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Cuckold Husband Under The Bed (Chapter 4 - Paul Gets Fucked)

Paul thinks he's going to be giving oral to Amy tonight, but he is in for a big shock.
Three weeks had gone by since Amy had met with the other man and Paul was becoming curious as to why. They were sitting at the table in the kitchen talking to each other like a normal couple when Paul asked the question, “If it’s okay to ask, how come you haven’t heard from the other guy recently?”

Amy looked up at him and smiled. “Oh don’t worry he’ll be back, I just haven’t been feeling that horny recently. After those couple of experiences they fucked me that well that it’s satisfied me until now.” Paul accepted this answer as it seemed legitimate.

“What about me, will I be getting any release soon? Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of this chastity belt but I’m so horny I would just love to dominate you,” he asked her hoping for the answer he was seeking.

“Aww you’re so cute and as great as that would be, I’m enjoying owning your cock. Every time I have sex with another man I’m always thinking about your, I mean my cock in that cage and it just drives me wild.” She loved having him by the balls; it gave her a great sense of power which she’d craved for a long time.

“Well could I at least give you oral sex? You taste so great and it would turn me on so much to be able to do that for you, I still enjoy pleasing you.” He wasn’t angry as he said this; he really did like being held off like this as it made it more of a challenge. When he finally gets some he’s going to be just as excited as the first time they fucked.

Amy looked at him with her big pretty eyes. “Well seeing as you mentioned it that’s kind of what I had in mind tonight, but not in the way that you think it’s going to happen. I’ve got something special planned for you.” Paul looked at her curiously as she had come up with so many surprises recently and he loved every single one of them.

“Can I ask what this surprise might be?” She blew an air kiss at him as he asked this and quickly changed the subject.

“Come on, let’s take a shower we can talk more about this later.” They both got up and although Paul was still curious. He knew that he would find out in time, Amy wasn’t one to skip on her word. They both walked into the bathroom and got undressed as Amy switched the shower on.

As they climbed in they shared the warm water with each other, it felt amazing. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him passionately; this was the first time in weeks that he felt he wasn’t living in a fantasy and he loved every second of it.

As they continued to kiss passionately Paul could feel her hand sliding down his back towards his ass. He leaned into her slightly as this was something new to him. She looked into his eyes and smiled at him. “Hold still for me, trust me you’re going to like it.” As she said this he could feel her middle finger slide into his ass-hole, it felt weird at first but he went with it. He could feel her pushing it in all the way as she began to wiggle the finger around, the sensation was actually quite enjoyable.

Suddenly he felt as though he was going to cum, he breathed heavily while Amy made him look at her directly in the eyes. She loved it when he did this as it showed how much he was really enjoying it. As he began to moan softly he said to her, “Oh my god I think I’m going to cum.” Amy bit her bottom lip as he said this and he began to cum uncontrollably holding onto her tightly.

“Oh my god how did you do that? I thought I was never going to cum again with this chastity belt on.” He stood there catching his breath as Amy pulled her finger out of his ass.

“Well I’ve got to milk you silly; it’s unhealthy if you don’t empty your balls every now and again. You don’t think I would be that cruel do you, I still love you.” Paul loved her more than ever as she said this. He began to lower his head towards her nipples and she quickly pulled his head back up to eye level.

“Oh no, you don’t get to do that yet. I think it would be much sexier if you held off just a little while longer. I still haven’t given you your surprise yet either. You wouldn’t want to spoil that now would you?” Paul looked at her and nodded, he still really wanted to know what the surprise was.

“Can you show me the surprise now? I’m really curious as to what it is.” The warm water from the shower was still running down their bodies.

“Well seeing as you’re so persistent in asking I guess I could show you now. Stay here and wash yourself and I’ll go and get it.” She climbed out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her, Paul did as she asked and began washing himself.

A few minutes later she returned with a black bag, he knew the surprise she had was waiting for him in there. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a blindfold and instructed him to kneel down for her, he did as she asked and she climbed back into the shower.

She handcuffed his wrists to the hand bars on each side of the tub and wrapped the blindfold tightly around his eyes. “Can you see anything?”

Paul replied to her, “No I can’t see anything. It's pitch black under this thing.”

Amy bounced happily and clapped her hands.“Great, stay there for a second and you’ll get your surprise. I just know you’re going to love it. I’m certainly going to enjoy it.” She climbed out of the tub and Paul was left there on his knees wondering what she could possibly have in store for him.

