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A Welcome to Cuckoldry

A husband's introduction to the world of cuckolds
“Cuckoldry can be great fun. Get involved in grooming her for her dates. Trimming her pubic hair, for example, can be a very strong submissive experience when you know that in a few hours another man will be enjoying the scenery. Help her choose clothes. Better still, go shopping with her for some sexy clothes that she can wear on dates. Get her an anklet that she can wear on her right ankle to signal that she is a hot wife. Bathe her and then rub her down with perfumed oils before her dates.” Tammy read aloud.

Brian stood at the bottom of the bed. He had listened to her reading from the book that Pam had given her but his mind was elsewhere. Tammy was sat in the middle of the bed, naked except for a short red silk negligee; her legs were spread wide with her ankles crossed and he could see everything. Her pouting vulva lips and her protruding pink butterfly wings beckoned him. He too was naked and erect.

She glanced up at him but didn’t seem to notice that he wanted her. “Come and sit down.” She said to him patting the side of the bed next to her as she returned her attention to the book.

“When she returns home, welcome her with open arms. Don't pry, but encourage her to describe her adventures. Hold and caress her, reassuring her that you love and support her and will always be there for her. In a wonderfully perverse way, cuckoldry can bring couples to a new level of intimacy.” She read aloud again. “Do not get caught up in guessing games. If she makes passionate love with you right before or right after she visits a lover, don't torment her (or yourself) with questions such as "is she making love to me and using me as a surrogate for her lover." The truth is that women have ample reserves of erotic energy. Celebrate the generous share that she gives you rather than question its source.” Tammy added.

As he sat down next to her she reached for his erection. “This really is wonderful stuff.” She told him. Her eyes met his as she squeezed his cock gently.

“It…….it………….it’s not for us Tammy.” He told her. “Maybe ok for Pam and Don but not for us.”

“You don’t know till you try it.” She quipped as she moved her hand up and down his cock.

Brian knew that she was interested in cuckolding him; she had been ever since the night of the barbeque at Pam and Don’s, when Pam told them that she had a lover and Don was okay with it. The drink had loosened her tongue that night and as they sat in the cool evening air with just the glow of the dying embers of the barbeque to serve as light, she had gone into great and intimate detail about it with Tammy. He had felt embarressed for Don, sitting there listening to her telling them how he slept in the spare bedroom while she slept with her lover in the marital bed. “Don loves to listen to us fucking, don’t you Don?” She laughed.

Don just smiled and nodded. Brian thought he was a submissive fool.

Tammy was still holding his gaze as she moved her clenched hand slowly up and down his shaft. “I think you would like it Brian.” She said softly.

He shook his head not wanting her to stop.

Her gaze returned to the book she held in her other hand and she began to read again.

“ After a while come home late one night, wake him up, and force him to lick your stretched pussy. He'll know immediately what you've been up to, but will not have time to think about it because your pussy will be right in front of his face. He'll have no choice but to eat you. Once he's gotten used to that, bring home your pussy filled with cum. Taking these steps will get your husband used to your infidelity and make it less of a shock when you finally bring a lover home.

Once you finally bring him home, introduce your hubby to him as your boyfriend. By now your husband should know everything about your boyfriend and what you've been doing. Let your husband know that he is to be respectful at all times when your boyfriend is here and to do anything he says. Let your hubby know, "Tonight a real man will be fucking me, not you". For the first couple of times, go to the bedroom with your lover and lock out your husband. Make sure you are noisy though. Having him comfortable with the sounds of you being fucked will make it easier for when he has to watch. He might even begin to anticipate watching you.”
She said returning her gaze to him and increasing the pressure of her grip on his cock.

Brian was getting close to the point of no return now.

Still contuining her attention to his cock as she read again.

“When you finally let him watch, do all sorts of nasty things with your lover that you'd never do with your husband. Worship your bull's penis, voraciously suck it, deep throat him, comment on its size and how much larger it is than your husband's. Let him fuck you roughly, let him cum inside you, give him your ass as well. Transform yourself into the slut your husband can't have and let him know that this all could have been him, but he willingly gave up his chance like an idiot.

