.

Please don't get me wrong, I still longed for a hot hard cock, but this was so new, so sexy and soon I would be between her legs sliding my long hard cock into her warm wet pussy.

We spent hours in each others arms. She sucked my cock hard and deep. I fucked her with wild abandon and finally emptied my load deep within her.

We showered and fell asleep naked in each others embrace. I awoke the next morning with her lips once again exploring my body - suckling at my nipples, kissing down my tummy, licking my balls and taking my cock down her warm wet throat.

I pulled her on top of me for a sensual 69. I loved it as her juices flowed freely and fully into my mouth. I rimmed her beautiful little pucker and turned her onto her stomach and entered her lovely ass. She said that no one had ever entered he like this before. So I took my time and before long she was meeting my every thrust.

This beautiful woman was a sexual, sensual creature. We could not get enough of each other and soon I moved my cock from her ass to her mouth. My cock was throbbing, it was time - either my cock would explode or my head - and I emptied another healthy load into her mouth. She held it in her mouth, we kissed deeply tasting each others sex. It was a wonderful morning.

Once again we showered and headed downstairs for breakfast. Over breakfast we planned our next get together - this time it would be with her husband. He would see me as another beautiful sexy woman, but it would not be long before he would have the surprise and the treat of his life.

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