He could hear her climb back into the tub as she began to talk to him. “Okay I want you to lean your head back a little and open your mouth, you wanted to give me oral and that’s what’s going to happen.” Paul eagerly opened his mouth waiting to feel her clit on his tongue like he so desperately craved.

What he didn’t see was the massive 10 inch strap-on that was attached to her waist as she slowly inserted into his mouth. Before he could protest she quickly pushed it to the back of his throat as he began to gag on it.

Suddenly Paul could feel the dildo in his mouth vibrating as Amy began to moan, in a strange way this actually turned him on and Amy was certainly going to enjoy herself.

As she began fucking his mouth with the vibrating dildo, Paul quickly found out that he didn’t have a gag reflex and Amy took full advantage of this, ramming the whole ten inches down his throat and holding it there. Paul’s cock pressed against the cage of his chastity belt as he found himself getting aroused, she pulled it out and he gasped as he caught his breath.

She put her hands on the back of his head and began fucking his mouth like a porn star, both of them getting aroused by this and the vibrations against Amy’s clit were driving her wild.

“Yeah that’s it, fucking suck my big cock you know you love it. Oh god! This feels so fucking good, I’m going to cum.” As Amy began to cum wildly she rammed it all the way down his throat again and he could feel her pussy juices running down his lips.

She pulled out the dildo and let him catch his breath, he was breathing heavily and Amy loved it. “Do you like that slave boy, do you like having that big cock all the way down your throat hmm?” She looked at him whilst rubbing the dildo back and forth, lubing it up.

“Yes I do, it actually feels really great I never thought something like that could turn me on.” He smiled as he said this still trying to catch his breath. Suddenly he could feel a pressure against his ass-hole and he tried to struggle out of the handcuffs. “Wait what are you doing?”

As he said this he could feel Amy’s dildo vibrating in his mouth again which didn’t explain the pressure against his ass.

“Well you know that I haven’t seen the other guy in a while, so he decided to come over tonight and he was originally going to fuck me, but instead we both thought we would fuck you as that would be much more fun.” Amy laughed and the other guy smiled at her.

Paul tried to struggle against the handcuffs but he knew it was no use, he knew that he was going to get rammed by this guy’s huge cock. He felt his ass-hole stretching as the head of the other guy's cock slipped in, it was well lubed up and quickly he could feel the other guy all the way inside him.

Amy continued ramming his mouth, forcing the cock all the way in and out of his throat, whilst the man behind him grabbed hold of his waist and began fucking him hard. Whenever Amy pulled the dildo out enough for him to breathe, Paul would let out loud moans that would quickly get silenced.

Amy began to cum wildly again, Paul could feel her shaking by the dildo that was rattling around in his mouth. He had no idea how long they were going to keep him like this. While Amy was cumming the man behind him began to pound his ass and Paul could feel his asshole being stretched wide.

Suddenly Amy pulled the blindfold off him and he could see the huge dildo she had been ramming his mouth with. The other guy pulled out of Paul and stood over his head. He could see Amy put the other guy's dick in her mouth and begin sucking him off.

Paul’s dick began to press against the cage of his chastity belt again, just wishing to be let out even though he had been milked earlier. Quickly he could hear the other guy moaning loudly, Amy slurping on the giant cock in her mouth.

Quickly the other man got on his knees and put his dick in Paul’s mouth. Amy grabbed the back of his head and made him take the whole cock down the back of his throat. The other man began to cum wildly and Paul could feel the cum hitting the back of his throat. He swallowed automatically due to the amount that was filling him.

The other guy stood up and kissed Amy before leaving the bathroom and going about his business.

Paul looked up at Amy, she still had the dildo attached to her waist and she instructed him to suck her cock, this time not forcing him to do it. She wanted to watch him suck her dick until she came again.

Paul deep throated it willingly and he could hear Amy’s moans getting louder and louder. As he continued to suck her off she started to cum wildly again, losing control, her legs shuddering as she did. As she calmed down she lifted his head off the cock.

“I’m so proud of you, where would I ever be without you? A real man would’ve broken the handcuffs off his wrists but you sat there and took it like a bitch. Don’t worry though, I love you for it. I can’t wait to dress you up as a girl, it’s going to be so much fun.” Paul’s heart began to pound in his chest he wasn’t sure if he was ready for that.

His cock pressed hard against his cage again. She couldn’t be serious, is she really going to turn him into a woman?

End of chapter 4

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