Keep your husband actively involved in his own humiliation. Make him beg your lover to fuck you. Make him suck your lover hard or have him put your lover's dick in your pussy. Talk to him too, like, "Oh he's so much bigger than you," or "This is how a real man fucks your wife". Whenever your husband is idle, don't let him touch his penis, a good way to do this is to make him sit on his hands. Once your lover is finally finished with you, have your husband clean the juices off his penis with his tongue. Have him thank your bull for the great fucking he just gave you. Then make him crawl to you and clean up your used pussy.”

She looked at him again. “You want that don’t you Brian?” She said. ”You would like to clean me after another man fucks me wouldn’t you? She asked as her hand gripped tighter.

“It’s okay it’s nothing to be ashamed of; nothing wrong with pushing your tongue deep inside your wife’s pussy and licking up all that cum that another man has deposited there.” She said softly.

Her words pushed him over the edge; he tried to stop himself; he tried to control himself; he tried his best to hold back but he couldn’t. His cum shot into the air and poured out over her hand as he groaned loudly. “There’s a good boy.” She told him as her hand continued to pump out his cum. “Let’s have every last drop.”

As the sexual excitement receded he began to feel ashamed; ashamed that he had enjoyed the thought of his wife with another man. He also felt ashamed that he had let her gain control over him again. “I do love you, you know.” She told him as she reached over and kissed him.

He welcomed her reassurance; he needed it, Brian had never felt as insecure as he had done over these past few weeks. “I don’t want another man touching you.” He told her gently.

She kissed him again. “I know.”

He kissed her again and apologised for not holding back before gently pushing her back on the bed. She had taken care of him now it was his turn to take of her. He ran his tongue slowly over her navel and down to her mound. It was bare; it had been for just over a year now since she had asked him to shave her. His tongue met a few bristles, it was time to shave her again, but that would wait for now. Tammy groaned as his tongue reached the small fleshy hood covering her clitty. She knew what was coming next; it would delve under it; lift it off her clitoris; uncover her; expose her, bare her for the assault to come.

With his free hand he reached between her thighs, gently stroking her soft flesh, making her part her legs wider. Again, Tammy knew what was coming next; his fingers would enter her; his long fingers would slip deep inside; knuckle deep. His finger tips would find her g-spot and begin to caress her. With his tongue at her clitty and his fingers working inside her she would soon orgasm; her moans would get louder and louder until they became screams; her hips would buck and writhe until she reached a crescendo and then she would sob with joy.

Brian found himself unusually hard again as he pulled his soaked hand away from her. He sat up and clambered between her legs, pushing his hands under her thighs to left them up in the process. “I’ll give you wanting another man.” He told her as he plunged into her. “No one can fuck you but me.” He told her as he slapped her thigh before beginning his long hard thrusts inside her.

They came together quickly, both not wanting to hold back and take it slowly. This was lust; sheer lust and only a quick hard fuck would satisfy them both.

There was no further talk of cuckoldry for the next few days but Brian got a shock when he went up to the bedroom late that Saturday afternoon and found her at her dressing table putting on make up. “Going out?” He asked nervously.

“Yes, Pam invited me over to dinner.” She told him. “I did tell you.”

“I….I….I don’t remember.” He responded. “I’ll get changed quickly.”

“No Brian, it’s me that was invited.”

Brian looked on in shock. “Oh.”

“It’s just girly talk anyway. You would be bored.”

“Who else is going?” He asked.

Tammy continued to put on her lipstick. “I have no idea.” She told him.

Fifteen minutes later she was gone and he was still in a state of shock. All sorts of things were running through his mind. All this talk of cuckoldry was sending his thoughts racing. He thought about going round there, they only lived a ten minute walk away, but he thought better of it. Perhaps it was all just innocent.

