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The Adventures of Kristof and Marci Part 3

Krissy's training continues and gets a sexy surprise when Marci receives a special visitor.
The following morning I awoke early and slipped out of bed. Gathering up the clothes I had prepared the night before I left the bedroom and headed downstairs to the study and dressed myself. This morning’s theme was all black, a six strap suspender belt, full fashioned nylons, a little swing skirt, lace thong and high heels, I was naked from the waist up, except for my nipple chain. I knew from what she had told me that it would be a while before Marci got up, so I settled down in front of her computer and began to trawl through her porn collection. She kept it all categorised, each genre in its own folder for ease of searching. I headed straight for the fetish folder and scanned the titles of the sub folders bondage, spanking, peeing etc. I spent an enjoyable hour looking through the pictures and clips she had stored, barely scratching the surface.

I went and prepared Marci’s breakfast; I had decided to treat her to breakfast in bed, so took the tray up to the bedroom. Placing it on the table, I gently lifted the covers and kissed her pussy, running my tongue along its length as she moaned softly and parted her legs. ‘Mmmm, what a lovely way to wake up.’ she murmured, pulling my head into her crotch and moaning as I licked her.

After a few moments I withdrew and stood up. ‘Oh, I like the outfit,’ she said. I offered her the tray and she sat up to eat her breakfast. I sat on the bed and we chatted about her porn collection. When she had finished she said that she needed to pee.

‘Oooh, I hope I can help,’ I offered.

‘Mmm, there’s nothing I’d like more,’ she responded. We headed into the bathroom and I knelt in front of her and watched intently, as she pissed into the toilet. As the last drips fell, I moved my head forward and licked the salty piss from her cunt. She pulled my head in tight and I pushed my tongue into her, savouring the taste.

As I was licking her she said, ‘I thought we’d go shopping this morning, as I have a little surprise for you this afternoon.’ She had me finish by giving her an orgasm, then she undressed me. We got into the shower and I said that I needed to pee now, so she knelt in front of me and began wanking my cock to erection, then had me piss on her. Finished, she turned on the shower and bent over under the flow of water and had me fuck her from behind. Afterwards, we showered and dressed ready to head out; I was back in my male persona for a few hours.

We headed back to the shopping centre where we had met the day before and she led me straight to the lingerie shop where we had met up. We entered and began browsing the stock. A woman came over and said that if we required any assistance she would be happy to assist. We began by picking out some stockings, then I spotted a waist cincher suspender belt in my favourite red and black and put it into the basket. Marci picked up a little black PVC swing skirt. She held it in front of me and said that she thought it would go well with the new suspenders I had just picked up. I noticed the assistant watching us and pointed this out to Marci. A wicked glint came into her eye and she said come on let’s have a little fun.

We headed over to the night wear section and, after sifting through a rail, Marci picked out a sheer three-quarter length lemon night dress with a split up the front. She called the assistant over and asked for some information about sizes. ‘That one should be fine for you,’ the woman said.
‘Oh, I know that, I want one for him, too,’ Marci responded. The assistant flushed and looked me up and down, then picked one off the rail and said that it should be OK. We thanked her, put it into the basket and continued browsing. After picking up a couple more bits, we headed to the checkout and paid. Heading out of the shop and got a coffee and some lunch before heading home.

When we got home we unpacked our goodies and Marci asked me to put on my new suspenders and skirt. We added to this a black and red cupless bra and matching thong, a pair of sheer black nylons with red seams and my red shoes with a broad ankle strap. The last piece was a short sleeved white lace blouse, which I was instructed to unbutton to a point just below my chest; finally, she put my chestnut wig in place and applied some makeup. Marci put on a blue satin under bust corset and thong, tan nylons a short blue skirt and a sheer cream blouse, which she too left partly unbuttoned displaying her cleavage; her dark nipples were visible through the material. She finished off with a pair of blue high heels.

Dressed, we headed to the study. We hadn’t been there long when the doorbell rang. Marci told me to answer the door; I looked at her and asked, ‘Dressed like this?’

