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Cuckold Husband In The Other Room

Your husband listens from the other room unable to move as you get fucked by another man.
As you walk into your bedroom, your husband is laying there on the bed watching a movie. It's 6pm and you're special guest will be arriving in an hour. He looks at you and smiles, as he can see the duct tape in your hand. You signal for him to come into the bedroom next door and he follows willingly, your heart racing at the thought of what is about to happen.

You tell him to get naked, and he takes his clothes off almost instantly, he looks relaxed about everything which puts your mind at ease. As he lays down on the bed you begin tying him up by his hands and work your way down until he is unable to move.

"I suppose it's too late to change my mind?" He isn't nervous when he asks this, sounding more curious than anything.

"Oh yes." As you put the metallic tape over his mouth he looks at you with his big blue eyes. You see his dick and it's harder than ever. You grab it with your hand and slowly begin rubbing him.

"It's going to be so sexy, you're going to be in here all tied up not able to move whilst I'll be in our bed with another man, and he's going to be fucking me long and hard over and over again. He's going to make me scream so loud, and it's going to turn me on knowing that you can see and hear everything." As you say this you can feel him struggling against the tape he's bound in, he moans gently as you continue to stroke him.

You look at your husbands watch and realize you've only got 30 minutes until the other guy is going to be here and you want to tidy yourself up before he arrives. You take one last look at your husband as you let go of his cock.

"Well I guess I had better get ready, don't want to keep him waiting. I should be back in here to untie you in about an hour, or five, it depends how many time's he wants to fuck me. You may be stuck in here listening to me get fucked all night, you'll just have to hope he's not that horny." You smile as you say this, walk out of the room and lock the door behind you.

You know your husband is getting turned on by this, and it turns you on knowing that he's going to hear you get fucked over and over again, and after you're done with the other guy, you're going to fuck your husband and show him how thankful you are for him agreeing to let you do this. The dormant sex life you've had with your husband is a thing of the past.

You get in the shower and begin washing yourself, the warm water on your body feels amazing. You're constantly thinking about tonight so excited at what is going to happen. As you wash the suds off your body, you turn off the shower, dry yourself off and walk into your bedroom. You take the towel off and throw it on the floor and lay on top of the bed naked, waiting for your guest to arrive.

You hear his car pulling into the driveway, your heart races as the car door slams shut and you hear his footsteps getting closer to the house. You've never been this turned on before.

Your bedroom door opens, and before you stands a tall, well built man. He closes the door and begins taking off his clothes, as he takes his shirt off you can see he is defined, big broad shoulders, a ripped six pack and the best chest you've ever seen. He looks at you and smiles as he walks over, as far as he's concerned your husband is out taking photo's for the night and wont be back until later.

He is right at the side of the bed now, he leans over and starts kissing you, his hand sliding down between your leg as he begins massaging your clit, your legs spreading eagerly for him. You moan as you wrap your arms around his neck, you imagine your husband laying there listening, not able to move or play with himself as you get pleasured. The thought of this is turning you on so much, you can't believe you haven't asked him to try this before.

The man gets on the bed and leans over you, his cock is thick and hard and you can't wait to feel him inside you. He slowly lowers him self, you feel the head of his dick against you, as he pushes it in you can feel it stretching your pussy, it feels amazing and you let out a loud moan as he pushes it all the way in. You bite onto his shoulder as he begins to thrust into you, the pleasure is almost unbearable. You can hear him breathing heavily as he begins to thrust harder and faster.

You moan even louder, you want your husband to know you're thinking of him as you get fucked, nothing turns you on more. As you imagine your husband listening from the next room, the pleasure starts increasing, you writhe as you man on top of you grabs your shoulders and starts fucking you harder than you've ever felt before.

Before you know it you're cumming wildly and screaming at the top of your lungs, he doesn't slow down, it only makes him fuck you harder and faster. You don't even try to soften the screams, you want your husband to hear how good this man is fucking you, and deep down your husband wants to hear this too, his cock is probably throbbing as he listens to you getting fucked by another man.

The man on the bed rolls you over onto your knees and lifts up your ass, he starts fucking you doggy style and this only makes you scream louder, forcing him to fuck you harder.

He puts his hands on your shoulders and starts pulling you into him whilst thrusting, he's fucking you so hard now your legs begin to shake, the pleasure building so much you find yourself screaming again as you cum uncontrollably, causing him to fuck you even harder as you scream louder.

He begins to slow down and pulls out to lay on his back, he pulls you towards him and you sit on his cock. Slowly he begins thrusting as you're stuck in this position, your tits bouncing up and down wildly as you begin screaming again. You don't want this night to stop, you've never experienced pleasure like this. It's not just the sex that turns you on even though it is good, but it's the thought of your husband in the next room listening that is really sending you over the edge.

As the man below you begins thrusting harder and faster again, you can hear his breathing getting shorter as he begins moaning loudly, you know he's going to cum. You start moaning again as he fucks you harder and faster with every thrust, suddenly you're both moaning at the top of your lungs as you find yourself cumming together at the same time. The feeling is electrifying, your body shuddering as you both breath deeply.

You lean over him as you both breath deeply together, smiling before kissing each other again. As you kiss each other, you lift up your head and smile at him.

"I'm just going to grab my smokes and I'll be right back, don't go anywhere." He nods back at you with a big smile on his face whilst trying to catch his breath.

You grab a towel and begin sorting yourself out making sure that everything is out of you before walking out of the room. You remember that your husband has a spare pack of smokes in his trouser pockets. You walk up to the door and open it, excited to see your husband laying there.

As you walk in the room, you can see his cock hard and throbbing just as you expected it to be. He looks at you as you look in his pockets and find the pack of smokes and a lighter. You make sure the door is locked behind you and you walk up to your husband. As you slowly begin to peel the tape away from his mouth you whisper to him.

"So how was it for you?" You ask him excitedly eager to know that he has enjoyed it and this wont end your marriage.

"Wow is all I can say, that was amazing. I can't believe how much that turned me on, I can't wait to fuck you as soon as he's gone, I don't think I can contain myself any longer that was just so sexy." You can see the excitement in his eyes, it was just like the first time you slept together. He's hungry and wants to please you.

"Don't worry, I'm going to tell him that you're going to be home in about an hour and that he's got to leave. Then we can get down to business." He smiles as you tell him this.

You put the strip of tape back over his mouth and walk out of the room again. Walking into your bedroom you open the pack of smokes and offer the man one, he gladly takes it.

"So I was just on the phone to my husband." You know you're husband is listening in, waiting for you to tell the man to leave so that he can fuck you like he so desperately wants to do.

"Oh really, what did he say?" The man asked without sounding too bothered about what the answer would be.

"He said he's going to be staying in a hotel for the night as he wont be finished taking pictures until early morning, so we have got the whole night to ourselves." You feel that tingling sensation building as you say this, your husband is probably about ready to blow his load, and now he is going to have to wait until tomorrow to get any sort of release.

As you stub out your cigarettes, you put the ashtray on the side and begin kissing each other again. As you kiss each other deeply, you can't help but thing about your cuckold husband in the other room.

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