Bored and at a loss about to do he went upstairs and picked up the ‘Cuckoldry Explained’ book lying on her bedside table and took it downstairs to read. Opening it at the page with the corner turned down he read quietly to himself.

“Turning your husband into a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. A successfully cuckolded husband will be completely submissive. He will satisfy all your sexual cravings, manage all the mundane chores of your life, allow you to sleep with whomever you wish, subject himself to any amount of humiliation you desire, and of course, love you unconditionally.

But be warned, cuckolding can also be one of the most challenging things you ever do. The process is long, complicated, energy consuming, and by no means sure of success. The strain on your marriage will be unbelievable, and it may be weeks or months before you succeed. In the end though, it will be worth it.

Hopefully this will help educate women on how to begin the wonderful journey of female domination and to hopefully relieve some of the apprehension that might prevent a woman from ever trying. After reading this it will be clearer that cuckolding your husband is not as hard as it seems, and that accomplishing this feat is more possible than you thought.”

His emotions began to stir again. He read on.

“The most common reason a women doesn't cuckold her husband is that she thinks he'll never go for it - that he's not the type. This is such a myth that it must be dispelled immediately. Many cuckolds begin as ordinary husbands. Your husband may even be as manly as men come, but don't worry, cuckolding is often a just a matter of helping your hubby discover his submissive side. Take heart in the fact that underneath all his machismo and pride, there is a cock loving wimp that is begging you to force him to do all sorts of nasty things.”

Brian put the book down. It was all too much for him, but half an hour later he picked it up again.

“Cuckolding changes everything about your relationship to your wife. Once a cuckold, always a cuckold. When she has crossed the threshold and no longer is your faithful wife you will have to deal with powerful feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. Consider carefully if you are ready to deal with these feelings before you encourage her to explore her erotic interests with other partners.

Cuckolding solidifies your subordinate position. She has substantial erotic prerogatives that you do not have. Cuckolding also forces you to face the fact that you don't satisfy all of her needs/desires. You must be prepared to acknowledge that her outside interest may be a better and more exciting lover and romantic partner than you. After all, you are the guy who folds her socks and he is the playmate with whom she can let off steam. Is your relationship strong enough that she will compartmentalize her love life and still invest time and energy into maintaining and strengthening your relationship. Are you an attractive enough person and lover so that she will want you to continue as her primary partner. There is inherent risk that cuckolding will result in her leaving you and you must fully understand and weigh that risk against the benefits of cuckolding.

So, imagine the strongest feelings of jealousy and inadequacy that you have felt with her. Multiply by 5. Can you handle it?”

No he couldn’t handle it. His emotions were tearing him apart; and yet with all that raging jealousy he was horny. The thought of her with another man was giving him an erection. He read on.

“Cuckolding is scary for her too. She may have spent years out of the dating game and feel ill-equipped to navigate her way. She may be self-conscious about her body and looks and have doubts about her sexual attractiveness. She may fear rejection. It's nerve-wracking to start dating again.

What she doesn't need at this time is an emotionally demanding primary partner. You must do your best to deal with your fears on your own. Devote your energy to pumping up her ego and sense of sexual worth. Praise her beauty, compliment her on her loveliness, and let her know that you find her to be sexy and interesting.

Reassure her that you will continue to support her in her journey and make good on that promise. As she begins dating, you must be emotionally present, someone she can rely upon. Don't pull back emotionally or physically. She needs your support, especially if a lover dumps her or someone spurns her advances.”

He put the book down and got himself a drink and then picked it up again. It fell open at the real life expereinces section.

Sunday night, Sally got ready. She showered and made herself ‘look pretty’
for her date. As she did, she had me feel her, to make sure she was smooth enough
for Ted. Watching her shave her bikini line, the message was unmistakable:
her lover was going to see her, touch her, kiss her and lick her there, and
she wanted her body to be ready for him.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Sally got ready, I got her a glass of
wine, then I unpacked and prepared the room: candles, and the bed turned down I also set a chair at the foot of the bed, that would be my place for the evening.