She looked at me with a wicked glint in her eye and said, ‘You are supposed to obey your mistress unquestioningly; your disobedience has earned you 5 demerits! Now go and answer the door or you will be in a whole world of trouble!’

I headed off down the hallway and she called after me ‘And make sure you show proper respect to whoever it is.’ I was sure I detected a hint of a giggle in her voice. I reached the door and with a quivering hand opened it.

Standing in the porch was a very attractive young woman of around twenty, dressed in a sexy “Goth style”. Her thick black hair fell to her shoulders and she had on dark makeup. She wore a short sleeved black blouse, open to reveal her generous cleavage nestled in a black plunge bra. Her breasts and shapely figure were enhanced by a black under bust corset which she wore over the blouse. Below she had on a black and pink plaid miniskirt, black thigh highs and a pair of pink tights, the visible area of the tights, between the hem of her skirt and the top of the thigh highs, was laddered and ripped. Finally, she wore heavy black boots with a polished metal strip around the toes. ‘Ahh, you must be the mysterious Krissy I have heard so much about,’ she said as she stepped into the hallway.

Quivering with uncertainty I bobbed a curtsey and responded, ‘Yes, Miss.’ She giggled and I closed the door and said, ‘This way, Miss.’ I led her along the hallway to the study and showed her in.

Marci jumped up and hugged and kissed her. ‘Hello my darling, how are you?’ she enquired.

‘I’m great. You seem to be having lots of fun!’ the young woman responded.

‘Oh you don’t know the half of it!’ Marci said with a chuckle. ‘Some drinks, Miss Stocking, coffees all round, I think.’ I headed off to the kitchen to fetch the coffee. When I returned to the study, they were sat on the sofa and watched as I approached. Taking care to bend from the waist as I had been instructed, I placed the tray on the table, conscious that my rear was on display to the newcomer. My hands were shaking as I poured the coffee into the cups.

The young woman giggled and said ‘Well I can see my mother has got you well trained. She said she was training you to be her little slut and it seems she’s doing fine.’ With that I felt her hand run up the back of my thigh. ‘He’s got lovely legs,’ she said as her hand wandered over my stocking tops.

‘She,’ Marci corrected her. 'it’s “she” when dressed en-femme, he at other times.’

I finished pouring the coffee and stood to one side. ‘I’m sure Stacey would like to see the whole package properly, wouldn’t you love?’ Marci said.

‘Mmm, yes please!’ her daughter replied.

‘Lift you skirt and give us a twirl, Krissy,’ Marci instructed. I raised the hem of the skirt and turned around slowly.

‘Oh yes, very sexy,’ Stacey said, again letting her hand wander to my stockinged thigh. This time she continued over my leg, coming to rest on the front of my panties. ‘Lovely cock, too. Not too big, not too small.’ She rubbed my penis and I felt it begin to swell. I couldn’t believe this was happening; my mistress was sitting there watching her own daughter massage my cock.

‘She loves playing with herself,’ Marci commented. ‘In fact she can hardly leave herself alone. I’ve caught her wanking several times.’

Stacey licked her lips ‘Mmmm, can we watch her now?’ she asked.

‘Why not?’ Marci responded. ‘But before she can have any more enjoyment she is due some punishment for earlier misdemeanours. Bend over the table Miss Stocking, so that you can be duly punished.’ I did as I was instructed and Marci picked up the riding crop.
‘Oohhh, this will be interesting to watch!’ Stacey said as Marci lifted the back of my skirt over my buttocks and began to deliver the strokes of the crop to my bare bottom. Stacy moved her hand back between my legs, cupping my balls and stiffening cock through the filmy material of my thong. ‘It certainly seems as if she enjoys this, by the feel of her cock swelling in my hand!’ she exclaimed and she squeezed my stiffening member.

With the last of the lashes delivered, Marci instructed me to stand. I did as ordered and thanked her for the punishment. ‘Now, take your cock out and show us how a dirty little slut plays with herself,’ Marci instructed. I nervously lifted the front of the skirt, slipped my cock out of the little panties and began massaging its length in my hand.

