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The Wrong Twin, Part Two

Enter Francesca
As Willy led me by the hand up the stairs, I couldn’t help but look at the smoothly shaven legs and the short plaid skirt that were clearly being presented for my viewing pleasure. Sheer white socks with fold-down frills at the top accented her open-toed black high heeled shoes. There was a nice casual sway to the hips as she negotiated the stairs. I got a glimpse of pink panties underneath the plaid “schoolgirl” skirt, causing me to catch my breath and manually adjust the bulge in my pants. Even though I knew Willy was as male as I was, the make-up, the lipstick, the very feminine outfit, and the short red wig had my head spinning in confusion. Was I getting turned on because this girl was the spitting image of Judy, his twin sister, whom I had lusted after the past year?

If there had been any doubts as to where I wanted this to go, they had been dispelled during our first kiss only moments before. Willy had eagerly kissed me back when I had impulsively offered him my lips, an outcome I had not anticipated but certainly welcomed. A voice in the back of my mind said that these feelings raging inside me had nothing to do with his sister, but instead were due to an attraction that had developed while Willy and I had been spending so much time together on the play. I was surprised that I didn’t feel bad about admitting this to myself. Instead, it felt quite natural to me.

Now Willy was ahead of me on the stairs and leading me to a bedroom. I couldn’t believe this was really going to happen, and yet I very much wanted it. I was eager to get Willy alone and see where things went.

Willy paused outside the first room we encountered at the top of the stairs and we heard giggling coming from inside so we walked past a bathroom and came to a darkened doorway marking another bedroom. Willy still held me by the hand as he led me inside and turned on a small lamp next to the bed. The room apparently served as a guest bedroom, as there were boxes of clothing against a far wall and no dresser or armoire in the room. The bed was king-sized and made up neatly with an ancient-looking quilt, with throw pillows at the head of the bed.

Willy led me to the bed and put a hand on my shoulder, pushing me down into a sitting position. He then smiled at me suggestively and walked back and closed the door gently. He leaned against the door and posed for me, crossing one leg over another at the ankle and smoothing out an imagined wrinkle on his skirt. I was again struck by this pretty girl that was so openly flirting with me.

“You should see your face, Teddie,” Willy purred at me. “You are making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world the way you are looking at me.”

Without hesitating, I blurted out, “You take my breath away, Willy. I never would have thought....”

He crossed the room until he stood right in front of me. Then he bent over and spread my legs and stepped between them, putting his hands on my shoulders and looking me directly in the eyes. A faint scent of flowery perfume filled my head, and I felt somewhat light-headed.

“Let’s get this straight between us right now, Teddie,” he said, petulantly. “When I am dressed like this, I am not “Willy” any longer. Nor am I a “he”....I certainly don’t feel like a “he” right now. Do I look like a “he”?”

I had to admit that no, he certainly didn’t look like a “he” to me, either.

“Let’s pick out a cute name for me, then. Do you have any ideas?” She then pirouetted in front of me, letting her skirt flare out and giving me another glimpse of pink panties.

“Well, you have a nice exotic look going for you,” I said, searching my memory for just the right suggestion. “I’ve always been fond of the name “Francesca”, if you really want my opinion.”

She giggled and clapped her hands in excitement. “Perfect! How very “continental”,” she squealed. She then sat down on one of my legs, just like a girl might do with a favored uncle, and put her hands on my shoulders, laughing.

“I’’ve always wanted to sit on your lap and feel these huge shoulders of yours, Teddie,” she said, her voice husky and her red lips spreading into a flirtatious smile.

I found myself getting used to this total transformation that was now sitting on my lap in a short skirt and red wig and very feminine persona. “Willy” was “Francesca” now, and Francesca was causing quite a stir in my pants again. I felt an odd mixture of embarassment and expectation. I was hoping she would notice my state of arousal so that we could proceed to doing something about it.

