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becoming LoriAnn - Part 6

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Last minute preparations for our night with her husband Max!
Nikki and I got together one more time before we set her plan in motion. We had to make sure we were on the same page, that Max would have the ultimate night of his life and we had to spice up Nikki's wardrobe. Nikki was a beautiful woman, slim and sensuous, but a bit conservative in her dressing. So we made a date to go shopping.

We started at Victoria's secret. We bought contrasting lingerie. Bra, thong, garter belts and hose. Her set was green with a black over lay of lace, mine was red with the same black lace overlay. Then to Forever 21. We bought her the most exquisite sequined body con dress just long enough to cover the tops of her hose. And shoes - black with metal studs covering the back of the shoe and down the heel.

She was so excited by her new clothes, they made he feel so sexy that we found ourselves making out in the dressing room, but we had to get control and get set for the next night. We went to my apartment and we chose what I would wear with my new lingerie - a black leather mini skirt, cum fuck me pumps, and a black lace blouse. We decided that heavy, sexy makeup was the order of the night and we both would wear Max's favorite perfume.

With all that decided we could no longer keep our hands and our lips to ourselves. We fell into each others arms, we kissed and licked and covered every inch of each others body with loving attention. Nikki couldn't wait to get her mouth on my boy clitty and I would not wait to taste her drenched pussy.

I kissed and licked her from her lovely little puckered hole to her sensitive clit. Soon she was cumming and I was drinking her wonderful juices. I made sure I directed plenty of her nectar to her beautiful ass. Soon I would be shoving my hard hot cock in and out of both her holes. We were both in heaven and both came with great intensity. But as they say all thing must cum to an end. She had to go home to Max. But tomorrow night I would have them both!

I would sit at the bar. Max and Nikki would sit at a table. As usual Nikki would pick out the girl she wanted to join them and Max would pick her up.

With the way I was dressed I got a lot of attention that night. But I waited for Max. He approached me saying that he and his wife thought I was the most beautiful girl in the room and then asked if I would like to join them for drinks. I willingly agreed and soon I was seated with my partners for the night.

She was radiant. He was eager. It was then that Nikki set the rules for the night. He would do nothing without our permission. He would start the night tied to the bed and blindfolded. If he was a good boy, we would set him free. He was not to touch us below the waist until we allowed it. And with two beauiful women beside him how could he say no.

We arrived at their home and didn't even take time for a drink. We quickly proceeded to the bedroom where we began to cover Max in kisses. And as we kissed we slowly stripped him. He had a massive cock! Long and thick - the way I liked them.I knew I would love it in my throat and in my waiting willing ass.

We tied him to the bed with his silk ties but did not blindfold him yet. He had to see the show we had prepared. Nikki and I began to kiss each other - slowly and sensually, then with great passion. I unzipped her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. I covered her in kisses from her tight tummy to her legs. She then unbuttoned my blouse and unfastened my bra. She began to suckle at my breasts. It was easy to see the effect we were having on Max. He was hard as a rock and we had not yet touched him.

I settled down on the bed next to him and offered my breasts. He went at them like an animal. I rubbed his chest, his stomach and gently brushed the tip of his cock. He wanted more. Then Nikki and I put on his blindfold. We began to make love to his cock with gentle kisses. One sucking on his balls and the other kissing and swallowing his head.

Our hope was to bring him close to climax and then back off. We wanted to do this over and over again. Finally, Nikki straddled his face so that he could taste her sweet nectar and kiss her hard sensitive clit. I straddled his waist and lowered myself onto his waiting throbbing cock. She gave him orders to eat her pussy and rim her sweet ass.

She had never been so forceful with and it was turning him on. I rode him slowly then quickened the pace. He said he'd never felt such a tight pussy so I told him it was not my pussy but my ass. This excited him even more. We stopped and both began to kiss his face and taste Nikki's passion. Then it was time and I straddled his chest. We told him he must do whatever we said.

We ordered him to open his mouth and I slowly slid my rock hard cock into his waiting mouth. He was stunned, but we reminded him that he must be a good boy and that this was a special treat. It was at this point we removed the blindfold so that he could see me, my breasts and my cock. We said he would remain tied up until we knew he would continue to pleasure us in any way we wanted.

Nikki said that she would suck his cock and that he was to do to me what she did to him. If she sucked his balls, he would suck mine. If she sucked him deep down her throat he would try to take mine all the way in. If she licked from base to tip, he would do the same. Soon he no longer needed any orders he was hungry for my she-cock. He loved the taste and the feel. He loved the precum and could not wait for his first mouthful but we were not over, not yet.

Now we could untie him. As we did he attacked us with great passion. It was as if he was a prisoner released, someone who had not had sex in years. He did not know who to service first. I lay on my back, Nikki lowered herself onto my cock and he licked her pussy, her clit and my cock.

Then finally we gave Nikki her dream. While she rode me cowgirl with my she-cock in her pussy, Max entered her from behind. He had no idea that his wife was so open to new things.

When it was time for me to cum I stood before Max, ordered him to his knees and began to fuck his face - hard and as deep as I could. When I came, I held his head with my cock buried deep in his throat. He swallowed every drop of cum. Nikki did the same for him but she did not swallow. She kissed me, spitting his cum in my mouth so I could then feed it to him.

We were all exhausted and fell asleep with me in the middle, two hands holding tightly to my cock and tits. And in the morning I was wakened by gentle kisses. What really surprised me was that the kisses being given to my cock were from Max. Yes, he was hungry for more. And there would be more, for this would not be our last night together!

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