‘Oh my God, that is so fucking horny,’ Stacey said. She reached out and cupped my balls again, massaging them in the palm of her hand as I slowly wanked myself. As I watched, Marci ran a hand up her daughter’s thigh, under the hem of her skirt.

‘Ooohh, you are getting a little damp down there,’ she said.

Stacy replied with mock admonition ‘Mother, you are such a tart, what will your sexy little slut think, watching you play with your own daughter’s pussy.’
Marci continued to rub Stacy as she responded, ‘She can think what she likes.’ They both giggled and Marci leaned forward to plant a firm kiss on her daughter’s lips. Stacey responded pushing her tongue into Marci’s mouth, still massaging my balls in her outstretched hand. I watched as mother and daughter kissed passionately in front of me, Marci rubbing her own daughter’s clit, as Stacey played with my balls.

They broke away and Marci looked up at me. ‘Shocked?’ she asked.

‘A little,’ I replied ‘Though nothing about you and your sexuality should really shock me after all the time we have known each other.’ We all laughed together then.

‘I have to have some secrets. For obvious reasons, very few people know about this. Come and sit here and we’ll tell you all about it.’ Marci patted the sofa between the two women I returned my cock to my panties and sat down. As we drank our coffee I listened as Marci told how she and her daughter had become lovers.

‘It started about a year or so ago a couple of months before Stacey’s 19 th birthday. One morning I was sitting at the desk going through my porn collection; she has long known of my love of porn and it didn’t bother her. Stacey was staying with me having just split from her boyfriend. She came in and sat here, having a cry and moaning about the broken relationship. She said that she thought she would take a leaf out of my book, by giving up on men for a while and perhaps try a woman.’ I knew Marci had done this after her own marriage had broken up.

Marci continued the story. ‘I told her that she could do a lot worse, then I felt her hands on my shoulders, gently massaging my neck. She said “Thanks Mum, for being there and listening. All I need now is to find the right woman to show me the way.”'

'I asked why the sudden decision and she told me that she had been looking at my porn collection, and had started to get turned on by some of the lesbian stuff I had. Then I felt her hands slide off my shoulders as she said, “I found your fetish section and although some was frankly a bit weird, I was turned on by the mother and daughter stuff.”'

'As she said this, she ran her hands down my front, cupping my tits and said “I got to thinking perhaps you’d like to teach me the art of girly loving.” I protested that what was on the PC was fantasy, but that this was reality and it was wrong. But she persisted, I was only wearing a little dressing gown, she slipped one hand inside and cupped my breast, tweaking the nipple, as her other hand found my pussy and she began to stroke it. She brought her head close to mine and said “Oh come on mother, you know you like it.” Then as I began to protest, she pushed her tongue into my mouth and I knew I couldn’t resist. We just got right down to it, it was urgent and raw, then we showered together and did it again in the shower. I remember it so clearly, it was the Friday you had the interview for your new job, wasn’t it.?’

Stacey took up the story. ‘Yeah, I went to that interview afterwards with a spring in my step and got the job. When I got home, Mum had been shopping and there were a load of “presents” for me. She’d bought a bunch of toys, including a big double ended dildo and a strap on. We practically ripped each others’ clothes off and fucked right here again, using the toys. Over that weekend we couldn’t take our hands off each other. It was great.’

‘So, has that got you totally turned on?’ Marci asked me, running her hand up my thigh to rest on my cock. ‘It certainly seems to have, judging by the soggy patch on the front of your knickers.’ She raised my skirt to show Stacey the gooey pre-cum that was seeping through the nylon.

‘Mmmm, yummy,’ said Stacey as she leant over and ran her tongue over the bulge in my panties, flicking at the sticky patch. She slipped my cock out and began to suck me.

‘Careful,’ Marci said ‘we don’t want her shooting her load too quickly!’

Stacey stopped sucking and ran her hand up Marci’s leg then and began to massage her mother’s clit. ‘Perhaps we should give Krissy a show then,’ she replied. Marci agreed and told me to move to one of the chairs opposite.