I needn’t have worried. Francesca scooted her butt up farther on my leg and my boner poked against her naked thigh. I saw her eyebrows go up and she once again gave me a mischievous smile. She then licked my cheek from my jaw line to my eyebrow, dragging her tongue across my face like a cat licking a kitten. I was floored. Nobody had ever done that to me before. Before I could proclaim my surprise, however, her lips were on mine again and her hands were at the back of my head, pressing me closer into her. I felt a distinct falling sensation as our mouths continued the process of becoming intimate with each other. Our tongues were dancing in a heated exchange of passion and desire. Whatever slight reluctance I may have had about seeing this through to a natural conclusion vanished in the swirl of kisses lovely Francesca was showering upon me. Each kiss seemed to excite us more than the last one. Her mouth and tongue tasted sweet and I couldn’t get enough of her. We kissed over and over with her hands mussing my hair and a satisfied purring sound escaping her lips. Her legs pressed harder into me, and soon we rolled backward on the bed together, with her lying on top of me. My cock was proudly erect and she was not only aware of my hardness but her hips started to grind against me, and I felt a distinct hardness between her legs as well. My breathing grew ragged as our cocks pressed together through our clothes. Each time she would mash her hips against my bulging cock I would emit a low grunt and she would purr and smile and do it again.

She had lost her vest at some point and she tugged at my tee shirt, pulling it out of my pants and sliding it up my torso. She sat astride me, running her hands over my chest. and shoulders. I kicked off my shoes and she unbuttoned her blouse and pitched it toward the floor. She had on only her plaid skirt, her panties, and those sexy high heels. She reached behind her and undid her shoe straps and slid them off. We smiled at each other, our eyes filled with expectation. She reached to her side and unbuttoned her skirt and sailed it across the room.

I stole a glance downward and saw her fully erect penis barely contained by her pretty panties. It appeared to be about the same size as mine and for some reason I was relieved to see that it was circumcised, like mine. Her helmeted cockhead was poking out of the top of her panties as if it were trying to escape. My view was cut off as she got off the bed and unsnapped my pants, tugging at them to come off. I assisted her by raising my hips up off the bed. She managed to pull both my pants and underwear off in the same motion, and my cock sprang up from its confinement, bobbing in front of her face as she tossed my pants to the floor. I was now completely naked, and she was positioned between my legs as they hung off the side of the bed, looking at my cock as it stood proudly erect. My penis is slightly longer than average, perhaps seven inches in length, but it’s thicker around than most, I’ve noticed.

“Oh, Teddie,” she whispered, “I’ve often imagined that you would be beautiful, but your cock....” and then she had her tiny hand around it, her fingers feeling my hardness and squeezing it tenderly, almost carefully. A clear drop of precum appeared and she gently spread it evenly around my cockhead with her thumb. When she put her thumb in her mouth and sucked it, a whimper escaped my lips.

She licked my cock from the bottom to the top, exactly as she had done moments earlier to my cheek. Then she licked it again, making small cooing sounds as she did so. It felt so good that I wriggled my hips from side to side, as if trying to evade her oral assault. Moving in this fashion made my cock harder for her to lick, and her mouth pursued my hard cock like a dog after a bone as I wriggled about. She finally grabbed it with one hand and lowered her mouth onto it, laving it with her tongue and making loud, lip-smacking sounds of contentment.

I settled back and sighed as her mouth and tongue lapped the head of my cock. It was an indescribably good feeling, as she was keen on providing me as much pleasure as I could stand. She had one hand around my thick cockshaft, slowly jacking it up and down while her tongue and mouth licked and sucked on my sensitive cockhead. She was moaning her appreciation of my cock, and glancing down I saw that her other arm was moving up and down as well, leading me to conclude that she was tending to her own cock as well as mine.

