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How my Best friend gave me what I always wanted

My Best friend discovers my naughty little secret
The day started from me being all alone in the house for a full day. My parents and sister were out and wouldn't be home until the next day. I decided that I would give my best friend a call and get her to come over to see me, we hadn't seen each other in quite some time. She was just as eager to see me as I was her and we were both very excited as we really enjoy each other's company.

Now my best friend and I had a very normal friendship. Although I'd always had fantasies about her as she was drop dead gorgeous - she was around 5 foot 4 and had what I guessed was average sized boobs for a 17 year old - but she had the most amazing bottom I'd ever seen. It was good enough to drive men and women insane with lust but by far her best feature was her long brown hair that flowed down to just above her bum; it was gorgeous and so was she.

So anyway on with the story. She wouldn't be over until six and I was feeling like being a bit naughty. I began by taking a shower and shaving my entire body. Once that was complete I put on my sexy little thong under my normal boring boy clothes which I knew would mean I would be hard all day, as it felt so good against my cock and between my arse cheeks. I wanted to masturbate so much but restrained myself as I wanted to keep my build up of horniness until after she had gone.

I then paraded round the house and sat around bored until I had a phone call from her asking me to meet her at the end of my estate, which I did. We then walked to my house and went straight into my room. She removed her Parka jacket. This was when I really got to see what she was wearing. A short, black pleated dress started her image. She was wearing leggings so her feet were revealed when she took her shoes off. Her toes were painted a seductive red and matched the false nails on her fingers. They looked both sexy and lethal as they shined in the light from my tall lamp. Her image was completed as she had her hair down and her lips painted a deep red, which went perfectly with her full lips and milky white skin.

We then proceeded to just laze around, we watched movies and had a laugh. Soon enough we began to talk about what we had done in the time we had not seen each other. She talked about one of her sexscapades with a boy she had met, while I was already hard due to the feel of my smooth body against the thong; the story she was telling had me hard as a metal pole. I was beginning to ooze precum and she knew it.

After she had finished her story she placed her feet across my lap. She slowly rubbed them across my thighs, after a while it was starting to drive me wild. I just wanted to fuck her right there and then. She surprised me with what she did next, as she asked for a foot rub and massage. Something I'd never done before, but I had a love of feet and was happy to do it.

I began worshiping her feet, first her left by rubbing the entire length of her sole a dozen times before gently massaging and loving every single one of her sexy toes one by one. I knew she was enjoying. She started to let out soft moans.s It was then that I chose to see how far I could take it unknowing of the things she would do to me. I begin to lick her soles and feet before sucking on each and everyone of her toes. 

She started whispering things like 'oh my god' and 'yes that's it'.

She then pulled her feet away from me in one quick movement, then dragged me to the top of the bed by my hair. She laid me on my back and begin pulling my top off - then my socks - before long she started to undo my jeans. At this point I had completely forgotten about the sexy pink thong I was wearing when all of a sudden I heard...

"Oh my god, you panty wearing slut, I guess I am going to have to change what I was going to do to you," she laughed.

I began to worry.

"Please I can explain," I pleaded.

But before I could say anything she put her finger to my lips and silenced me.

"Hmmm and look how hard you are, is that from me or these slutty little panties?" she taunted me. 

"I was asking you a question bitch," she shouted.

"Both," I said embarrassingly.

"Good but from now on you will address me as miss or mistress okay?" she said. 

"Yes," I squeaked.

She slapped my half concealed cock.

"Yes what?" she said in anger. 

"Yes mistress," I squealed.

"Well then since you dress like a little slut. I guess I'll treat you like one," she laughed.

Then suddenly without warning, she took my entire cock into her throat and began her onslaught, I had no idea what was to come. I just sat there and took it not realising that she had lifted my legs until my heels met with my ass. 

She startlingly plunged a finger knuckle deep in my arse hole. I squealed in agony. Although I had played with my ass before, I had never done it so fast or with a false nail on. 

She slowly started massaging my prostate and I was mere seconds away from cumming, when she stopped and yanked her finger out.

"Like that slut?" she hissed.

I gave her an exhausted look, hoping it was over but my sore bottom had not been fully used yet. 

She started to rummage around in her bag, she then pulled a huge dildo out that was easily 9 inches long and 2 or 3 in girth. The sight of that thing terrified me. Before I could protest, she pushed the huge thing into my mouth.

"Hmmm, a dirty little slut like you should be able to take this in your mouth," she snarled. 

"You taste that?" she giggled.

I nodded.

"Well that's my pussy and ass, I hope you like it as you'll be tasting a lot more of it, but not from this dildo it's about to have a new taste on it," she said with lust in her eyes. 

With that she dropped the dildo on the bed and started sucking me off again. This time she easily sunk a finger into my slutty hole and soon enough had worked two fingers into it. I was starting to really enjoy it, I had completely forgotten about the dildo. I didn't even realise she had removed her fingers from my ass until I felt the bulbous head of the dildo at the entrance to my dirty slut hole. 

I begged her not to, knowing of the pain that was to come but she only said, "This is what a slut like you deserves."

With that, she began to impale me on the huge rod. I could have just walked out if I had wanted too, but I couldn't resist as I was hooked. Before the fake cock was even a quarter of the way in, I was almost cumming. 

She worked the dildo in until it was around half way in when she said, "I'm getting bored," in a sadistic tone.

She rammed the entire cock into my ass. I squealed like a good little slut for my mistress as she began pounding and fucking me with the huge dildo. 

It wasn't long before I was spraying my cum all over both hers and my body. She didn't stop there, though she continued to fuck me making sure I would be sore for days. When she finally tired of pounding my tight slick hole, she jerked it from my arse and made me suck all of the juices from the cock. 

She even began smearing my cum all over the fake dick before shoving it into my mouth making me taste my own cum. 

Then she put it back in her bag and sat me up telling me that from now on I was to wear nothing but panties. She would send me new ones on a regular basis and I was also always to be completely shaved, apart from my head.

I was her new slave.

She was my new mistress.

Mistress noble.

This is my first story, so go easy on me, but constructive criticism is welcomed.
This is a true account of the night when my best friend discovered my little secret.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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