As I moved, Marci added ‘And put your cock away, no playing with yourself, just watch then you can join in later.’

The two women moved closer and kissed, their tongues entwining as their hands sought out each other’s breasts. Stacey unbuttoned Marci’s blouse, slipped it off, and cupped her breasts in her hands. She lowered her head and extended her tongue, slowly running it over Marci’s hard nipples in turn, then began sucking on one. Marci moaned softly and ran her hand up her daughter’s inner thigh; Stacey parted her legs to allow Marci access and I noted that she was not wearing any knickers. As she sucked Marci’s breast, Stacey’s hand began to explore Marci’s stocking tops, pushing the short skirt higher until her legs were fully exposed, then her hand darted down into her crotch.

Marci moaned softly as Stacey pressed her fingers harder against the front of her panties and I saw a damp patch appear. Stacey slipped her fingers under the gusset and slid them into her mother’s cunt, moving steadily in and out as her thumb worked Marci’s clit. Marci was rubbing Stacey’s pussy through the flimsy nylon of her tights then, she hooked one finger, tearing the gusset with her nail. She ripped a hole in the tights, plunged 2 fingers into her daughter’s cunt and began massaging her g spot. Stacey let out a low moan, raised her head and the two of them began kissing passionately, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, as their fingers plunged deep into each other’s cunts.

Stacey pushed Marci back onto the sofa and hooked her fingers under the waist of her thong. Marci obliged by lifting her legs straight up and Stacy slid the tiny panties off. This done, she parted Marci’s legs and lowered her head, licking gently at her inner thighs as she moved towards her pussy. She soon had her face pressed firmly into Marci’s crotch, her tongue pushing into her cunt.

Marci moaned and said ‘Ohhh yeah, that’s a good girl, lick Mummy’s cunt.’ Her breathing quickened and she was cupping her breasts, tugging at the nipples now, lost in the throes of an orgasm. Stacey was sucking hard on her clit, pushing her fingers in and out. Suddenly Marci’s orgasm exploded over her daughter’s face and she screamed ‘Ahhh fuck yesssss!...That’s my lovely little girl...Ooooh don’t stop...fuck yeahhh!’

After a short while, Stacey raised her head; her face glistened with her mother’s cum. She moved quickly up and hovered over Marci, who pulled her head towards her and began licking the cum, then the two kissed again. As their mouths separated, Stacey said ‘Lick me and make me squirt too, Mum.’ She moved back and spread her legs. Marci dropped to her knees on the floor; she reached out and ripped a larger hole in Stacey’s tights then pushed her head down. Using tongue and fingers she swiftly brought Stacey to orgasm.

The two kissed again then Stacey reached into her bag and pulled out a large pink cock shaped vibrator. The two women caressed the phallus and licked it, kissing each other, lost in sexual stupor.

After a few moments Stacey asked ‘Do you think your little slut would like to play now?’ 

‘Mmm, that would be fun,’ Marci replied and beckoned me over. Stacey sat between us and kissed me as Marci suggested we remove some more clothing. We pulled Stacey’s blouse out from under the corset then I removed her bra, freeing her firm round tits. Marci and I ducked our heads to each take a nipple into our mouths, our hands wandering up her inner thighs. Next Marci undid Stacey’s skirt and she wiggled it off.

Now Stacey turned her attention to Marci’s blouse, removing it then unzipping the skirt. Marci stood and let her skirt fall to the floor then the two of them removed my blouse and Marci said ‘I think we’ll leave Krissy’s skirt, it’s so short it hardly matters, besides, it adds to the sexy image.’ Marci motioned me aside and she sat between us.

Now it was her tits that received a good sucking from Stacey and I. We ran our hands over Marci’s body, my fingertips came to rest on her clit and began to massage the hard bud as Stacey spread her labia. Switching on the vibrator, she placed it against the opening of her mother’s cunt, then pushed it in as I continued to rub her clit. Marci kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth and, as her daughter used the vibrator on her, she reached down and began to massage my cock. Slipping it from my little thong, she said ‘I’m sure Stacey would love a good fuck, while she sucks my clit, I know I’d love to watch.’ I stood and Marci lay back on the sofa, Stacey got up, placing one foot on the floor and her other knee on the sofa and began to suck her mother’s clit as she worked the vibrator in her cunt.