Ted arrived, and I watched my wife kiss another man. Not an ‘air kiss,’
not a kiss on the cheek; she offered him her mouth, her tongue, and her body.

He undressed her, kissing each part of her body as he exposed it. I saw him
grow in his trousers, until he bulged out obscenely in anticipation of her body.
He looked at her skin: her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her
mound. I felt a twinge of jealousy as he saw, then touched, my wife's body.

She undressed him, pulling greedily at his underwear to expose his penis, and
taking it into her mouth like a starving woman. He shuddered as she engulfed
his penis with her mouth, and she, my wife, shuddered with delight at the
pleasure she was giving him.

They guided each other into the bed which I had neatly opened for them, and
wrap their arms and legs around each other.

Ted knelt between Sally's legs, and gently massaged her breasts, her stomach,
her legs. He took his time, savoring each moment, each touch. She gasped as
he touched and licked her nipples, and when he removed his mouth, they pointed
up at him with excitement.

Before we arrived at the hotel, I had asked her about the possibility of him
entering her without a condom, and she had rejected that idea completely. Yet
as I watched, I saw her hips moving toward him, reaching out toward his penis
which stood out between her legs as he massaged her belly. I thought, "If
she doesn't stop that, she'll end up with him inside her." Just as I had
that thought, I heard her moan and saw his hips move forward. Her legs shot
up in the air, he laid down on her, and suddenly my wife's vagina was filled
with the hard flesh of another man, uncovered and unprotected. Watching from
the foot of the bed, I saw his naked penis slide in and out of her, and her
natural lubrication glistened on him and flowed down from her pussy in streams.

He fucked her gently, purposefully. She made noises which I had not heard in
18 years of making love to her, and saw in her face a look of surprise, excitement
and wonder at the sensations which he was giving her. I heard my wife say, "My
God, you are touching my womb." She never said that to me, and I knew that
she never would; I am not big enough.

He fucked her slowly, then quickly. She kept saying, "You're so big, you feel so good," as well as other things which I could not hear, because she whispered them in his ear.

At one point, I stood beside the bed and looked in her face. She was so beautiful,
so alluring, so open, and it was for another man. She looked up at me, her
arms and legs wrapped around his body, his penis deep inside her, and she said,
"He really is better than you. God, he is SO much better than you!" As she returned her attention to her lover, there was not a doubt in my mind
that she meant it.

She came in his arms. I saw all the familiar signs of her approaching orgasm,
but I could only see them; he felt them. He sucked on her nipple, and just as
she came, he moved his mouth to hers and kissed her through her climax.

His body tightened, his pace increased, and her moans turned into encouragement:
"Cum in me. I want to feel you cum inside me." I sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, as another man inseminated my wife. He came loudly, and hard; I could see his body contracting over and over as he pumped his semen into her. My wife had said this would absolutely, positively not happen; evidently she changed her mind, or he changed it for her. It was nothing he forced on her; she practically begged for it. She wanted it so much; she wanted him so much; she wanted to pleasure him, so very much.

When they finished, and finally separated, Sally spread her legs and called
me over. At their command, I approached her pussy; it was like all the creampie
pictures I had ever seen, with milky liquid clinging to every fold, and flowing
slowly out of her vagina. But this was no picture, and no anonymous woman: it
was real, it was my wife's vagina, and it was Ted's semen. The smell was dank,
bitter; I hesitated, and the two of them laughed, hugging and kissing each other
while they made fun of my problem. "Go ahead, clean me up," she insisted. So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his semen from her lips. I tried not to gag as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the overflow; he had cum deeply inside her (deeper than I ever had), and what I licked up was only what would not fit in her vagina, her womb. I licked her clean, and they sent me back to my chair.

They fell asleep in each other's arms. I watched them sleep, and saw that my
wife was not tolerating this for my sake, but was very happy, very
comfortable in bed with this man. I pictured his semen swimming inside her,
going, as he had, where only I had been for many, many years. She looked very
content with this.