Suddenly she stopped sucking me off and crawled onto me again, grabbing my head and smothering me with more deep, soulful kisses. I wondered briefly if there would be a different taste to her now, but other than a slight salty aftertaste her kisses were sweet –tasting and I savored each of them to the fullest. Her hips ground suggestively into my naked body again, and this time her panties were no longer in the way. Our two naked bodies embraced, and our cocks pressed against each other. Our hips slowly moved back and forth, and soon we were fully synchronized as our movements matched each other’s. We moaned in ecstasy as our cocks aligned and rubbed against each other, precum dripping freely as we enjoyed the feel of manmeat meeting manmeat.

“Tell me what you want to do, Teddie,” she whispered to me. “I’ll do anything you want me to do for you,” she promised, between kisses.

Without hesitating, I answered her.

“I want to feel your cock in my mouth,” I said. “I want... to suck your cock and make you cum.”

She lifted her head up and looked at me, her eyes sparkling and merry.

“No, silly, what can I do for you?” she demanded. “This is your “coming out” party, and you get to call the shots, Teddie. Anything you want....”

“I just told you what I want,” I whispered to her, and kissed her neck and shoulder.

Her eyes searched mine for a few seconds, and then she smiled and lifted herself off of me. Standing at the edge of the bed, she pushed her hips forward slightly, as if offering me her erect cock. It seemed to beckon me to get closer. I felt giddy with excitement as I crawled to the bed’s edge so that it was bobbing directly in front of my face. I reached out and placed a hand around her cockshaft, feeling another cock for the first time. It felt smooth and firm and the cockhead was almost velvety to the touch. I gently cupped her balls with my other hand and felt at the soft skin that encased them. I smiled up at her as I moved my hand slowly up and down the length of her shaft, enjoying the feel of it as I squeezed it.

“Go ahead,” she said. “Give it a little kiss and see if you like it.”

That was all the urging I needed. I lowered my mouth down to her cockhead and gave it a tentative kiss, sticking my tongue out and tasting her precum. Salty, I thought, but not terrible. I thought I might be grossed out, but after a couple licks I wanted more. I put my mouth entirely around her cockhead and sucked at it gently. I was rewarded by the sound of Francesca sighing.

“Oh, Teddie, that feels very good....” she whispered to me. My mouth eagerly sucked in more, until my mouth was full of her cock and my tongue busily played at licking and teasing it. I started moving my head up and down slightly, savoring her cock as it slid out, and then sucking at the cockhead, while precum flowed copiously onto my tongue. I held her hips and would slow her down or speed her up as I got better at sucking her cock.

“Mmmm, I love my new boyfriend,” she sang, as her hips started rythmically moving back and forth, fucking my mouth as I slurped and sucked at her gorgeous cock. I gagged once as she entered my throat and she stopped, cautioning me to relax my muscles. A couple more strokes and I got beyond gagging. I quickly learned when to suck her and when to relax and release her as she fucked my mouth. I wanted her to reward me for my efforts by filling my mouth with cum.

Both her hands held my head, moving me back and forth to her swaying rhythm, and she moaned very loud, saying my name over and over as if it were a prayer.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed as her cock twitched and released its initial jet of jism into my mouth. Her hands held my head firmly, and I started to choke but then swallowed and sucked at her cock, delighting in the orgasmic explosion I had caused. She bucked once, twice, and hot sweet liquid bathed my tongue as I sucked on her cockhead, milking her for all I was worth.

I moaned happily, alternately sucking and swallowing. She convulsed six or seven times; each time I sucked and lapped at her cock as she held my head tightly.

She collapsed on top of me. I thought she had fainted, but she quickly recovered and pushed me back hard against the mattress, my cock erect and pointing straight up.

“One good turn deserves another,” she said, and she sucked my cock into her eager mouth and her head furiously bobbed up and down, and within seconds my own eruption followed, spraying the inside of her throat with blast after blast of my hot cum.

We held each other in that bed for a long time, the afterglow kept us giggling every now and then as we slowly seemed to return to earth. Finally, we heard people starting to leave the party downstairs, so we dressed and re-joined the party. Everyone who saw us broke into a huge smile, and when we saw them, we laughed and smiled at each other in return.

I had a new girlfriend.

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