I positioned myself behind Stacey and slid my fingers over her moist pussy, parting her lips and offering up my cock. As I slid it into her she moaned softly and said ‘I’m such a naughty girl, sucking my mother’s cunt that I ought to be spanked, too.’ I took the cue and began slapping her firm buttocks as I fucked her; she was soon moaning and pushing back against my cock. ‘Ohh yeah, it’s ages since I had a good stiff cock in me, fuck me harder, please!’ I increased the pace, and the room became filled with the noise of sex, my thighs slapping against hers, the soft hum of the vibrator and the two women moaning louder as their orgasms approached.

Before long the two of them were writhing and almost screaming as they came, Marci again covering her daughter’s face with her sticky love juice as Stacey sprayed my thighs. As they came down, Stacey said ‘I want to suck that lovely cock while you fuck me, Mum.’ I pulled out and she had me sit in the corner of the sofa. Marci meanwhile went to a drawer and produced a strap-on. She stepped into the straps and Stacey helped her do it up, before coming over and kneeling in front of me.

Marci knelt behind her and pushed the strap-on into her daughter’s waiting cunt as Stacey lowered her head onto my cock. She flicked her tongue over the crown and then took the length into her mouth, swallowing it down. Marci set up a rhythm fucking her and Stacey matched it, bobbing her head up and down on my cock. One of her hands moved across my stomach and upward to my chest taking a nipple between her thumb and fingers, she rolled the bud of flesh, pinching and tugging at it as her other hand cupped and massaged my balls. It was my turn to be lost to ecstasy now and Stacey’s expert sucking soon had me on the brink of my own orgasm.

Stacey pulled her head back and suggested that she and Marci finish me off together. Marci agreed but added ‘First though, I think Krissy should demonstrate how a dirty little slut sucks cock.’ She had me kneel in front of her and she gripped her strap-on. I moved my head forward and licked at the hard phallus, then opening my mouth I sucked it in, tasting the sweetness of Stacey on it. I moved my head back and forwards, sucking on my mistress’s sticky “cock”, cleaning it of her daughter’s cum.

When she was satisfied that I had demonstrated my cock sucking skills, Marci instructed me to stand and the two of them knelt in front of me. They each licked up and down either side of my cock, their tongues meeting at the tip, briefly exploring each other’s mouths, then Marci took my cock into her mouth as Stacey sucked on one of my balls. They expertly interchanged, kissing each time they swapped between my cock and balls. Finally, sensing that I was on the brink, the two women put their heads close and Stacey wanked me to an explosive orgasm; strings of cum squirted onto their upturned faces and tongues. Marci pulled me down to join them and we all kissed, swapping the salty liquid. I was then instructed to lick their faces clean, which I did with relish, swallowing my sticky cum. Finally, Stacy went down on me again and sucked my cock clean.

After we had come down, Stacey put her clothes back on and took her leave saying that she would love another session before I returned home at the end of the week. We went to the kitchen and prepared some food, which we took into the garden to eat. We sat in the late afternoon sunshine eating our supper and chatted about the afternoon.

I told Marci that I had been shocked at first by her incestuous acts, but that it had also turned me on immensely. She, in turn, had been a little nervous; although it had been set up to put me on the spot, she was unsure as to how Stacey would react initially, but felt it couldn’t have gone much better if they had rehearsed it. She promised that we would get together wither daughter again that week.

I then asked how she had got into lesbian sex in the first place, she suggested that we clear up and get cozy with a glass of wine, then she would tell me the story. We cleared away the plates and she led me up to the bathroom where we showered then changed into our new negligees, with stockings and heels, of course, then went back down. It was a pleasantly warm evening, so we took the bottle of wine into the garden and Marci began to relate her story... (to be continued)

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But you never did continue the story?

Anyway--so--you want to be dominated? Like water sports? Go for it girl.

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