Later, when they woke, they sent me to get some wine. It took a while to find
the place, and to fulfill their order. On my return, I entered the room to find
her on top of him, her legs spread wide, his penis sliding in and out of her
body. I felt humiliated as I pictured myself standing on line at Friendly's
while she fucked him; I had been sent away, like the little brother given money
for the movies.

She made love to him with her body. She moved forward and backward, and I watched her pussy lips stretch to kiss him with each stroke. I saw her flex her stomach
muscles, and I heard him cry out with pleasure each time she did.

When they were finally done, Ted got up to shower before he left. Sally ordered
me onto the bed, and told me to fuck her. I did so with pleasure, only to suffer
the ultimate humiliation: when I went inside her, I could barely feel her around
me - and she could barely feel me inside her. With a look of surprise and amusement
she asked, "Are you all the way in me?" When I gasped that I was, she laughed out loud, and I came.

On our way home, Sally said that she loves me very much, and is very glad she
is married to me. She also said that this had been the best sex she ever had.
I looked at her, and asked if she really meant that. Hugging my arm she said,
"Yes, I really mean that. You have never, ever made me feel like that,
and I can't wait for the next time."

We've just made a date for mid-June. Sally is excited, Ted is excited, and and
so am I - one very happy, very humbled cuckold.

As he finished reading he suddenly realised that his hand was wrapped around the bulge in his trousers. He had never read something so erotic in all his life; it was not just erotic it was real; it had happened; a man had watched his wife get fucked by another man; he had sat there powerlessly and watched another man satisfy his wife; the women who had promised to forsake all others for him. Brian could picture himself in that man’s place; watching Tammy lying under another man’s body; watching him thrust into her and watching her reciprocate. Suddenly the pangs of jealousy returned. He let go of his bulge and put the book down. He almost cried out in frustration; then suddenly he heard her key in the door. Tammy was home.

He gleefully leapt to his feet to greet her only to feel his heart sink as he saw a man with her. He was much older than her, probably in his late thirties or early forties, and he was handsome as well as quite slim. “This is Jack.” She said as she kissed him on the cheek. “He walked me home. There were some youths on the street so he offered to escort me.” She said with a nervous laugh.

Somehow he knew she was lying.

She offered him a coffee and showed him into the lounge. She motioned to Brian to sit with him but he followed her into the kitchen. “I missed you.” He told her as he took her in his arms.

“I missed you too.” She responded as she kissed him.

Brian gazed into her eyes and knew that something was wrong. The words were already out of his mouth before he could stop himself. “You are going to cuckold me with him aren’t you?”

Tammy held him and looked at him longingly. “I am thinking about it.” She told him quietly.

“Please don’t Tammy. I love you. I don’t want this.”

Her hand reached down to his bulge and he responded to her touch. “Yes you do. We both want and need this.”

For a moment he just stood there, his body pressed against hers; feeling her warmth; feeling her sexuality; feeling her arousal. Brian knew that he had lost her.

“Go and keep Jack company.” She told him. “I will make the coffee.”

Brian walked away dejectedly and found Jack reading the book he had left on the coffee table. “An interesting book.” He said. “I have a copy as well.”

“It….it belongs to Pam and Don.” Brian told him.

“I know.”

“Not that we are interested in that sort of thing.” He told him.

Tammy came in with the coffees and sat down next to Jack on the settee. Brian felt awkward. “Jack is very experienced in cuckolding.” She said looking at Brian.

“Well that depends on what you call ‘experienced’.” He replied. “But I have experienced it from both sides.”

“Oh.” Tammy uttered.

“My ex-wife cuckolded me.” He explained.

“Did you enjoy it?” Tammy asked him.

“Yes at first. It was fun watching another man with her. Emotionally draining at times but I had fun.” He told them.

“Why did you divorce?” Brian asked curtly.

“Well I wanted to experience it from the other angle and she wasn’t having it, so we split up.”

“Which side do you prefer?” Tammy asked him.

“Definitely doing the cuckolding.” He smiled.

“Why?” She asked.

Jack took a sip of his coffee. “Hard to explain really.” He told her. “I love sex of course and I prefer women who are married or who are in relationships; they are more experienced. I also enjoy the act of cuckolding another man. There’s something very erotic about fucking another man’s wife and if he knows about it even better.”

“And you do a lot of it?” Brian found himself asking.

“Well that depends what you call a lot?” He said. “The last time was four weeks ago. I was at a conference and I met this couple the night before. I knew his wife fancied me and it so happened that only he was going to the morning session of the conference. We chatted over breakfast and when he went off we went back to my room, put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice on the door and fucked each other’s brains out. Later we joined him for lunch and he was sat there with us having no idea what I had been doing with her body only hours before.”

Tammy smiled.

“I have met a few couples on the internet and had a few short term relationships with them but I have had some long term ones. The last one was three years ago and it lasted almost two years. She got a job in Canada and they emigrated. We still keep in touch though. She is with a black guy at the moment. Has him as her live in lover.”

“And the husband doesn’t mind?” Brian asked.

“Well in what you call open cuckoldry the husband doesn’t have much choice. Anyway it’s really all about meeting the needs of the wife.” He responded. “For example, in your case, it will be about meeting Tammy’s needs and desires. Her needs and sexual fulfilment is paramount and her lover and husband would have to work together to ensure that these things are met. If in all this your needs are also met then all well and good, but the priority will always be Tammy.” He said as he tapped her gently on the knee.

Brian glared at his hand, noticing that it lingered longer than it should have.

“If we did do it I would want it to be with someone experienced.” Tammy said.

Brian opened his mouth to speak but Jack beat him to it. “That is so, so important.” He replied. “Apart from having good sex, you want a guy you can both feel comfortable with as well. Someone who won’t intrude into your marital relationship and respect the boundaries and someone with whom your husband can relax with as he meets your sexual needs.”

“Yes.” Tammy replied.

“That’s if we do it.” Brian said.

“Well I think Brian that it’s not a case of if but when, how and with whom.” He told him. “From my discussions with Tammy tonight you have both already taken the first step. The seed has been sown. It’s now a case of timing and whether or not it will be open cuckoldry or not.”

“What do you mean?” Brian asked him.

“Well Brian it’s a statistical fact 65% of wives will be unfaithful to their husbands at some stage of their marriage. Okay probably only a small percent, perhaps as much as 5%, will indulge in open cuckoldry. But all the same 65% of husbands will be cuckolded in one form or another.” He explained. “Tammy has obviously given it some thought and I know from experience that once the thought is there it will happen. I know it sounds blunt and perhaps cruel but someone will fuck your wife one day. She is very attractive and very sexy and other men will want her. The question is, ‘How are you going to respond to that? Are you going to try and deny the inevitable and make her have secret affairs, with all the problems and consequences they bring, or, are you going to say ‘I am going to be adult and mature about this and let you spread your wings?”

Brian said nothing. He knew that Jack was right.

“Have you……………..have you ever done first timers?” Tammy asked him.

“Just the one.”

“What happened?” Tammy asked him.

“Well it was a very nervous affair to start out with. He had agreed, in fact he had instigated it, but when it came to the night he got cold feet; which is understandable, I remember what I was like when I first saw my wife kiss another man. Anyway, we all got into bed together; she was in the middle of course, then she managed to gently persuade her husband to leave us alone together and sleep in the spare room. It took a lot of persuasion but he eventually went and left us alone for the night. We made love but she held back. I think she was frightened to let herself go and let him hear how much she was enjoying it. Next morning though, he went off to get the paper and some milk and we went back to bed. She was real screamer.” He said with laughter.

“Did you see them again?” Brian asked him.

“We met up a couple of times after that but she never really got fully into it. She couldn’t relax properly when he was around and that sort of spoilt it.” He replied. “This is what I was meaning earlier. You will have to be comfortable with your lover in front of Brian and he in turn feel comfortable as well. Also Brian will have to be willing to allow you both space.”

“In what way?” Tammy asked.

“Well take now for instance.” He explained. “You might want to have some privacy with me. Now a good cuckold will have learned to read to the signs and excuse himself, giving you the privacy you need.”

“And if he doesn’t read the signs or won’t read them?”

“Well………as I have already said, ‘This is all about you.’ You will just have to tell him.”

Suddenly Brian felt their eyes upon him. He felt uncomfortable and looked away.

“Would you mind leaving us alone for a while Brian.” Tammy said to him gently.

Her words tore through him. Yet he felt a surge of excitement run through his body; his wife was ordering him out of the room; dismissing him; banishing him from her company so that she could be alone with another man. He stood up, unaware of the bulge in his trousers at first. “Read page 252 Brian.” Jack said as he handed him the book.

His hand found it hard to grasp the book from nervousness but he managed to keep his composure and take himself of into the kitchen. Sitting down at the table he hurriedly flipped through the pages. It was written by a husband who had taken part in the exposé.

“One of my callers emailed me this:

“I want to have another couple…a cuckold relationship where I’m the bull and the respectful force behind the sensuality…

I want to enjoy her in front of you…are you the cuckold who can watch me pleasure your woman and then lick me clean? Want to taste your wife on my thick, straight, hard cock?

It’s not for every guy, that’s for sure…but if the thought turns you on, I may have you look and maybe help…she’ll be the centre of attention. She’ll love it - and so will you…

I come to you…discreet and masculine…I’m in it for incredible sex…are you?

Do you understand me? I had a cuckold relationship for a few years and it worked out wonderfully…she was the centre of attention and her husband enjoyed watching and occasionally helping me pleasure her. And like a good cuckold, he sometimes helped clean me up after having her. He loved to lap up our love juice…you might like it; too…you decide that…

I don’t want to break into your relationship…I just want to fuck your wife in front of you…now isn’t that true hospitality?”


Brian knew that was meant for him and he found himself so aroused by it. As he sat there he wondered what they would be doing; he felt the pangs of jealousy, like hot knives entering his body but he also felt so horny. He could imagine them kissing; his hands fondling her breasts in passing on the way down to the hem of dress; his fingers sliding her skirt up her thighs; pushing higher and higher; touching the soft skin of her inner thighs; touching her panties; pressing against her mound; feeling her soft lips, no doubt they would be damp; no doubt she would be aroused.

He could also imagine her legs parted widely to allow his fingers slide under the elasticated sides of her panties; to allow his fingers to touch her sex; allow his fingers entrance into her most intimate place. And he had no doubt that she would have her hand around his bulge; perhaps squeezing him gently teasingly before reaching for his zipper. He knew that she would want to feel his flesh in her hand; want to size it up as she imagined it inside her.

The seconds passed into minutes and the minutes into parts of an hour. It was just over half an hour when the door opened and she came out. “We have finished now.” She told him as she headed for the bathroom.

Brian resumed his place on his seat and Jack spoke. “I think Tammy wants me to fuck her Brian.”

Brian said nothing.

“How do you feel about that?” He asked him.

“I…….I…..don’t want you too.”

“I know and I understand that Brian but what about Tammy?” He asked him. “She wants to; she needs to Brian. She needs more than you can give her.”

His words were like blows to the stomach.

Suddenly Tammy appeared. She had heard him speak. “Perhaps we should take this slowly.” She said as she sat down.

Jack patted her thigh. “Of course Tammy.” He told her. “There’s no rush. This is all about you not us. We will take things as slow as you want, won’t we Brian?”

Brian found himself agreeing.

“Why don’t we all share a bed tonight?” Tammy suddenly suggested. “Not for sex or anything but just to sleep; get comfortable with each other.”

“I think that’s a great idea Tammy. You might find it a bit hot though being between two men.”

Tammy said nothing as she stood up and left the room. Brian got up too and Jack followed him; followed him to room he shared with his wife; followed him to their intimate place; followed him to the marriage bed.

Tammy turned her back on them and began to undress. Brian stood there for a moment in almost disbelief as he watched her unhook her bra and push down her panties, obviously oblivious to Jack. He glanced around at Jack and he was down to his boxers; Brian got a shock when he pushed them down over his thighs. Jack’s manhood was huge.

“Where do I sleep?” Jack asked as he stood there proudly exposing his erection.

Tammy pulled on her negligee and turned to look at him. “You sleep that side.” She said pointing to the left hand side.

“Come on Brian don’t be shy.” She said as she slid into the bed beside Jack.

Brian thought about leaving his shorts on but thought better of it. He felt embarrassed though when he looked up and saw them both looking at him. “Well that’s one question out of the way.” Tammy said as he slid in beside her.

“Question? What question?” Brian asked.

Jack laughed. “Guys always their wives two questions in these situations.”

Brian suddenly realised what he meant. He had to smile too, and admit that Jack was way bigger than him.

Tammy turned to face Brian as he lay on his side. She put her arm around him and he appreciated her comfort. He kissed her on the lips. “What were you two doing when you were alone?” He whispered.

She looked him in the eyes and reached down and took his cock in her hand. The question had been answered. He went to put has arm around her waist but there was another arm there; another man had his arm around his wife’s naked waist; another man’s body was pressed up against wife’s naked body; another man’s erection was pushing against his wife’s naked flesh.

“You okay?” She asked him softly.

Brian nodded. Her hand was still holding his cock. “You okay with this?” She asked him.

Again he nodded.

“I….I….I would appreciate it if you were to sleep in the spare room but I am not going to push you. It will be your decision.” She whispered.

He felt his cock stiffen. He was hurting but his cock still stiffened. “W….what….what will you do if I did?”

She never spoke. Tammy just looked him in the eye. She didn’t need to speak any words they said it all for her.

“You will let him fuck you won’t you?”

Tammy’s eyes did not even blink.

Brian kissed her again and without saying a word he slipped out of bed, picked up his clothes and left the room. He was shaking; he felt dizzy; nauseous even; but he knew he had no choice. Brian knew he was taking his first steps into cuckoldry.

As he slipped between the cold sheets he heard her first cry. Jack was fucking her already. He didn’t need to watch them; he knew that each scream from her lips was the result of a hard thrust from Jack’s cock deep inside her; each yelp a result of a deep thrust from a cock bigger and thicker than his. As the yelps got closer he knew that Jack’s thrusts were getting faster; he knew that Jack was speeding things up. Brian knew that it wouldn’t take long; he had no doubt they were both ready for a quick satisfying fuck. He knew that her screams of satisfaction would be telling Jack that he was satisfying her and he knew that this would drive Jack on. He would want her to scream louder and louder to tell Brian; to tell her husband; that another man was satisfying her.

But there was no jealousy now for Brian. His hand was firmly gripping his cock and he was furiously masturbating. He heard Jack groan and he found himself groaning too; he found himself enjoying the pleasures of orgasm at the same time as Jack and Tammy, but while the result of his orgasm ran down his fingers, Jack’s would be spurting inside his wife’s womb and his wife’s against the base of Jack’s cock. Brian was lying there like a humiliated cuckold in his own sticky mess while his wife and her lover lay satisfied in his bed.

It was ten minutes later after he had just cleaned himself up when his bedroom door opened and Tammy came in and slid into bed beside him. She reached for his cock and knew that he had been masturbating. “That good hey?”

Brian smiled. “Not as good as Jack’s though?”

“See for yourself.”

He felt his cock stiffen in her hand.

She kissed him and squeezed him. “I need cleaning.”

Brian hesitated for a moment.

“And then you can take me back to our bedroom and thank Jack for giving me the best orgasm I had ever had from a man.”

Brian was hard again as he slid down the bed between her thighs. It was dark; he couldn’t see; but he could smell and he could taste. As he pushed his tongue inside he heard her speak. “Welcome to cuckoldry darling.”

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